15 Online Shoppers Who Hilariously Regret Their Purchases

Online shopping: the best way to shop nowadays according to millions of people and the worst kind of shopping there is. Online shopping makes things less complicated, cheaper and even saves us time. So a person would probably wonder why we dubbed this type of shopping as the worst.

We trust that the products we are buying are legit and authentic, but there are times when we either get scammed or just don't read between the lines. We get so excited about our online purchase, we forget about reading warnings or descriptions that might change our mind. Some things aren't what they seem to be and when it comes to online purchases, this is more real than it ever has been.

It doesn't matter if it's the buyer's or seller's fault, but something has got to give. Some of the products below are such a joke that we can't even believe mess-ups like this are verified to be sold. We also can't believe the buyers fell for some of these scams and how the sellers attempt to ship these items out to unsuspecting victims.

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15 Way too literal

It's always stressful trying to figure out a gift around the holidays for that person we love. We think they already have everything they need or if we try to find something special, we fear we'll totally screw it up. This person tried the online shopping route and it completely blew up in their face. When looking at the first picture, it would seem like this is some sort of extra-cool festive coffee mug that will change its picture when it gets hot; well, it changed indeed. We don't know what kind of company would even make a coffee mug with such a literal picture, but it happened and this person was kind of scammed into something they were unaware of.

We're not quite sure how anyone would think this would happen to them and hopefully, there wasn't a description somewhere validating this. All this person wanted to do was buy a lovely new coffee cup for their wife and after the first use, the wife was probably really confused. Depending on where someone buys a product, it might be easier to keep this weird cup rather than try to fight to get their money back. At least it'd a good gag gift and a funny story for down the road.

14 The chairs that go with the rug

Here is another good example of online orders going wrong in the best way. We wouldn't be happy about these if they showed up at our door. We can't imagine the sheer disappointment and confusion if these doll-sized garden accessories showed up at our door because what would we do with them? Again, we think this person's Mom maybe didn't read the fine print and set herself up for failure. We hope she kept the receipt because sometimes sellers make the return impossible and what is a grown woman supposed to do with these things? Also, again, did she think she was getting a good deal for these deckchairs or did she pay way too much for a less-than-desirable item?

Sometimes older people don't really mesh with technology so this is actually hilarious in a way. It might have been the woman's fault because of that and maybe it's a lesson learned that she'll pay more attention next time she attempts to online shop. Or maybe she'll ask her daughter to help her out and make sure she doesn't buy miniature chairs again.

13 The smallest rug there ever was

Going to an actual store and seeing the size of something is more important than we probably know. In the past, that's all people had when it came to purchasing something and in this situation, it shouldn't have changed. Buying something where size really matters is risky online and attention to detail is a huge skill to have in this case. We're thinking this guy was either way too excited to buy his very own rug and didn't read the instructions or just thought he knew what he was doing when buying a rug.

We all know that sellers can be sneaky and maybe this guy was just a victim of that.

He knew he messed up and we're wondering if the price of this rug was way too good to be true or he got scammed and paid too much. Maybe his younger sister or niece or cousin has a Barbie that would need a rug because there's no way he's using this for anything other than that. The best thing about this product is that someone gave it a five-star review and maybe the reviews is all that matters to this guy. We can all probably admit that we've fallen victim to this type of betrayal.

12 Dollhouse things

Another one bites the dust. When we were in college, we probably tried to scrounge up the cash to buy things that we need. Most of us probably didn't have the most glamorous furniture, kitchen utensils, etc., but we made the most of what we had to get ourselves through our early-twenties. So when this person's roommate decided to get a good deal, they went to Amazon. We don't blame them because Amazon is easy and effective, but as we know, we have to be careful. This person might have been so desperate for a new television stand that they clicked the order button before they even had a chance to check out the details.

We all know by now that, that isn't the way to order anything online and that if a person doesn't do some research, it will bite them in the butt. We're sure the person that bought this was severely ticked off and probably screamed some profanities about how dumb they are. At least Amazon has a good policy when it comes to returns and hopefully, they got their money back. We wonder how many times this has happened to people and if so, how funny the sellers think it is.

11 Tiny scratcher

All we want in life is a million dollars and a pet to spend it all on. We want our pets to be happy and what else would make them happier than hundreds of toys? This cat owner thought they would make a huge impact on their cat with a brand new scratch pole and they were very wrong. We're sure the buyer was extremely disappointed when they received a miniature box with a miniature scratch pole in it, but we all know that online websites sometimes deceive us that way too. Maybe the box was large and when they opened it, they figured it out. What is most important here is that the cat doesn't look happy either and when a cat isn't impressed, it isn't good.

