15 Of The Worst Facebook Fails That Will Instantly Make You Feel Smarter

Back before the internet, when someone said something stupid, it only lived on in the memories of those unfortunate souls who were there to witness it. People's reputations would live and die based on what they did and what other people said about them. Nowadays, that's still true, but we have the added complication of social media to preserve those moments of unhindered ignorance.

Facebook, in particular, has become a platform for the dimwitted to reveal the inner workings of their minds. Some people just lose their filter online, content to say whatever comes to them without fact-checking themselves or at the very least looking like an educated human being. What’s worse is that the majority of these people surround themselves with others like them, remaining blissfully ignorant of just how dumb they appear to others.

Luckily for us, some of these completely ridiculous examples of stupidity have been preserved by those that witnessed them on Facebook. Here are some of the worst Facebook fails that will instantly make you feel smarter.

15 8/10, would eat lion again

Via: boredpanda.com

Now, dyslexia is no laughing matter. It’s a legitimate learning disability that affects one in 10 people, but things can get weird real fast. Take this Facebook user who went out for lunch with their mom in Spain. Intent to try something new since they’re in a foreign country, they went for something exotic—lion. Now, we’re no experts on Spanish culture, but we’re pretty sure they don’t eat any big cats in Spain. And we’re doubly sure that there’s no way it would taste like pork either. Nevertheless, this person was convinced they ate lion.

Well, if we look at the second post they put up, which has a picture of the restaurant’s menu for proof, we can see that they did not, in fact, eat lion, but pork loin. There’s quite a big difference there. Not to mention that the name of the dish actually has pork in it. How does pork lion make any sense at all? Is the lion part-pig like some weird fantasy creature from Harry Potter? However, the dumbest part of these posts was not just that the person thought they were eating lion, but that no one corrected them, not even their mother! Dumb must run in the family.

14 It's either one or the other

Via: boredpanda.com

Alright, so we sympathize with this person’s complaint. It’s kinda annoying when friends and family members ask for rides all the time. However, if you’re one of the few people with a car, it stands to reason that they’d ask you first before shelling out money for either public transportation or a taxi. Unless they chose not to have a car, they probably don’t have one because they can’t afford to.

Still, this person’s logic is a little flawed. If you’re going to complain about people using you like a taxi service, you can’t exactly ask them for money. Do they not realize that taxis charge money? Even Lyft and Uber charge money, although far less than the cost of a traditional taxi usually. If you don’t like people asking you for rides, either don’t give rides or face up to the fact that you are, in fact, a little like a taxi and therefore can ask for a bit of money. And while you’re at it, why not sign up for Lyft or Uber since you’re driving people around anyway?

13 An unfortunate spelling error

Via: boredpanda.com

We love how this Facebook fail is so matter of fact. Like, no big deal, it’s all in a day’s work. Kirk clearly needs to use a better form of spellcheck before posting on social media. What was supposed to be a pretty benign statement about wrapping presents for his kids instead turned into making him seem like a complete pervert. There are two essential letters missing in that word, Kirk.

What’s even more hilarious is how only one of his friends actually points out the error to him. The first commenter doesn’t even notice what the word actually says. She thinks it says rapping, as in LL Cool J is rapping. Still not the same word. Luckily for Kirk, he has a friend like Ryan to point out his horrible spelling. In the nicest way possible Ryan’s like, “um dude, do you realize what you actually just said?” Hopefully, Kirk was only mildly embarrassed and had a good laugh about it afterward. Of course, that’s assuming his kids weren’t old enough to have Facebooks themselves and discover what their Dad was really doing to their presents the night before Christmas...

12 Texting from beyond the grave

Via: boredpanda.com

It’s staggering how many celebrity misquotes can be found around the internet. Pinterest, in particular, is a hotbed of graphics that show the face of a celebrity with some random quote that somehow got attributed to them. In all likelihood, it was originally either someone’s idea of a joke, or they just thought the two went well together. Unfortunately, most people just take things they find on the Internet at face value and never question their validity. This is exactly why we still had to have book sources for research papers in school and not just stuff we pulled off some website.

This poor unfortunate soul was probably the victim of one of those fake Pinterest graphics featuring Marilyn Monroe. Instead of posting the photo, however, she just used the quote, which is not just false but impossible. How someone could think that Marilyn Monroe was alive after cell phones were invented is beyond comprehension, especially in the age of Google. One Google search would have revealed that she died in 1962—whereas text messaging as we know it was actually invented in 1992, not even the 1980s like one of the commenters suggests. We too are embarrassed at your Facebook fail, Marilyn Monroe misquoter.

