15 Of The Most Ironic Pictures Of All Time Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

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15 Of The Most Ironic Pictures Of All Time Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

When saying something ironic, a person is usually saying something they don’t really mean as a joke. People post on social media about how much they hate social media, for example. Naming a large dog “Tiny” would be ironic. Making fun of someone for stepping in a puddle and then stepping in one would be ironic. Irony surrounds us on a daily basis. Sometimes, when seeing something ironic, people simply shake their heads in dismay. Other times, it might make them laugh. Thankfully, these folks recognized irony when they saw it and took pictures so we could all enjoy the situations at hand. Because whether irony is intentional or not, it sure can be funny! Check out these ironic situations and be the judge. How many are intended?

15. Shop that repairs anything… or does it?

Via: boredpanda.com

Ah, the local mall maintenance shop! You can rely on them to repair just about anything. If you have something broken in your home, take it to them. They’ll get right on the job and you’ll have your item back as good as new in no time. All you have to do is ring the doorbell.

Wait, the doorbell doesn’t work? That doesn’t give us much faith in this shop. Their sign says they can repair anything, but apparently they can’t fix their own doorbell? Perhaps they should remove it, then, because they are losing customers who recognize the irony in the statement and use it against the repair shop. Who wants a repair shop that shows proof that they can’t repair things instead of proof that they can?

14. Playing life-sized dominos

Via: boredpanda.com

Playing with dominos is generally an inexpensive game at home. It can take hours to set the dominos up and then a few seconds to knock them all down. But it can be very satisfying to watch them clink into one another, knocking each other down in sequence in the pattern you set up.

This situation took only a few minutes to set up and a few seconds to knock down. It definitely looks like a domino situation, only with bikes. The ironic part is that it’s actually bikes from Domino’s Pizza that are being knocked down. Did someone see this parking job and set the sequence of events in motion just to take this picture? Hopefully there aren’t a bunch of ruined pizzas involved. What a waste!

13. New cemetery signs that are painfully obvious

Via: funguerilla.com

We all know why a person goes to a cemetery and stays there for the long haul. Death and dying aren’t subjects to laugh over. But when you place this sign near that location, it’s hard to miss the irony. We get it. The people in the cemetery are no longer among the living. Does this sign really have to point it out?

Perhaps it would have been better for them to place a “No Outlet” sign in this location. That might not be any better, we suppose. Because there’s really no going back from this type of situation either…. Hmm, maybe it’s best to take the sign down completely and let the drivers figure out that there’s no way off that street other than to turn around.

12. Mouse on mouse action

Via: netgeek.blogspot.com

We call the pointer on the computer the mouse. Why? Because it’s small? Because real mice help us navigate, well, anything at all so there’s a good correlation? Not really, but we call it what we call it and that’s that. So seeing a real mouse on a computer mouse is just beyond ironic.

Is this mouse trying to get on a mouse website that shows him where to find the best cheese? How did he climb up that slick plastic and splay out like that anyway? Will he find himself captured by technology, a full addict in a matter of moments like the rest of us? We wish him the best in his computer searches. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the irony of the mouse on mouse action.

11. Or is it?

Via: smosh.com

Ah yes, Unbreakable, the movie about a train crash during which a regular, everyday guy discovers the extraordinary about himself. He truly seems to be unbreakable! Fellow passengers are dead and maimed, after all, and he is unscathed. And yet the DVD labeled with that very title is very much breakable, as is evidenced in this picture.

Is there anything in this world that is unbreakable? Other than a character in a movie. Getting this movie in the mail, of all movies, with its title and all, and it’s broken state is beyond ironic. Any other movie would have been just fine, but Unbreakable? Don’t tout yourself to be something you aren’t. This DVD did and look what it got: a crack right down its face.

10. Fire on the most unlikely device

Via: funny-pictures-blog.com

When you see a fire hydrant, you think of three possible things. First, you might think about kids dancing in the street when the fire hydrant is being flushed out and they are playing in the water. Second, you might think of a location that your dog likes to use when nature calls. And third, of course, you think of a device that firefighters use to hook up to water when they fight a fire.

What do you not think of? A device that actually catches fire itself. This type of metal probably doesn’t burn very well so the fact that it’s on fire in the first place is disconcerting. What will they use to put out the fire on the device that usually puts out the fire?

9. Be different by being the same!

Via: boredpanda.com

One of the things that many parents and teachers are trying to instill in youth these days is that it’s okay to be different. There are all sorts of different people in this world and no two people are identical. It’s okay to be unique! And good for this group of people that accentuates the fact that not only is it okay, but it’s a good thing to show individuality.

The problem is that even though they have on different pants and shorts, none of them really stand out in the crowd. They all wear the same shirt that tells people to be different. Is this a classic situation of do as I say, not as I do, or what? They want to be different, and yet, they’re all the same.

