15 Of The Most Hilarious 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' Memes Of All Time

Game Of Thrones includes an obscene amount of brutal violence, gore, incest and a ton of dead Starks...yet it's also inspired a million hilarious memes. The question is; how many different ways can you spin a "You Know Nothing Jon Snow" meme and still make people laugh? According to the internet, an infinite number of times.

Curiously, there's a distinct lack of memes related to other hard edged shows such as Black Mirror, The Killing, American Horror Story or Exorcist. But who needs any of those other tv memes when we already have tons of killer Jon Snow memes. In fact, there are so many, we graciously took the time to narrow them all down to the absolute finest. Here are 15 of the most hilarious 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' memes of all time.

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15 I'll Take 'Not Knowing' For $1,000 Alex

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Lets begin our celebration of anti-intellectualism with the hilarious Jon Snow, Jeopardy meme pictured above. We could pretty much drop the mic and call it a day after this one alone. Alas, there's just way too many of these worth noting to ever do that. The idea of Jon Snow out of his element is humorous enough, but adding one of the most famously challenging game-shows into the mix is inspired.

The fact that Jon's in the red and losing (really badly) fits perfectly with the majority of his hellish existence on Game of Thrones. The poor "bastard" can't catch a break anywhere. A wiser man would have hidden Tyrion Lannister somewhere close by. Jon Snow may know nothing, Tyrion however...

14 Know Nothing Superstar

Via: 9gag.com

Here's our second triple-hitter meme poking fun at just how little Jon Snow knows. In this instance the meme is comparing and contrasting (just like we did in our Junior High School book reports) the key differences between Jon Snow, Walter White and Shelton Cooper.

Since most people would read this sequential meme top to bottom, that obviously leaves Jon Snow as the intended punchline. Thus once again Jon is getting slammed...poor bastard. Would swapping the images around still work for this meme? Walter White's knowledge of chemistry could function too as it would be a mockery of his usage of science to cook prize blue meth...and...Sorry, we're going off track here. Jon Snow's the punchline! He knows nothing, no need to overthink perfection.

13 Nice Try Jon

Via: memecdn.com

Speaking of Tyrion's infamous "I drink and I know things" quote, here's a kick-ass meme that achieves our first, triple-hitter win. In one single meme we have a flawless combo attack of the classic 'You're trying too hard' meme", the 'You know nothing' meme and Tyrion's "I drink and I know things' meme.

Usually mashing three memes together would result in a groan inducing, comedy abomination. Fortunately, in this case the meme not only works - its funny as seven bloody hells. Sure it took a little help from Photoshop to get to the punchline, but who cares? Photoshopping Tyrion's phrase onto Kit Harrington's shirt for the purposes of creating this image is time well spent in our book.

12 Wait For It...Wait For It...

Via: thetattoohut.com

The awesome thing about this meme is that it completely works even if you are at a loss for what the hell its referencing. The call-back here is the weird Jim Henson, David Bowie 1986 movie, Labyrinth. Those nightmarish little creatures are goblins, but for the purposes of this meme, the goblins are essentially us, the viewers and internet addicts who are eagerly awaiting the infamous words uttered by Ygritte. "You know nothing Jon Snow."

If you have some time and are morbidly curious about the movie this meme is referencing then you can check out the exact clip here on YouTube. Be warned though, its a truly bizarre bundle of 80s' nostalgia. Hey, if people can mix Jon Snow with Heisenberg and Big Bang Theory; why not mix him with 80's fever dream imagery too?

11 Failure Is Certain

Via: thetattoohut.com

Here's another hilarious Jon Snow meme in the same ballpark as our previous entry. Its easy to use Jon as the butt of jokes, but its far more interesting to put a twist on the gag and flip the incessant mocking back on ourselves. While the ability to laugh at yourself may not make you Presidential material (*ahem*) it can serve to loosen you up.

Obviously the meme above speaks mostly to unprepared college students. However, no matter how long you have been out of school, the sinking feeling of not being ready for a big exam is something that sticks with you. Its one of many stressful early life experiences that will leave you with nightmares about being naked in public forever. The huge burden of being ridiculously unprepared even plagues those in very high positions. (*ahem*)

10 Death Based Humor

Via: memes.doubllie.com

Here's a Jon Snow, death related meme that should bring back some fond memories. Honestly, can you recall which side of the fence you were on back when everyone on the internet was obsessed over whether Jon Snow had really died at the end of season 5? Were you in the (large) camp that accurately predicted he'd somehow be resurrected? Or were you one of the few fans who believed HBO and Kit Harrington himself, when they basically claimed he truly was dead?

Cracking a smile at this meme may depend which side of the fence you were on. As you'll note, this is basically a joke that's celebrating Jon's return while also rubbing dirt in the faces of everyone who thought otherwise. For what its worth, Kit Harrington eventually did apologize for having to lie repeatedly about being his character being dead. With that, the two or three people on the planet who thought his character really was gone for good felt a lot better.

9 A Little Self Referencing

Via: makeameme.org

Even though this is a Jon Snow based meme article we couldn't let 15 examples slip by without including something both legitimately funny and Ned Stark related. The "Winter is coming" meme may or may not rival Jon Snow's famous meme in terms of countless variations. It certainly feels like we've seen mountains of both memes over the last few years though. Either we can't get enough of them or we just need something to pass the endless downtime between seasons.

In any case, this meme works as a great call-back and self referential joke. Although we've yet to see Ned return from the grave on the show (he'd definitely look really terrible by now) at the very least he can be resurrected for cheap laughs in meme form for all time.

