15 Of The Realest Banksy Tweets You'll Ever Read

We're not sure where you might have been living over the past decade or so because if you haven't heard of the elusive Banksy, what have you been doing on social media all this time? In case you need a little recall, Banksy is the very popular and mysterious England-based graffiti artist who is always looking to make a political or philosophical statement with his work when he leaves a new piece of street art on an unsuspecting corner (never leaving a trace of himself behind, as it is still unknown to the world who Banksy is and what he looks like).

Since June 2013, someone has been sending out tweets along the same lines as all of his art: always posing huge questions that allow you to step back for a second and really examine what's important to you. The really fun thing to think about is: does the real Banksy see these tweets? Are they actually from him (or her)? Even if it is a fan account, does he approve of his words and voice being put out there in the social media stratosphere or is it all just fluff to him? And here we are again—asking ourselves all sorts of questions in relation this person's mind. Well played, Banksy. Well played.

15 Is your selfie for real?

Via: Twitter

Ah, the eternal question for just about anyone with an active social media presence: to post a selfie or to not post a selfie? Most of the time, the answer probably could be not to post it, but perhaps you need to ask yourself: a) Am I posting this for the right reasons? b) Is this a memory I actually find valuable and memorable to look back on and c) Am I living authentically or am I just looking to pose a fake misrepresentation of my life, rather than give people an actual glimpse into who I am and what I'm about? We promise, if you ask yourself those three important questions before you post that selfie, your Instagram will automatically reveal the truest version of yourself.

14 Stay single until it's the truest fit

Via: Twitter

We've all known someone (or have even been that someone ourselves) who just does not know how to stay single. They're always in a relationship or dating, even when they claim to not want to go there for a while. And most of the time, you don't really tend to find them in the most loving and caring of relationships. As an outsider looking in, they usually seem pretty disastrous.

If people stuck to this simple rule of thumb—simply finding a special person who adds to your life positively instead of in a negative context—they would know themselves better and have better quality relationships in the long run (as they wouldn't be just grasping at straws in order to simply not be alone).

13 The here and now

Via: Twitter

This one is a bit of a mind twister because it deals with not putting things off anymore and instead of asking a million questions about the future, live in the present and do things now. Perhaps these specific words of advice are most valuable to the worry warts out there because there is definitely something to be said about focusing on the here and now and putting the rest completely out of your mind. That kind of mindset not only can do wonders for your emotional well-being, but you might find yourself more productive and in a more content state of mind because anything from the past or future is gone and it's all about what's right in front of your face.

12 Only you are your biggest champion

Via: Twitter

This quote hits to the very core of the idea that you really can't be in a (good) relationship with someone else until you can be in one with yourself. Nowadays, with five million dating apps out there for people to choose from, there is so much value put on finding the perfect person because people they think that this will ultimately cure their loneliness and make them happy (and don't get us started on what societal norms tell us each day). But, really, it's true self love from within that can provide the ultimate in value and purpose. As cheesy as it sounds, all of that work truly does start and finish with yourself.

11 The universe has your back

Via: Twitter

This idea could perhaps allow you to feel a little better should someone do you wrong. Instead of instinctively lashing out and causing trouble and harm to the person who hurt you (which in turn causes harm to yourself as well), you just sit back, remain silent and wait. And this doesn't mean that you're passive or not active in your own life. It means that you understand that the universe always evens out the playing field because chances are, things will swing back around and if someone does the deed once, they will probably do it again, they will get caught and consequences will ensue. A mouse hardly ever makes it out of the trap alive.

10 Words are a powerful thing

Via: twitter.com

This tweet/series of photos are very powerful because not only are they provocative and truly thought-provoking, but they are very of this time and take the sexist words of our president-elect and make them into a real art piece that goes beyond just mere words. Sometimes people can't quite see how their words affect people, so when you do something like this and put it in their face, it can have a visceral effect. Now when people think of things like "being a 10," they can think about how harmful those thoughts, ideas and opinions are on a woman, her body, her self-worth and society as a whole.

9 Overthinking can be your downfall

Via: Twitter

There are people out there who tend to worry quite a bit and there's always something on their mind. But, there's also the people out there who go that much further and tend to over-analyze something to death that when they're done with it, it's a creature of a whole different nature and it doesn't even closely resemble their original idea or problem. This act is called overthinking and we're probably all a little bit familiar with it in some way. The thing is though, a little worry and anxiety is totally normal and you're going to experience it no matter how stress-free your life is, but overthinking can be so traumatic on your brain that sometimes you need to truly take a step back to let go and regroup.