8. In war downtime, play war

Via: funguerilla.com

We thank these gentlemen for their service from the bottom of their hearts. But we have to wonder why they chose this particular game for their day off. When you work at a fast food restaurant, the last thing you want to do is eat at that restaurant when you have a day off, right? If you’re a banker, you probably don’t go home and count out all your spare change, either.

So if you’re an active military person actually in a war zone, you’d think the last thing you’d want to do would be play a game like Risk! Doing something different to get away from it all makes more sense. But maybe this is how they train commanders on strategy, what do we know!

7. Which sign should we follow here?

Via: pbase.com

These signs are both very clear in their meaning. One sign says that you cannot exit from this street and that you need to turn around right away. The sign just a foot or two down from that says you cannot make a U-turn in that area. So which will it be? Which sign’s rule will you break in order to get out of the situation? Will you drive a bit farther to do the U-turn since you know you can’t exit?

Or will you simply try to make a U-turn happen before you get to the No U-turn sign? It’s a tough choice to make. You just have to hope there’s not an officer nearby because no matter what you do, it could mean trouble.

6. Thank you to China for American freedom

Via: boredpanda.com

Americans have a lot of pride and that’s great! We’re people who hold our freedom near and dear. There’s not much we wouldn’t do for our freedom. There aren’t too many prices we wouldn’t pay. But when it comes to our products, we prefer to have them as cheap as possible. Those prices can’t go too high, or else!

That includes products named “American Freedom.” Those, apparently, need to be made in China. Does anyone else see the irony here? Is American Freedom really made in China? Can they change the name or something to avoid this ironic statement on every box? The manufacturers in China are chuckling at the irony on a daily basis, we guarantee. It might be worth paying more to avoid the irony.

5. Don’t follow directions from the side of a truck

Via: deadstate.com

When you drive a newspaper delivery truck, we get that you take your job seriously. You want to get the news to as many subscribers as possible as quickly on a daily basis. Information is power, right? And you believe in your newspaper. So much so that you’re willing to follow directions to a T.

Does that mean you should even follow what the truck says on the side and take things so literally? “Where the news hits home” was meant to be a slogan for the newspaper, not a direct order for the driver. This ironic scene is beyond funny… for everyone other than perhaps the driver and the homeowner. Perhaps they’ll see the funny side after the damage is fixed and paid for somewhere down the road.

4. Statue censorship

Via: ebaumsworld.com

You’ve heard about book burnings and other forms of censorship over the years. Does it make sense to also censor a statue? Maybe not so much, but this ironic scene seems to be doing just that. This statue stands for freedom, perhaps in a number of different ways. So what did they do? Why, they put a fence around it, of course, and caged it in!

There may be a reason that the statue needed to be fenced up. Perhaps people were ruining it and the park guides were trying to protect it. Maybe it was falling apart and needed to be restored. Whatever the real reason for the fencing action, it doesn’t take away from the irony of the picture itself. And the statue doesn’t look pleased either!

3. How did he not know?

Via: smosh.com

When you go to a psychic show, you might have questions in mind that you want to ask him. Perhaps you want to know who you will marry, or what job you will end up with 10 years from now. You expect him to have all the answers. That’s what he does! He knows the future, right?

Apparently not. If this guy can’t predict the canceling of his own show, as is evidenced by the sign on top of his poster, what good would he be telling you about your life? Perhaps it is best to avoid this show anyway. Hopefully, you can get your money back. And find a way to ask him about future shows in advance… not that he’ll be able to foresee those cancellations either.

2. Is this a direct lie, then?

Via: talkingabouttheweather.wordpress.com

Nothing is written in stone, other than things written in stone, we guess. If nothing is written in stone, then what is this, exactly? The irony here is too rich and thick to get past the overall idea. Who chose to write this phrase in stone? Someone who thought it was funny? Someone who didn’t quite grasp the meaning? Someone who wanted to see if anyone would notice the irony?

Hearing this phrase anywhere else would have us nodding in agreement. There are not many things that are permanent in this world. Other than writing in stone, that is. And apparently, that can be done. Just don’t take advice from a stone writing, we suppose. Because things actually can be written in stone. Like this saying.

1. Sample the product, already!

Via: thumbpress.com

In order to get through a long day on the job, many people reach for a caffeinated drink. Whether it’s coffee, tea, soda, or 5-Hour Energy drinks, people are able to get through the day on caffeine alone at times. Not these guys! Apparently, they aren’t users of their own product! How can they be asleep in a truck filled with these drinks?

On the other side of the coin, it’s possible they do drink 5-hour energy and the problem here is that they are on hour six. After the five hours are up, they crash hard. They forgot the timing of the situation and they didn’t reach for another drink in time. This is what happens when you use artificial energy to try to get through the day.

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