15 Overdramatic Animals Who Might Just Make It In Acting

There are a lot of things teachers will show students in acting school. But there are some things they just can’t teach. The art of drama comes naturally to some people… and apparently, some animals. There are kids who grow up showing tendencies for the dramatic. They were born for the stage! They might become child actors, or people who perform for their co-workers and families and communities. There seems to be different personalities within animals as well. Some animals are downers who just want to be left alone. Others are attention hogs who want to be in any lap they can find. And then there are the dramatic ones who are so good at their facial expressions and dramatics that they might just make it in the acting world themselves!

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15 This cat wants you to know her opinion of snow

Via: boredpanda.com

Cats are finicky creatures. They don’t always like everything (in fact, they don't like much at all) and they have a way of letting you know. If they snuggle down into your lap and you pet them without permission, for example, you might get a paw across the face. Cats want what they want and like what they like. Now, when most cats don’t like something, they remove themselves from the situation. This cat quite obviously doesn’t like snow. Does she simply run away? Not exactly! She's got to show her suffering for the world to see and enjoy. Oh the drama! Oh the horror! She might do well in a Shakespeare play or some other tragedy. She definitely has the "Why me!" face down pat. If she can cry on cue, she’s in for sure!

14 Acting from her head to her feet

Via: imagarcade.com

This cat has a lot going for her. First, she knows how to plant an expression on her face. Second, she can bend! Cats are bendy by nature, but not just every cat can bend at the right time, in the right way in order to convey a message. It might look as if this cat just got done scratching and is now simply stretching, but if you think that, you are reading her all wrong. No, she’s got a story to tell and she’s doing so by using her body in a dramatic way. She’s perhaps shaking her paw at the sun for moving and placing her more in the shade now. Whatever is it, her dramatic reaction is Oscar-worthy. If only she would be discovered…

13 Over-reaction is key in theater

Via: huffingtonpost.com

When you compare theater actors to screen actors, their reactions are what set them apart. You see, in the movies, actors want to appear as normal and natural as possible for the camera. In the theater, they have to overreact a bit in order to get their point across to a large and farther-away audience. This cat was born for the theater. Sure, he’s falling off the couch. But in reality, it’s not that far to the ground, right? Cats always land on their feet too, so what’s the issue here? Dramatics! He wants anyone near him to think he’s suffering, even though there’s no pain to be had in this scene. The fact that we almost believe him means he’s good—really good! And the next time they need a cat on Broadway, he’ll be the first call they make.

12 Oh the HUMANITY

Via: dumpaday.com

We understand that the room where the litter box sits can be a rather stinky location. Does that mean this cat should have a reaction like this when she enters that room? Is she trying to give her owner an overly dramatic hint about the state of the room? Or perhaps she loves her scratching post so much, she wants everyone around to know it. A good hug and yowl will do that, right? Whatever she’s reacting to, we’re pretty sure this cat is pampered seeing as she has a scratching post and a nice litter area in the first place. So her drama is simply for our satisfaction, and maybe a little for herself as well because she probably gets whatever she wants in acting out like this!

11 Who invited this guy?

Via: pinterest.com

Actors are dramatic by nature. They have to be! Sure, they can blend into a scene and pretend to be someone else. They can contort their face to convey different emotions—pretty useful when you don't have the gift of speech. But just because they can control the emotions on their face at times doesn’t mean they always will. This cat has a new so-called "friend" in the car. Her family has adopted a dog. She inspects the new pooch and then shows the camera her true feelings about the situation. Acting is all about showing real emotion to the camera, right? When her owner looks at her, perhaps she’ll fake it. And then behind closed doors, she’ll give the dog a good swat with her claws to show who’s boss.

10 Save it for the stage

Via: dumpaday.com

This cat is wasting his talents. He’s lounging around in his backyard, spouting off monologues. Instead, he needs to be on stage! His will is obvious. He wants to act! He wants to be seen! And he can do it! Look at how he reacts to the world after a nice, long nap. If he can do this for little to no reason, imagine what he can do in front of an audience full of admirers. The next time there’s a movie with talking pets, this cat needs to be at the top of the list. However, if the movie doesn’t feature a death scene, he might need more practice before he's ready to cast. Because you've got to play to your strengths as an actor, after all: for him, it's the long, slow, tortured scenes where his dramatics come into play full force.

9 Noooooooo!

Via: boredpanda.com

It would be interesting to know what’s going on in this picture, exactly. Did one cat threaten the other? “I’m going to go eat your breakfast!” he said. And instead of just letting him get away with it, the second cat grabbed his leg and dragged along behind him. She may not stop him, but she will slow him down!