After all, we know that cats can hold grudges and this might've been the straw that broke the camel's back. 

We have to admit, the item that was wrongly bought is pretty cute and maybe the cat could bat it around a bit and consider it a toy rather than something they can scratch. We're just as confused as this feline and we're wondering what company would even make something like this so small.

10 Oblivious to keywords

If anyone has ever shopped for half-decent and workable furniture, they'll know that a lot of it is over-priced. So what do we do? We rely on sketchy websites or online shopping stores that don't clearly state what they're selling. These things happen, but this guy was clearly in the wrong and didn't see what type of chair this really was. Amazon is pretty good when it comes to laying out the details of their products or products they sell for other companies and they delivered above. It clearly says that this chair is meant for boys and not a regular-sized adult. This means that the chair is obviously going to be much smaller than a regular chair and that's exactly what was delivered.

Again, this guy maybe just saw the price and reviews and thought he struck gold. We think that this chair might be a little over-priced for imitation leather, but hey, what do we really know? We're not furniture salesmen or women, but we do know that hunting for furniture online is risky and this guy was the perfect prey. By the look on this guy's face tells us that he probably will take a closer look at what he's buying next time.

9 This camping is cramping

We know that when we go camping, it's not going to be like a hotel stay. There aren't plushy beds, room service or enough space inside our sleeping place to do much. Usually camping for a normal person means stuffing a few items in a tent and calling it good. The tent isn't as massive as a house, but it's bigger than the one we see above. Apparently, this guy went and bought a tent in a store or online, we aren't sure. The main point of this is, is that it's a kid-sized tent and not meant for an adult man. He must have been crunched for time because he held onto the tent anyways and used it anyways.

At least he looks semi-OK with this situation and it's only for sleeping anyway, right?

He worked with what he had and that's cool, but we're thinking he may be a bit sore from being in the fetal position the entire night. We're sure he didn't spend much time in the actual tent, but at the end of the night, he's going to want something semi-decent to rest his head in. We're almost feeling a bit claustrophobic just looking at this picture and we hope he wasn't feeling the same actually experiencing this tight situation.

8 The foiled surprise

When a special day comes up that has us celebrating our parents, we want to go all out. After all, they literally gave us life and made sure we didn't screw it up along the way. Whenever Mother's Day or Father's Day comes around, we try to find the perfect present to surprise them with. We know that they'll be happy with basically anything we give them, but we try hard to catch them by surprise. This woman wanted to do just that, but she put her trust in someone else to send her mom the perfect message. We've all ordered something that allows us to add a certain message and it never comes on the outside of the box like this. Whoever put this together is basically an idiot and we're not sure why anyone would request something like this.

We all know that parents like to snoop and this woman's Mom probably did just that. She didn't even have to pretend to re-assemble the box because the description of the contents were right there for her and everyone else to see. This is a major fail on the company's side and we're not quite sure how this woman could've prevented this from happening.

7 Cat-sized

When we were younger, we'd have to make the yearly trip with our parents to the nearest store to find school supplies. We'd carry around the little list of supplies and try to get the best crayons or the best backpack. Speaking of a backpack, this one didn't really work out for the kid that was in need of it, but at least it came in handy nonetheless. This woman might not have kept this backpack, but at least she got a hilarious picture out of it for everyone to see. Of course, different backpacks come in different sizes, but they aren't so differently sized that we'd expect one to be this small. We're not even sure who would purposely purchase a backpack this small unless they were literally using it for a pet to carry around.

Of course, this picture is adorable, but everyone knows a cat doesn't need a backpack. 

We'd think that there's only been two sizes of a backpack: kid and adult-sized. The backpack isn't some sort of knock-off version or a cheap brand either; it's Converse and that's what makes it odd. We know that Converse makes a ton of products, but we just don't understand what the purpose of a backpack this small is.

6 The cutest cutting block on the block

Oh man, we don't even know where to begin with this one. Everyone needs a good set of kitchen utensils because that's what being an adult is all about. We don't need some top-of-the-line products, but we'd like a knife that cuts and a spatula that gets us through the tough times. This woman figured she'd try her luck on ordering a multi-use cutting board, complete with a function that catches bread crumbs. This seems like it would be very useful in the kitchen...if it was the correct size. This looks like it used to be a matchbook that was then converted into a very tiny cutting board that could be helpful to a mouse. We know that this isn't the reason, so we're very confused if this was meant for child's play.