8 Ygritte Was The 'Scumbag Steve' of Game Of Thrones

Via: tickld.com

Pictured above is an absolute kick-ass spin on the classic 'Scumbag Steve' meme. Its a well know fact that both male and female scumbags are hypocrites and bullies. Thus, they have no reservations pointing out the very same inadequacies in others which they struggle with themselves.

Back in Season 3, Episode 7, 'The Bear and The Maiden Fair', (as seen here) Ygritte, mistakenly points out what she believes to be a palace. Jon corrects her, but since he knows nothing, he totally missed out on the opportunity for some sweet revenge. Jon could have easily mocked Ygritte into oblivion for making the goof. Thankfully the internet caught her mistake and created this meme on behalf of Jon.

7 Jon Is Deeper Than You Thought

Via: Pinterest.com

As we've all learned from the interwebs, Greek philosopher Socrates has been linked to the phrase "I know that I know nothing" supposedly from Plato’s dialogues. Although the phrase isn't necessarily one that Socrates himself was ever actually recorded as stating, that doesn't stop meme makers from still using it endlessly. More to the point, they've also linked the similar phrase to Jon Snow for the purposes of achieving LOL's.

The Socrates inspired meme pictured  above is what we went with as it's the best of the bunch. Jon's expression as well the caption that accompanies the image sells the whole package. For the record, according to this Philosophy student at University of Florence, the closest Socrates came to saying something that sounded similar to Jon Snow was a passage from the Apology. "For probably neither of us knows anything noble and good, but he supposes he knows something when he does not know, while I, just as I do not know, do not even suppose that I do. I am likely to be a little bit wiser than he in this very thing: that whatever I do not know, I do not even suppose I know.”

Good luck fitting all that onto a meme.

6 NSFW, But Still Funny AF

Via: onsizzle.com

You may want to quickly scroll away from the image pictured above lightning fast if you are reading this list while at work. But if anyone asks, you can always say the woman in the pic is just exercising.Yeah, that's it, 'exercising'.

Anyway, what can we really say about this meme? When Jon initially met Ygritte, he was a Crow and she was a Wildling. They were from different sides of The Wall and naturally they hated each other. But as tv (and real life) often shows, blinding hatred is apparently a gateway drug to sloppy sex. At the very least, this Game of Thrones couple was a lot less cringe-inducing than Cersei and Jaime Lannister...you know because of the whole incest thing.

5 Hipster Bastard

Via: knowyourmemes.com

One of the many, many archenemies of the internet are hipsters. That said, here's a subtle but successful spin on the hipster kitty meme. The thing is, Jon Snow merged with Hipster Kitty is actually funny for all the wrong reasons. On the surface, you may get a laugh at the the comical glasses and wise-ass caption. However underneath the five minutes of Photoshopping lurks something way darker.

Darker? What the hell are we talking about you ask? Well imagine for a second a snarky, self-righteous, fashion-conscious, hipster dumped into the white-walker infested world created by George R. R. Martin. A hipster would be tortured and murdered so fast they'd never even be able to finish drinking their Pabst Blue Ribbon.

As we said...Dark!

4 Hablas Español?

Via: moddb.com

Here's an utterly ridiculous meme that we basically had to pick due to its blunt force desire to please. The meme is not actively trying to be offensive, but it is trying very hard to be noticed. We can relate, the internet is a muddled sea of voices all struggling to be heard. This Spanish flavored Jon Snow meme is basically the equivalent of a kid in school showing up to a Halloween party dressed as Speedy Gonzales, shouting "Ándale, andale, arriba!", desperately hoping for attention.

According to google translator the Spanish here is about as accurate as anyone who doesn't remotely speak Spanish can hope to get. What wonders we can achieve as a civilization thanks to free clip art and Adobe at our disposal.

3 Simpsons + Game Of Thrones = Valyrian Steel Comedy

Via: Pinterest.com

We're damn proud that we somehow managed to squeeze a legit Simpsons nod somewhere onto this list. And the reference isn't just some unrelated, side-joke joke either. Nope - the reference is actually a pretty funny Simpsonized version of Jon Snow in place of Bart Simpson, doing the iconic chalk board bit.

The meme does make us wonder though if Jon scribbling "I know nothing" over and over repeatedly would help the fact that he knows nothing? Probably not. And that's why this image is a thing of beauty. It accurately represents the never ending struggle of Jon Snow who must forge on through life, though he knows nothing.

2 Numbing The Sting Of So Many Memes

Via: thronesrealm.com

In this instance we're torn. Is the meme depicted above mocking Jon Snow or is it poking fun at Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow? We're conflicted because the meme creator likely could have found an image from Game of Thrones which depicted Jon's character drinking. Instead they went with this photo of the actor, out and about while drinking.

Granted, number 14 on our list also featured Kit Harrington out of character, but that was different as it was for the purposes of a triple-hit meme. Whatever the case may be, this meme is still awesome. If the person who created it has some beef with Kit, then that only makes it even more awesome.

1 Brilliant

Via: quickmeme.com

Our final Jon Snow meme is the best of the batch. Like any strong joke, this Jon Snow meme is hilarious even if you don't immediately recall the episode and the line of dialogue being referenced. Thankfully YouTube exists and we can quickly refresh our memories for pretty much any random / obscure thing in existence.

In the scene in question, Jon and Samwell Tarley talked candidly about their sexual conquests, or total lack thereof. Because Jon is the butt of the joke in practically any scenario imaginable, even Samwell took the chance to mock Jon for 'not knowing where to put it' after Jon admitted to still being a virgin. Jon assures Samwell (and eventually Ygritte) that he does indeed know exactly where to put it.

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