15 of the Most Inappropriate Walking Dead Tumblr Posts You'll Ever See

15 of the Most Inappropriate Walking Dead Tumblr Posts

The Walking Dead (TWD) is one of the most popular shows on television, and if there's anything kids love more than zombies these days, it's posting online about zombies. However, these Tumblr posts from Walking Dead fans might just take things a bit too far. "Fan," after all, is short for "fanatic," and of all the shows on TV right now, TWD tends to be the most likely to bring the fanatics out of people. From freak outs about what's happening on the show, to vivid fantasies about what they'd like to see happen, to just plain weird ramblings that could only come from the mind of a potential mental patient. These Tumblr offerings show that what's going on inside the minds of viewers can be scarier than what's showing on screen. (This post could be a potential spoiler alert if you haven't caught up on all of the developments.)

15 The Crawling Dead

I get that a certain segment of The Walking Dead fan base has been clamoring for a romance between good ol' boy, Daryl, and badass homemaker, Carol, for quite some time now, but this drawing is confusing on so many levels. Cute as it is, why the heck are they toddlers? Why would the artist's romantic fantasies turn these characters into two-year-olds? And really, the sight of Daryl Dixon in a diaper is beyond disturbing. I'm not even going to venture a guess as to what he's trying to do to Carol here. The bigger question might be why she's a preschooler with gray hair. Is she prematurely aging, like Charlie Brown's male pattern baldness? Or maybe she's got some sort of Benjamin Button thing going on? Either way, this is just bizarre.

14 Let's Do Some Fan Art Again

Speaking of bizarre, this fan art imagines three Walking Dead stars as characters from the cult movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rick is the transvestite mad scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Carol is the groupie, Columbia, and Daryl is the maid, Magenta. I don't know what desire this picture fulfills (unless someone wants to induce nightmares), but I can safely say this is a mashup that should never exist in real life. Rocky Horror is a campy, lighthearted musical, and The Walking Dead is...not. It's about as grim and serious-minded as anything on TV outside of PBS and C-SPAN. Some television shows can get away with goofy, one-off musical episodes, but can anyone really imagine Rick, Daryl and Carol singing and dancing in their regular wardrobe-much less in French maid uniforms and kinky bondage attire? Seriously, who has time to put on makeup in a zombie apocalypse? And where exactly is Daryl supposed to keep his arrows? This is a logistical nightmare.

13 Men Women Hershel

Ouch. This is cold. Funny, but cold. Poor Hershel. For those of you who don't know or who have short-term memory loss, Hershel was a kind old man (and Maggie's dad) who was a member of Rick's group for three seasons. He lost a leg early in Season 3 from a "walker bite", and sadly, late in Season 4, he was decapitated by the villainous Governor. It was a tragic loss that deserves more respect than this jokey sign (pause for a moment of silence). But really, it is pretty hilarious, and given the frequent loss of body parts in the zombie apocalypse, it might actually come in handy. Granted, you'd need to remove the "Hershel" personalization and just have something like "Men," "Women" and "Spare Parts." If zombies ever evolve to use bathrooms, this would be a must-have.

12 The "Ayes" Have It

As Hershel found out, body parts tend to be fleeting in the world of The Walking Dead, and in particular, the show seems to have a fascination with eye trauma. The Governor lost one of his to Michonne's blade. Young Carl lost one to a bullet. And Glenn had one pop out during his infamous Negan pummeling (too soon?). Even minor character, Denise, got an eyeful of arrow courtesy of Dwight. And there has been many a walker who's had the requisite fatal head shot go through the eye. This 'punny' tribute pays homage to the eyes that have fallen during the show's run while also honoring an unsung hero: Rick's horse, who became zombie food way back in episode #1. RIP, horsey; may you have all the hay you can eat in that big glue factory in the sky.

