15 Outfits Only Mariah Carey Would Wear While Being A Normal Citizen

Mariah Carey has one of the most epic voices we have ever heard to date. Her vocal range goes so high, she can probably speak to dogs. It's thanks to that sweet, soulful voice of hers that she has her fair share of Grammy and Billboard awards (among countless others), but she has even dipped her foot into the acting and TV business, as well. She was a host on American Idol, had a residency show in Las Vegas, and has a docu-series on E! titled Mariah's World. What makes this woman so intriguing to listen to and watch? Well, you'll hear different answers from different people, but we're going with her outrageous diva demands and her need to be dripping in diamonds and couture at all times.

We've all seen stars in their eye-popping and show-stopping stage attire. But Mariah takes that attire, puts it on, and steps out to do her daily errands. As if it's no big deal that she's running around a child's park in a ballgown. Oh Mariah. Here are 15 outfits that Mariah actually wore while acting like a normal citizen.

19 This Is Her Subway Getup

Glimpses of our joyride on the 1 train #subwayincouture

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I think the real question here, is who doesn't wear a sheer blue ballgown with silver gloves and jewels while on the subway? Right?? If anyone is going to pull this look off in the most normal way possible - it's Miss Mariah Carrey. Considering wearing this type of clothing is preferred to Mariah, seeing her in a pair of lululemon leggings and a Nike zip up would be weird for the star (to say the least). I wonder where she was going or what caused her to bypass her private driver and take the 1 train instead? I'm also curious to find out who was sitting by her when this photo was taken. Seeing multi-millionaire, Mariah Carrey, on the subway in a ballgown would be enough for us to faint or seek medical attention for hallucinations.

18 This Is What She Flies In

✨Thank You Zetta jet for taking such good care of me! Off to Helsinki ✈️

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Stop it right now. Will you just take a look at Mariah flying private in her red gown? This is something a celebrity would wear on the red carpet, not a flight. Typically when people fly, we all tend to want to travel comfortably. Even if we do dress it up a bit, we don't want to stand up and be all wrinkled and stale. That's why traveling in any kind of pants that has an elastic waistband is key. You can run to catch your flight, you can take a snooze mid air, and you can bend over to dig through your bag without your jeans digging into your gut. How on earth does Mariah do it? I get flying alone has more advantages than commercial airlines, but still!

17 This Is What She Wears To The Park

Sinking into the rubber mats...lol

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I can almost hear all the moms of the world rolling their eyes and slapping their knees.

Mariah is mother to beautiful twin 5 year olds, Monroe and Moroccan. One girl and one boy. They really are cute kids who are the perfect combination between Mariah and ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Though her Instagram feed is covered in pictures of her being "normal" with her kids, there are a few choice photos that prove how different the world of Mariah Carey is compared to ours. Take this picture for example of Mariah at the park with her kiddos. Yup, nothing to see here. Just Mariah Carrey pushing her two kids on the swing set in a white ball gown and high heels. What's absolutely mind-blowing about this entire scene, is I wonder if Mariah even thinks it's weird?


15 This Is How She Grocery Shops

#hawaiianpunch for #thanksgiving 😉

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I look at this photo of Mariah grocery shopping and immediately think about what I wear to the grocery store. I like to go in the mornings after a little sweat sesh or maybe even on my lunch break. So either way, I am most likely wearing workout gear a little to no make up. Mariah Carey on the other hand likes to live a little more lavishly. She picks out her pineapples in an outfit I'd probably wear to the bar. She's wearing tight jeans, high heel boots, a white deep V shirt, all the while being draped in diamonds. Look at her neck! Okay, not where the pineapples are - but at her neck! That's a whole lot of bling for a grocery run. I also love that she's wearing her sunglasses inside; as if those sunnies will make her entrance more discreet.


13 This Is Her 'Lighting The Tree' Ensemble

Festivating dahlings. 🎄🎁❄️☃🌟🎅🏻

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You could say Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas. Her Christmas songs from the '90s will never be topped. They're catchy, upbeat, and timeless. They will live on forever. So it makes sense that Mariah dives into the holiday spirit year after year since her songs are constantly on the radio for the months of November and December. But when we envision Mariah lighting her tree, we expected her to do it in either matching PJ's or a ballgown. One or the other. But in classic Mariah fashion, she posed by her tree in sparkling Ugg boots, a glass of eggnog, an oversized plaid shirt, and the shiniest bra we've ever seen. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she was the lucky buyer of the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra.

Leave it up to Mariah to outdo us on all of our cutesy holiday tree pictures.



10 This Is Her Gym Attire

Climb every mountain 👊🏾😘 @gunnarfitness

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Pick those jaws up off the ground! What? You don't do Jacob's Ladder in a leotard, fishnets, six inch heels, and a bomber jacket? Okay, I don't either. In fact, I'm pretty sure no one does. Us normal folk wear the same thing we wear to the gym as we do on our Netflix and chill days. Only Mariah would be trying to get in shape in something she would also wear on tour. How does she even step on that thing without twisting her ankle? The kicker is, she posted three pictures/videos of her little day at the gym on Instagram. One video even shows her running in this outfit. Is her outfit a tad provocative for the gym? Absolutely. But what's even more awkward is asking her trainer to take this photo of her mid-workout...

9 This Is How She Dresses A Dislocated Shoulder

Fun in the city, "slinging it up"... Nas's 40th

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These pictures crack me up. Back in 2013, poor Mariah dislocated her shoulder while on set for a music video. She must have been doing some serious dance moves or stunts for that baby to pop out.

