15 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Kanye West Has Actually Said

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15 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Kanye West Has Actually Said

Kanye West is famous (or maybe infamous), for his killer music, wild fashion, and the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. No matter what he’s doing, Kanye is always turning heads. And whether or not you agree with him, he knows how to keep people on their toes and paying attention. And isn’t that all we can ask of our celebrity icons?

Below we look back at 15 of the most ridiculous things Kanye West has ever sad – thanks to Twitter. And while we may shake our heads and laugh at the strange things Kanye has decided were Twitter-worthy, we have his back 100% as he deals with his health issues. Because as entertaining as Kanye West always is, mental health is not a joke and we sincerely wish Kanye and his family all of the best. We hope to see you back mixing things up in the Twitterverse soon, Kanye!

15. Forget The A-List Brands

Can I get an “Amen” on this? We love when celebrities act like us normal humans and indulge in America’s finest: McDonalds. And isn’t it about time we all just honor the power and beauty of our favorite fast-food restaurant chain? No one does breakfast better than McDonalds. No one does fries better. And no one does late night fuel after a big night of drinking better than McDonalds. Sure, you may feel a little nauseous and disgusted with yourself after you leave McDicks, but it was all worth it for the taste of those McNuggets and a few spoonfuls of McFlurry. Now we’re drooling. Kanye, meet you at the drive-thru? You’re buying this time, buddy. We can even pick up a couple Happy Meals for North and Saint. And maybe a Big Mac for Kim?

14. Kim K Seal Of Approval

Kanye was clearly listening when they said, “Happy wife equals happy life.” And he’s not scared to admit it! The lovely Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West has to put her stamp of approval on all of Kanye’s ideas. We were sort of hoping that Kanye’s advice circle was a little wider than just his wife. Clearly, she knows how to make a dollar. But relinquishing all creative control to Kim makes us a little nervous. Let’s bring in another pair of eyes on this, okay Kanye? I mean, what does Kim really know about music? Call Jay-Z for that. And shoes? Actually, she probably owns enough shoes to make her an expert on the subject. If you’re designing an insanely high pair of lace up heels, Kim K is definitely your girl.

13. Branching Out To Interior Design

I’m not one to question Kanye’s genius. He’s a brilliant lyricist and insanely talented as an artist. But as an interior designer? Maybe not. I’m sorry but that sketch of a bed looks like every bed I have ever seen. In fact, if he had said this was the handiwork of North trying to copy a bed out of the IKEA catalog, I would believe him. This bed is so boring! What’s so special about it than the average bed? You’d think if you were going through the trouble of designing a custom bed, it’d be because regular beds aren’t doing it for you. Don’t waste money “designing” something that IKEA has been producing for years. I was at least expecting a bed designed by Kanye West to be K-shaped or covered in fur and crystals. This looks like the bed that my college boyfriend picked up off of Craigslist.

12. Self-Love

We sort of love that Kanye is all about the self-love; his self-love even gets meta in this tweet. He thinks so highly of himself that not only does he talk in the third person but he tweets in the third person too. And he is fully aware of how much he loves himself. In fact, he considers it the highest level of love. Kanye West is telling his fans that he loves them as much as he loves himself. That is huge! That is a whole lot of love. I don’t even think my mom loves me as much as Kanye loves Kanye. My self-loathing ego can’t actually comprehend this much love. Can you pull it back a bit Kanye? Maybe just love me as much as Kanye loves shoes or over-sized jackets. I think I could handle that. And as crazy as this tweet comes off, maybe we can take a page out of Kanye’s book and focus on loving ourselves just as much.

11. But You Just Said…

I’m going to level with you: if you go through Kanye’s Twitter feed, his strong dislike for suit jackets is very clear. He brings it up pretty often and pretty randomly. He especially hates suit jackets on women. So if you’re a blazer-loving female, I’d steer clear. Because Kanye is not messing around. He DISLIKES those suit jackets. But he doesn’t hate them. Because he hates the word hate. Oh wait… are you allowed to use the word you don’t like to describe that word? I don’t think so. If you really don’t like the word “hate” than you’re going to have to come up with another synonym to describe how much you don’t like it. You’re a lyrical genius, aren’t you Kanye? You can think of something. We believe in you.

10. We Can’t Argue With That

We love when Kanye owns up to his past behavior and recognizes that he may have made a few mistakes. For a guy with an ego as big as Kanye’s, this does not happen very often. So it’s kind of refreshing, and relieving, to know that even Kanye doesn’t think he is perfect 100% of the time. We like that he can own his mistakes. Sure, he’s not exactly apologizing or anything here. In fact, he’s actually just normalizing his past by reminding us that everyone messes up. So maybe he’s not the humblest guy on the block. But at least he is admitting to messing up – although with the caveat that his mistakes are just like everyone else’s except they’re playing out on the public stage. Maybe this is step one to a full-fledged apology and change of character. But I wouldn’t count on it.

9. How Creative

Hear that haters? Even Kanye’s Twitter feed is a work of art. Cant you tell? You thought he kept his art to fashion design and making music. Well, you were obviously mistaken. Kanye is always making art. Even the ramblings he posts to Twitter are now classified as contemporary art. Kanye is a true artist. And don’t you try and restrict his art! We don’t want to compromise his artistic vision by telling him what to tweet or what not to tweet. That’s not how the magic works. We don’t want to interrupt the creative process. Let’s just sit back and watch the magic unfold. Maybe one day we will see Kanye’s tweets displayed in a museum for us to admire in print. I would not be surprised if that’s a museum that Kanye opens himself in the next few years.