11 There are no kangaroos in Austria

Via: boredpanda.com

This Facebook fail is almost adorable in all its innocence. Judging by the pink and blue covering the names and photos of the people involved, it was likely a girl asking a guy about his European adventures. Sadly, the girl seems a little confused on both her geography and the existence of a country called Austria. In fact, she's so convinced it doesn't exist she corrects its spelling to that of Australia (although she still leaves out an 'i'), a country over 8,000 miles away.

It's pretty amazing that someone actually liked her response as well. Maybe it was a sympathy like, or one for making them laugh. If the guy in this conversation didn't unfriend the girl after this exchange, we'd be very surprised indeed. How do you even have a conversation with someone who gets something so embarrassingly wrong? The worst part is, getting Austria and Australia confused is a lot more common than you'd think. Fun fact: there are actually gift shops in Austria that sell items that say "There are no kangaroos in Austria."

10 Converting brain cells into intelligence

Via: thefw.com

OK, so obviously this person is still in school so we have to give them some benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, if they're old enough to write complete sentences and have a Facebook account, they should be able to convert minutes into seconds. Just out of curiosity, we looked up when exactly kids learn to tell time in school. It's usually between kindergarten and second grade, people. It's definitely not difficult math and it's certainly not rocket science!

Again, here's a perfect example of just how lazy kids have become in our society. They could have easily Googled "convert minutes into seconds" and have had the internet do it for them. So not only did the education system fail them on telling time (and possibly doing simple addition), but no one has shown them the magic of a search engine yet, which would have at least spared them the embarrassment of revealing just how incompetent they are at math. What a world we're living in.

9 Racist rationalization

Via: dailymail.co.uk

This kind of racist rationalization is so infuriating. These are the kinds of people that whine about not having a White History Month or White Entertainment Channel. As if black people are the ones with privilege who are leaving white people out. Ha! The hypocrisy of it all is incredibly amusing, albeit pretty sad, too.

In this Facebook fail, said white girl has somehow confused Black Friday for actually having something to do with black people. Again, she's pointing out how they get discounts on their special day and that there should be a White Wednesday because it's only fair, right? Then, when someone actually corrects her gross mistake, she doesn't even deny her ignorance but instead responds with "I know but still" as if that somehow justifies her original thought process.

While we may have expected this kind of inbred racism to come from somewhere in the deep south of the good ol' US of A, in this case, it was not. Since this girl has her location services on, we can see she's actually located in the Alberta province of Canada. Pray for our youth. The dumb is spreading.

8 This woman joke didn't fly

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Facebook's relationship status option is arguably the best and worst addition to a user's profile. Everyone can see whether you're in a relationship or not, which when the site was only available for college students, was a valuable piece of information. But now that everyone and their mothers are on Facebook, it's a tad embarrassing for other people in your social network to see the ebb and flow of your love life.

That fact was never truer than for this sad sap who made the unfortunate mistake of sharing a tasteless woman joke on Facebook. Not even five minutes went by before the person he was in a relationship with broke up with him. Of course, there's the slim possibility that it had nothing to do with the joke, but in all likelihood, it had everything to do with it. In the course of a few minutes what he thought was just a bit of crude humor came back to bite him in the ass almost instantaneously. The internet has truly made everything faster, including public humiliation.

7 Settling for mediocrity

Via: blazepress.com

The stupid is strong with this one. In a status update where she thought she was bragging about how great her husband is, this woman inadvertently insulted him instead. It's not that hard to tell the difference between a greater than or less than sign. Whatever thing the mouth of the alligator is open towards is bigger or greater. Again, this is part of basic math that's taught in elementary school. How the education system is OK with passing kids through school who don't know basic math is beyond comprehension.

At least this woman had a friend who was willing to go out on a limb and correct her Facebook fail. He even added a compliment and a bit of humor to soften the blow. Although she was inevitably embarrassed, it's fair to say that she probably knows the difference between the greater than and less than signs now. Lucky for her, her husband was just as blissfully unaware of the error as she was.

6 Apparently, "mammal" isn't in her vocabulary

Via: blazepress.com

WTF?! How, pray tell, does someone come to the conclusion that both a dolphin and a squirrel are reptiles? Neither are scaly or lay eggs. Neither are cold-blooded. Oh and the most important one—neither looks like a bloody lizard! We would have understood mistaking a dolphin for a fish since they live in the water, but not this. The word mammal doesn't even resemble the word reptile so it's not like they could have gotten them confused. This is clearly a case of actual stupidity.

