15 Once-Popular Disney Stars That Nobody Wants To Work With Anymore

Due to the fact that Disney has been one of the most beloved entertainment companies in the world for many years at this point, loads of actors have worked for them over the years. Of course, not all of them were created equally and some of those performers have managed to become big stars due to those roles.

As anyone that follows the comings and goings of Hollywood will no doubt realize, most of the time what goes up must come down. While that is to be expected, it still is amazing to see just how far some former Disney stars have fallen in terms of their careers. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 once-popular Disney stars that nobody wants to work with anymore.

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15 Brian Bonsall

Via nbcsandiego.com

One of those actors who seemed to pop up in everything at one point, Brian Bonsall may be best remembered by many for his starring role in the Disney movie Blank Check. No longer the innocent-looking kid he once was, Bonsall has been arrested three times. That isn’t the kind of resume that most actors look for in a co-star.

14 Amy Bruckner

Via YouTube.com

Not included in this list for negative reasons, Amy Bruckner belongs here because she no longer has a place in Hollywood. Once famous for the Disney Channel show Phil of the Future, Bruckner then walked away from acting for many years and now looks different enough that she has to start from scratch. In fact, during a 2015 interview with the Huffington Post, she said that “people who knew me when I was a kid [in Los Angeles] don’t recognize me when I see them”.

13 Shaun Weiss

Via lovebscott.com

At the height of Shaun Weiss’ career, he was seen in a long list of films and TV shows. Still, his most famous credits have to be his appearances in the Mighty Ducks movies. Sadly, since then his life has gone downhill and he no longer has any real chance of sharing a film set with other actors due to his serious addiction issues and multiple arrests.

12 David Henrie

Via etcanada.com

The star of Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place and the company’s movie Walt Before Mickey in the past, David Henrie hasn’t had a project released in a few years. As for why that is the case, he seems to be persona non grata in the business since he was sentenced to two years' probation for carrying a loaded weapon in an airport.

11 Mitchel Musso

Via nydailynews.com

An actor who is remembered by most Disney fans for his lovable Hannah Montana character, at one point it seemed like Mitchel Musso would go on to find continued success. Unfortunately for him, he got arrested for a DUI so Disney Channel producers fired him from two series the network had in production and he has largely disappeared since then.

10 Sasha Mitchell

Via prozeny.cz

During the early days of the Disney owned network ABC’s sitcom Step by Step, Sasha Mitchell was among the series’ most popular stars. Then, he lost his job on the show after his wife claimed he abused her. Eventually arrested, Mitchell's reputation among audiences and his fellow actors has never recovered.

9 Lalaine Vergara-Paras

Via usatoday.com

Once among the Disney Channel’s favorite actors, Lalaine Vergara-Paras starred in Lizzie Mcguire and headlined the network’s original movie You Wish! Last seen on the big screen in 2010, it has been even longer since she appeared on television. As for the reason why Vergara-Paras hasn’t landed a notable role in nearly a decade, her 2007 arrest for possessing a controlled substance seems to be responsible.

8 Adam Hicks

Via people.com

At one time an actor who was all over the Disney Channel, Adam Hicks starred in Zeke & Luther and had notable roles in the network’s other shows Jonas and Pair of Kings. These days, it seems like any chance of other actors wanting to work with Hicks again are gone for good since he was arrested due to allegations he committed multiple armed robberies.

7 Matthew Fox

Via theblemish.com

Best known as the star of Lost, a show that was aired by ABC which is owned by Disney thus qualifying him for this list, Matthew Fox was a huge deal once upon a time. Since then, however, one of Fox’s old Lost castmates, Dominic Monaghan claimed that he “beats women” which made his reputation toxic including among other actors.

6 Ashley Tisdale

Via stylecaster.com

Back when Ashley Tisdale was still starring in the High School Musical movies for Disney, she was the toast of the town. Since that series came to an end, however, it seems like nobody has much time for her. Mostly seen in small projects since those days, it seems that all of the drama Tisdale has been a part of with other young stars has tarnished her reputation.

5 Katherine Heigl

Another actor on this list due to her starring role in an ABC show, which is owned by Disney, Katherine Heigl was a big part of Grey's Anatomy’s early days. Unfortunately despite her acting talents, virtually nobody wants to work with Heigl anymore due to her well-documented feuds with her former bosses and co-stars.

4 Orlando Brown

Via etcanada.com

From the year 2003 until 2007, That’s So Raven was one of the Disney Channel’s biggest hits. In fact, the series remains popular enough that it was given a spin-off that reunited two of the original show’s main stars a decade after it was first cancelled. Unfortunately for the third star, Orlando Brown, he hasn’t worked in years and his many legal issues led to his character being recast.

3 Teri Hatcher

Via hollywoodreporter.com

During the mid to late 2000s, the Disney owned ABC series Desperate Housewives was among the most popular and talked-about shows on TV. Unfortunately, a lot of the discussion was about the show’s cast disliking one another, especially Teri Hatcher. In fact, according to series creator Marc Cherry’s testimony in court, Nicollette Sheridan once called Hatcher the “meanest woman in the world”, which is why most actors avoid Teri today.

2 Shia LaBeouf

Via yahoo.com

First able to attain fame as the star of the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, LaBeouf then went on to headline in many blockbuster movies. However, in the mid-2010s he was involved in so many strange incidents and controversies that his movie star aura was highly damaged. No longer cast in major movies since that time, LaBeouf has mainly worked on his own projects or indie films that embrace odd behaviour.

1 Lindsay Lohan

Via vanityfair.com

Once considered to be one of the brightest young actors, Lindsay Lohan starred in Disney movies like Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Freaky Friday. Then, while Lohan worked on the movie Georgia Rule at the height of her career, the film’s producer James G. Robinson wrote an open letter about how unprofessional she was. Since then, most power-brokers have refused to work with her.

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