15 Of The Worst Customers Ever Caught On Camera

Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry will pretty much agree: you do not want to work in the service industry. If long hours at inconvenient times for minimum wage don't exactly sound like the stuff dream jobs are made of, well, it's because they're not. The people that stock our supermarket shelves and deal out our Starbucks orders should be commended, and not just because they're currently working on the short end of the career stick.

Nasty customers are just a reality of that service industry life. Whether you're working behind the counter or just trying to grab a quick bite to eat, a bad customer can turn what should be a calm, casual experience into a total nightmare for everyone involved. They're rude, crude, and totally ready to take their aggressions out on innocent bystanders over the price of a Happy Meal. Prepare yourself for some foul language and a strong urge to cringe, because here are fifteen totally terrible customers caught in the act.

15 Salty in Subway

Subway might encourage their customers to eat fresh, but this lady is totally rotten. From the patronizing way she continues to demand more, more, more on her sandwich to the nonsensical stuff she starts spouting about sauce, she's just plain rude and obviously doesn't feel at all bad about it. She even has the audacity to tell a sandwich artist how to close her sandwich up! And even though this woman might be worried about the pepper in her soup, we think she might need it to counteract her sodium levels—because man, is she salty or what?

Going to Subway should be a quick and easy, in-and-out experience, not a barrage of questions and complaints so downright rude that this lady has even the other customers looking uncomfortable. These Subway cashiers are doing their best to live by "the customer is always right," but it must be hard to maintain that when the customer is so obviously totally nuts.

14 Keep it in your pants

If being a whiney little manchild to a CVS cashier isn't enough, this dude has the audacity to start, apparently, taking his pants off in some kind of demonstration of dumbassery. Couple that with the line, "Where do I come?" and suddenly, this dude is firing all cylinders on the creepy train!

This dude's mantrum is pretty embarrassing, but what's even worse is... yep, looks like crazy here rolled out of bed and decided that Socks With Crocs was the ideal look for harassing pharmacists. We all get a little frustrated sometimes, but grown men throwing fits like children while dressed that badly? Some things are just unforgivable.

13 Grumpy old man

Apparently, CVS is the place to go if you're a salty old dude with some pent-up anger that you're looking to work out on a stranger. This guy sounds too whiney to be real from the moment that he opens his mouth, and the fact that the video goes on for eight freaking minutes doesn't say a lot in his favor. He goes on to tattle on other customers, kind of like a small child ratting out a classmate to their kindergarten teacher for cutting in the lunch line.

The real beauty of this clip isn't so much the added ranting of a total grump, but the way other customers look back at the cameraman, who explains why he's filming in a single word: "YouTube!" Makes you wonder... how long was this guy ranting before someone did us all the service of flipping their phone out to capture it all?

12 R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Before this man got all Aretha Franklin on this poor woman, he should have considered how lucky he was to have that plexiglass between him and her. If that was us he was trying to call out, we're pretty sure we would have gone at him with the packing tape. Even this guy's son can tell how ridiculous he's being... and that's before he whips out what we're sure he thinks is his best line yet: "Now I gotta put you in your place, 'cause you's a woman and I'm a man."

Gag me with a spoon and hold my earrings, ladies, because this dude just earned himself the ass-whoopin' of a lifetime and I'm sure more than one of us would pay to see that on camera.

11 Security check

This time, it's Walgreens that has turned into the final battleground for an old man who's acting like someone peed in his Fiber One. The person who posted this video even had the decency to track some hilarious reaction faces of onlookers and employees, so you can actually feel how absolutely annoyed and stunned they are. Apparently, this guy was only stopped at a security checkpoint while leaving a store, which makes all of this seem like the world's biggest overreaction...

But at least he left us with a line that's so iconic, it really ought to go on t-shirts: "F*ck you, John Wayne, and f*ck you too, John Wayne's sister." A true poet of his generation, this guy is.

10 Stepping on some toes

This Wendy's has just become a total nightmare for one poor cashier and one poor mother as two whiny customers come forward with the shocking revelation that—gasp! The horror!—some small children, like, stepped on their feet or something.

So, you know that this is going to be good.

As onlookers reveal that this is, in fact, a four-year-old child committing these terrible atrocities against humanity, others plead with the couple to maybe take their widdle hurt feelings somewhere else because they're holding up the line. The 100% best thing about this video, however, is the look of utter disbelief on that cashier's face as she tries to figure out why the hell this couple is still talking to her, why they think it's her problem, and what they expect her to do about it, anyway. "This is ridiculous," the manbaby says at one point... and we totally couldn't agree more.

9 Something to taco 'bout

You have to hit a special kind of low in your life to be screaming at cash register girls and fry cooks at a Taco Bell in the middle of the day... but whatever drove her to that point, this lady sure did get there. Apparently, this is the third time this raging woman has come to this particular Taco Bell and found herself displeased with the service... So like, you've gotta kind of wonder, why not go to a different restaurant? There's almost definitely a Taco Johns less than a mile away, and the two places have practically identical menus... so what's her deal (like, other than being pretty racist, obviously)?

