15 Of The Most Unique Batman Slapping Robin Memes

Like 99% of the internet, I'm a huge fan of Batman as well as memes. That said, combining Batman with the fine art of memes is basically a recipe for pure awesome. For me, the combination goes together like peanut butter and jelly...or peanut butter and sexy time.

The 'Batman Slapping Robin' meme (AKA 'My parents are dead' meme) began on 4chan and Reddit but eventually spread everywhere. The gag is fairly straightforward, yet brilliant. Typically the meme features Batman slapping the snot out of Robin (mid-sentence) thus interrupting the Boy Wonder as he says something idiotic. It's been parodied and varied countless times. Today we'll be highlighting 15 of the most hilarious and unique Batman slapping Robin memes the internet has to offer.

15 Robin Is Left Out Again

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If there's one character that's received the short end of the stick in the DC cinematic universe, it's definitely Robin. The meme pictured above refers to Robin being left out in the cold yet again. Robin being excluded (for whatever reason) isn't really anything new. The Robin character has been treated crappy in the movies for quite some time.

In the film universe, Robin has been ignored, heavily altered, killed off, or relegated to appearances in the worse Batman movies. The meme above refers to DC's rebooted cinematic universe, which has yet to officially include a living Robin. In Batman V Superman, they did reveal Robin's empty costume and implied Joker murdered him years prior. My guess is he was likely slapped to death.

14 Star Wars/Batman Memes Are A Thing Of Beauty

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People will sometimes say things such as "interracial babies are beautiful". Sure, mentioning that may inadvertently spark an awkward/heated conversation about race relations. However, that's kind of how I feel about the meme pictured above. Two distinct nerd properties coming together to create comedy gold. What better way to unite everyone?

In case you aren't well versed on every Star Wars reference, the orange blob pasted over Batman is Admiral Ackbar. He's best known for saying "It's a trap!" The clever play on words is something that's frequently used in Star Wars memes. Even in a galaxy far, far away, Robin is still subjected to random slaps. Since this particular slap is in the interest of peaceful unification and coexistence, I'm all for it.

13 Mocking Jar-Jar Never Gets Old

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I refuse to allow one measly Star Wars related thing on any of my lists. Two is the absolute minimum number of references. That said, here we see Batman slapping the smile off Jar-Jar Binks' face. Wait, scratch that...he's still smiling. How the hell is that goofball able to maintain that stupid smile on his face while being smacked? SEE, this is one of many reasons why he's being slapped in the first place.

Jar-Jar is perhaps one of the most hated and despised characters in all of Star Wars. People online have critiqued every aspect of the character into oblivion. The meme above is just one of a billion examples. Jar-Jar's mangled, nonsense language being called out by punch-happy Batman is fitting.

12 Wolverine Crossover = Hilarious Murder

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We haven't seen any big Marvel/DC crossover events for quite sometime in the comic world. This fact is unfortunate because crossovers can be awesome. There's nothing better than seeing heroes from two different universes kick the crap out of each other. Thankfully memes can help pick up the slack. For example, here we have an epic example of Wolverine violently slashing Robin's head into three separate slices of Boy Wonder Bread. (*mic drop*)

The reality of the scenario pictured above may bring to mind a gory horror movie moment. However, in cartoon form the joke works without making you wince or feel nauseous. Then again, I'm speaking for myself here. For all I know a few thousand of you just saw this, felt dizzy and quickly scrolled down to the next entry. If so, I apologize...while childishly snickering at the same time.

11 Batman Isn't Interested In Preaching

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Nice try Robin. Not even dragging the Bible or Jesus into the situation can help the Boy Wonder escape yet another smack down. In fact, it would seem this GIF proves citing Jesus actually made things worse. I'm just hoping any animated GIFs on our list appear correctly when you view them. You never can trust the frequently broken internet.

From a realistic point of view; Batman is a vigilante maniac who dresses up as a flying rat and punches his way to justice. He pummels crooks in his spare time and is absolutely obsessed with doing so. Batman was born from violence, willfully throws himself into violent scenarios and fully intends on wallowing in violence for all eternity. Citing peaceful words to Batman is as useless as explaining quantum physics to a mailbox.

10 The Pope Gets A Taste

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We're on a roll now so let's stick with the religious theme for one more entry. Here we have a hilarious Batman meme which features the pope getting a nice taste of the back of Batman's hand. Aside, from the 'Batman Slap' meme, countless other memes are often used by individuals to express their views on social issues. Opinions on gay marriage are clearly no exception. More specifically, the pope's ideas about gay marriage, as expressed above, are comically smacked down altogether.

While some may not care for controversial, real world issues creeping into their meme fun-time, I'm all for it. Memes are a unique way to get your voice out there, while also scoring massive LOL points. Creating such memes is also a more healthy way of releasing your rage, as opposed to banging your head against a wall.

9 Politics As Usual

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Speaking of real world issues permeating memes - well that obviously applies to politics as much as it does religion. While checking around online for the the funniest and most unique 'Batman Slap' memes I found a crap ton of politically charged, anti-Trump, anti-Hillary, Batman memes.

Liberals, conservatives and everyone in between very recently waged war due to the bat-sh*t insane, 2016 Presidential election. Although the war rages on even after the election, it seems a secret war is also being waged within meme-land as well. One of the chess pieces in the battle is the 'Batman Slap' meme. Most of the memes I found were too on the nose and others were just flat out extremist dribble. The example above however is definitely one of the cleverer of the bunch.

