15 Overnight Oat Recipes Guaranteed To Make You A Morning Person

What’s the best thing about overnight oats? Do I have to pick just one? With only 80 calories per 1/2 cup serving, oats pack 2g of fiber (almost 10% of your daily value) and 3g of protein, meaning that this whole grain definitely has a leg up on your average sugary cereal or breakfast pastry. Add in some fruit, dairy, nuts, or seeds, and you're bound to start the day off right!

Overnight oats are perfect for batch cooking you can save time and money by making several batches at once. In other words, 30 minutes of your Sunday evening = breakfast for the week! By prepping your oats in small containers like mason or jam jars, you have a pre-portioned breakfast/morning snack/dessert, packed in an eco-friendly reusable container.

Many of these recipes are vegan or easily adapted for a dairy-free lifestyle—just substitute the milk for your favorite alternative, and substitute coconut yogurt for the usual milk-based kind. Not into strawberries/peanuts/whatever? For nut allergies, consider using seeds or seed butters such as pumpkin or sunflower. Experiment with your favorite fruit or whatever is seasonal in your area. Bon appétite!

15 Blueberry Maple

Via: healthygrocerygirl.com

If you’ve never made overnight oats before, you couldn’t start with a better recipe! This blogger combines everyone’s favorite superfood: the blueberry, with a natural sweetener in the form of maple syrup, making for a simple, healthy, and delicious breakfast. The best part? It even includes a video! Check it out here.

14 Toasted Coconut

Via: howsweeteats.com

Thanks to the addition of canned coconut milk, these overnight oats have an intense coconut flavor. Toasted coconut provides a little crunch, and the almond butter brings that keep-you-full protein to the mix. Add some colorful tropical fruit such as kiwi or pineapple and you’ll be starting your day off the island way.

13 Apple Pie

Via: uprootkitchen.com

Real talk: I would totally eat pie for breakfast if it were socially acceptable. If you’re looking for a nutritious take on the classic dessert, these overnight oats might be just the thing. Fresh apple and walnut add a bit of crunch, and maple syrup and cinnamon bring the signature sweet-spiciness that defines a good apple pie.

12 Mango Lassi

Via: forealslife.com

Like many recipes on the list, this sunny parfait is vegan—don’t worry, you’ll never miss the dairy. Make your own vegan mango yogurt and layer it with the chia-oat mixture for a show-stopping breakfast-in-a-jar. This one requires slightly more work in the AM, but the breathtaking results are definitely worth it!

11 Cinnamon Chocolate

Via: wholefoodrealfamilies.com

If you love Mexican-style hot chocolate, these oats are for you. The warmth of the cinnamon, combined with rich, slightly-bitter chocolate, creates a wonderful depth of flavor you won’t find in old-school powdered cocoa mix. With chia seeds added for extra fiber and protein, consider this a grown-up, nutritious version of hot chocolate.

10 Cherry Cardamom

Via: vegukate.com

Fresh cherries are the star here, with warm, floral cardamom enhancing their beautiful sweetness. Topped with chopped pistachios and honey, these overnight oats have a distinctly mediterranean flavor profile; combined with the bold taste of cherries, this is an inventive take on overnight oats that’s definitely at the top of my list come summertime.

9 Pumpkin Spice Latte

Via: thehealthymaven.com

Grab your yoga pants and puffy vests, because these overnight oats taste like the real thing, baby. Made with brewed coffee and milk, you’ll also get a start on your daily dose of caffeine. Pumpkin spice blends are available in many grocery stores and online, or make your own with the recipe provided in the link. Because these oats are made with banana and pumpkin puree, you’re getting some fruit and veggies before you’ve even made it in to work. You’re winning at life today.

8 Peach Cobbler

Via: asweetpeachef.com

Vanilla, cinnamon, honey, and nutmeg give you that down-home cobbler flavor without all the work. Use fresh peaches in the summer to celebrate the season’s bounty or frozen fruit in the winter to fight off the cold-weather blahs. Celebrate your inner southern girl, y’all, and give these overnight oats a try.

7 Strawberries and Cream

Via: spicesinmydna.com

If you grew up eating pre-packaged instant oats, strawberries and cream oatmeal probably sounds familiar. This recipe elevates those familiar flavors using freeze-dried strawberries and fresh berries. The best part? There are no dyes or preservatives in this version, just honest-to-goodness fruit. Admit it: your inner kid still loves pink food.

6 Chai

Via: handfulofraspberries.com

‘Chai’ means tea in Hindi, but in the west it’s used to describe the spicy, milky concoction that has gained popularity in the last few years. Delicious hot or cold (just like the drink!) these chai overnight oats have chia seeds and ground flax for an added 1-2 punch of protein and fiber, plus all of the chai spices you crave on a chilly morning. Get the recipe here.

5 Carrot Cake

Via: bewholebeyou.com

There’s no such thing as too many dessert-inspired breakfasts, right? These carrot cake oats combine the natural, healthful sweetness of carrots and raisins with coconut, vanilla and cinnamon, just like the real thing. What better way to get veggies on your breakfast plate (or mason jar, whatever) than this yummy version of overnight oats?

4 Raspberry Mocha

Via: cupcakesandkalechips.com

Raspberry and chocolate is a classic combination, and if you love THAT raspberry mocha (you know what I’m talking about) you’ll love this take on overnight oats. You can adjust the coffee-to-milk ratio, depending on how much extra caffeine you need in the mornings, and use fresh or frozen raspberries depending on availability. Imagine: getting all the raspberry mocha flavor with actual raspberries? Sign me up!

3 Peanut Butter & Jelly

Via: delishknowledge.com

If you love peanut butter and jelly toast, you’ve got to try these oats! This recipe features easy-to-make chia seed “jam,” but you can use whatever you’ve got in the fridge. Banana provides sweetness and extra nutrients here (what a great way to use up bananas that are past their prime!) and peanut butter gives you enough energy to get through whatever life throws at you before lunch. Allergic to nuts? Swap the peanut butter for sunflower seed butter and enjoy your favorite toast in oatmeal form.

2 Banana Bread

Via: simplyscratch.com

Banana bread. So moist. So delicious. So . . . not that great for you. Swap out a fat-laden slice of the breakfast staple for these overnight oats. This recipe features beautiful photography and easy-to-follow steps for the novice. Unlike most recipes here, this one calls for brown sugar, giving it that comforting, indulgent flavor we love so much. Not eating sugar? Sub in the sweetener of your choice, like honey, maple syrup, or agave.

1 Persimmon and Pomegranate

Via: mysecondbreakfast.com

If you’re feeling adventurous grab these beautiful winter fruits for an unusual and vibrant version of overnight oats. Creamy persimmon and crunchy pomegranate seeds add interesting texture, while the hazelnuts add their own distinctive flavor to the mix. If you’re a seasoned veteran, this a delicious way to get out of a flavor rut and discover some new seasonal fruits. Find the recipe here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get excited about these drool-worthy overnight oats today and grab some extra shut-eye tomorrow. Don't worry, breakfast is handled.

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