15 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Teachers Have Used As Hall Passes

As a student in middle school, we had planners that had hall passes in the front and back pages. It was divided into two columns per side of the page and had a spot to write where you were going, when you left, when you came back, and the teacher's signature. Each column was supposed to be used for one quarter during the school year and some teachers were mean if you tried to use the same column for two quarters. In high school, each teacher had their own hall pass, but they were all really boring. They were all just a lanyard with a little laminated card that had the room number on it attached to the end.

While my teachers weren't really creative with their physical hall passes, there are a select few who take hall passes to a whole new level. Check out 15 of the mots ridiculous things teachers have ever used as a hall pass.

15 This Festive Flamingo

I like to think that this just started out as a regular flamingo when the teacher got it. Then, students just slowly added things to it. Like that fruit sticker and the sweatbands around its legs. Who wants to carry a boring flamingo to the bathroom? Not me, that's for sure. I'm glad someone spiced this one up the way they did, whoever it may have been. My chemistry teacher's chalkboard had a place where you could push it and it would reveal more chalkboard behind it. At some point, people started writing their names on the back board in crayon. It became kind of a tradition that during people's senior year, they would all write their own name on the back board. The teacher claimed they weren't supposed to, but it didn't stop anyone.

14 Be Careful With Fluffy

Be careful carrying this one around. Fluffy here looks less like a hall pass and more like a weapon you can just toss at someone who tries to stop you from wandering the halls. Actually, that's not a bad idea. I might be onto something here. At first, I thought carrying a cactus around as a hall pass was just crazy, but now that I think of it that way, it's pretty smart. I mean, probably not a very good idea because you'll get called into the principal's office for throwing a cactus at someone. You win some, you lose some. I'd call the extra time you get to spend wandering past your friend's classes to wave at them through the door before you have to go back to your own class is a win.

13 This Teacher Who Sends A Spare

What? I'm sure a lot of these other bizarre hall passes have some kind of a story behind them, but a toilet seat? What? This one just leaves me with more questions than anything. I like that it's so easy to just hang on a hook or something, though. If I was a teacher and my hall pass got lost, I'd find something huge and ridiculous like this, too. They'd be lucky I wasn't making them carry a sink or a garbage can around, honestly. Maybe that's what happened to this teacher. They probably had a boring hall pass a couple years ago and then it got lost or damaged and instead of laminating a new card with their name on it, they just snapped. Like, "That's it. No more normal hall passes. Take the toilet seat." This also probably deters a lot of kids from going to the restroom so much - no one wants to carry that thing around.

12 A Casual Fashion Statement

A pouch to put my sippy cup? I'd spend half of my freshman year in the bathroom. This vest is an excellent fashion statement and I bet it won't last long in room 431 before it gets stolen. Imagine being a teacher and seeing someone in the hallway without it and having to stop them to say, "Hey, where's your vest?" I bet some kids think they're too cool to wear their hall pass and just try to carry it around.

If I was a hall monitor, I wouldn't let that happen. Also, do hall monitors even really exist these days? Or were they just made up so every middle school or high school show could have an episode where the main character becomes a hall monitor?

11 At Least You'll Be Clean

This poor jar of disinfecting wipes has seen better days. All the tears on the wrapper are just sad. But, I guess that's what happens when you're used as a hall pass and get carried to the library and the bathroom and to countless lockers every day.

I hated when I had a teacher who had something big like this as a hall pass. Like, if I had to go to my locker to get a book I forgot or you know, just wander the halls, it was hard to try to carry my book and the hall pass back without dropping one of them. It didn't help that for some reason I couldn't walk down the hallway without touching all the lockers. Yeah, it was partially to slow me down so I could waste more time before I got back to class, but it was an important part of my routine.

10 That's Just How This Teacher Rolls

Oh no, this pass would be way too much fun. Imagine taking it out into the hallway and just rolling it toward the bathroom and then catching up with it. Yeah, I'd probably get my bathroom privileges taken away during this class because I'd just roll the pass away and let it crash into things and make a huge noise in the hallway. That's totally worth it, though, right? Plus, this should be expected from Mr. Humphreys here. You can't just have a bike wheel as a hall pass and not expect people to be wheeling it around down the hallway. I feel like the principal probably wouldn't agree with this defense if I got caught, though. Detention would be worth seeing how far I could roll this hall pass.

9 This Art Project Of A Pass

I like that he specifies that it will fit in the bathroom stalls. Imagine this teacher going around testing that. "Sorry your papers haven't been graded yet, I was here late last night testing out the new hall pass. You will be pleased to hear that it leans against lockers, fits in bathroom stalls, and props up against library shelves nicely." This pencil must have taken forever to make, but I appreciate his determination to have the most ridiculously over the top hall pass in the school. I wonder if this makes students think twice about whether or not they want to leave. Personally, carrying a giant pencil down the hallway would make me really consider going to the bathroom during the class before his.