11 Walking Dad Jokes

One of the most popular online Walking Dead memes has been pictures of Rick telling his son Carl (or "Coral," as his pronunciation is often represented) groan-worthy "dad jokes," using screen shots from the moment when Rick finds out his wife Lori has died. His facial contortions and stooped posture have been fodder for ridicule amongst fans, turning what's supposed to be a huge tragedy into ridiculously inappropriate puns. And of course, at the risk of beating a dead horse (RIP, Rick's horse), a favorite butt of the jokes has been Carl's missing eye. This one is pretty representative. Another favorite: Rick tells Carl he got him that gift he always wanted: an eye pad. Or when Rick tells him his new name is Arl Grmes, because he can't "C" and he has no "I". Rimshot! I'm here all week, folks.

10 Five's a Crowd

This is just plain wrong. If you weren't paying attention during the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, here's the rundown. Police deputy Rick Grimes is injured in the line of duty and slips into a coma. When he awakens alone weeks (or months?) later in the hospital, the zombie apocalypse has begun, and he sets out to reunite with his wife, Lori, and son, Carl. Unbeknownst to him, they think he's dead and are on the run from walkers with his partner, Shane Walsh. Not wasting much time, Lori becomes romantically involved with Shane, making her eventual reunion with the still-breathing Rick all the more awkward. Things get even weirder when Lori discovers she's pregnant, and there's nary a paternity test to be found. Where's Maury Povich when you need him?

9 T-Dog's Dead

T-Dog was a main character on the first three seasons of The Walking Dead who was a member of Rick's group. His main claim to fame was, well, that he didn't seem to matter. He didn't do a whole lot, he had no particularly interesting back story or personality traits, and the writers just didn't give him anything to work with. Frankly, his name may as well have been Zombie Fodder, because it seemed like his sole purpose had to be eventually getting eaten so the rest of the group could experience a tragic loss. After all, as anyone who's seen a horror movie knows, it's the "black guy" who always dies first. Surprisingly, T-Dog didn't die first-or even second or third, for that matter. But when he did meet his maker, this post reminds us that, sadly, he probably wasn't missed.

8 He Kept His Promise

Did you know that seven years before The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, starred in the movie Love Actually? Basically, he went from a British romantic comedy to an American unromantic tragedy. His masculine side might want you to forget about it, but lo and behold, it was caught on video! He was featured in one of the most famous scenes in the film, in which he goes to the home of his love interest (Keira Knightley) and stands in the doorway, holding up a series of signs professing his love for her-so her husband (his newly married best friend!) can't hear him. How...romantic? In real life, this would be awkward and underhanded, but since the movie tells us this is cute, I guess it is! Anyway, the cards state that he will love her until she's...a mummy? It's an odd choice of photos to include in a love letter, but the weirdness finally makes sense seven years later when...they reunite on The Walking Dead! Her husband doesn't seem to be in the picture, Rick probably killed him since he's good at knocking off best friends (ask Shane). So they're finally free to, um, get icky.

7 Lil' Negan

Negan is the baddest of baddies on The Walking Dead, a sadistic bully drunk with power who forces other groups of survivors (including Rick and company) to pay him tribute under threat of violence. As Rick's group finds out early in their introduction to Negan, that violence tends to come courtesy of his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, which he's affectionately named "Lucille." This adorably twisted drawing (from an artist who apparently works at Disney) imagines Negan as a young serial killer in training, pummeling small animals to a bloody pulp with Lil’ Lucille. Look out, Bambi and Thumper! You have to wonder if pint-sized Negan had to practice to become the head-basher he is today. Did he start out with a wiffle bat and a tee to hold his victims steady? Or maybe he just targeted really slow animals, like turtles or narcoleptic squirrels?

6 Before and After

Without zombies, The Walking Dead would be The Stationary Dead, which would make for a pretty boring show. So, why not show some appreciation for them? After all, every episode, they get their heads bashed in, their limbs ripped off, their pelvises impaled and their entire bodies blown to kingdom come, with not even a simple "thank you." Isn't it time for the walkers to shine? Don't they deserve a turn in the spotlight? Here's an idea for an ad for Nair hair remover (extra strength, apparently) that's a perfect showcase for a zombie with a little less below the waist. When life gives you lemons, after all, you make lemonade, and when you're a zombie with no legs...well, your options are pretty limited, so you may as well take what you can get.

