14 Of The Most Scandalous Villains From 'The Bachelor'

The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) are dating shows where love rivals compete for the same man (or woman) and share a living space 24/7, bunk together and travel as a group while engaging in competit

The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) are dating shows where love rivals compete for the same man (or woman) and share a living space 24/7, bunk together and travel as a group while engaging in competitions meant to antagonize. There are weekly rose ceremonies where alcohol flows freely and the claws come out or testosterone rages, depending—it’s television gold!

The Bachelor first premiered in March 2002 and remains an enduring television staple on Monday nights. The show has grown its own devoted fan base over the years (dubbed ‘Bachelor Nation’) and even has a summer series called Bachelor in Paradise (which originally premiered as Bachelor Pad) to tie die-hard fans over until the next new season starts.

Here are 15 of our favorite villains we’ve come to love/hate from this guilty pleasure franchise.

14 Trish Schneider

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Trish Schneider was a contestant on the fifth season of The Bachelor, where she vied for the heart of Jesse Palmer (who is a former footballer and now sports commentator). Trish was not…err...discreet with her intentions—but maybe that’s taking her too seriously and not appreciating her quirky sense of humor because she prominently wore a T-shirt during filming which read: “Gold-digger. Like a hooker…just smarter." Hmm.

Trish made the final four before she was eliminated—but after her elimination, she crashed one of Palmer’s final dates with another contestant (a fantasy suite date no less—which is considered sacred in Bachelor parlance) and handed Palmer the key to her own room should he forgo staying in the fantasy suite with what’s-her-face. Can’t blame a girl for trying!

13 Chad Johnson

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Chad Johnson makes our job super easy. Let’s recount a selection of his misdeeds just off the top of our heads: threatening to hunt down other contestants after the show and kill them when they pissed him off, shoving fellow contestant, Evan, and bullying him, referring to an amputee contestant as "Army McArmerson" and a "one-armed bitch" and getting so drunk that he concluded his first evening on Bachelor in Paradise by telling everyone to go "suck a d*ck." Then, he woke the next morning to find he’d soiled his shorts while passed out. What a catch!

Chad then embarked on a nationwide publicity tour to celebrate his status as the latest Bachelorette villain par excellence. And look—all that and he loves dogs! Aww!

12 Courtney Robertson

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Sure, Courtney snagged Ben Flajnik in the end (they were engaged for a while before permanently splitting). It’s hard to remember her winning the show, since her acceptance of the final rose was largely eclipsed by her self-confessed bad behavior. She even wrote a book called I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends: Confessions Of A Reality Show Villain about her time on The Bachelor. Anyone who watched might remember her taunting the other girls, making snide remarks, waving her roses and sniffing them extravagantly. She even snuck in an ocean skinny dip with Ben on the sly.

Fellow The Bachelorette alum, Arie Luyendyk Jr., claims Robertson is misunderstood, saying that she is truly a “sweet, kind and funny person.” Sounds like The Bachelor experience simply brought out the worst in her.

11 Bentley Williams

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First, Bentley Williams was disappointed that the bachelorette whose affections he’d be vying for was not Emily Maynard—it was Ashley Hebert. Then, he referred to Ashley an "ugly duckling" and spoke openly during side interviews about playing the game anyway and duping Ashley and pretending to like her to milk the experience for all it was worth. But in reality, he was just not into her and would rather “swim in pee” than plan a wedding with Ashley.

Then, Bentley came back after leaving the show to make Ashley cry one last time and complained to producers afterward that it was “annoying” standing there holding her because she wouldn’t stop crying...when he was the one who’d made her cry. What a prince!

10 Michelle Money

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Michelle Money managed to redeem herself by starting up a cute relationship with Cody Sattler on Bachelor in Paradise after her initial introduction to Bachelor Nation via Brad Womack’s second go-round as The Bachelor. Michelle sure stirred the pot that season, sneaking off to meet Brad in secret and not coming clean to the other contestants about it.

Still, Money made the most of her time on the show, participating in a steamy photo session on the beach that Womack later admitted “went too far,” antagonizing the other woman via her vamped-up sexuality and aggressive pursuit of Brad. But all her glamming and vamping was in vain since Brad was absolutely head over heels for Emily Maynard. Still, it was fun to watch Michelle compete for Womack’s attention.

9 Kalon McMahon

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Okay, so maybe not all the guys want Emily Maynard (even though it seems that way). Take Kalon, for example, who appeared on the eighth season of The Bachelorette. Kalon revealed himself to be some kind of calculating ‘himbo’ (male gold digger), who was all style and no substance, bragging about his material possessions, money and connections—for sure, Kalon made it clear that he was at Bachelor Mansion to prolong his airtime, not because he was interested in Emily. Like Bentley and other villains before him, Kalon appeared on The Bachelorette for the most-dreaded wrong reasons.

Finally, Emily found out that Kalon had referred to her adorable daughter as "baggage" and she blew her stack and ordered McMahon to get out of Bachelor mansion.

8 Michelle Kujawa

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Michelle wasn’t that memorable on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, where they shared an awkward kiss to test for chemistry at her insistence. She’s better remembered for her subsequent appearances on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise.