At least this person can spell fine, so what happened in their early science classes? Did they just skip the chapter that went over the classes of animals? Perhaps they were home with a debilitating illness that year. We could spend all day making excuses for them, but the fact remains that they have made an embarrassing, cringe-worthy Facebook fail that even six of their friends can scarcely believe.

5 There are no words for the irony of this

Via: dailymail.co.uk

This Facebook fail deserves a face palm. "Proud Mommy" is sadly mistaken about her daughter's use of the word "their." She did not, in fact, use the correct one. Her daughter should have used "they're" as in "they are." Not to be one of those people, but if you're going to brag about something, at least get it right. Looks like she got all excited over nothing. Who's laughing now?

It's still a pretty funny example of irony. There she was, thinking that her daughter was a child genius for knowing the correct version of "there" only to prove that neither her daughter nor herself, have figured out the proper usage of the various forms of the word. She claims to know 30-year-olds who can't figure out which one to use; well, now she can count herself among them because has no better grasp of the English language than they do.

4 Poverty's no excuse for nudity

Via: thumbpress.com

Here's another prime example of someone who really needs to check their privilege and their brain cells. This girl thought that sharing her OMGWTF moment on Facebook would get some attention and perhaps garner a little bit of validation. How wrong she was.

She comments on how "only in LA" would you see a homeless man sunning himself on the road. Maybe there's some truth to that, it does get ungodly hot in Los Angeles, but there's a little more going on here. First of all, if the guy was lying in the middle of the road, how was her first thought not "OMG I hope that guy is ok"? What if he had been hit by a car or was sick and couldn't get back up? Secondly, a shirtless homeless guy is not even that bad in comparison to some of the people walking around downtown Los Angeles.

Also, what happened to have a little compassion for the homeless? A large majority of them are disabled—mentally or physically—and have basically been abandoned by society. This homeless guy is more than just an eyesore, he's a human being. We're glad to see someone put her in her place. Burn indeed.

3 Movie magic gone wrong

Via: lifebuzz.com

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who believe that the Titanic disaster never happened—especially people under the age of 21. Somehow they've confused the James Cameron film for the actual event, which makes absolutely no sense at all. The Titanic sank in 1912, which, believe it or not, was an actual year that happened before you were all born.

Still, this person's Facebook fail lies in the fact that they don't seem to understand how the accident could have been recorded when the ship was sinking. Newsflash! You were watching a movie, my friend. A recreation of the actual event. A news crew was not just sitting in the middle of the ocean recording people die (although we wouldn't put it past some journalists these days).

The real head splitter is how the original poster responds to their friend telling them it's a remake of the actual event. It's exasperating just trying to figure out how they could possibly think that the people in the movie aren't alive. What, are they all zombies? Are they all CGI? How TF are people this dumb?!

2 Who are you calling stupid?

Via: lifeBuzz.com

Dear Lord, this Facebook fail just reeks of stupid. How does someone not realize that Hawaii is a state, not a country? They probably don't even know that it's a part of the United States then. No wonder the whole world thinks Americans are ignorant. There are actual people in this country who can't even name all the states or find them on a map.

That the person in question actually has the nerve to call others stupid is just funny and sad. It takes one to know one, buddy. You definitely know your economics. It's called geography everywhere else though. Hate to break it to you, but Hawaii is a series of islands that are nowhere near Africa (which you also probably think is a country).

The last commenter brings up a valid point. Did this person even go to school because there is a rather large hole missing from their essential education? We'd hate to know what their parents are like if they allowed their child to go through life having no sense of where other places are in the world. Yikes.

1 Natural born killer

Via: buzzfeed.com

Horrifyingly stupid. These are the only two words that come close to describing the level of awful that embodies this Facebook fail. Where can we possibly start when this whole exchange is just beyond words? How does someone get to a place in their mind where they not only think it's just peachy for their 3-year-old to fire a gun (and possibly kill a dog) but has actually given said weapon to the child and has been training him since birth? It just baffles the mind.

It's almost as if they want their kid to become a cold-hearted criminal. If they wanted protection or to teach their child self-defense, why not get a dog or enroll him in karate? Three-year-olds should not have a .22 or 9mm in their possession, never mind the know-how to actually fire one. One of this person's Facebook friends pointed out that CPS, otherwise known as Child Protection Services, can see the post so hopefully, someone stepped in before a tragedy occurred.

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