There's a real weird moment where the manager comes out and we discover that this looney is actually on a first name basis with her. But if she's waiting around for someone who truly loves squirting meat product and hot sauce into flaccid tortilla wraps... well, maybe it'd be okay if she held her breath.

8 Supersize me

Now, we've all been at a point where we're a little upset over someone getting our order wrong... but usually, we don't get there in anticipation. Geez, lady, at least wait until you know they've screwed something up to start screaming. Or, and we know this sounds weird, but maybe consider dealing with it like the special sauce on this Big Mac isn't the only thing standing between you and a gruesome demise?

No one has ever starved to death in a McDonald's before, and we're pretty sure that this lady isn't about to be the first... so if she could stop screaming like she's one fouled up order away from the grave, that'd probably be cool with everyone else.

7 Locked out

It's uncomfortable when anyone makes a big scene in such a big, public place, but throwing a tantrum in a crowded Walmart seems to hold a special kind of meaning behind it. It says, "I am too angry to have any self-respect," and "I like to buy my groceries at the same place I buy tires for my car," all at once. That cheerful Rollback Yellow wall behind this angry lady only serves as the perfect juxtaposition between the manager's careful attempts to be polite and the woman's indignant rage.

And, stop us if we're overstepping our boundaries here, but all this ruckus over $6.49? Sure, that'll take you a long way with Walmart's low, low prices... but is it really worth flipping your shit in public over? We think not.

6 Hot and fresh in the drive-thru

Most people who flip their lids in fast food restaurants deserve at least a small amount of sympathy. Maybe they were just having a bad day, maybe even the worst day of their life. Maybe they just had the misfortune to lose it on the wrong person at the wrong time, only to be caught on camera saying and doing things that they deeply regret while the internet laughs at their moment of weakness.

But then we've got this lady, who isn't just having a full-scale meltdown over McDonald's cookies, but is actually video taping it herself. Who does she think she's going to send this video to, anyway? Does she expect to look back on this nonsense and feel justified? If we knew there was video of us screaming about cookies in a McDonald's drive-thru, we'd want that thing destroyed, deleted, gone-zo, vanished, not posted online for the entire world to see. Yikes.

5 Big Macs of the Sea

Losing your temper in McDonald's is one thing, but showing up with a weird list of seafood-themed Dollar Menu orders? Oh boy, strap in folks, because we're about to experience a whole new type of bad customer: the bizarre, demanding, and totally clueless. McLobster sounds like something that people in Maine made up to mess with tourists, and as for the McOyster... well, that's just wrong.

It's actually hard to tell whether this is for realisies or not (especially when she falls over, only to announce, "I've McFallen!"), but let this serve as a warning to everyone out there who thinks fast food chains have special secret menus for your inner hipster to enjoy: this is what you sound like.


This one also falls in the category of, "Too wild to possibly be true," but there are so many deliciously bizarre moments in it that, not gonna lie, we want to believe. This lady seems to be in the middle of being possessed by a very hungry pro-wrestler, so if we were that cashier... we'd be tapping out pretty fast. Nobody wants to get McWrecked by the undead soul of Macho Man Randy Savage, after all.

Really, this woman is only expressing outwardly how we all feel when we get a little too hungry. The next time you miss lunch, try it out in your head like a battle cry: "I WANT FOOOOOOD!" Oh yeah, that feels right.

3 The sign said, "Five dollars"...

If we're being totally honest here, we feel this every time we go to Subway, too. After all that marketing, all the fancy ads, the catchy jingles, and the patented dance moves, "Five-dollar Footlongs" became a part of who we all were. The idea that we could walk into a Subway, hand over a crisp Lincoln, and walk out with a sandwich the size of our forearm was enough to tempt even the most steadfast of our ranks...

But then, just like in every other part of our lives, taxes gotta go and ruin everything. Most of us just pay the extra change and eat our sandwiches in defeat... but on this day, one brave man stood up against tyranny. One brave man spoke for us all! If the sign says, "This thing costs five dollars," then dag nabbit, it ought to cost five dollars! Viva la revolución!

2 Walk-through

Now, just based on the name of this video, you might think that the lady in the sweatsuit walking her dog through the drive-thru is the worst customer ever. But like an ugly dude with a hot dating profile pic, jokes on you! This here's a bait and switch.

Sure, it's a little strange to try to drive-thru without any actual drive, but let's consider this: her dog was probably not allowed in the store, she was hungry—and more importantly than anything, this lady seems, like, super sweet. No, the worst customer ever... that would be the rude dude in the car behind her, making comments about her weight and videotaping her trying to get a meal. What kind of sociopath do you have to be to harass and videotape senior citizens in public like that? Looks like someone should probably try ordering something that no fast food joint will sell: a life.

1 Giving 'em a pizza her mind

It's never a good idea to get between a girl and her pizza... but ladies, let's all agree here and now: we have to let the people cook it first. Hangry isn't a fun feeling for anyone, but there are more appropriate ways to express emotions in public, and screaming at the people making your food isn't one of them. Neither is trying to incite a food fight, for that matter. This video was one white knight away from a cafeteria brawl... which, come to think, is a video we'd really like to see.

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