15 Parents Who Think They're *Soooo* Funny

Parents, we can't live with them (even though we love them so much), but we can't live without them either (like, who's going to cook for us and take care of our dirty laundry?). For real though, parents are always there for us; they talk to us when we feel down, they're happy for us when we do well in life, and they financially help us when we're broke. But then again, parents can be so extra sometimes. And we can all agree on one thing: no one can embarrass us like our parents can. That's why I decided to create a list of parents who have done certain things that their kids are not proud of.

So here they are, 15 parents who are an absolute embarrassment to their kids.

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15 This Mom Who Loves Corn Way Too Much

This story about a mom who snuck corn into a movie theatre went viral when it first came out. What had happened was, a mom and her son decided to have a movie night, so they went to a movie theatre for a little outing. In the middle of the movie, the mother asked her son if he wanted some corn. (Yes, corn.) Anyhow, the son found the whole thing hilarious, so he took a photo of her enjoying her corn-on-the-cob and tweeted about it. He wrote, "Dude I busted out laughing cuz [sic] she whispered in my ear 'you want some corn?' I was like wth from where mom? And she showed me."

Of course, Twitter users found this whole thing super interesting, "She's my kind of gal," and "your mom is the real MVP." are just some of the tweets about corn loving woman. I mean, I couldn't agree more, just look at her — she's so adorable eating that corn!

14 And This Mom Loves Young Meat...


Oh my God, if this was my mom, I have no idea what I'd do... I'd probably delete all my social media accounts, leave the country, and change my identify. Nah, that sounds way too complicated... I'd probably just never leave my house again.

So, this guy named Nick updated his Facebook status, saying how everyone is coming home this week and how cool that's going to be. It was when the comments started coming in where the beef started pouring in.

Several people started making jokes about Nick's mom, saying how she's also coming to their homes that week as well, and how they're going to have so much fun (if you catch their drift). I mean, that's nothing special, all teens joke like that. But then Nick's mother commented as well, saying, "Wow, cute new guys to play with!!! love that young meat!!!" Now everyone knows about Nick's hot mom and her fondness of young men.

13 This Mom Who Was Obviously Scammed


This is such a mom thing to do. I feel like almost every mom out there has done something similar at least once in their lives. As you can see, this kid Noah was texting with his mom, who was way too happy about a painting she bought that day. (You can see the painting on the right side of the photo.) Now tell me, does it look like it's worth $250? I know, it looks like it was painted by a first-grader. Anyhow, the guy who sold the painting to the mother convinced that poor woman that she could sell it for $3000 or more, so of course, she fell for it. The poor son knew there's nothing he could do about it except tweet about the whole situation, showing the world how naïve his poor mom was. But that's okay, we've all done (and still do) dumb stuff, right?

12 This Mom Dressed Up As Her Dog, And It's Very Disturbing


Doggos, puppers, and woofers — there’s nothing in the world that I love more than adorable, loyal, and super fluffy canine creatures! And I know that I'm not the only one who's crazy about them. I mean, just take a look at the photo above and you'll know what I'm talking about.

This mom here loves her dog so much that she actually dressed up as it. I have to say, she's got some pretty good costume skills, maybe even a bit too good, because the more I look at this photo, the creepier it gets. I mean, it's almost like from a horror movie or something. But I'm sure her dog is very appreciative of this whole situation, unlike her daughter, who probably tweeted about this because she thought it was embarrassing.

11 Poor Lady, She Has No Idea...


Look at this sweet lady in the photo above, just standing there, minding her own business. It looks like she's attending some event at her kid's school. Who knows, the kid might be performing in front of the whole school, so of course she's there to support them. And look, she even got a few balloons, how cute is that? But wow, she has no idea that those balloons are in the shape of a male's... well, you know what I mean. I mean, that must have been pretty awkward, right? There's probably a lot of kids and parents around, and she's just standing there — not knowing what's going on. And I can only imagine how teased her kid was after this photo went viral. But who cares, she seems like a great mom who's always there to support her kid, and that's what matters here.

10 This Dad Is Totally Pulling Those Off...


In case you don't really follow fashion trends, you should know that minimalist aesthetic is the latest trend. You've heard that "less is more," haven't you? Well, you're not the only one! Go outside and you'll find numerous boys and girls dressed pretty simply; crop tops, tiny denim cutoffs, and little-to-no makeup. Yeah, that look is pretty common. Heck, even Lady Gaga wore crop tops and denim cutoffs during her Joanne era.

But this dad shown above is definitely not a fan of those outfits, especially those denim cutoffs—which his daughter LOVES to wear—so he decided to do something that would change her mind and teach her a lesson.

He put on a black t-shirt that said "Best. Dad. Ever." and paired it with super tiny denim cutoffs. And guess what? Dressed like that, he went to dinner with his daughter. In public.

9 The Ultimate Contraception Method


You can never be careful enough with teenagers when it comes to safe intercourse. They do all kinds of crazy and kinky stuff. It's no wonder teen pregnancy is so high everywhere (but hey, that means there's going to be many more MTV's Teen Mom seasons, right? Whoo-hoo!).

Anyhow, parents having "The Talk" with their kids can always mean one thing: awkwardness! Seriously, I don't think there's anything as uncomfortable and embarrassing as talking about doing it with your parents. Well, I guess seeing your parents doing it is much worse. But now back to the topic, this dad did not want to have "the talk" with his kid, so he improvised. He made a blanket with his face on it (he calls it the "birth control blanket"). This way, there's no way his daughter will get pregnant with that blanket in her room. There's no way any action is going down.