Or perhaps it was less of a threat than that. Maybe the first cat just walked by and got grabbed through no fault of his own. The one lying down loves drama, after all. That much is evident! Do you think the one walking away just wants to get away from his sibling? We all know people who are prone to dramatics. It’s nice to take a break from that every now and then! Doesn’t look like that break is going to happen, though…

8 Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Via: newnownext.com

Have you ever seen a squirrel stand like this? No? Of course not; neither have we! Usually squirrels just scamper away from us and up the nearby tree where they eat nuts and chatter at one another. That’s how we know that this squirrel is different. This squirrel was born to emphasize his emotions on every tree limb stage he can find. So what is he saying? Is he practicing to become Juliet in the next squirrel rendition of Romeo and Juliet? Is he doing his own material in hopes of getting noticed by the director two trees over? Is he simply lamenting lost nuts to another animal? We’ll never know, but his reaction tells us that he’s overly dramatic on a regular basis and we love that about him. Plus, look at that hair!

7 The wider the eyes, the larger the drama

Via: ilovefunnyanimal.blogspot.com

Committed up-and-coming actors practice in front of the mirror on a regular basis. They want to see what they look like trying certain expressions so they can perfect them when they are in front of the camera. This cat, however, needs no practice when it comes to this particular expression. And what’s good about her look is that it will work in a number of occasions. The wide eyes can show surprise, fear or even that she’s about to attack. She’s a versatile cat who can act in a number of different styles.

Evidently, someone’s playing with her here. We all know strings are like bait for cats, but do they all react with this wide-eyed expression? She was born for the drama that comes along with being on stage!

6 It's tough being this dramatic

Via: boredpanda.com

We all have to admit, cats have it rough. There is so much to do in one day! They have to get up from their soft bed and climb all over their humans in the morning, and then eat their breakfast after it has been placed before them. Then, they have to find a comfy, sunny place to nap for at least six hours. They have to allow people to pet them for four seconds, chase a few strings and keep watch for stray mice. Their work never ends! So by sundown, they are simply exhausted. They have no more energy to find a comfy place to nap. Can you possibly blame this one for needing to pass out right where he was standing? Of course now.

5 Brows on fleek

Via: pinterest.com

There are some cats who are good at facial expressions after years of practice. There are other cats who are born with the right flair for visual dramatics. And then there are cats who are born with facial expressions plastered onto their fur. These expressive eyebrows on this feline say it all and then some. The cat himself doesn’t have to do a thing. Just peak over the couch with those eyebrows in play and we get it! Widen your eyes and the eyebrows raise and we know what you mean, kitty! This cat was born for the stage and he doesn’t have to go through any alternations or makeup chairs in order to get the look he wants. He’s unique and he knows it. A casting director's dream!

4 Scary Movie VI

Via: boredpanda.com

It’s hard to scream on cue. Have you ever tried it? Sure, maybe you can squeak out a scream, but can you truly look terrified so that others around you would believe it without laughing at you instead? Conveying real fear as an actor is hard work. But this cat doesn’t have to work hard. She’s a natural. She knows just what to do to make us believe her. Look at those eyes! The perfectly formed mouth! The curled paws! Standing up on her hind legs! She’s got it all going on. The next time there’s a horror film casting call or they want to reboot the Scary Movie franchise, this cat better not even have to audition. She should be a shoo-in for any feline role.

3 A fate worse than death

Via: 13top13.net

We get it, cats, you don’t like the water. But come on, is it really that bad? We’ve all been drenched and it’s not the end of the world. This cat has probably been wet down more than once and he knows he’s survived and dried off on the other side of the ordeal. So what’s the big deal? Well, he’s just a dramatic sort of cat. The look on his face is priceless. He is giving his owner a true look of death that they won’t soon forget. Let’s hope he doesn’t have claws or he will be getting even in his own way, for sure. He’s acting like he’s going to drown, though the sink is clearly empty now. The deed is done! Get over it, little guy!

2 The humble bow

Via: tumblr.com

At the end of a play, the cast takes a bow. Each actor should come off as humble and not as if they deserve more applause. It's a tough balance to strike as actors—they want the credit, of course, but they need to look humbled by the applause at the same time. This rabbit is practicing that look right now. He has yet to perfect the humble part. In fact, he looks like he quite enjoys the praise he will get for his performance. But at least he’s trying! His dramatics would fit right in with the theater crew. He might be a handful or maybe even a bit of a prima donna, but we’re sure he can put a lid on it, at least for long enough to land the big role in the upcoming production of Cottontail.

1 Best back seat driver ever

Via: boredpanda.com

We’ve all ridden in the backseat of the car with someone who doesn’t drive as we’d like them to. Perhaps they go too fast or maybe they cut others off or roll through stop signs. We may have this expression on our faces as we ride in the back seat, just hoping we make it to our destination alive. What’s funny about this picture is that the dog seems just fine with the situation. He rides with the guy all the time and sees nothing wrong with his driving skills. He's a mellow copilot. So it’s obvious that the cat is either extra critical about driving in general, or is simply being overdramatic. Either way, we’re glad his wide-eyed stare graced this picture so we could enjoy a good laugh over it!

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