15 Older Celebs Who Aged Beautifully (And 5 Who Didn't)

We think of celebrities as the beautiful people. And it's mostly true. Entertainment and sports stars have access to the best skin and hair care, personal trainers and healthy food that money can buy. Looking good is part of their job, and many of them take their health and their looks seriously. But there are some celebrities who are ageless or who look great even when they look their age. These are the celebrities that we most admire.

Of course, there are plenty of other celebrities who look worse for the wear. Maybe they partied too hard and did not take care of themselves. Maybe they over-did it on the costmetic surgery. These celebrities just have not aged very well. We take a look at 15 celebrities who have aged beautifully and another five celebrities who did not.

20 Betty White

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The world loves Betty White and with good reason. She was adorable as a mature lady on The Golden Girls and hilarious on the more recent Hot in Cleveland. Basically, Betty White is the grandma we always wanted. She was born in 1922, which means that this queen will be 96 years old this year. And she is still going! White keeps herself busy, helping animals and humans alike, and she was reportedly back on the dating scene.

Betty White is proof that we can show our age, white hair and wrinkles, and still look glamorous. And her smile literally lights up a room. White has won Emmys and Grammys for her work, and she says that she will keep working for as long as her body lets her. She has a great sense of humor. The world is definitely a better place with her in it!

19 Cindy Crawford

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Cindy Crawford is practically synonymous with the word "beautiful." The model and actress also never seems to age. She was born in 1966, which means she will be 52 this year, and looks better than most 20-year-olds we know. She has appeared in several TV shows and music videos.

In her spare time, Crawford works to raise awareness of leukaemia because her younger brother had passed away from the cancer.

She also still leads in the beauty scene with makeup and skin care endorsements. Crawford is famous for her mole above her lip and the fact that she seriously does not age. She is gorgeous, and we only aspire to her level of beauty. It's also great to know that she seems like a wonderful person as well. Her charity efforts are great, and maybe one of these days there will be a cure for leukaemia and lymphoma.

18 Angela Bassett

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Angela Bassett is known for her roles in films How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Akeelah and the Bee, Green Lantern and Black Panther and in television ER, American Horror Story and 9-1-1. She was born in 1958, which means that she will be 60 years old this year. And she looks amazing! She definitely does not look her age.

Bassett is an amazing actress with an ability to portray a wide range of characters. Angela Bassett has performed in Shakespearean works on the stage and continues to show her amazing talent on and off screen. Not only is she aging beautifully, she hardly seems to age at all. And she has also directed a few times. Bassett directed the Whitney Houston biopic in 2014, and it aired on Lifetime in 2015. Bassett co-starred with Whitney Houston in Waiting to Exhale and wanted to do a tribute to Houston's life. She admired her.

17 Halle Berry

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Halle Berry was born in 1966, which means that she will 52 this year. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and is biracial. Berry is known for her roles in the films Catwoman, Gothika, Die Another Day, Monster's Ball and the X-Men movie series. In her youth, she won several beauty pageants, including Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Teen America.

Berry excelled in school and in theatre and eventually made it to the big screen.

Her talent has won awards. Halle Berry is still considered one of the world's most beautiful women. Hollywood might prefer women to stay in their 20s, but Berry is proof that women over 50 can still rock it. Berry has natural beauty and looks good no matter what she does. We look forward to seeing more of her films. The actress gets steady work and shines on screen.

16 Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey has gotten even more beautiful over time. The talk show host and actress was born in 1954, which means that she will be 64 years old this year. She has struggled with her weight but looks amazing in her 60s. And she looks glamorous in the new film A Wrinkle in Time, based on the book by Madeleine L'Engle. Her early life was hard as she was shuffled from her parents' and grandparents' homes and experienced abuse from several men in her life when she was just a child. As an adult, Oprah got into television broadcasting and worked her way to become the media queen that she is today. She is a philanthropist and a great speaker who inspires millions of people every day. Oprah has also found love with her partner Stedman Graham, and they are an adorable couple.

15 Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock is considered one of the world's most beautiful people, and we can see why. She might be turning 54 this year, but she still looks amazing. Sandra Bullock is gorgeous. We loved her in Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, Gravity and Speed. Bullock won an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side.

She has produced and directed many of the films that she has also starred in.