8 This Teacher With No Chill

Looks like I'd never be leaving the classroom if I was in this teacher's class. A little note card where you have to  stop and answer geometry questions if you're seen in the hallway with it? Yikes. This teacher is not kidding around with her hall passes and with trying to make her students learn, is she? This is actually really smart and probably a good way to ensure that students aren't just leaving to avoid doing their work. Not only do they have to answer a question if another teacher sees them, they have to answer one when they come back? Those students better hope they know all about the Pythagorean theorem if they want to go to the bathroom during Mrs. Pace's class.

7 This Bone-afied Hall Pass

Now this is a cool hall pass. I don't know what class Ms. Duhon here teaches, but I'm gonna guess it's either anatomy or drama. I don't know why, but it just seems like someone who has a skeleton foot as a hall pass would teach one of those two. Anatomy, obviously, because it's a foot and I think science teachers in general usually have a lot of whole or partial skeletons around their classrooms. And drama because this just seems like the kind of dark and mysterious hall pass that someone teaching anything to do with the theater would have. Also, I imagine they'd probably have a note attached that said any other teacher can stop them to make them recite something they had to memorize. Like the opening lines of The Canterbury Tales or a monologue from MacBeth.

6 Whatever This Is

Honestly, I don't even know what this one is. An egg carton? One of those little things they send you home from a greenhouse with to keep your plants safe until you get a chance to put them in your garden? I honestly can't tell, but I love that this is a hall pass for some teacher. I feel like some teachers don't even have an official hall pass. When you go up to ask if you can go to the bathroom or to your locker, they just look around and hand you the first random thing they see. Doesn't matter if it's an empty coffee cup, an egg carton, a dried out highlighter, or a mousepad. Then, if you get stopped, you have to kind of awkwardly explain that this is your hall pass and your teacher is kind of frazzled.

5 This Pass That Is Not Trash

I love that they specify on the side of this trash can that it's actually "NOT TRASH." I wonder how many times they had people throwing their garbage in here before they finally wrote that on there so people would stop throwing their gum and empty water bottles in their hall pass. Honestly, if the inside is really clean, this one is a multitasker. Like, yeah, it's a hall pass so you can freely go to the bathroom, but it's more than that. Tired of trying to carry your books back to class from your locker? Throw them in the pass. See a pencil on the ground on your way back that you want to keep but can't carry? Throw it in  the pass and dig it out when you get back to class.

4 Light The Way

I wonder what the deal is with this little lamp hall pass. Do they have to have it turned on the entire time or it doesn't count? If a teacher catches them and their pass is turned off, is it like being caught without a pass? Or is it the other way around where they're supposed to keep it turned off? I have some serious questions about how this one works, exactly. I know for a fact that I'd definitely be annoying with this hall pass, though. I'd go find my friends' classrooms and stand outside the door flashing it at them until the teacher noticed and came out to tell me to leave. Walking by your friends' classes and waving or trying to talk to them was the best part of leaving class!

3 This One Quacks Students Up

I have some serious questions about this duck. Not about the fact that it looks like it's seen some better days, that's fine. It's obviously been through a lot being used as a hall pass and although it could use a new paint job, it looks like a perfectly sturdy duck. My questions are about what exactly it is. Yeah, I see that it's a duck, but what's the thing on the bottom for? Is it used to put a string on it and pull it around on a leash? Is it supposed to hook up to other ducks to make a little duck train? Does the flat part hook onto something that makes a big outdoor scene? I've seen all kinds of duck decorations just like this one, but never with the part of the bottom. I think having questions is normal at this point.

2 Use What You've Got

Obviously this isn't their normal pass, but this is hilarious. I love that their normal hall pass was gone so the teacher just told this person to take a plantain with them instead. I hope the plantain made it back safely, I'm sure the teacher had it to eat at lunch or something and I would be really disappointed if it got damaged on its journey. I wonder how often this teacher has to send someone with a makeshift hall pass.

Also, I had no idea plantains were so huge. I've only seen them in pictures or on TV before and even then, they were only next to other plantains so it was hard to get an idea of their size. I'm not even in this teacher's class and I'm learning things.

1 This Creepy Baby

Well, this is... Interesting, to say the least. I love that this baby has sharpie all over it and it's kind of dirty and torn up. That's a lot cooler and better than just having a normal, fresh baby doll as a hall pass. I feel like if it wasn't a beat up looking, old baby it would be kind of weird. But this? This is cool. I wonder how having a baby as a hall pass in this class started. The rest of this teacher's decorations are pretty misleading about how cool they are, but the weird baby hall pass gives it away.

I just hope no one loses it. Although I'm sure they could just go to another antique store and buy a new creepy baby.

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