15 Of The Very Best 'White Guy Blinking' Memes

Every day, new tweets and memes are being crafted using the GIF as a perfect response to some random but relatable real-world scenario.

Just about anyone who has logged onto the internet in the past month or so has surely come across the sensation that's sweeping the internet known as the "White Guy Blinking." The White Guy Blinking or "WGB," is a GIF of genius-level proportions. It was created from a live gameplay stream of "Starbound" which was featured on the gaming site GiantBomb. Believe it or not, the video featuring the actual white guy, whose name is Drew Scanlon, is more than three years old, but it's only just recently BLOWING UP.

Scanlon's hilarious reaction, which is literally just him blinking in awe as if to say "Wait, WHAT...," has since taken over the web. Every day, new tweets and memes are being crafted using the GIF as a perfect response to some random but relatable real-world scenario. There are seemingly endless ways to apply the two-second loop of Scanlon's reaction, as internet users have recently shown us, but we've taken the liberty of compiling 15 of the very best of uses of the WGB GIF for your personal enjoyment.

15 The Tweet That Started It All

Ladies and gentlemen, GIFers and Memers, may we present to you the originator of the White Guy Blinking GIF: Twitter user eskbl. The brilliant purveyor of 21st century internet humor hardly knew what would come from looping together a couple seconds of some gamer's reaction to a low-hanging pun made by his employer while they were playing an action-adventure video game.

Apparently, the editor-in-chief of the gaming site was playing a farming game when he said "I've been doing some arming with my hoe." The WGB GIF was then created from Scanlon's epic, yet subtle reaction to the joke. Well, thank goodness for that cheesy play-on-words because this tweet was created in response, and it is one of the greatest things ever to grace the internet.

14 When You're Cutting It Close And You Know It

Admit it, this is a scenario that a lot of us have experienced. When you're paying for your meal at a restaurant and the waiter comes back to inform you that he's sorry, but your card was declined. Things can get pretty awkward. Sometimes people are shocked that their card was declined, while for others, it's way more surprising when your card doesn't decline.

Let's be real here, there are often times in our lives when we are teetering dangerously close to maxing out a credit card or entering the dreaded overdraft fee zone. When you're confronted with those two terrible words, "CARD DECLINED," things can get pretty depressing. However, when you've been informed that your card actually went through, your reaction will most likely look a whole lot like the WGB's face.

13 "It's Not Fair" ?

So, that's how spending money works. Makes sense... Yes, unfortunately when you buy things, the exact amount that you spend is generally deducted from your bank account. Still, like the"white guy," sometimes this realization makes us blink and shake our heads in disbelief. How dare these banks?!

Seriously though, Twitter user AlbertoSauce struck gold with this super relatable tweet back in mid-February, not long after the WGB GIF started going viral. Since then, the tweet has built up more than 133,000 retweets and over 215,000 likes! The great thing is, this is only one of many tweets, memes and posts of the WGB that have stacked up the likes and RTs. This man's flabbergasted face is bouncing around the web like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert!

12 When Bae Actually Listens For ONCE

Sometimes, when the planets align, when pigs fly and there's a full moon out, the person who never seems to listen, actually finally listens. That's great and all, but sometimes the thing they listen to is the one thing we didn't really mean! For instance, when you tell someone to stop talking to you and they actually stop talking to you, it can be pretty strange.

See, when couples fight, someone usually reaches their boiling point and simply tells their significant other that they're DONE talking. It's not worth the stress! However, someone always has to have the last word in a relationship. We don't really mean what we say when we tell the one we love to go away. And if we do, it usually never happens "just like that", and that's why Twitter user hslaurent's tweet is so perfect.

11 "This Wasn't On The Study Guide"

This is another tweet that's so relatable in its absurdity. So far it has nearly 200,000 likes and RTs combined. Why is that? Because it's hilarious, that's why. How many times have you had the utmost confidence going into a test and then once you read the very first question, it's like your mind just goes blank?! Either that, or everything you studied so hard for in the past few nights has nothing to do with what's actually ON THE DAMN TEST!

Twitter user Yahiam, A.K.A. Half Inch Punisher, perfectly applies the WGB GIF with this   too-perfect-tweet. WGB is like "What the hell? Nobody said anything about having to know our name!" It's hard enough remembering all the subject material for a test.

10 "What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?"

Anyone who has ever driven a car has sped at one point or another. Whether it's 5 miles per hour over the speed limit or 40 miles per hour over, most of us have felt the need -- the need for SPEED.

Sometimes, when you're cruising down the highway, it becomes easy to lose track of how fast you're driving. A good reminder is when you see those dreaded red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Your reaction may then look somewhat like that of the WGB; like "wait, what's going on? Im actually being pulled over? I was only going like 40 0ver!" Yeah... That's pretty illegal. So don't be like the our blinking friend, follow the speed limit (as closely as you can) and you won't get caught off guard with a stupid look on your face like him.

9 When Your Crush Actually Feels The Same Way

Twitter user avatarcmoney tweeted out this gem last month. She obviously knows what it feels like to be crushing on someone she could never actually get with. We've all been there. A few lucky ones, however, have experienced the jubilation and, frankly, utter shock of finding out that the feeling between you and your crush is mutual!

It's rare enough that someone actually builds up the courage to tell their crush they like them. Even more rare is the feeling a person gets when it's reciprocated by the one they're crushing on! When that happens, just like the White Guy Blinking, it can put a look of genuine surprise/confusion on your face. This is just another hilarious example of how the WGB GIF can apply to about a million different situations!