Instead of wearing the typical blue and white sling. Or even those plastered casts, Mariah decided she wasn't like the rest. If she needs surgery or rehabilitation on her shoulder, she was going to do it in style. For a number of weeks, Mariah can be pictured at multiple red carpets, events, and performances with a glittered sling attached to her arm. But not the same glittered sling, of course. Custom made slings to match her outfit per event. Only Mariah would look at the glass half full after a dislocated shoulder and brainstorm on how to make it work for her image. You go, girl.

8 This Is How She Cooks

Thanksgiving day..cooking& having fun!

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In her defense, I feel like a lot of people get ready for Thanksgiving dinner and then proceed to finish up cooking or cleaning or whatever. But considering this is Mariah Carey, she probably woke up and this little red number was the first thing she put on.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of parents running around making the kitchen a war zone to get the food done on time, before trying to tidy it up. But it's in between the cooking and cleaning that they realize they better get ready before family comes over and quickly get dressed before others see what a wreck they truly are. It's a complete day that shows how good of a multi-tasker we truly are. And thanks to Mariah's Instagram, we clearly see Thanksgiving preparations are nothing she can't handle while in a gown. She makes the rest of us look like actual trash.

7 This Is How She Does Halloween

Happy pre #halloween see you on the 31st 🎃👻😘

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Halloween is a tricky holiday for girls. How do we look the way we want to look without coming off slutty. Or how do we look the way we want to look WHILE looking slutty. It's the one day of the year where we can wear whatever we want without being judged. Although - we all end up judging people's costumes anyway, sooo I don't know how that works. Anyways, here we have Mariah on Halloween. Thanks to those horns on her head, we see that she is clearly some kind of magical devil. But if you take a second to imagine her without those horns or those wings on - this would be just another typical outfit Mariah would wear around the house. Also, please look at those shoes. How does she even stand up right?!

6 This Is Her Pizza Making Attire

Making #pizza 😘😘😘 #Italy

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First of all, how sick would it be to have an actual pizza oven in your home? You have to love pizza or make it often to have this kind of dedication to pizza under your own roof. However, when I daydream about making pizza with my fantasy pizza oven, I envision myself in tube socks and the ugliest, fluffiest robe you can imagine. But we're in Mariah land, folks. And in Mariah land, she makes pizza in matching silk pajamas. Oh and don't forget about her fluffy high heel slippers, either! Can we also take note of how perfect her hair and face look? This entire feed is making me question how Mariah does it all. How does she have the time to dress this nice, look that good, chase after two kids, and work in the public eye? Tell us your secret Mariah!

5 This Is How She Handles A Wardrobe Malfunction

✨💃🏽Hey Sweden glad to be back to see u ✨

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Leave it to Mariah Carey to have a wardrobe malfunction and actually like the way it malfunctioned. It looks as though she was wearing a leotard with some stockings and a cheeky silk dress or coat to cover up. But as she was walking up the stairs to say hello to some friends, her coat (dress?) exposed her bottom and things got cheeky. Instead of realizing the mishap and pulling her coat (dress??) down to cover her nether region, she decides to leave it as is and later Instagrams the ordeal to her thousands of followers! I guess she really liked the way her butt looked in those stockings? Or maybe she appreciated the way those men on the staircase admired her. The guy she's hugging seems to be under her spell (along with enjoying the view).

4 This Is Her Standard Beach Wetsuit

#flippingoutoverthebeach #pondeislands

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This woman is constantly surprising us. Mariah is a fan of her washboard abs and doesn't feel the need to cover up. Especially at the beach. She is a lover of all kinds of swimsuits, beach coverups, and sun dresses while on her beach adventures. The one ensemble we weren't expecting to see on Mariah (while at the beach) is a full piece wetsuit. Ummm, what? I didn't think people actually wore these unless they were being cautious from the sun or into extreme water sports. And no, I don't think Mariah is suddenly into surfing. She posted a few photos to her Instagram of her frolicking around in this red wetsuit while beaching it up with her kiddos. Only she can look that good in one of those suits and make it look like no big deal.

3 This Is How She Performs

I don't know who started it or where this trend came from, but it seems like every single female star these days wears a leotard on stage. Mariah, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande - you name someone and there's probably photographic proof of the ensemble. Mariah decided to jump on the bandwagon and wear this sparkly little number while on stage with some amazing jewels to accessorize. You could honestly shrink her and pass her out as an award at an award show - that's how flawless she looks. But considering Mariah Carey is 49 years old, there are a lot of people out there who have difference in opinions over this outfit. Regardless of age, if she felt comfortable rocking this little number in front of thousands of people, then you bet your bottom dollar that's what Mariah is going to do.

2 This Is How She Christmas Shops

Once again with the ballgowns. Does she have this exact dress in seven different colors for every day of the week? Is her red dress her "flying dress" and the green one is reserved for running errands? This photo as taken while Mariah was in Aspen on holiday. She decided to put on this green number while going shopping at Dolce & Gabbana on Christmas Eve. She's a busy girl, she deserves a few expensive treats from her favorite designers.

I think the funniest part about this entire scene is, she tries to make the look appear normal by covering her dress up in a winter inspired plaid coat and knitted snow cap. No, honey. Throwing on a plaid jacket will not make you blend in with the rest of the crowd in Aspen. In fact, I don't know what city you can go to where this would appear sane.

1 This Is Her Family Portrait

I can't help but laugh at this family portrait because it's unlike any portrait I have ever seen. We're so used to seeing families in matching blue jeans and white v-necks. Or maybe everyone is wearing black or in some kind of pyramid pose. But Mariah decided to wear her Christian Louboutin's and a gold sequin dress, while her precious kids wore outfits sweet enough for an outdoor picnic. I feel like if Mariah dialed it down a notch with the dress and wore something similar to her daughter's - and then posed outdoors, this would be the cutest spring time picture in existence. But since it's in front of a white screen and there's no consistency in the outfits or poses, it just comes off as a super unrealistic and staged family portrait.

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