15 Of The Most Inappropriate Star Wars Memes That Will Actually Make You Say, "WTF?!"

Star Wars is alive and well again. Ever since Disney purchased George Lucas’ greatest gift to the universe we’ve been blessed with a flood of Star Wars material. As of this writing there's been two new movies, a slew of future movies planned, new comics, a new cartoon, new novels and enough new merchandise to sink the iceberg that sank the Titanic. This money train will be rolling for quite some time. Naturally, the internet has noticed the pop culture phenomenon and has done what it does best. It’s warped Star Wars into countless weird, tasteless, and in some cases, flat out offensive memes. What follows are 15 inappropriate memes, some of which are NSFW. They are safe to view on your phone while hidden away at work though. Meaning, under your desk or on the toilet, away from prying eyes and snitches.

Snitches get stitches…or a very dirty look.

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15 Yoda's little green saber

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Okay let's start things off with some not-so-consensual jabbing. Here's a Star Wars meme that features a young Luke training with Yoda from an iconic scene in Empire Strikes Back. Like most of the original trilogy, this famous scene has been referenced for comedy purposes by Family Guy, Robot Chicken and even awesome internet comedy writers such as myself. Its the facial expressions of both characters that really sells this particular meme and caption. If you have some time on your hands and google at your disposal then you'll find this image has been used countless times. Interestingly, everyone seems to have their mind in the same gutter as they all basically repeat the same joke. I guess some people just can't look at this image and not instantly conclude that what's happening here isn't Jedi training, its Luke on the receiving end of sexual harassment by a muppet.

14 The Cringe is strong with this meme

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Despite decades of jokes about Luke and Leia, I still can't get over the cringe factor. There's nothing acceptable about this very real slice of Star Wars. Luke and Leia DID kiss in Empire Strikes Back. Luke and Leia DID make subtle flirtatious gestures toward each other in A New Hope. Unless Disney decides to Special Edition all of that stuff away, we're forever stuck with a franchise that unintentionally provided us with more incest humor than Game of Thrones did on purpose. Its best to just  look past the creepiness of pics like this and keep in mind the actors themselves were not related. If anything Luke and Leia's romance serves as a reminder that at one time Star Wars was not set in stone. Its story was still fluid and coming together. Wait...I apologize for using the words 'fluid' and 'coming together' while discussing this image.

13 People never tire of mocking Porkins

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Times have changed. If you were to make a movie today with a handsome young cast but threw one overweight character into the background and named him PORKINS, then the s**t would hit the fan. Especially in this case as it's not like Star Wars is intended as a comedy so there was really no need for this one character to have that comical name. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest most of us, male or female, have something about ourselves physically that we do not like. Weight is often a common thing that many of us may struggle with. It's an issue especially relevant this time of year when we're all getting ready to make/break our New Year's resolutions to diet and get into shape. Getting back to the Porkins meme, leave it to the internet to take things to the next level as seen here. Try not laughing, I dare you.

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12 Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration?

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Judging by all of these meme creators, Mace Windu's unique purple light saber is not exactly one of the most beloved aspects from Star Wars. In a way, the punchline in this meme only works at a basic level. That is, if you aren't too sensitive over racial humor. But as a Star Wars geek, I'm aware of the fact that Samuel L. Jackson himself lobbied to not only be in the Star Wars prequels but to also have a purple saber. Thus, in this instance implying racism is a stretch. Depending on your tastes it may or may not be funny. I hesitate to search too deep for flat-out racist Star Wars memes because...well this is the internet. I know that unfortunately if I searched for memes of that nature I'd probably find an abundance of them and my faith in humanity would dwindle into an abyss.

11 Casualties of war

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When viewing comical Star Wars memes the last thing you would expect to happen is depression. Here's an image that ignites a touchy subject. This meme is pointing out a very harsh aspect regarding Star Wars and Luke Skywalker's character that may give you second thoughts about the rebels. Its pretty easy to watch Star Wars, get caught up in the moment and simply cheer when Death Stars are blown up. But as some have mentioned over the years, what about the innocents that may have been aboard those evil space stations? The movie Clerks was probably one of the most famous conversation starters about this topic. Were any of the potential innocents who were killed simply written off as causalities of war? Guess who won't even attempt to delve into those muddy moral waters? ME!

10 Religion and Star Wars?

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Obviously George Lucas was not at all shy about pulling from different religions in order to flesh out his universe and give it greater depth. In fact, The Force which as we know contains a light and dark side, has often been compared to elements from several world religions. Even the blessing ‘May the Force be with you’ is reminiscent of an old Christian blessing, ‘May God be with you’. George Lucas was fairly subtle and respectful whenever he alluded to spirituality as influenced from other cultures. This meme throws all of that sensitivity right out the window. However, it still works and is hilarious. Over on Imgur, this meme sparked some cool conversation as well as a brilliant slogan: "Jesus, I am your father." - Jesus. When viewing this image you clearly understand exactly why Adobe Photoshop was created.

9 Please stop that

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Here's an insanely creepy Star Wars internet classic that has been floating around for a while. If you are wondering who the little girl is and why you don't remember her from Return of the Jedi then clearly you are blissfully unaware of the Ewok TV Movies: Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. Yeah, these are two things that exist and the world is probably a better place for it thanks to the awkward humor both movies have inspired. Note, the GIF above needs no caption, it's both disturbing and inappropriate enough as is. The eternally looping effect of Wicket scratching at the young girl as his cold, dead eyes stare off into oblivion is more than enough to make me scroll away every time. Speaking of which, let's move on...

