15 Painful Third Wheel Moments (That Will Make You LOL)

Having a group of friends is a lot of fun and sometimes feels like it could be better than dating. That is until everyone in that friend group starts dating someone except for you. Then you're in that awkward zone where your friends don't want to ignore you because they appreciate your company, but don't appreciate it enough because they can stand to go two hours without being by their significant other's side. This ends up with you being put in the worst kind of friend-zone: the third wheel-zone. Being a third wheel includes, but is not limited to: tagging along on hikes to take cute couple photos, being in your friend's wedding but having nobody to dance with, drinking alone at a party, never seeing your face in any pictures from said party because you were the only one who took any, etc... You love being with your friends, but when they love each other, and there's no love for you in sight, things can get hard and you have to try to make the best of it — all while being super bitter and sarcastic, of course.

15 This Guy Is A Professional Third Wheeler

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Halloween is a great time for couples' costumes...that is, if you're in a relationship. For the rest of us, this holiday just serves as a big reminder that we're single AF and that nobody wants to love us. Kind of like the fall version of Valentine's Day, giving you a little taste of what loneliness is gonna feel like this year at Christmas. As the years go on, it gets harder and harder to find a group of people willing to do fun group costumes because they've all got boos that they want to couple with. And when there's a couple costume, there's no room for that third friend to tag along. This guy, however, took his single frown and turned it upside down, making his costuming dilemma his actual costume. While all his friends took cute couple pictures together, he sat there drinking, third wheeling, and ruining every couple's good time, just like what he'd be doing in real life, probably.

14 Dedicated To Third Wheeling

The phrase "bros before hoes" is problematic to start with, but it also doesn't hold up when things start getting pretty serious. This gentleman over here saw firsthand how his friendship to his main man started to become less important over time, and decided that he needed to document the years going by with him just lingering in the background. You probably think that this guy has it rough, but I disagree. At least his friend is still keeping this lonely boy in the picture at all. Too many times have I had a friend get a boyfriend and just completely forget that I existED, all until they break up with said boy and then remember that we were once friends, too. While being a third wheel is never fun, I like to think of this as a happy story where the couple ended up happily married and the single best friend is still important enough to his married friend that they still hang out frequently.

13 The Singles Need Some Lovin' Too!

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There seems to be a lot of perks to being in a relationship. I mean, I don't really know because I've never really been in one, but looking out and seeing happy couples do happy couple things, it seems like there are a good amount of perks that single people just cannot get. Take this picture, for example, where this couple is sharing a drink. I, being the selfish, gluttonous single person that I am, can't imagine wanting to share a soda with another person, since I want all that pop to myself. But it'd be nice to have the option to not have to buy a whole soda and just split it with someone else instead. Just because you're single doesn't mean you need to drink a whole thing of pop by yourself. Sometimes all you need is a little sip to wash down the pizza with. This guy—props to him—doesn't care about germ exchange and set this consumerist injustice to rest by dipping his straw into the couple's drink, because single people should be able to share beverages with others, too.

12 The Royal Third Wheel

Being the third wheel doesn't just happen to regular plebs like us. Sometimes, the struggle of being forever single in the presence of happy lovers happens on a royal scale. The Royal Family doesn't really seem to have a lot going on that could be found relatable to us common folk, except for the unfortunate documentation of Prince Harry's third wheeling Britain's hottest royal couple. Harry is arguably the more attractive brother, and while his brother managed to latch onto the ethereal goddess that is Kate Middleton, Harry has been left in the dust trying to find love. He's not forever alone, as he's been dating Meghan Markle for quite some time now, but he probably remembers where he came from — trying to just feel included while third wheeling in royal proportions.

11 This Guy Has The Right Priorities

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There is love, and there is alcohol, and when you have trouble finding the first thing, you sometimes turn to the second thing to try and stumble your way into the first thing. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but for me, this has barely ever worked and has probably just made a lot of things worse than it should be. Sometimes, it just takes too many bad dates and all of your friends leaving you to remember that there is someone in your life that will always be around to make you feel good, and that someone is alcohol. I'm not saying it's a healthy thing, but it is a "thing," and you know that while all your friends are out at the club dancing with their boos, you've got a lot more shots in you and you're dancing with a support beam because there is nobody here that wants to touch bodies with you. It's called making the best with what you've got.

10 You've Got Nobody To Hold

Do you get scared easily when watching a horror movie and just need someone to hold, but you're single? Then just forget about getting any sort of comfort from any human and just get a dog. The dog thing works great until you have to go out in a public facility, like a theme park, where annoying and obnoxious couples mashing on each other are allowed, but pets are not. It's at those places where you have to improvise your source of comfort during the scary parts of roller coasters, because that random guy sitting next to you is not going to want to hold your hand throughout the ride (and if he does, then you better get off immediately because that's just weird). Stuffed animals are a good replacement for a hand to hold, but the experience isn't quite the same. Just look at this girl who has to cry all by herself while her friends are pleasantly distracted from the scariness by getting involved with each other's faces.

9 Just A Part Of The Background

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When you're the only single person in the room, it's easy to feel like you're just an unnoticeable part of the background. This third wheeling friend took that feeling to the next level, and literally posed as part of the scenic background to this couple's picture. The way her long hair falls over her face like a weeping willow kind of makes her look like the girl from The Ring. I don't know if that's what she was going for, but it definitely gives a sort of "I'm always watching you" vibe, and not in the good kind of way, but in the creepy kind of way. Whatever the case, it looks like she'll always have their backs — or maybe she's just ready to push them off that cliff for being so annoyingly adorable and in love and stuff.