During one of her...creepy rage spells, let’s call them—she trapped fellow contestant, Tenley, in a bathroom at Bachelor Mansion and made her cry. Kujawa subsequently got involved with one of the show’s crew members during filming. Chris Harrison and his camera crew arrived at Kujawa’s hotel room door to confront her and she slammed the door in their face while her paramour, (aptly named Ryan Putz), leapt off her second floor balcony and broke his ankle in a botched escape attempt.

7 Juan Pablo Galavis

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He was charming on Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette, speaking in a dashing Spanish accent. He was eliminated but had sufficiently charmed Bachelor Nation enough to secure a starring role as The Bachelor for season 18. The premiere month of January 2014 was even dubbed ‘Juanuary.’

The bloom faded quickly from the rose with Juan Pablo slut-shaming contestant Clare for sleeping with him (!) and infuriating Andi Dorfman during their fantasy suite overnight date by bragging about his time with Clare. Juan Pablo’s finalists scenario was a disaster with Andi storming off, Clare telling Juan Pablo she’d be ashamed to have his children and also storming off in a huff and the last woman standing—Nikki Ferrell—accepting Juan Pablo’s final rose but no proposal.

6 Rozlyn Papa

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Rozlyn sure is easy on the eyes! She piqued Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s interest with her stunning good looks during her time on The Bachelor’s 14th season and continued to accept his roses until her sly affair with a producer on set was discovered. Rozlyn wasn’t the least bit interested in Pavelka, turns out. Can you blame her?

She then returned for a showdown with Chris Harrison (the host) on The Women Tell All and accused Harrison (on national television) of running around on his wife, which did not go over well. Rozlyn probably could have milked a substantial reality television show career on Bachelor spin-offs based on her appeal, but seemingly blew it by pissing off Bachelor executives and brass with her deceptive on set behavior and provocative accusations.

5 Vienna Girardi

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Vienna won The Bachelor, Season 14: On The Wings Of Love— her suitor being pilot-turned-reality-show-perennial (and reject from Jillian Harris’s season), Jake Pavelka. Jake asked Vienna to marry him during their final rose ceremony and an ecstatic Vienna accepted.

Vienna couldn’t play nice in the house with the other girls in Bachelor Mansion during her stay there—she was spoiled, obnoxious and demanding and on After The Final Rose, she and Pavelka argued bitterly over post-show dramas. Vienna also reportedly betrayed the one person who’d been kind to her: the late, lovely and very sweet Gia Allemand. Vienna is rumored to have slept with Gia’s man, Wes, after they appeared together on Bachelor Pad. With friends like Vienna, who needs enemies?

4 Kelsey Poe

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Kelsey was one of The Bachelor’s standard sob stories gone wrong. She came in with a great story: a widow who’d lost her talented musician husband very suddenly only a year or so before. Kelsey spoke of her potential to tug at viewer's heartstrings: “Isn’t my story amazing?” she asked a producer during a side interview.

Kelsey competed for the heart of Chris Soules (or ‘Prince Farming’—as he was so dubbed by Bachelor Nation). Okay, maybe Kelsey’s story was amazing, but don’t admit that on camera, girl! Your ulterior motives show! She was also an obnoxious know-it-all who spoke condescendingly to the other girls and faked a panic attack to manipulate extra side time with Chris—which did not make her a favorite in the house or with viewers.

3 Tierra LiCausi

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Tierra was a contestant on season 17 of The Bachelor (Sean Lowe’s season) who was so disliked by her fellow contestants that they all came together in a common bond of shared hatred against her. Bachelor Mansion was like a war zone with Tierra in residence. At one point, she engaged fellow contestant AshLee Frazier (whom Tierra had called a "cougar") in a shouting match where AshLee accused Tierra of making rude faces while Tierra claimed that she couldn’t control her facial expressions or the movement of her eyebrows. Ooookay.

Tierra also faked an injury to score alone time with Sean (which never goes over well with fellow bachelorettes) and finally, Sean’s sister showed up and smelled trouble in Tierra-land. Sean heeded his sister’s warning and eliminated her.

2 Olivia Caridi

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Olivia didn’t win any points with viewers or the girls in Bachelor Mansion when she compared spending time with young single mother Amanda Stanton to appearing on an episode of Teen Mom (wrong sweetheart to tangle with right out of the gate, since America fell in love with Amanda). Olivia managed to antagonize Amanda while she was on the show, along with all the other contestants, by being annoyingly over-confident and aggressive in her pursuit of Ben, squiring him away first thing at every rose ceremony and group date.

In side interviews, Olivia also snobbily expressed a preference for being in more intellectual, well-read company. Whatever. No one expressed any outrage on Olivia’s behalf when Ben eliminated her by stranding her on a desert island.

1 Nick Viall

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Okay, so Nick's a likable villain...but he’s a villain all the same! A sexy scoundrel who kisses and tells and the timing of his revelations on The Bachelorette after-shows smacks of revenge where he’s the perennial runner-up. He's now twice slyly confessed to intimacies that he knows gets a girl in trouble with her man when they’re home alone after the show and back in real life, the bastard. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice...

You gotta like him though. He’s got heart and a good head on his shoulders. We want him to find love. For the first time in Nick’s reality show existence, being a runner-up is not an option. Don’t blow it, Nick! This is your chance!


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