8 Doesn't This Photo Make You Want To Facepalm Yourself?


Look, we all love our fathers — there's no denying that. Most people's dads are always there for them ever since they were kids; they taught us how to ride bikes, how to swim, how to fix stuff around the house, and how to drive a car. But one thing's for sure, they can be so embarrassing sometimes with their constant dad jokes. I mean, just take a look at the photo above. Doesn't it make you want to facepalm yourself? Did this dad really think this was funny? Because it's not — it's embarrassing. Especially because the photo was taken in public, which means that there were more people there who saw this while walking by. I don't know about you, but because of things like this, I stopped taking my dad to nice places a long time ago.

7 This Mom Is Just Trying To Be Cool

Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Wait, don't answer that question, I'll just assume you've seen the movie, because it's a sin if you haven't. Remember how Regina George's mother always tried to be so cool (or so fetch, as Gretchen loved to say)? Well, here we have a similar situation. In the photo above you can see a conversation between a mother and her daughter, and as you can tell, her mom is trying to be very *kewl* (that's how people are saying "cool" these days) and trying to use the Millennial lingo (and she's failing at it, if you ask me).

Obviously, the daughter is not having it. Not only did she tell her mom to stop talking like that, but she also posted this conversation on Instagram with the hashtag #EmbarrassingMom.

6 Literally Everyone In This Photo Is Feeling Embarrassed


I love this family photo right here, this what every family photo should look like! Look, there's a dad, who is way too happy, having a great time with his family (he probably told one of his best dad jokes, as if dad jokes can be funny); then there are the kids and their mother. Obviously, they're not as happy as he is, they're rather embarrassed for some reason, and considering that EVERYBODY but the dad looks embarrassed, I'm going to go there and assume that he's the reason why they're feeling that way. Why? Maybe he whipped out a selfie stick, which are super handy but also super embarrassing. They’re one of those things we all want to use, but are too embarrassed to actually do it.

5 Such A Dad Shirt To Wear

What are dad jokes? It's simple, dad jokes are those types of jokes that are not funny at all, or, in other words, they're embarrassingly bad. You don't have to be a real dad to tell a dad joke. I mean, you've probably said some dad jokes without even knowing it at some point in your life. One of the unwritten rules of making a dad joke is that it has to be so bad that the only response to it is to face palm. Or, you know, scream a very loud "OMG, daaad, stop!"

In this photo you can see a dad who's wearing a very dad-shirt; a simple black shirt, with an  extra special detail to make you wanna facepalm yourself. It says "World's greatest farter, I mean father" on the front side. Just image going to the mall with your dad while he's wearing this shirt.

LOL, it's a no from me.

4 Moms Can be So Embarrassing Sometimes


One of the coolest things about turning 18 is finally being able to get a driver's license. To our parents, that's not that big of deal, but to ride with a new driver can be nerve-racking.

Having a driver's license mean that you're actually cool. And OMG, those rare days when our parents would give us their car for a few hours were the best because you would be able to drive your friends around, showing off, and pretending to be cool. But, as I said, parents do understand many of those things.

For example, look at this car in the photo above. Do you really thing a teenager would be happy to drive around with this sticker on a car?  No way! And look at the bottom of the sticker, it even mentions parents. Great, now everyone will think that you're always driving with at least one of your parents with you.

3 This Dad Who Doesn't Know How Facebook Works


Do you have your parents as your friends on Facebook? You probably do, right? Well, I'm sure that there are times when you wish you could just delete them because sometimes they can be really annoying with their recipes, Bible quotes, and political statuses, don't you agree? But then again, you just can't delete them because that would mean war, and we don't want that. In other words, you're stuck with them and their silly posts, so get ready to watch them comment on their own photos, or trying to interact with Facebook pages.

One of my favorite things are when people who are new to Facebook don't know how to message their friends, so they post the message as a status update instead. I mean, just look at the photo shown above where a father posted a status about his son's masturbation habits. How awkward is that?

2 These Parents Are Embarrassing Themselves AND Their Kid At The Same Time


All of us who are single and forever alone can agree that couples can be very annoying sometimes. Hear me out, I'm pleading my case: we get very annoyed by their constant kissing, hand-holding, and PDA (public display of affection) in general. Like, I get it — you’re a couple and you love each other, but can you please stop shoving that in my face, because it's only making me feel more miserable. Not only that, but can you also stop uploading every selfie you have with your S.O. to social media? Trust me, it annoys everybody, even your parents. Even these parents from the photo above were so annoyed by the constant PDA they saw, so they decided to show their kid just how annoying their selfies were by recreating those exact selfies. And if you ask me, they did a pretty good job. Let's hope this was enough to show their kid how annoying his/her selfies are.

1 Parents Literally Know Everything


Guys, in case you're not really familiar with Reddit, then you need to know that it's an amazing place, full of people who provide us with some of the funniest photos and memes ever. There's literally a thread for everything, inducing embarrassing parents. For example, this one Redditor (whose username is not really appropriate to be included here) posted this photo. And judging by this photo, this Redditor's parents left this on his bed, with a very funny note saying, "Socks are for feet only." Well, that's awkward. Most guys—and those who have seen American Pie—will get the sock part (hint: it has to do with self pleasure). I mean, you have to admit this was very thoughtful, and way more hygienic than the sock method.

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