We're going to bring up the price again because this "set" couldn't be more than a few dollars. Let's not forget about the knife that came along with it, if we could even call it that. We don't think that sad excuse for a knife could even cut the thinnest of foods and hopefully, this lady complained and got her money back. Even if the description described this, why would anyone sell this?

5 Getting handsy with it

One of the most debatable things to buy online would probably be clothing. We have to be very careful about what we agree to buy because looks can be deceiving. Usually, to figure this out, we need to go through a bad experience or maybe we can just keep this photo in mind next time. We're kind of weirded out by the first picture anyways and wonder how many people would fall for this type of invention. No one wants their hands to be cold in the winter, but this sweatshirt is one of its kind. Anyways, so this person decided to go through with this purchase and what a purchase it was.

Everyone likes an over-sized sweater, but this is nothing near that. 

Maybe this person ordered the wrong size, but we all know how sizing goes online. Of course, the model picture looks perfect with the length being attractive and the glove placement being right where they need to be. In real life, these gloves are way too high on the sweatshirt and kind of perceives this sweatshirt as something less innocent. This sweatshirt just looks uncomfortable and hopefully, the company was feeling giving and gave this person their money back.

4 Not a white wedding

Here is another bad-but-good example of buying clothing online. This is bad for the woman who ordered it because it looks nothing like the photo, but a good reminder for the rest of us. We're assuming this woman was trying to look for a wedding dress and hey, we like her strategy. Planning a wedding is stressful and takes up a person's time. In order to save half a day, this woman tried to save herself a trip and ordered her dream dress online. Not only is the fit incredibly wrong, but the color is...inexcusable. We're not even sure what to call that color because it's so repulsive when it's paired with the style. This woman's first mistake was buying from an unreliable or non-verified seller and the purchase will probably be hard to return. Buying something online from thousands of miles away is a no-no and now this woman knows better.

We hope the return was successful and the woman moved on and found another dress that suited her. We're not sure who this would satisfy other than a person looking to win a worst-dressed contest. Nowadays, you just never know what you're going to get.

3 A bear-y bad arrangement

For anyone that has sent someone flowers from far away, you'll probably resonate with this one. Flowers can make any situation or occasion better and is a symbol for someone saying they care. Basically, there are thousands of reasons why someone would send flowers and in order to do so, we surrender to online orders. The process is surprisingly easy and all we need to do is put in the right date and our credit card information. We are provided with a picture of what our purchase will look like, but that doesn't mean that the ending result will deliver...literally.

This sad lion arrangement is not up to par and we're hoping this person got it on sale. 

As we know, flowers are expensive. So when we buy them, we assume that we'll be getting the exact product we ordered. In this situation, the product looks similar, but not quite. The lion design is looking a little worse for wear and not as cheerful as the model picture. The design is also looking a bit flat and basically, nothing like it should. Fortunately, this person resorted to Facebook to complain and we sure hope they sent them something for free.

2 Cheapening the product

If anyone has ever bought a piece of jewelry, they will know that there are two types: the cheap stuff that turns your skin green or the really expensive stuff. We've probably experienced both types, but when we find something we really like, it doesn't matter. We'll suffer through the green fingers or pay an arm and a leg for something we know we'll cherish. In this case, this specific fan decided to buy something that represents their fandom and they were sorely mistaken on what they were getting. We trust in the photos of the item and just assume that we will get the same thing; nope, not true.

If we were to open up this package and see this poor excuse for a genuine crystal, we'd be extremely upset. The color is all wrong compared to the bright and vibrant colors in the model picture and the sent item looks nothing like it. The seller couldn't even finish their sloppy spray-paint job and that's kind of pathetic. Also, the rock looks like it was found in an old abandoned shed right before it was sold and that's well, not right. We hope the seller had a good explanation for this.

1 Questionable skin

It's very important to protect our electronics because we all know how bad it could go if we didn't. So, in order to prevent anything terrible from happening, we use measures to assure that won't happen. For iPad's, we use sleeves and for smartphones, we use phone covers. We know these can be expensive, so we resort to online websites to find the perfect one. The person above had the same idea and look how well that worked out. It seems like this one might've been custom-made and that makes this situation even worse. We're not even sure what we're seeing on the sent item and how this could've been sent without seeing this.

We keep looking at this picture and racking our brain at how this process went wrong.

There better be a lifetime guarantee on this cover because apparently the guarantee for the phone cover to actually turn out is iffy. Maybe there was some type of verbiage saying the cover may not come out exactly like it should, but if they were given a picture, shouldn't it be fool-proof? We guess we'll never know and maybe think twice before buying a custom-made phone cover online.

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