8 So Excited For Prom!

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"Just go with your friends, it'll be fun! You don't need a date," was what they told me when I said I was going to prom all on my lonesome. It was a great plan until, you know, my friends who were going stag as well got last-minute dates but felt bad that I still couldn't find one, so they let me tag along with them. It's great to feel included, but when you're the only single person in a group of horny teenagers all ready to awkwardly grind on that dance floor — being dead, or anything else, sounds like a better option. You'd think that even your best friend from childhood wouldn't ditch you like that for a pimply boy, but alas she did. At least it looks like the girl on the left may not be the one having the worst time — just look at how that guy's mouth is on that girl's face, that's traumatic.

7 Fun Times At The Mall

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Being a teenager and hanging out at the mall is awkward enough, but when you've gotta be visibly excluded by your fellow pals because you don't regularly make out with either one of them just sounds like a nightmare. At this point I have to wonder if this gross teen couple only brought the other kid along just so that he can be used as some sort of back support? Looking by the expression on the face of this third wheeling friend, I think they've done the same thing to him in the past. The happy, loving pair look so enthused by each other, that they fail to notice the fact that their pal on the other end is absolutely miserable. The sad thing is that they definitely don't care one bit about it. Lonely kid, you've gotta find some better friends than these.

6 Just A Shoulder To Lean On, But Nothing More

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Next on "Friends Whose Bodies Are Just Used For Physical Support," we have this guy who was unfortunate enough to agree putting his friend on his shoulders just so that she can mash faces with another friend. How does someone even get in this situation? Like, if one of my friends came up to me and was like, "Hey could you do me a favor? Can I sit on your shoulders so I can be taller than my boyfriend and kiss him?" I would immediately tell them to get out of my home. Being single, my body isn't being used for anything, and it sure as hell is not going to be used for some stupid photo-op, height fantasy of yours. This guy looks miserable, but honestly, it's definitely a situation he could have avoided.

5 Can't Get Away From Being Single

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Vacations are a little empty when you're all by yourself, but they might feel emptier if the only friends you have are in a relationship. For some reason, even though people who are dating each other see each other literally all the time, like every day of the year, they still can't get their hands off each other — even when they know their other companion is all on their own. I don't know what it is about people who are in relationships, but they never seem to be able to chill out about the fact that they're all "together" and "in love." You don't want to be cynical, but sometimes it's just so damn annoying that you have no choice but to shame them for it by doing a third-wheel picture.

4 Even At His Own Pool Party

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What's the point of even trying to have fun with your friends if all they're going to do is just throw you under the bus as a third wheel at your own pool party, in your own home? All this kid wanted to do was to have some fun under the sun with his pals, but his pals just came over to make out some more by the pool (as if they don't already make out with each other enough). I don't know what kind of game they're trying to play, but you always treat your friend with a swimming pool with the utmost respect if you also expect to be able to use it. But this bunch just take everything their friend Wade does for them for granted. And like every other third wheeler before him, he has to try and spin his poor situation in a positive light, as though having a new swim cap is anything like having someone to hold and cherish you.

3 Been Third Wheeling Since The Day I Was Born

It's true that pretty much every child has been a third wheel to their own parents. Sure it's great that my parents are, like, still into each other after 25 years and all, but they really don't have to show it. It's the worst when you don't have a boo of your own because then your parents feel kind of bad for you and they'll take you out to their fancy dinner dates. The free food is great, but then you have to deal with your parents when they're in a lovey mood, which is hella awkward and unbearable. Until you find a love of your own (haha, I know right?), you're pretty much forced to chill out with your 'rents at all the holidays of love like Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Tuesday, the list goes on. I thank my parents for being in love and for creating me and everything, but it's done now, they can put it away.

2 Even Dogs Can Feel Left Out

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Third wheeling doesn't always have to be about a romantic venture with humans — you can be third wheeling a friendship, or you can be a third wheeling animal. The fate of the third wheel does not discriminate against species, and anyone can be subject to it at any time. Just look at the face of this poor pupper. All it wants to do is just bite and play along with its other canine friends, but it's excluded by the pair. I guess the twosome have more important things to do I guess. Unlike third-wheel humans, dogs are lucky with the fact that they're dogs, and pretty much any human would absolutely love to give this ignored pup the love it wants and needs. Don't feel sad, doggy, I and the rest of humanity will love you forever. Forget about those other dog friends of yours, you're meant for better things.

1 Harry Potter, The Boy Who Third Wheeled

Prince Harry isn't the only famous, British Harry that had the misfortune of being a third wheel. Just look at the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter himself, in the Prisoner  of Azkaban movie. Harry may have been able to beat Voldemort as a baby, but not even someone as powerful and important as himself could find anyone to lean on after watching the brutal execution of a Hippogriff. Everyone knows, except for Harry at this moment in time, that Ron and Hermione are meant to be together, so he's pretty much been third wheeling for years without anyone actually knowing it. What results is an awkward teen Potter being more awkward and trying to but in on the potential sexual tension of his best friends. He does get a girlfriend eventually, but to be the leader of the squad, and then get third wheeled by the squad is something that getting your own lover won't ever really fix.

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