15 Of The Worst Cooking Fails That Make Us Order Takeout Fast

Whether it was inspired by Pinterest or cookbooks, everyone has had cooking aspirations at some time or another. Perhaps a friend talked about a recipe and it sounded delicious...but it came out atrocious when it was actually made. We’ve all burned things, mutilated foods or had other adverse reactions in the kitchen. It happens! When expectations are high, often the outcome is disappointing. It would really be better to expect the worse and be pleasantly surprised the few times cooking adventures actually turn out right!

Well, these 15 cooking fails make all of us feel better about our own. In fact, tonight we’re not even going to try! We’ll just order in and avoid feeling bad over our own failures…as we laugh at the failures of others who hopefully won’t try these recipes again!

14 When smiley faces throw up

Via: BoredPanda.com

What a nice idea! Wouldn’t you rather eat smiley face rolls stuffed with cheese (or anything else delicious) than regular ol' rolls? Maybe not when they look like this. The cook probably thought the ingredient inside would stay, well, on the inside...and that the smiley face would actually look like a smiley face. Instead? The cook got this—smiley faces that look more like menacing creatures from the beyond (some of which are throwing up their insides). It’s not very appetizing, that’s for sure! With any luck, they taste better than they look. That is, if the maker and those she served them to could get past their appearance in the first place! Perhaps takeout is the better option here. We think that’s the route we’d go!

13 When pizzas sink instead of rise

Via: EpicFail.com

Mmm...the smell of the pizza dough rising in the oven, as the cheese melts and the ingredients blend into a scrumptious mixture of sauce and meat. Wait, what’s that smell? Is something burning? Better open the oven and check. Maybe the timer was set wrong and the pizza is done sooner than expected. Oh no! The pizza didn’t rise at all! It sank!

You’ve probably noticed that some pizzas say to remove them from their containers and place them directly on the rack in the oven. That must be what this person did, whether or not the directions on this particular pizza said so…If it did, they should get a refund. And perhaps the pizza maker should send someone to their house to clean up the mess they caused!

12 When waffle iron cookies refuse to leave the waffle iron

Via: Pinterest.com

Doesn’t this sound like a delicious treat? All it takes is a few cookie ingredients and a waffle iron. The best part is, you don’t have to stand around waiting for the oven to pre-heat in order to get the cookies you crave! Just slap the materials on the waffle iron and wait a few seconds. Voilà! You get cookies that look like waffles and taste delicious. Or…you get this.

Wow, what a mess. The cookies are non-existent, unless you really want to stick your tongue on this waffle iron and try to salvage a few bites. Maybe a little non-stick spray would have been a good idea? Or a little less time on the waffle iron? It’s hard to say exactly what went wrong, but this is one recipe that won’t be repeated in this house!

11 When cute little chicks are out to get you

Via: BoredPanda.com

These spring chick rolls are adorable…until they’re cooked. The baker in this story didn’t take into account the fact that rolls rise, grow and expand as they bake. Maybe if they had waited and stuck the face on the chicks after the baking process was complete, this would have turned out fine. Then again, maybe not. Some of the rolls still look like chicks...some of them. The others look like, well, strange creatures that are out to get you and might bite you before you bite them. And the ones in the middle look impossible to separate as it is. So, you have to eat the whole pan or none at all. We’re pretty sure we would go with the "none at all" option…

10 When stuffed eggs turn into aliens

Via: LifeBuzz.com

It might sound delicious to stuff an egg with rice, but what if it turns out like this? This is proof right here that alien life exists. We never would have known, if it hadn’t been for this cooking fail! Should we be grateful? Or terrified that alien life only exists because this cook created the creature? Either way, this doesn’t look very appetizing. It’s not every day you sit down to eat a breakfast that looks as if it could eat you, instead of the other way around. Perhaps the cook closed her eyes and started forking. Hopefully, she came out ahead. And now, she has this picture to remember the day she created the alien creature from eggs and rice for all to enjoy.

9 When caramel is cooked too long...

Via: Pinterest.com

Have you ever put a pot of water on the stove to boil, walked away and forgotten about it? You quickly remember when the water boils over, makes noise and leaves you a fine mess to clean up. What happens when you are trying to make a delectable treat with caramel and you walk away and forget? This! If they were attempting to make a treat that looks like lava flowing from an active volcano, they did a great job. Seeing as no one would eat that, it isn’t likely the case. Instead of a delicious dessert, they have to buy a new pot…because no one wants to clean this mess! The pot would never be the same, anyway. Best to toss the whole deal!

