15 Parents Who Are Too Extra For The Public

We all know just how over the top parents can be at times. They call us dramatic (and we can be), but it seems like they’re the ones that are the true drama kings and queens. Some of us have only had a few decades to perfect our melodramatic flare, but they’ve had at least twice as long to get that down. Yes we know how to be extra, but we’ve got nothing on them. That’s why there are so many wonderful moments of parental extraness to choose from. It may even be that you’ve come across some similar antics from your own caregivers, but even if you haven’t, you’re bound to enjoy these 15 things that children have had to witness from their mom and/ or dad.

15 Better Make Sure To Log Out Next Time

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One of the advantages of living with your parents is that you get to use their stuff. If your laptop’s not charged for example, you can just walk into your parent’s room grab theirs and use it. That’s what this girl probably did. She wanted to get on Tumblr, and she decided that she would use her mom’s computer to do it. The only thing is that she forgot to log out when she was done. For most people, this wouldn’t be a problem. They would just do it for you, and continue on with their life, but this wasn’t the case for this woman. She wanted to teach her daughter a lesson, and she decided that the best way to do that would be to add a bunch of photos of Nicolas Cage to her account.

14 Snack Smuggler

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Going to the movies can cost you a small fortune. The ticket prices are pretty steep to begin with, but then if you want to buy some food while you’re in there you may end up spending $30 or more on yourself during your trip to the cinema. That’s why a good number of us choose to bring our own snacks. I don’t want to spend my life’s savings in one afternoon, so hitting up Walmart before going to watch my film means that I won’t have to dip into my retirement fund just to have an enjoyable afternoon. That’s why it’s normal to see someone bringing in outside candy into the theater, but coming across this scene is far less likely. This woman wasn’t going to be satisfied with a box of Whoppers. She needed a whole meal to make it through.

13 Priorities

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It would be great if parents always loved the person that their kid decided to marry, but that’s not the case. Sometimes a mom or dad just doesn’t like their future son or daughter-in-law. But normally when this happens, they at least try to be cordial around the individual for the sake of their child. This mother, however, wasn’t trying to put on a happy face for a lady that she didn’t like. Instead, she checked herself in a hospital and told her son that if he married that divorced mother of two that he would have to see her in the hospital for the rest of his life. And apparently that was a price that he was willing to make for the woman of his dreams.

12 Sure You Do

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There’s usually always one parent who seems to do more work around the house than the other. When it comes to all of those household chores, they’re the one that you’re going to see doing them whenever they’re at home. I’d be willing to be that this girl’s dad isn’t that person. He saw a piece of paper on the ground, picked it up, and then formed his mouth to say that he was responsible for keeping their place nice and tidy. Yes, he may have made the decision to get down on the floor and remove a little bit of trash, but that doesn’t mean that he’s the individual who always does stuff like that. I’m sure that the other people that live there would be more than happy to debate that with him.

11 No More Tears

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Onions make life worth living, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Adding them to your meal helps to give it a little bit of flavor. The only bad thing about them is the fact that you have to cut them. Whenever you first start chopping away you may think that you’ve lucked out and that you’ve finally become immune to having tears flow from your eyes whenever you want to have some of these bad boys. Unfortunately, that thought is short lived because it doesn’t take long for the stinging to commence. Before you know it, your eyes look like you’ve just gotten back from a Snoop Dogg concert. This mom may be doing the most with her swim goggles, but at least she doesn’t have to worry about the waterworks.

10 Who Ya Gonna Call?

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This photo is beyond epic! It must’ve taken them ages to put this set together. They not only had to construct the city that the ghost was terrorizing, but then they also had to build the creature too. And then they had to go out and find costumes that everyone in the family could wear. That’s why these parents are the text book definition of kids at heart. Just because they’re adults with kids doesn’t mean that they have to stop dressing up. They still love doing this, so they refused to quit. And when they decided that they were going to recreate scenes like this they also made the decision to go all out with it. Yes these two are totally dramatic, but it ended up being a good thing in this instance.

9 The Re-creation Is Definitely Better

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When you see celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media site, you can’t help but marvel at their looks. They’re always put together, and gazing upon them instantly makes you feel like a complete and total slob. The rational part of you knows that they’ve probably spent hours getting made up by professionals that you don’t have access to, but that doesn’t change your feelings. It still leaves you feeling like they have it all together. And when you see one with a child, it really leaves you questioning your whole life. Well this mom said, “Enough is enough,” and decided to showcase what life is really like for those of us who don’t have an entire entourage to make us look good.