5 Darus? Jeryl?

There's little doubt that The Walking Dead fans' number one choice for Daryl's love interest on the show is Carol, but rapidly gaining in popularity is...Jesus? No, not THAT Jesus; I'm talking about a character named Paul who goes by the nickname Jesus. Still, his bearded, long-haired, Christ-like appearance makes this fantasy of him getting cozy with Daryl all the more disturbing. Although in the comics (upon which the TV series is based) Jesus is gay, there hasn't been any indication of such on the show, and there definitely hasn't been any hint of Daryl's homosexuality (frankly, he seems to be asexual), so fans might be jumping the gun here. And here. And here. But hey, if nothing else, I guess it's fun to come up with couple names. Jesyl? Daresus?

4 Jello Pudding

One infamous episode in Season 4 of The Walking Dead focuses on young Carl. In it, he's separated from everyone in the group except his dad, Rick, who slips into unconsciousness due to an injury. After berating his father for being a straight punk (Carl Poppa in the house!), he ventures out on his own to look for food and finds a house with the biggest can of chocolate pudding you've ever seen (frankly, any can of chocolate pudding would be the biggest I've seen, because I've never seen pudding in a can before). After evading a walker inside, he calmly sits on the roof and eats seven POUNDS of pudding as the zombie vainly reaches for him through a barely cracked window. This photo pictures the zombie as an undead Bill Cosby, who famously hocked Jello pudding in the '80s and '90s, and probably would not take kindly to anyone eating all of his creamy dessert. In light of Cosby's legal troubles in the 21st century, however, any image of him reaching longingly for someone takes on a much more skeevy connotation.

3 There Can Only Be One

As I stated earlier, people of color tend to not fare so well in horror movies, and this post pokes fun not only at that trope, but also at what seemed (for a while) to be an unwritten rule on The Walking Dead: that there could be only one black guy on the show at a time. First, there was T-Dog, and only T-Dog, for the first three seasons. Then, they introduced inmate Oscar, and wouldn't you know it, two episodes after he joined the group, T-Dog died! A few episodes later, Tyreese shows up (perennially wearing a knit cap, no matter how hot it was), and in THE VERY SAME EPISODE, Oscar goes down for the count. It's enough to make you start believing in conspiracy theories. However, this particular theory goes down the drain when Bob is introduced in Season 4 without Tyreese dying. And when Gabriel shows up in Season 5, there's a brief fleeting moment where THREE black guys coexist in the group...until two of them die later that season. Hmmm...

2 Kiddie Cosplay

Some people like The Walking Dead. Some people like kids. Some people like The Walking Dead AND kids. But really, is a toddler Walking Dead cosplay appropriate? Sure, it's OK to dress them up in the costumes like in the first and third photos in this post. Granted, the level to which you'd be comfortable with three-year-olds handling guns, swords, and crossbows varies by the individual. But having them reenact the soul-crushing "Look at the flowers" scene, in which Carol plugs hopeless zombie lover Lizzie in the back of the head? I just don't know. I would jokingly say why not show Negan beating one of the kids to a bloody pulp, but if you click on the Facebook link, the photographer beat me to it. Children make the most adorable corpses!

1 Richone

A big moment in Season 6 of The Walking Dead was when Rick and Michone got together to form the force of nature known as "Richone." It was a sweet moment in a show where sweet moments are few and far between, and fans understandably freaked the freak out. This post isn't exactly the most romantic tribute to the fiercest power couple this side of Beyonce and Jay-Z, but it's a pretty funny mashup of two beloved TV shows: TWD and The Simpsons. It's a comedically crude paste job of Rick and Michone's heads on the bodies on Homer and Marge in a scene in which they get amorous. Unfortunately for the kids (Carl and Judith subbing for Bart and Lisa), their worst nightmare comes true, as the sounds coming from their grown-ups room wake them up, making it very apparent what's going on behind closed doors. Even poor, asexual Daryl (subbing for neighbor Ned Flanders) is roused from his sleep, although at least he seems more impressed than traumatized.

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