And this is interesting and not so well known: Sandra Bullock can speak fluent German! Knowing more than one language is always a great thing. She is one of the celebs who have aged well, and we suspect that she will be beautiful at any age. Being a star over 50 does not mean that their career is over. She is proof that older celebs are just getting started! Bullock has more movies in the works.

14 Jeff Goldblum

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If all older men looked like Jeff Goldblum, we would not be able to pick up our jaws from off the floor. The actor was born in 1952, which means that he will be 66 years old this year. That's right. Goldblum is old enough to be our dad. He's old enough to be someone's grandfather. But he has aged so well. SO. WELL! Goldblum was a heartthrob in the 1980s when he starred in films like Earth Girls Are Easy, and he just grew better with age.

We know him from Jurassic Park and Independence Day. And we have a renewed interest in the good looking actor after professional photos of him showing off that distinguished white-haired look were posted online. All we can say is HOLY MOLY! He is a gorgeous older man.

13 Jane Seymour

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Wow! Jane Seymour was born in 1951 and will be 67 years old this year. But she is so stunning that not even the young women in Hollywood can compare to her beauty. She decided to celebrate her birthday by posing for Playboy, and the photos do not disappoint. Seymour has been impossibly gorgeous her entire life. Getting older has not diminished her beauty.

In fact, she might be getting even more beautiful as she grows older.

She might be most known for her role in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in which she played a city doctor who came to work in a mining town. Her more recent roles include Jane the Virgin. Jane Seymour is proof that it is possible to be stunning at any age. We probably won't look as good as she does by the time we reach our late 60s, though.

12 Denzel Washington

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No list of celebrities who have aged beautifully is complete without a mention of Denzel Washington. The actor was born in 1954, which means that he will be 64 years old this year. He has starred in many films, but the most memorable include the following: Fences, The Book of Eli, Training Day, Antwone Fisher, The Preacher's Daughter and Malcolm X. Washington often plays a strong male lead, and we can't complain when he shows off those impressive biceps. Denzel Washington is a handsome man who just gets even more gorgeous with age. It's no wonder that he is considered one of the world's most beautiful men. That's because...he is! And we look forward to seeing him in more films.

11 Viola Davis

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Viola Davis was born in 1965 and will be turning 53 years old this year. And doesn't she look fabulous? The actress is well known for her TV role in How To Get Away With Murder and her film roles in Fences, Suicide Squad, Lila and Eve and The Help. Davis has won the Triple Crown of Acting, which refers to winning an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award for various acting roles.

She is an amazing actress.

And Davis certainly won the genetic lottery because she is not only attractive but virtually ageless. Looking good in our 50s is a goal that we have. Viola Davis is a very attractive older woman. We absolutely love the pink dress that she wore for this year's Oscar Awards. Her "glam squad" might have had a hand in it, but she looks great no matter what.

10 George Clooney

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George Clooney has always had dreamy good looks. The actor was born in 1961 and will be 57 years old this year. He made women swoon in the TV series ER and on the big screen in such films as Gravity, The Ides of March, Up In the Air and Ocean's Eleven. The grey hair just looks so attractive on him. He is one of those men who happen to be appealing at any age. More women will swoon over him as the years go on. Clooney is a major heartthrob in Hollywood. He also has one of those deep voices that people find a turn on. (Just saying.) George Clooney makes our list for celebrities who have aged beautifully, and we can agree that he is still looking really good.

9 Meryl Streep

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Meryl Streep was born in 1949, which means that she will be turning 69 years old this year. Not many almost-70-year-old women look as amazing as Meryl Streep does! The actress has been nominated for the Academy Award 21 times and has won three times.

Some of her films include Out of Africa, The Devil Wears Prada and Doubt.

Streep looks fantastic in the dress that she wore to the Oscars, and she is definitely aging beautifully. The actress has even more roles lined up. We will be seeing her on screen for more years to come. Streep is currently wrapping up some productions, and we look forward to when those films release. One of those films is the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns!

8 Blair Underwood

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Blair Underwood has a smile that makes us melt. He was born in 1964, which means that he will turning 54 years old this year. And wow, he is gorgeous! The actor has starred in the TV shows Quantico and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Underwood is also known for his roles in Deep Impact, Gattaca, Rules of Engagement and Set It Off.

He is definitely one of those male actors who gets better with age. We find ourselves swooning whenever we see him on TV or in movies. Being over 50 is not a bad thing by any means, and Underwood is proof that it's possible to look good and be successful without fitting into Hollywood's obsession with youth.