8 Doggie Photo Shoot

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If you’re a parent and your kid moves out of the house then you might find yourself suffering from empty nest syndrome. For decades you took care of this child and a lot of your life revolved around it, and now without them in your home you may not know what to do. Some people get a hobby and others get another living thing that they can care for. This girl’s mom did the latter. She may never be able to buy a new backpack for her daughter on her first day of school, but she can purchase one for her dog. It may not be going off to learn how to read and write, but at least it can look cute while it’s roaming around the house.

7 Who Has This Kind Of Time?

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Cassidy got grounded, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary. It happens to all of us at some point in time. What is out of the ordinary is that her mom gave her this note. Most parents would just tell their kid how long their punishment was lasting for, but this mother got a little bored and came up with this list. Instead of letting her daughter wait it out like all of us had to, she was lucky enough to be presented with a way to get out sooner. Her mama sat down, and wrote down some chores for her to do and then scored them based on their level of difficulty. All she needed was 500 points to be set free, and judging by the items on this sheet of paper, I’d be willing to bet that that didn’t take very long to do.

6 A History Lesson

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Field trips were always the highlight of the school year. When of those days came around, you actually got to leave the classroom and embark on a hands on learning adventure. The places that you went weren’t always the most fun thing out there, but anything was better than sitting in a room listening to your teacher talk for the whole day, and that’s why they were welcomed. They’re less welcomed when they happen outside of normal class hours. This dad took on his daughter’s education by teaching her about breaking and entering. If Columbus could show up someplace where he wasn’t wanted then so could they. At least he also taught her a little something about taking responsibility for your actions. They may have trespassed, but at least they’re giving their neighbors a gift basket to apologize.

5 Where’s The Lie Though?

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So apparently, this task was sent home with 11 month old Emma from her nursery. These assignments are a pain in the butt when you’re a school age kid who has to fill it out yourself, so I can only imagine how annoyed this dad was when he found out that his baby had homework. No one wants to take the time to actually complete a ridiculous assignment like this, but instead of complaining, he let the people at the daycare know just how absurd this was. So, he filled it out, but instead of putting typical answers he had a little fun with it. And the best part about it is that most of these answers are the actual truth, it’s just probably not what the individual who gave this out was expecting to read.

4 Letting Dad Do The Dirty Work

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If you were a child who got spanked, then you know how important it was for you to stay on your best behavior. If you acted up, you knew what your fate was. Your friends might have been lucky enough to get a time out, but you knew that when you walked in that door a belt would be awaiting you. But even with this unpleasantness constantly looming over your head, you would still mess up, and when that happened a spanking was soon to follow. The thing that always left me baffled though was when I heard the words, “this hurts me more than it hurts you” because there was no way in hell that that was the case. I thought that this was the most ridiculous thing a kid could hear when getting hit, but I was very wrong. This is.

3 Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time

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You have to have done something pretty bad in order to get suspended from school for two weeks. I’d be fuming if I had found out that my child got kicked out, but I also would just ground him or her for a month or two. This mom, on the other hand, thought that a grounding was too simple. He had had that form of punishment one too many times, so she got her creative juices flowing and came up with this beauty instead. Just because he wasn’t going to be in school for 10 days didn’t mean that he was going to miss out on the experience. That’s why she made him carry out the same schedule that he would have had if he was actually in the classroom.

2 Someone Needs To Rethink The Purpose Of Family Meetings

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I didn’t grow up in a house that had family meetings, but it is my understanding that they were held in order to address serious issues. Like if the kids were fighting too much, then a meeting would be held so that everyone could try and find a way to resolve it. Something small, like not washing dishes for example, would not be a big enough problem to warrant a gathering, that is, unless you’re in this household. Moyo Reinhard’s mother was so distraught that she actually needed to bring everyone living in her home together so that they could talk about how upset she was when he failed to clean up the kitchen like she asked. Call me old fashioned, but I think a simple grounding would have sufficed.

1 Sorry For Trying To Help

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Parents always seemed to complain about how you never helped out enough around the house. You did the chores that they assigned you to do, but finishing that list didn’t ever seem to make them happy, which is why you also occasionally did things that you weren’t asked to do. This mom was probably preparing dinner, and after a long day, she just wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. She didn’t care if her meal looked pretty, so she just cut the cabbages bigger than usual in order to save herself some time. That’s when her child stepped up to try and lend a helping hand. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t end up with the response that he thought he was going to get.

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