8 Trauma Personified

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The above meme may cut a little too deep for some people. I won't presume to tell you what to think here, feel free to laugh or cry at this meme. One thing is for certain; the sight of Green Arrow innocently causing Robin to freak out is interesting in and of itself. Batman giggling maniacally in the background however sends the joke over the top

This image is proof that internet humor is truly all over the place. In the case of the 'Batman Slap' memes, the jokes can be hilarious, clunky, corny, dark or flat out disturbing. I'd place the above image in the rare, hilarious/disturbing category. Not too many memes are filed under that category, as it's a tough balance to strike without fully tipping one way or the other.

7 Batman's Turn

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As you can see, Robin isn't always the slap victim in all of these memes as that would eventually get boring and predictable. Thankfully, the internet is the exact opposite of boring and predictable. With that in mind, here's an awesome entry for all the Grammar Nazis out there. As a bonus, the meme creator even featured a surprise cameo from Bat-Girl.

The difference between 'your' and 'you're' is the obvious punchline here. However, the meme clearly speaks to about a billion disastrous comment sections where people have verbally slaughtered each other over the incorrect use of the word. In some cases the word is simply used wrong by accident. In other instances the incorrect usage may be a matter of the person not knowing the difference. Either way; there will be to hell to pay.

6 Female Wolverine Has Had Enough

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Even comic book companies have officially hopped aboard the meme bandwagon. Pictured above is an alternate cover (4B to be precise) of All New Wolverine # 4. In place of Robin we have the 'Merc with a mouth', Deadpool, serving as the slap victim for Wolverine.

Now if you are wondering who the female Wolverine is, then this cover is sort of your fault. The joke here is that Wolverine (Logan) has been dead for some time in the comics. His rageaholic role was subsequently filled by Laura Kinney, (X-23) a genetic clone who was grown from Wolverine's DNA. Granted, the actual meme here is insanely removed from the classic 'Batman Slap' meme. However, it appears here anyway because it fits the bill for being unique and hilarious. Also, we were over due for some meta humor involving Deadpool. Speaking of which...

5 Gah!!!

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Here's an awesome Deadpool inspired meme that works even for those among you who are 'beginner level' nerds who haven't seen the movie yet. Deadpool aside, you should still know the basics of two of comics biggest icons, Superman and Batman. Superman is as close as you can get to God status in terms of raw strength and powers. Batman however is simply a human. As such, a mere human slapping Superman hard enough likely would result in a shattered mess of a hand...you know because of physics and stuff.

In the Deadpool movie of course the lead character learned a similar lesson the hard way. After hitting Colossus (a member of the X-Men with the mutant ability to transform himself into an indestructible metallic bad-ass) Deadpool's hand is left exactly like Batman's seen above. In any case, this meme is two comic frames of pure genius.

4 Robin Falls Into The Same Trap Every Time

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The above 'Batman Slap' meme defies all logic, thus, I'm happily including it on our list. What's particularly goofy about this image is that Batman's wearing a disguise on top of a disguise. That's some ridiculous, Inception-ish territory. A dream within a dream...a silly disguise, within an even sillier disguise.

One unintentional comedic aspect of this meme is it makes Batman seem even more like an a**hole than usual. Wearing a phony mustache and top hat is an example of him practically begging Robin to respond. Sure enough when Robin speaks, it merely incites yet another reason for him be slapped. Clearly Robin can't win Batman's sick little game no matter what he does.  Also, who doesn't appreciate some cheesy Photoshop work in the name of comedy?

3 No Show

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If you are ever stuck having to explain what Stockholm syndrome is to anyone, this meme could probably function as an excellent visual aid. There's something strangely tragic about this image in which Batman is a no-show. Where the hell is slap-happy Batman? He not only left Robin hanging, he abandoned the rest of us too.

Go ahead, stare at the above image as long as you want. It's not an animated GIF, its not a clever trick, its not cropped...Batman will never show up. This is simply Robin, all by himself, in a red void, waiting for a slap that will never come. You know what? This is actually depressing. Maybe we should just move on...

2 Batman Solves Issues Large And Small With Swift Violence

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Here's a meme that truly hammers home the notion of Batman as complete and total psychopath. Batman reacts to Robin's comments with a slap about as much as he creates elaborate situations to justify a slap.

This series of memes essentially created a hilarious narrative of Batman as an insane, abusive, d-bag. The thing that's really interesting though is an argument can be made that these memes, which paint Batman in a horrible light, aren't that far off from the comics. Keep in mind, the original image that all these memes are based on, came straight from the comics. For those of you curious, the panel in question originated from a single panel in 'World’s Finest' #153, way back in 1965. Over 50 years later the sting of the slap is still being felt.

1 Reality Slaps Back

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Lets wrap up this weird celebration of cartoon violence against a teenage crime-fighter with a fitting meme. I can't help but notice how enraged Batman appears in the final frame of the comic strip above. We all know Batman likely isn't pissed over being arrested. His biggest problem is coming to terms with being unable to slap around Robin anymore.

The issue here is, no prison on earth could ever hold Batman. In other words, in a scenario such as the one pictured above, Robin would only have about an hour or two max, before he's being slapped around again. Judging by the quarter billion variations of this meme, it would seem the sole purpose Robin was kept around as Batman's sidekick was purely for slapping purposes.

As I mentioned earlier, aside from simple jokes, memes can be used to express many things. At the rate we're going, we'll likely all communicate strictly through memes in the future. With that in mind, I'm going use the 'Batman Slap' template to practice right now...

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