8 The internet apparently loves fire

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I actually had a tough time narrowing it down to just one example of an inappropriate Anakin, fire-related meme for this article. There is a disturbing amount of people who clearly think Anakin's crispy near death scene from Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith is a comedy gold mine. Maybe we can detach ourselves from the painful thought of someone actually being on fire because in this case we know VERY well its all CGI. Yeah, sure that's it. It has absolutely nothing to do with the internet being filled with complete and total maniacs or anything. Also, is that Eminem and Rihanna song playing in your head now? Well, if not then here you go. You're welcome.

7 Don't sit in Old Ben's seat

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I confess, I'm enough of a nerd that I have noticed Obi-Wan sitting down in this scene. It struck me as a little weird but not necessarily anything major. Sir Alec Guinness was getting on in his years and as such he needed a seat. You got a problem with that? The only real issue is that since he was in spirit form I wonder why he didn't just fall straight through the log? In my experience most older people typically have a decent sense of humor about their age. However, if you intend to re-post this meme on your grandmother's Facebook page then make sure you aren't shorting yourself a Christmas card with $50.00. If, however, the older people in your life are the first ones to acknowledge they are fossils then have a blast forwarding this meme all over their feed. It will be a welcome break from their posts about recipes and rants about their extreme political stances which you never wanted to know about.

6 Greedo's groin shot

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Here's a meme that actually made me go back and re-watch an infamous scene I have probably watched 1,000 times over the years. It doesn't help that the scene has been notoriously revised over the years so I wondered, did I miss one of the Special Edition passes which tweaked the scene and edited in a  d**k shot  to distract from Han no longer being the only one to shoot? Well as you can see in this Youtube video for yourself, clearly Greedo still goes out like a punk in any version. However, none of the versions of his death explicitly contain him getting blasted in the groin. As a nerdy side-note, Greedo was played by a woman in pick-up shots which only makes this joke even more questionable.

5 Aww...wait, WTF?

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Of all the captions somebody could use for this image, the one which was ultimately chosen is probably the last I would ever think of. I get it, some people didn't like the Ewoks. Some people may have even hated them. However, whining about the Ewoks being lame is one thing but suggesting they be stomped to death is sinister. Who captioned this pic, Dick Cheney? I'm not even the biggest fan of Ewoks myself. I loved them as a kid, not so much now. But I'll take them over the Gungans any day of the week. Especially in baby form. I mean c'mon look at that creature. Its even in a basket. A basket of fuzzy awesome. I'm not sure if this Star Wars meme is inappropriate or just disturbing.

4 Youssa wrong for dat

You should have expected at least one of these to cross a boundary you were not prepared for. Here it is, Qui-Gon and Jar Jar, with the inclusion of one hit and run caption this scene from Phantom Menace will never be looked at the same way again. This inappropriate Star Wars meme accomplished more than simply a cheap laugh. If you stare at it long enough (not sure why you would) but if you do your mind wanders. It may wander to a dark place where you imagine Gungan sexual encounters. This is a species of life with the most annoying voice in existence. Jar Jar makes Fran Dresher sound heavenly. The mere idea of the squeals he'd make is just disturbing beyond belief. Whoever created this meme beware, you are probably on Liam's s**t-list.

3 Wrong hands on deck

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In comedy, timing is very important. You wouldn't necessarily think timing is something that can be achieved in a simple sequential meme but surprisingly...it is. Take this nightmarishly awful example above. The punchline is Luke's realization that Vader is using his severed hand to pleasure himself. Now, that idea alone may make you want to go wash your brain but at least credit the person who made this for their sense of comic timing. The silent pause in the third box and the iconic reaction in the fourth box is what makes this work. On a side-note, Luke Skywalker is arguably one of the greatest characters in Star Wars, yet he seems to be the butt of the joke in way too many of these memes. Some of which are literally butt related. Especially the ones that include power converters.

2 Whose talking now?

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The previous few entries were ridiculously inappropriate, so I figured, let's catch our breath and go with something a little more tame. Here's a hilarious meme which fans of Star Wars Rebels will no doubt understand instantly. For the more casual Star Wars fans reading this article, there are two canon animated Star Wars series. Clone Wars and Rebels. While Rebels may not look as visually impressive as Clone Wars did , it still generally looks pretty solid. The animation has even improved as the show has progressed. That fact alone is what makes the moronic design choice of these Imperial Commander's hats so baffling. Why? Why are these hats so comically far down over the eyes of the characters? It literally appears like a bully just came along, pulled this man's hat over his face (possibly gave him a wedgie as well) and is now forcing him to walk around like that.

1 First impressions are so important

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This last meme takes a somewhat pleasant moment and violently smashes it right up against harsh reality. It also gives zero apologies for doing so. The scene depicted here of course is Obi-Wan's first meeting with a child Anakin way back in Phantom Menace. To say their friendship eventually went a little sour is about as accurate as saying Donald Trump is only mildly annoyed when people critique him. Obviously things went atrociously for these two which is why this inappropriate meme works very well. As a Star Wars geek I'm forced to point out Obi-Wan didn't just cut off Anakin's legs and leave him burning. He cut off his legs and his one remaining non-robotic arm and left him burning. However, in all fairness fitting those details into the caption only bogs down the joke.

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