These 15 Parents Are *So* Much Funnier Than Their Kids

Most children, especially when they're in their teens, are usually embarrassed by their parents, particularly when their parents try to tap into their senses of humor. And those parents usually are really bad at relating to the world on a level that their kids, or anyone else, can understand. There's a reason we call them "dad jokes," after all. But some kids have parents that just hit the mark, moms and dads who have snark built into their brains in a way that makes them way funnier than their children. And these are the parents we want to celebrate: those who take the mom and dad jokes all the way up to 11 in a way that makes them go viral on the Internet. Here are some of the funniest parents we could find.

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15 OMG

Via: memecenter.com

Modern parenting usually involves skills that the older generations just might not understand. For example, it's become quite common to troll your kids, especially online and in text messages. This is one example of a kid getting trolled to the point that they might soon start screaming in frustration. But it's also funny because the parent has probably received texts from this child that are pretty much "OMG" to everything, too, so why not turn the tables? This is a level of parenting that is both hilarious and savage. What's even funnier is that the kid is threatening to tell mom on the dad because of the trolling. It's likely, though, that the mom is laughing, too. We certainly are. Wonder if this kid had to walk home in the rain?

14 When the tooth fairy can't deliver your money

Via: reddit.com

Every child knows how the tooth fairy works: when a child loses a tooth (or it gets pulled out), the tooth goes under the pillow before bedtime. Then, while the child sleeps, the tooth fairy shows up (in the form of mom or dad) and takes the tooth, leaving some money in exchange. However, what happens if the tooth fairy can't get to the tooth? This is some seriously funny parenting here: it seems that these parents have issues with the unclean nature of their child's room. So to motivate their kid into picking stuff up, they leave a note from the tooth fairy stating that it couldn't reach the pillow because the room was so cluttered. That's a high level of funny, as well as clever, parenting.

13 Who wore it better?

Via: imgur.com

Parents love to stalk their kids' Instagram accounts, because let's face it, some of the photos that get posted there are a little ridiculous. Girls love to make kissy faces and pose in sexy outfits, in ways that are sure to make their fathers cringe. This dad, though, decided to keep quiet about his daughter's photos and did something else: he started posting photos of himself that mocked those posted by his daughter. Here is just one case and this dad's level of trolling is so good that we can't decide who wore this outfit better. We're leaning towards dad because he proved that he's got some skills of hilarity that far exceed those of his daughter. We also bet he ended up with more likes.

12 Dad's first memory of you

Via: inquisitr.com

Most parents just can't stay off of their children's social media accounts. But, hey, when a kid posts something for the world to see, how can they not check it out? So this kid decided to post a simple question on Facebook: the standard "where did we first meet?" But this kid's dad proved that he was a lot funnier than his kid with his response. Dad responded with "9 months before you were born. I brought you on a date and you left with your Mom." That is epic level, right there, as recognized by the following comment. Dad did not just win the Internet that day, but he also proved that he's far funnier than his son. That's next level parenting for the win.

11 Never ask for honesty from parents

Via reddit.com

Some parents are just snarky: it's built into who they are. So when the school sends them a questionnaire home to learn more about their kid, those parents just can't answer anything with simple answers that aren't funny. This parent, presumably a father, decided to take this survey seriously by being as completely honest as possible, to the point that we guess the child in question got pretty embarrassed. We especially like the hilarious answer about math: "One time, a math problem bit him, but he got over it." We also love the mention that the kid needs to leave the house by 30 so that mom and dad can get some "alone time." Dad has some serious comedian skills: did he miss his calling in life?

10 Sending in the dogs

Via: cheezburger.com

Parents listen to a lot from their kids, but sometimes it just really gets old. Kids will complain about everything because most of them are, well, a little spoiled. Parents, though, must listen because that's what parents do. This parent, though, didn't just listen, he responded, perhaps putting some perspective on the situation. When a kid kept texting his dad about an apartment that didn't have power for two days, the father took the time to dress up the dogs in outfits and send the kid the photo of them as if they were working on getting the power restored. That actually took some time and planning, proving that the parent is a lot funnier than the kid here. Well done, dad. Also, the dogs were a cute touch.

9 Mom's snappy comeback

Via: facebookcraze.com

We have all gone on social media complaining that we haven't won the lottery yet, and so must drudge through yet another work day. This is usually the first social media post of the morning—you know, those mornings when we really don't know if we have it in us to keep going to work day in and day out. Sometimes, we'll make a sarcastic post about it, like this one, which points out that they haven't yet received millions of dollars to start a lucrative porn career. That's pretty funny. But then Mom chimes in and proves that she's way funnier: "What makes you think it would be lucrative?" Ouch! That kid will need some salve for that burn. Mom scores some major funny points for that one.

