15 Outrageous 'TWD' Fan Theories That Had Us Shook

Who would've thought that there are actually fan theories about The Walking Dead out there. These days it seems impossible for shows to go on without fans coming up with crazy ideas. The Internet has made it normal for viewers to scrutinize and analyze every little detail and moment of each and every episode. Fans are watching like hawks because everything must have some sort of deeper meaning. The zombie apocalypse seems pretty straight forward. Scroll through the next 15 fan theories and be amazed at the imaginative ideas that exist on the interwebz. They might even manage to change a person's mind about the show. Some of these might even start to seem plausible after a while.

Here are 15 crazy Walking Dead fan theories dug up from the depths of the web.

**Major spoilers ahead**

15 It's All The Result Of A Coma

Yeah. So this was a pretty popular theory not too long ago. The theory is that Rick has been in a coma all along and everything that's happened in the show was just a dream. Does that sound like the worst possible ending ever? We agree. It's a cheap way to end a show. Can we not have a repeat of Lost? We cannot handle that again. But don't worry, the show's creator Robert Kirkman debunked this theory. The theory has been around since before the show, when The Walking Dead was still just around in comic book form. There are a lot of variations of the 'coma dream' theory. They're all equally awful. We're glad Kirkman settled things because we don't want Maggie, Glenn, and the rest to just be a bunch of hospital staff members.

14 Everyone Is Deaf Or Nearly Deaf

So this theory claims that all our favorite characters are walking around half deaf. The theory isn't about how the show will end. It's not a theory about some kind of twist that's going to happen. It's an explanation for some of the seemingly odd deaths that have occurred on the show. There have been many instances where walkers just sneak up on unsuspecting victims and this theory settles some of the issues surrounding these deaths. How did those characters not know that walkers were coming up from behind? It's because they're partially deaf! We're not sure if we're on board with this theory, though. All the gunfire our fav group of survivors has heard may have had an effect on their ability to hear, but we think someone would have noticed by now. Not EVERYONE is shooting guns all the time.

13 It's Live Action Toy Story

Via: IGN.com

Well no. It's probably not. Why can't people just sit back and watch a television show without picking it to pieces? This theory says that the Walking Dead is actually a real life Toy Story. We think there are a lot of problems with this theory, but it's interesting to look at the parallels. Rick is apparently a gnarlier, beardier Woody. Buzz is apparently Shane. But we've gotta disagree with that. Shane is way more of a villain. Sure, Buzz Lightyear and Shane are both super macho, but we happen to like Buzz! Andy, the kid that Woody loves, that's Carl. Overall, it's a cute comparison but we don't think there was any purposeful effort to make the movie and show so similar. We think it's all just a big coincidence.

12 It's An Alien Virus!

This next theory is a bit more plausible. But still kind of crazy. How did the zombie - sorry walker - virus get started? We haven't really gotten any answers about that yet. It's interesting that we do know that everyone is already infected with the virus. Doesn't that seem strange? How did that occur? Aliens! Obviously! Creator Robert Kirkman actually pitched the TWD comic series as a zombie apocalypse mixed with some UFO action. That was a little bit of a lie, but we're sure some people still believe aliens somehow started the apocalypse and gave humans the virus. Clearly as a way to start a takeover of the planet earth. Well, these aliens are pretty darn patient, because it's been quite a few years and Rick and his group haven't seen a UFO.

11 Breaking Bad Is A Preqel To TWD

Believe it or not, there are a few references to Breaking Bad in The Walking Dead. There's even a theory that Breaking Bad is a prequel to the Walking Dead. Did the blue meth start the zombie apocalypse? There's a scene in TWD series (specifically episode two of the first season) where we get a sneak peek of what looks to be the famous blue meth. Could Walter White have accidentally created some kind of virus when creating his infamous drug? Okay maybe not. That's a bit much. But it's possible that Rick and his group are battling walkers in the same universe that Breaking Bad took place in. We like the little Breaking Bad easter eggs in TWD but we're not fully convinced we're actually in the same universe.

10 Babies Aren't Infected

There's a theory floating around about The Walking Dead that hypothesizes that babies are not infected with the virus. Specifically babies that were born post-apocalypse and in particular, baby Judith. Some people believe that since she was conceived after the virus hit everyone that she was protected in her mom's belly from all the harmful things in the outside world. We think that's a nice idea, but couldn't the virus be passed on somehow? We're not doctors, but that doesn't seem so far fetched. So let's assume Judith is immune to the virus. Will we ever actually find out? To get confirmation she would need to be killed. Are the writers really going to kill off a sweet innocent baby? Yeah. They probably will at some point. If she gets killed and doesn't turn, we might just have our answer.

9 Walker Evolution

Here's another theory that actually holds some weight. Up until now, we've actually been noticing that some of the walkers are starting to look a little worse for wear. They're a little more...malleable. But what if the virus can mutate somehow and walkers begin to change and adapt. They might get faster or they might get stronger. We're not scientists, but this seems like a terrifying possibility. There's also the possibility that the walkers gain some kind of intelligence. Imagine a semi-intelligent walker. Are you not scared now? We can barely stand the brain dead ones roaming around right now. They're ugly, gross and we can't imagine they smell like roses. They still have some brains, though. Maybe something will change and they'll get to use them again.