8 People show you who they are, over and over again

Via: Twitter

Time and time again, even if we don't want to see it the first time (or the fifteenth time), people will show you how they feel about you. Sometimes, we misread what we're seeing or we give people too many chances to prove themselves because we don't want to accept their true intentions. But if you really take a step back and look, you can see how a person feels about you. It can help to ask yourself the question: "Would I feel okay about myself behaving this way towards someone?" And if the answer is no and you consistently keep getting hurt and accepting said behavior, this is probably a clear sign that it is time to let go and move on.

7 Work horse vs. show pony

Via: Twitter

This picture displays the very difference between work horses and show ponies. Work horses are the ones who do all the grunt work. They come in each day and are super productive getting all the chores done that perhaps nobody else likes to do (but that needs to get done), half the time not even getting the credit they deserve in return. On the other hand, show ponies are the ones who always tend to come out looking all shiny and bright. They typically don't enjoy hard work, but love the limelight. So in a workplace setting, they are usually known as the brown-nosers who enjoy sucking up to those in power while other people around them actually get the work done.

6 It's someone's character that stands out over time

Via: Twitter

Have you ever had one of those friendships or relationships that always seems to make its way back around? It doesn't matter if things ended badly or that you vowed to yourself that things were over with that person, chances are if someone has been in your life for a long time, it can be very difficult to turn off your feelings or not give them another chance (even though, quite often, that's what your heart is telling you to do).

But this tweet is a great reminder that no matter what, there is always a sunny day right around the corner and someone new (be that a friend or romantic interest) can surprise you with the best of intentions because character (not time) is the true revealing factor.

5 Anxiety feels like...

Via: Twitter

Something what's really unfortunate in today's world is that when something is suddenly talked about or brought into the light from the darkness, it can be considered "trendy." There are so many articles, tweets and opinions floating around nowadays saying things like, "Having anxiety is so trendy now" and "Where was this problem twenty years ago? People create it for themselves" but these sayings just aren't true. The incredibly important thing that is happening nowadays is people are talking about their mental health issues more and more and there is not as much stigma attached (though there still is some). Anxiety is real and scary and impacts millions of peoples' lives, so let's keep talking about it all we can.

4 Remember to "happen to things"

Via: Twitter

Have you ever stopped and genuinely thought about that before? When things are flowing and you're working hard, that is always the time in your life when the stars align and good things tend to happen. Why? Because you're putting yourself out there and manifesting it for yourself. Sometimes, the world can seem like a really annoying place where only lazy or privileged people get ahead, but most of the time it's the doers and the seekers out there who are truly rewarded for their hard work, focus and dedication. You have to remember not to let the bitterness of someone else's success stand in the way of your own and just go out there and make it happen.

3 Being kind doesn't have to cost you a thing

Via: Twitter

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong does, but then suddenly, someone pays you a sincere compliment and those negative feelings just seem to part and you feel good again? That's the power of kindness. It can be especially powerful to recognize those moments of compassion and love during the periods when life throws its little curve balls at you. They will help to get you through the tough times. Whenever you experience a bad moment with someone, there are probably at least 10 times the amount of kind gestures and words that could come to mind to counteract that negativity.

Remember, you could help someone else just by giving them a few kind words. It truly costs nothing, but could mean everything to them.

2 The yin and yang of it all

Via: Twitter

This quote is all about taking the good along with the bad—the yin and yang of life, baby. You're not going to have a perfect life where everything goes exactly your way all the time and there are no hardships or trials to test you. That's just not the way life works. You may have a really good stretch followed by some of your darkest days. The lesson there is although we might not always see it, those bad days we go through are just as valuable as the good ones (or even more so) because how would we learn to appreciate the deeply rewarding moments in life without first experiencing the bad?

1 Keep that playful side alive

Via: Twitter

This one is definitely one of the easiest and hardest things to remember at times. Most days it feels like it's just us against the world—going to work each day, engaging in pleasantries with your co-workers, trying to catch up on your emails while at the same time planning your very important dinner party for the upcoming weekend, etc. What we seem to forget is that the whole time that the "adult" in you is trying their best to hold everything together, the little kid in you who was just in it to laugh, play and have fun is still very much alive and well. All you have to do is flick that switch and let your guard down a little and no matter what is on your already very full plate, you will find that time to play again.

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