8 Merry Christmas

Via: memecenter.com

Oh, Christmas: that time of the year when children have completely unrealistic expectations and think that Santa (AKA mom and dad) owe them some sort of expensive electronic toy to make them happy. And kids do expect to get something expensive every year, and sometimes even request something very specific. We guess this kid really wanted a Macbook Air, and truthfully, that's exactly what they got: just not in the form they expected. This is an epic trolling move by the parents, especially since they managed to put all three items to make up the words in a box that's about the right size for a laptop computer. We also like the level of trolling that had them writing the names of the items on them, just in case the kid didn't get it.

7 Parents send photo of kitchen renovation

Via: imgur.com

Some kids don't realize how lucky they are to have parents that are funny or that, at least, strive for hilarity. Some kids don't realize that parents who tap into pop culture and things like that are pretty freaking awesome. These are parents that children should find pride in because they show that they're hilarious pretty much every day of the week. So it seems that the parents decided to renovate their kitchen. That means that everything got covered in plastic. And so they thought all that plastic reminded them of the TV series Dexter, a show about a serial killer who wraps his rooms in plastic before he kills people. So Mom and Dad decided to reenact a scene from that show and send the photo to their child. Now that's funny.

6 Taking care of the cat

Via: boredomtherapy.com

When kids go on spring break or some other vacation, if they have pets, they would automatically ask close friends or family to watch their animals while they're away. This kid asked his dad to take care of his cat. Obviously, that means that dad, who has a great sense of humor, is going to send the child funny photos of said cat while the kid is away. In this photo, dad decided to pull the cat's ears back to make it look funny. Then he shot the photo and sent it to the kid. Pretty funny, dad. We're assuming this is one of many photos the father sent while the child was away. We kind of want to see more: what other shenanigans did dad and kitty get into?

5 When Dad's selfie game is better than yours

Via: instagram.com

Remember when we mentioned how many parents love to troll their kids on Instagram? In fact, it's become the next big thing that parents recently started doing (which might force more young ones off of Instagram in fear of seeing their dad's selfie game). This dad, though, turned it into an art, because he does such a great job of recreating his daughter's selfies. In this photo, he has it down to the leaf crown, the Supernatural tattoo, the necklace and the pout. This was a case where the father's selfies ended up making him more famous than his kid because he is, obviously, a lot more interesting and funny. Well done, dad. May all your future selfies making fun of your daughter go viral.

4 That's just savage

Via: memecenter.com

Kids do bad things, like get bad grades, talk back to parents, sneak out of the house and other things that they're not supposed to do. And when kids do bad things, parents have to punish those kids, which usually involves grounding them from something they love. These days, the number one thing kids get grounded from is their phones, which, essentially, takes away their connection to their friends and the outside world. And that's horrifying. This dad grounded a kid and then took it up another level, by drawing a text messaging scenario on a piece of paper that made fun of the child's current predicament. It's savage, yes. But it's also downright hilarious. Also, dad has some serious cartooning skills there: we especially like how he captured the crying emoji face.

3 That's funny, right?

Via: imgur.com

Everyone knows what a dad joke is: it's a joke that is so bad that it's almost funny because it's so bad. It's hard to explain, but every kid has heard a dad joke. This is definitely a dad joke, although it seems that mom got in on the act, too. These parents sent their kid a card that says "insert here," which generally means that they're supposed to put a gift card or money or something in the slot indicated. Instead, these parents turned the card into a joke and used the ultimate dad joke line, "that's what she said." It's so bad that it's funny, right? This kid obviously thought so, since they put it up on imgur and shared it with the world.

2 That's how they roll

Via: parentshouldnttext.com

We're not sure what happened here with this text messaging session between parent and child, but it's likely there was beer or wine involved. Or maybe not: maybe mom or dad just really has a funny sense of humor. Yeah, it's not the funniest joke in the world about "how I roll," but because it's a text sent to a child, that sort of makes it hilarious. And it seems that the child is not that amused because they did not inherit the weird sense of humor that their parents have. The kid doesn't get it, but this parent is funnier than they are. And that's totally okay because then we can laugh about it on the Internet, which is what these funny text message screenshots are for.

1 When Dad puts googly eyes on everything

Via: imgur.com

Kids are not the only creatures in the family unit that get bored. Sometimes parents get bored, too. Boredom usually leads to some sort of shenanigans, even in older people who just want to get a rise out of others. This dad got bored and decided to take googly eyes and put it on all the food items in the fridge, so that when someone opens it up, there are dozens of eyes staring at them. It's hilarious and even someone having a bad day would have to laugh at that, right? This is next level funny parenting, and we hope this kid appreciates having a dad that would do something so completely out there and hilarious. All we can say is: well done, Dad.

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