7 Christopher Meloni

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Doesn't he look familiar? He starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and we have to admit that he is quite a handsome man. He was born in 1961, which means he will be 57 years old this year. Christopher Meloni seems to get better with age. Maybe it's those piercing eyes.

But he is definitely a very good-looking celebrity who is aging beautifully.

We loved him in Law & Order: SVU, and he is making waves in his new show Happy! on the SyFy channel. In that show, he plays a hitman who hallucinates that his daughter's imaginary friend, a flying unicorn, is helping him to find her after someone kidnapped her. He looks more crazed than handsome in this show.

6 Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley is a model and actress. She was born in 1954, which makes her 64 years old this year. And she looks no older than early to mid-30s! Her skin is flawless. If she has any wrinkles, they are barely noticeable. And her hair is youthful and pretty. Brinkley was the face of Cover Girl makeup for several years, and she appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine.

She is definitely one of the celebrities who are aging beautifully, even though it does not seem as if she ages at all. It's a combination of good genes, being rich and able to really take care of herself. She is a gorgeous 64-year-old woman who manages real estate and other businesses, and that is to be applauded.

5 Joan Van Ark

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Now we are onto the list of five celebrities who have NOT aged well, and this is Joan Van Ark. In her youth, she was an attractive blonde who starred in a popular show called Knots Landing (1979). Van Ark was born in 1943, which makes her 75 years old this year. We don't expect 75-year-old women to look like teenyboppers, but Van Ark definitely looks worse for the wear.

She has had extensive cosmetic surgeries that have ruined her face. Her age still shows through the cosmetic procedure. Van Ark ends up looking haggard and fake from the surgeries and makeup instead of fresh and beautiful like Betty White does at 96. Sometimes it's better to embrace the wrinkles and take good care of ourselves rather than going under the plastic surgery knife.

4 Mark Hamill

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Mark Hamill was considered a heartthrob in his youth. He played Luke Skywalker in the 1970s Star Wars movies, and people swooned at the sight of that dimpled chin. But things have definitely changed because his years have caught up with him. Hamill has not aged well.

He was born in 1951, which means that he will be 67 years old this year.

Hamill has had a few recent roles as James Jesse in The Flash and as the voice in different animated features. Hamill looks older than his 67 years. We can't even see that dimple in his chin anymore! People change as they get older, but he did not change for the better. The years did not do well for his looks. But at least he is still getting some acting work.

3 Keith Richards

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The rocker life is a series of hard drugs and illicit trysts with fans. Over time, it really wears a person down. Keith Richards was a guitarist and founding member of the famous rock band The Rolling Stones. Richards was born in 1943, which means that he will be 75 years old once he has his birthday. He went from a nerdy but okay-looking guy to an old man with wild hair.

Richards has had a long and storied career in music, from playing guitar to songwriting to singing in music collaborations. There is no doubt that Richards is a talented musician. But when it comes to aging, he has not aged very well. It definitely looks like he has partied his way through the decades. Too much partying can lead to terrible aging.

2 Geena Davis

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We remember Geena Davis from Beetlejuice. Back then, she was young and attractive. Then we saw her in the TV series The Exorcist, and she looked way different. Excessive plastic surgery and old age has not been kind to her. Davis was born in 1956 and recently turned 62 years old. The cosmetic surgeries have ruined her natural good looks. People gain weight as they get older, so she is naturally aging in that way.

But she ruined her face by undergoing the plastic surgery procedures instead of finding ways to age naturally and beautifully. Her face has been pulled into an unrecognizable way, and her lips look swollen. Sometimes it is better to just accept that we are getting older and find ways to maximize our health and looks instead of forcing ourselves to look younger.

1 Jack Nicholson

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Jack Nicholson was born in 1937, which makes him 81 years old this year. He is known for his roles in the films The Shining, As Good as It Gets, The Departed and Something's Gotta Give. Nicholson has not really been considered handsome during his career, but he does have a character face and serious acting chops that make him enjoyable to watch. His characters also push the envelope.

He comes across as a grumpy old man with a hint of crazy, and it works for him. But he has not aged very well at all. He looks more and more wild as he gets older, and his hair is doing that mad scientist Einstein thing. But none of that has stopped him from getting work in Hollywood. Expect to see him in a few more films before he kicks the bucket.

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