8 Rick Is A Walker Himself

We don't like this theory. It's on the same level as the 'coma dream' theory. It basically states that Rick has been infected with the virus the whole time but he's somehow immune. The virus still manages to do something to his body, though. It reanimates him and brings him back from the dead on a regular basis. So, Rick is immortal. The theory also purports that Rick never woke up from his coma, he actually came back to life. He was dead and returned to the world of the living thanks to the virus laying dormant (sort of) inside him. Some people also think that Rick's coma protected his noggin' from the zombie virus. Because he was laying in a hospital bed using less brain power than usual, the virus was unable to attack his brain effectively.

7 The Show Will End In A Walker Win

This is a theory about how the show will end. We just want to say that as long as it doesn't end like Lost we're good. We don't want it to be a coma dream either, but that's been debunked. We can't know if this will be the case or not until the very end of the series. It's a dark ending, but we know it's a possibility. Could everyone get killed off? Will all humans eventually be zombified? We hope that no one is left completely alone. You wouldn't really know for sure if you were the last one left, though. There would be no one to confirm that fact. The world is so big you'd never know. What a scary thought. You might search far and wide without even knowing it was only you left.

6 The USA Is The Remaining Infected Area

There's a theory that proposes the idea that the U.S.A. is the only country that's infected. Either it was a quarantine zone and the virus never left its borders (does that wall seem like a good idea now Mr. Trump?) or all other countries managed to deal with the virus and get rid of it. Maybe it's a combination of both. Truth be told, we can't stop wondering about what's going on in more northern regions of the world. Are things totally different where it's colder? Is the rest of the world just watching as the US crumbles and fills with walkers. That would be crazy. But it would make for a great ending. Would no one really intervene? Would they just leave the survivors to fend for themselves to avoid any risk of infection? Yikes.

5 Humans Left Alive (And Killing Each Other) As Walkers Deteriorate

This is one of our favorite theories. We've seen evidence, as time has crept on, that the walkers aren't what they used to be. They're started to look a little rusty. Limbs are easily torn off the walkers in Season 7. Walkers are rotted to the core. They're falling apart and getting slower. It's easy to run away from them. Hoards of walkers are no longer a huge problem. That could be because people are getting so used to fighting and killing them, but we think it's evident that they've become a little less menacing. They're still scary looking and definitely gross but they're just not as threatening as before. Could it be that humans will be left without walkers to fight and they'll really only be fighting each other in the end? Seems like we're already almost there.

4 The Group Finds Sanctuary (For Real)

This theory says that the group will find a real sanctuary. They'll find a place free from the threat of walkers, with plenty of food, water and no more enemies to speak of. Doesn't that sound too good to be true? Maybe. But after all the crap that our fav group of survivors has been through, it seems like it would be a fitting ending. It might be a cliched, happy ending but isn't that kind of what they deserve at this point? They deserve to live free from worry. They've fought hard to stay alive and as lame an ending as it would be, we'd be happy for them. We'd probably let out a huge sigh of relief. Some people imagine they'll find some kind of island paradise. Wouldn't it be nice?

3 A Cure Is Found! Hoorah!!

Could there really be a cure? The group managed to get to the CDC once before. A lot of good that did. That ended with the CDC being blown up. We're fairly certain there isn't going to be a cure for the virus, at least in our group's lifetime. Does a cure even matter at this point? If walkers were no longer a threat, people would likely still be at each other's throats. Can you really imagine Rick and other groups coming together to rebuild civilization? We can't either. A cure isn't going to mean anything UNLESS it's a cure from another region that's been unaffected. Remember the theory that says the US is a quarantine zone? Other countries might be working on a cure. Now that would be a definite win.

2 There Are No Zombies

This theory says that there aren't actually any walkers and Rick and his group are really just on some kind of rampage. When they kill walkers, they're really killing people. Are they hallucinating? Are they having some kind of group delusion? We find this theory intriguing, even if it is one of the darkest theories out there. Could our favorite group of ass-kickers really be the bad guys? Are they really terrorizing people everywhere they go? Some think it's a possibility. When Tyrese dies in Season 5, he hears a broadcast on the radio about widespread attacks. That broadcast was actually narrated by Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick). It's a pretty wacky theory but it would certainly make for a twist ending. M. Night Shyamalan style!

1 Old Man Carl

This seems to be one of the more popular fan theories making the rounds at the moment. Folks have guessed that this is how the series will end. It will finish with Carl as an old man and we will realize that everything we've seen happened in the past and Carl is simply retelling the story of his - pretty awful - childhood. That would mean that the whole series would be a flashback to Carl's younger years. If this is true, we have a couple of pressing questions. Who will play an older Carl Grimes? Will Rick be dead? How old will Carl actually be? And most important of all, what will the future be like? We hope we get to see it and hope it's a Negan-free future.




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