8 When the spaghetti doesn't fit the pot

Via: SubtleSoul.Blogspot.com

It’s almost un-Italian to break the noodles in half before you put them in the pot. But, perhaps instead of breaking Italian rules, it would be best to get a bigger pot? And if you really don’t have a large enough pot, order takeout…because that’s what’s going to happen eventually, anyway. This mess had to have a nice stench to it as it cooked. Have you ever seen noodles melt and burn that way? And what did the cook think was going to happen here? Did they think the bottom half of the noodles would cook and fold so the top half could fit in too? But, then they wouldn’t be cooked very evenly. However, they never got that far to find out. Any takers on this dish? Anyone? No?

7 Train wreck

Via: Pinterest.com

When you have a toddler who loves trains (or any other item), it’s simple enough to go on Pinterest these days and get fun food ideas for parties. After all, anyone can go to a bakery and order a cake with his name on it. Not just anyone can make a train out of food, though! And apparently, this mom can’t either. The original train looks cute! The idea looked simple enough! And it even included healthy foods, so no one is overloading on sugar at the party. So, what went wrong? And what’s up with the sauce that is strewn about the badly-designed train? Were they trying to make it look better? It didn’t work. It really, really didn’t work. Poor birthday boy! They better not make him eat it.

6 When pots explode and ruin the kitchen

Via: BoredPanda.com

You can look at picture after picture of weird-looking food, but what about when a cooking fail actually does serious damage to the kitchen? What in the world were they trying to cook here that was so heavy it went through the oven and up through the range hood, all the way into the ceiling? That was some seriously misguided cooking. If they were trying to create a rocket, it looks as if they were successful. If they were trying to cook a meal for their family members, we hope they have the nearest pizza place on speed dial. Because this is one cooking fail that is going to cost some serious dough to fix (and not the kind of dough you make pizza with).

5 When you bake your spectacles

Via: EpicFail.com

You never know what you’re going to lose when you’re stirring up the mix to put in the oven. If you wear false nails, those can break off, for example. It’s simple enough to get some eggshells in the mixture as well. Oh, hairs are quite common, too, so don’t feel bad about that. But, when you place your glasses in the bowl and don’t notice as you stir, pour and then bake them into the bread…you maybe want to stop baking for a while. Did they realize they couldn’t see and searched everywhere for their glasses? And then the timer went off and they removed the bread from the oven, only to find they could see the bread…because there were the glasses in plain view.

4 When you merge the cutting board with the stovetop

Via: LifeBuzz.com

If you need to chop up vegetables, it makes sense to do so on the stove right next to the pot, so you can just toss them into the stew you are making. Just make sure you turn on the right burner, though, okay? Because setting a cutting board on a hot burner results in, well, this atrocious mess. With any luck, perhaps one burner was still usable so they could eat the stew. Instead of trying to clean it up, he (we assume it’s a he!) just left a sorry note to start the process of making good on what was supposed to be a surprise dinner. He won’t ever try to surprise her again! And that might be a good thing for everyone involved…

3 When pans explode

Via: Barnorama.com

This looks like quite a casserole. When you only look at the one on the right, it seems to be in good form. Everything is in its place, waiting for the oven to cook it to perfection. So, what happened on the left? Either someone dropped the pan at the exact wrong moment or, the oven somehow made it explode. This is where you need to pay close attention to whether or not particular dishes can withstand high heat. This is one mess that certainly ruined dinner and perhaps even lunch the next day. Because that’s how long it took to clean up. Who wants to order takeout? Give the cook a break from cleaning, for at least a few minutes!

2 When your cake gives you nightmares

Via: BoredPanda.com

Is there a kid somewhere, so in love with porcupines that his mom thought making a cake look like one would be a good idea? Perhaps this could have been cute. Perhaps it even should have been cute. But, whose idea was it to put what looks like dentures in its mouth? And what are those things sticking out of its back? Chocolate-covered fingers? We’re willing to bet that when the porcupine-loving child saw this cake, he didn’t squeal with joy. He probably screamed in terror. And then maybe cried a little. Take the teeth out and the chocolate-covered fingers off and hopefully it still tasted good. Otherwise, this is one fail that makes a frightfully good picture.

1 When the grill takes over the meal

Via: Funny-pictures.picphoto.net

Do you remember the first time you grilled? You were probably excited! You love grilled foods! And now you can make them yourself! But, nothing turned out well at all for this griller. The grill lit on fire, subsequently burning every item on it to ash. And the fire became so big, someone had to do something about it! There was no hose handy, so what’s a person to do? Ah, the pool. Good idea! Let’s just push the grill in there. It’ll go out in no time! Dinner is rather ruined and now no one can use the pool, either. Let’s hope this grilling experiment was just for one person and not for a whole party. Otherwise, we’re willing to bet, people went home early.

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