15 Of The Most Terrifying Clown Sightings That Will Make You Scream Internally

Alas! The season of pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves and...clowns has passed! Yes, I said it, clowns. If you've been paying attention to the internet lately, you've probably noticed pictures of clowns on your social media feeds. It seems that people have readopted an old 80s trend of dressing up as creepy clowns to scare children. Except, like everything in 2016, this odd clown craze has been taken to another level. Though I don't know who in their right mind would voluntarily do this, people dressed as creepy clowns have been spotted in remote areas like forests, dark highway roads and playgrounds chasing passerby's with knives and bats. Can we take a moment to imagine telling our grandchildren about this..."sweetie when I was about your age I was chased out of a forest by a person dressed as a clown holding a bat!" Ummm... that's pretty weird grandma. Anyways, take a peak, if you dare, at these 15 scary clown encounters – or should I say... enclownters? ?

14 You might just shed a tear

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and your dad has just asked you to grab his toolbox from the shed in the backyard. Since you’re an all-star kid always willing to help daddio out you immediately agree to fetch this for him. As you approach the shed, you pause…is that a…a...that’s right it’s a clown. He’s popping his head out of YOUR shed in YOUR backyard and he's definitely not doing it to say hello.

Seriously, imagine going to grab something and seeing this. How unexpectedly horrible! Plus, let’s be real, sheds are creepy enough to begin with. Spiders and other gross bugs live in them, they always have a weird old smell and are polluted with loads of dust. On top of all of this, a creepy clown is the last thing needed. 

13 Stalking it's prey or tired from clowning around?

We can probably all agree that this clown is stalking it's prey and by prey I mean you. Judging by the look on his face he did not just stop, drop and roll for an emergency fire drill nor did he recently wake up from an afternoon siesta. This clown looks like he’s about to hop up on his two feet and run towards the car the people who took this picture are sitting inside. Better hope those doors are locked.

Personally, if this were me sitting in the car, staring at this clown, who in turn was staring at me, I’d probably switch into a full on panic mode. Specially if he got up to chase my car. I don’t know about you but I’d definitely do something stupid like forget how to drive. 

12 Two clowns, one forest

Taken from what seems to be an iPhone with zoom on, here we are blessed with not one but two clowns. Emerging from the wilderness, they look like they're ready to lunge from the thickets and attack. First of all, if you see two clowns staring directly at you, why in god's name would you take the time to whip out your phone? If this were me I'd be running the other way faster than the clowns could say "cheese!"

I suppose the person handling the camera was pretty brave because both clowns look extremely intimidating. Especially the one in the wife beater. A very interesting and untraditional wardrobe choice for a clown. He and his pal in the red jumpsuit clearly wanted to create some sort of outfit clash for their scare filled day. Either that or the one in the wife beater was unprepared for clowning around and threw a mask on with his regular clothing. Comfort comes first, even for creepy clowns I guess!

11 I'll just stand here and say "BOO!"

This clown is breaking all the rules, doesn't he know he's supposed to hide in remote, unpopulated areas not busy parking lots?

It looks like he's waiting for someone to walk by him so he can pop out of the bushes to say “BOO!” Just picture being the person who took this photo, watching someone walk towards the clown unknowingly. What can a witness to do in this situation other than cower in fear as they helplessly observe someone walk towards their doom. It’s not like yelling at the person to stop walking or waving their arms frantically from inside the building would help anyways. Though the observer is safely tucked away inside the building, this clown sighting is still darn creepy. Who knows what could happen when you take your eyes off him for one second, you might even be his next victim when you leave. 

10 Hello from the other side

Hello from the other side is right because we are definitely not going over there. Don't you see clown, no amount of waving will get us to come over to you. Nope, no way jose, we'll stay here across the road away from you thank you very much. The poor kids that go to this school. They probably had their highly anticipated recess games of grounders, tag, hide-and-seek and Marco Polo (though in this case I guess it would be more like Marco oh no, am I right?) ruined for them by this annoying, smirking, creepy ass clown.

Just imagine being the parent of one of the children who attends this school only to find that your son/daughter has been placed under lockdown because of a clown. In the words of our beloved Michael Scott, dear world:

9 The class clown you wouldn't want to hang around

Armed with a backpack this clown is clearly coming back from creepy clown class and is on his way to scare a few people. His first target, the guy over there in the shadows. Do you see him by the corner of that building?

Just imagine walking home on a clear summer night only to realize you're being followed by a clown. The picture may be blurry but I can sense the fear this poor guy is feeling. Leg up, arm in a slightly bent position, he's ready to run. Meanwhile, the clown doesn't seem to be worried about his victim getting away at all. I guess creepy clown class taught him well because he looks like he’s about to give the guy a running head start for an extra scary chase.

8 Do not take me out to the ball game, I repeat do not take me out to the ball game

Swing batter batter swing! but please don't swing that thing at us. While some clowns choose to carry knives, others as seen above, backpacks, this lovely individual has carefully selected a baseball bat as his weapon of choice.

Here's the scenario, you're walking home on a dark fall night. As you walk you hear the uncomfortable sound of metal being dragged on cement behind you. You turn around and see..well this. Dear readers, please excuse me for a moment while I role myself into a ball and cry a little. I've somehow managed to scare myself while writing this. Honestly, this would probably one of the creepiest things ever and I hope none of you encounter anything like this in your lifetime. Also, I sincerely hope the person who took this pic was a fast runner.