8 When Someone Tells The Truth But The Truth Hurts

This is the second entry on this list by twitter user hslaurent, A.K.A. Chanel. Someone clearly has a knack for making brilliant WGB memes... With nearly 100,000 likes and counting, this surefire tweet of gold was certain to make this list the moment it was sent out back in mid-February.

So, it's safe to say that everyone is beautiful in their own way, right? Well, sure, but knowing that doesn't always stop some of us from thinking we're still a little bit ugly. It's okay, most people have bad hair days, untimely breakouts or just regular old "ugly days." What's not okay is when some JERK has the nerve to point it out to you! "How dare you tell me the truth about my ugliness!!!" Anyway, perhaps that's why they say "the truth hurts."

7 "There Must Be Some Kind Of Mistake Here..."

"Umm, excuse me? There must be some kind of mistake here because I'm a perfect little angel who's never done anything wrong." Sounds like bullsh*t, right? Well, either way, the White Guy Blinking sure gives a convincing display of genuine surprise. Admit it, sometimes it's just good to be bad. Everyone does it! That doesn't mean we don't deserve a luxury suite somewhere within the pearly gates someday, though, right?

But seriously, this tweet by John Wayne (abedelrey) is yet another perfect application of the WGB GIF. Honestly, this GIF just never gets old! Why is it that a seemingly endless amount of scenarios can be summed up so perfectly in one simple GIF? Maybe we shouldn't question greatness...

6 When You Get A Taste Of Your Own Medicine

Have you ever unfollowed someone on Twitter and then become pissed off when you found out that person had the audacity to unfollow you back?! Not cool! Besides, how did they even know they were unfollowed in the first place?

Honestly though, Twitter is a strange place. Social media in general has changed the way we think about our social lives and the relationships we form with others. So when someone unfollows you it's almost like that person has deleted you from their life, but that's only fair if you unfollowed them first, though, right? Ehh, maybe, but that doesn't make anyone feel any better about basically being "dropped" by someone, even if you're the one who dropped them first... Just remember, kids -- when you unfollow or unfriend someone, you can never add them back without some extreme awkwardness ensuing. "Hey, weren't you already following me? Wait, did you unfollow me and then follow me back again?!"

5 When You Did NOT See THAT Coming

Taking care of kids is not cheap. Not by a long shot. Even all those happy meals start to add up over time. It's no wonder your mom always said no when you used to ask her to buy candy and gum at the checkout line in the grocery store. Unfortunately for all the parents out here, children do not make their own money, at least not until they get a bit older.

In this tweet by Demetrius Harmon (meechonmars), we see the WGB GIF used to express the unusual feeling of that rare moment when a child can actually take care of themselves for once. Where did the child get that money? Don't know, don't care, but if he's got a few dollars to chip in for some McDonald's value meal items, then that's a good thing, albeit a strange thing.

4 When All The Sudden You're Super Busy That Day...

Okay, who else has been through this? Most people who've worked in the food/beverage or retail industries have certainly experienced a moment similar to this. So have about a million other people! Why, you ask? Well, just because someone wants more money doesn't mean they're willing to actually work for it! Isn't there some way money can just appear in our bank accounts without us having to labor for it?

For most people, work sucks, plain and simple. That's why, when you make the mistake of admitting out loud that you need more hours and someone actually responds by giving you more hours, it sucks. Let's all agree that anyone working in retail or the service industry has felt this very acutely at least once in their lives!

3 "Oh, No He Didn't"

This is another one of those scenarios (see entry #12) in which BAE takes you too literally. It represents that rare occasion when he or she actually listens to you, but the problem is it's the one time you didn't really mean what you said! See, if a guy gets his girl upset, he has to be able to read the signs. For instance, if she says "I'm going to bed," and it's only 6:30pm, that's probably a good indication that she wants you to fix what you didn't know you broke.

Sometimes our significant others don't feel like they should have to spell everything out for us--that you should somehow automatically know what the problem is and how best to fix it. It may not sounds very rational, but then again, neither is love if you really think about it. Anyway, Maria, A.K.A. cakefacedcutie hit the nail on the head by using the WGB GIF to express those feelings perfectly in this tweet.

2 "Please, Tell Me All About How 'Broke' You Are..."

"Oh, you're totally broke? Really? So then how did you afford that little getaway to Cancun for spring break?" Let's face it, there are different levels of "brokeness," and while we may think we are struggling financially, there is always someone who has it worse. Naturally, there is always someone who has it better, too. Like when your roommate can't get you that $50 he owes you until next week, yet meanwhile, he's getting Ruth's Chris Steakhouse delivered to the apartment via Postmates. Something doesn't add up there...

Moral or the story: stop telling everyone you're broke when you're so totally NOT broke! Until you've visited the dollar menu at the drive-thru more than three times in a single week, chances are you don't know what real "brokeness" is.

1 We All Have That One Friend Who Lives Under A Rock

This tweet by Selcouths is sort of like a meme within a meme. Memeception or metameme! The White Guy Blinking is so perfect in so many ways that it even works as the perfect reaction to itself. Sooo meta, dude... Seriously though, it would be pretty shocking (and just downright odd) if someone who uses the internet regularly hasn't stumbled across the WGB GIF in some form or fashion.

After all, he's practically the most popular thing on the web right now and many people are claiming it's the greatest Meme/GIF of all time! That may be a bit of an overstatement but the argument can certainly be made. Therefore, this tweet made our list with ease. If your mom or dad haven't seen the WGB yet, then okay, sure. But for anyone under the age of 40 who still has't see the WGB, chances are they've been living under a rock.

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