8. Nothing Good Ever Happens After A Visit To IKEA

Oh, so maybe this explains his sketch of the bed above? Kanye, you should always be nervous if you leave IKEA full of ideas. You should only leave IKEA full of $0.99 meatballs and regret for having wasted your entire day there. And then you should arrive home with six flat boxes that will somehow become four chairs, a table, and a bookshelf. But first they will sit on your floor half-opened while you and your significant other yell at each other about which piece is which and who hid the last screw. Unless you pay people who can do this for you, of course. Ah, IKEA. You never fail to disappoint. And yet every time that catalog shows up on my doorstep, I’m drawn in all over again. Don’t fall for it, Kanye! Step away from the IKEA warehouse shelves. You don’t speak enough Swedish to design for them anyway.

7. Asking Deadmau5 To Perform At North’s Birthday

Oh, Kanye. We love that you love North so much. It’s great that you really want to make her birthday party memorable. But do you know what regular parents do when they want to throw their kids an awesome birthday party? They buy the biggest cake they can find, hire a clown, and rent a bouncy castle. And the kids love it. They don’t harass mask-wearing DJs on Twitter. And they certainly don’t dictate what that world famous DJ should wear when he performs at a toddler’s birthday party. Without even a please or a thank you! C’mon Kanye, you’re better than this. You might not be a big Deadmau5 fan but you have to at least respect his work. The guy can sell out arenas and clubs – he doesn’t really need to do kids’ parties anymore.

6. I Guess We Should All Thank Him

You know what we don’t do nearly enough? We don’t take the time to just thank the celebrities, actors, and musicians who make our lives better. We should be taking time out of our day to just thank Will Ferrell for all he has done. How nice is that? We’re loving these heart-warming tweets, Kanye. And you’ve inspired us! I would like to just thank Tina Fey for proving that women can be funny and for the countless memes I’ve enjoyed thanks to her 30 Rock character. And shout out to Alex Trebek for the years of pure knowledge you have dropped into my brain when my grandma would insist we watch Jeopardy every time I visited her. And thanks to Kanye for the countless tweets that never fail to surprise me. You’ve certainly brought something to my life with your words.

5. Even More Self-Love

Maybe we all need to take a page out of Kanye’s book on this one and really work on our own self-love. Sure, we laugh at Kanye for being so up on himself. But wouldn’t it be great if we were even half that confident and accepting of ourselves? Kanye may have taken it too far but he certainly has the right idea. Let’s listen to Kanye here and give it a try. How great would it be if we loved ourselves that much? It would probably save us a lot of time not getting wrapped up in self-doubt and self-loathing. We wouldn’t stay with that boyfriend we hate or be scared to apply to that job we really want. So, for once in my life, I’m telling you to act like Kanye, and remember that you are worth it!

4. A Worthy Goal

It’s nice when celebrities decide to get involved in the real issues facing us normal people. Thanks for taking a stand on this one, Kanye. It really helps to have a powerful voice behind the gross injustice of overpriced textbooks. That’s what’s really killing our education system and holding people back from attending college. When I took out my student loan, it was definitely for those five textbooks I had to buy during my first year and not for the insane amount I was charged in tuition. Now don’t take my sarcasm the wrong way – yes, textbooks are expensive. But that’s not the big problem. And there are ways around the textbook problem; you can buy a used book, share with a friend, borrow a copy from the library, get the e-book or even do a textbook rental. Say Kanye, when was the last time you had to buy a textbook?

3. Financial Wisdom

I’m pretty sure this is a direct quote from 12 year old Cory Baxter of That’s So Raven fame. So yes, Kanye has the same ideas about money as a fictional pre-teen character from the Disney channel. Is this what they’re teaching at the Harvard School of Business? Maybe this was the day that Bill Gates dropped out.

For context, this tweet was in response to the announcement that Kanye West was in debt. So I’m not sure that admitting to using, and losing, other people’s money is the best response. In his first tweet about the situation, Kanye said he had personal money to buy his family furs and houses but needed more money to bring beautiful ideas into the world. How about Kim goes without a new fur coat this year and you work on the beautiful idea of getting yourself out of debt?

2. Looking For A Promotion

Kanye, we do admire your aspiration. It’s wonderful that you think so highly of yourself and that you’re always looking to reach new heights. In fact, it’s probably what made you so successful as a musical artist. But I just don’t think this is how you go about getting a job in fashion. Granted, it is how you got the gig to redesign the Clippers mascot uniform. But Hermes is a bit of a different ball game. No one is putting Hermes on a mascot. And sorry Kanye, but no one is giving you creative control of that brand. Especially because you asked for the job on Twitter. I don’t even think Hermes has that position open. Did you think enough retweets would land you the gig? I don’t think that’s going to work for Hermes. But do we ever appreciate your gall and enthusiasm.

1. Looking For An Investor

This is when the over inflated ego gets you into trouble, Kanye. No, Mark Zuckerberg is not going to call you by tomorrow because you tweeted at him on his birthday. Are you for real? First of all, Mark is the creator of Facebook, so he might be more receptive to a Facebook post instead of a tweet. Secondly, you didn’t even tag him so he’d have to be scrolling through Twitter to find this, which I doubt he has time for. And third, you followed this tweet with your demand, “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas.” I don’t even want to know what ideas you would come up with if you had 1 billion dollars. Maybe a bunch of really boring bed designs? Or would you buy a few McDonalds franchises? Whatever you wanted to do with it, it doesn’t look likely that Mark will invest. So I guess you’ll have to stick to spouting your genius on Twitter. Don’t worry Kanye, we’ll still be following along.

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