7 A tiny terror

Tiny Tim over here looks like he packs a mean punch. Heck, let's be real he probably throws a couple bites in from time to time. Who needs a baseball bat when you have razor sharp teeth and tiny propelling legs to scare innocent bystanders I guess.

I picture the two guys from dude where’s my car in this situation: “Duuuude!! Do you see that over there dude? That’s totally a clown maaan, oh my god it’s running towards us dude!!…*both laugh as the clown approaches, slowly realize how scary the situation is and start running in the opposite direction*

Among the tiny terrors we’ve likely encountered in our lives; toddlers throwing tantrums, our younger siblings, crying babies in general, this little one is by far the most terrifying. If you see a small human wearing a clown costume with a vicious grin is running towards you, first of all what an odd situation and second of all, why stop to take a pic instead of immediately running the other way?

6 Go shawty, it's your birthday (but hopefully it's not your birthday 'cause this is really creepy)

I think I speak for everyone when I say this is definitely not someone we would want attending our birthday party. He may be a clown but he doesn't exactly seem like the comedic type. Knowing full well that clowns don't exactly make people laugh these days, we can assume he was on a scaring spree.

It looks as though he has stopped to hunt down his next victim...the helpless camera man. Plus, you'd think standing in the middle of a street with a few balloons in hand radiates only pure childlike innocence. However, let us be reminded that unfortunately this is not a scene from Up. It actually looks more like a scene from Stephen King's IT, a creepy clown movie from the 1990's. The clown photographed above may not be walking on water but the similarities are still uncanny.

5 Beware of zombie clowns

These clowns have departed from the traditional clown aesthetic. Instead of wearing brightly coloured wigs and patterned body suits, they’ve thrown on cloaks, rags and from the looks of it, a plaid blanket. To be perfectly honest, they look more like extras from the set of walking dead, don’t you think? Anyways, this look is pretty fitting for the location these guys were found standing outside, a cemetery.

And here we all were thinking cemeteries couldn’t get any creepier. By adding clowns to the mix of tomb stones, dead bodies and creepy cemetery groundsmen, you’ve got a full blown heart-attack waiting to happen. Well, let’s be positive and look on the bright side of this situation. At least the person who captured this pic was enclosed within a vehicle. A faster and more definite escape than one could ever achieve by foot. Unless you're Usain Bolt or Forrest Gump of course. 

4 Man, I do not love college

Sorry Asher Roth you were wrong about this one. This pic was snapped outside a college dorm room of Indiana University. Put yourself in the position of a college student for a sec. You’ve just come home from an insanely stressful class you don't even know why you took in the first place. You're running on a solid 4 hours of sleep and are kind of jittery from the 5 cups of coffee you drank in the morning. All you want to do is role yourself in a blanket and watch episodes of Suits till you fall asleep. You hear a knock on the door and look through the peephole. You see these two lovely things standing on the other side.  

Now, if you're in college and realize you have dorm room neighbours who like to dress up as clowns, I’d highly recommend moving dorms immediately. Wait no. Scratch that, change schools! Move across the country! Leave the continent! Do what is necessary to get away from the creepy clown craze! 

3 Hide-and-EEEK!!

What an eerie sight we have here. It looks like this clown's hiding spot (probably behind one of those trees) was spoiled. Most likely by one of the poor children in the background over there. Just look at them running.

This clown sighting is a demonstration of a game of hide-and-seek gone wrong. No matter how old you are, finding out that a creepy clown has joined your game of hide-and-seek would be scary for anyone. It also looks like this clown is carrying some sort of weapon. A large knife perhaps? I hope it was just a prop and he wasn’t actually planning to use it on someone. Lets try to cut him some slack, maybe he was carrying it solely for photo taking purposes, he seems to be posing for the camera pretty well, head tilt and all.

2 The Casual Clown

At first glance, this might not look like one of the creepiest clown sightings ever but I think it's non-creepiness is what makes it so creepy. Think about it, look how nonchalant this clown looks, leaning over the shopping cart, arms criss crossed. He's totally comfortable in his creepy clown ways. What could this possibly mean?

Perhaps he's coaxing this child into buying Raisin Bran cereal instead of coco puffs, skim milk over 2%, dark chocolate over milk chocolate. If so, he's taken evil to a whole new level. Does the clown's chill body language and non hesitant nature of the child who has approached him mean seeing clowns in public has become normalized? Will more and more clowns continue popping up and start talking to us as we make shopping decisions? Imagine going to Costco, it would be a whole new ball game.

1 It's a hard knock life for clowns

Is it just me or does this clown look incredibly stressed out? Maybe the saying, "they're more afraid of you than you are of them," holds true for clowns too. Yeah, yeah, yeah, clowns are super creepy, even creepier if they start chasing you with weapons but have you ever thought of the risk people dressing as clowns are putting themselves in?

If they scare the wrong person they could get run over, beat up (which has already happened) and even shot (which I hope never happens). No wonder this guy looks so stressed, his foolish actions are getting his pals beat and arrested! He probably also realized that he and his clown crew have ruined clown costumes for everyone until this weird trend fades away.

Now kiddies, take a good hard look at all these clowns and promise yourselves never to dress up as one to scare people. Even though they are creepy, clowns aren't meant for the purpose of scaring others. In fact they're meant to make people laugh! Did we learn nothing from Monster's Inc? Scaring gets us no where.

If you ever decide to slap on some white face paint, a colourful wig and a funny suit, really think long and hard about what you're getting yourself into. Look into a mirror and ask yourself, is this really what I want to be doing with my life? I doubt it. 

Source: globalnews.ca

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