15 Parents Who Deserve An Award For Trolling

Being a parent can be so rewarding. You get to see a tiny human start from literally nothing and blossom into a walking-breathing person with likes, dislikes and everything in between. You get to gently mold their values, teach them about the world and all of its wonders and essentially help shape the person they will become when they get older. And of course, you get to troll the sh*t out of them whenever you want. While we're pretty confident that parents have been trolling their children since the dawn of time, thanks to the internet, we now get to see all of the amazing trolling we would have missed out upon without social media. Yup, there's just something so satisfying about seeing someone get trolled by some of the people they love and trust the most. Here are 15 parents who totally deserve an award for their A+ trolling.

15 The parents who taught their daughter a valuable lesson

It's no secret that parents have to wear many hats for their children. Parents are essentially their children's personal cook, chauffeur, bank, dry cleaner, so on and so forth. Parents are also expected to keep the fantasy and holiday spirit alive by playing roles like The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and of course, Santa, for as many years as it takes their children to figure out that their upbringing is a web of lies.

With children fully convinced that another person is behind a bunch of the presents given on Christmas, it's no surprise that parents take this opportunity to troll, and troll hard. After all, Santa will be to blame, not them! Take these parents who taught their daughter to be more specific when asking Santa for gifts in the future. Yeah, this little girl won't be making this same mistake again, we can be sure of that.

14 The parents who accomplished this epic fake out

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When you're a kid, you come to expect that your parents will provide everything for you, from a warm dinner every night to a house with working heat and water. If you are lucky enough to have these essentials, it becomes easy to start expecting your parents to get you things that extend beyond basic survival items. Chances are, they even step into ~luxury zone.~ Sure, you couuuuld get a pair of no-name jeans from Target and call it a day, but first you'll try to convince your mom to buy you some from Lucky Brand or Abercrombie & Fitch. And yeah, technically you could go to the library or simply save up money for a nice laptop, but wouldn't it be awesome if your parents just surprised you with a Macbook Pro and left it for you on your desk?! Yeah, no, that's what parents who DON'T troll do. C'mon now.

13 The parents who took a different approach to the whole "monsters under the bed" problem

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Children are so adorably innocent. They don't know about any of the truly terrifying monsters in life like terrorism and taxes and instead get scared by fictional things like the Bogeyman, ghosts in the house, or a disappointed Santa who gives out coal instead of gifts. While many parents use these intimidating characters as a way to get their children to behave, the parents from this tweet take it to a whole new level. Instead of tucking the kids in and setting them up for a nightmare-free night, these parents decided to reenact an episode of 'Scare Tactics' using their poor children as the victims. These parents were probably woken up every night for a week after this decision but the looks on their kids' faces were probably well worth it.

12 The parents who planned this elaborate booby trap

Speaking of scaring children straight, the task gets a little more complicated as kids get older. After all, sixteen and seventeen year olds are usually over the whole Bogeyman thing by the time they reach adolescence. Yeah, when it comes to teenagers, they're more scared of getting caught drinking or sneaking in past curfew than the possibility of monsters under their bed. So, what does a parent looking to discourage their kids from misbehaving do? Plan this elaborate booby trap, duh! That's right, y'all.

When scaring your kids with the prospect of getting coal for Christmas and lecturing them into a state of oblivion becomes passé, the only thing left to do is scare the sh*t out of them with noise poppers! Now, you don't have to be waiting by the door with a stern look stapled to your face when they come home late, you can just scare the bejeezus out of them with an ol' fashioned Goonies-style booby trap. That's parenting done right in our books.

11 The dad who seriously knew his way around Photoshop

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Sometimes it's easy to forget that for every pivotal moment there is in a child's life, there is also one for the parent. Like when your child starts going to pre-school and is out of your line of vision for more than an hour. Or when a kid goes from 5th grade to 6th grade and you can't help with math homework anymore because you barely passed Algebra yourself. Then, of course, there's the monumental moment when your kids finally go to college and you and your spouse are alone in the house again. Some parents are saddened by this big change and can't help but find their once boisterous house eerily quiet without people running around it. Then, there are parents who relish in their found-again privacy and soak up every moment of the sweet silence. In fact, some parents are so gung-ho about the event, they can't help but take to Photoshop and troll their kids with the fact that the house is completely theirs, again. And what better way to illustrate that fact than turning your kid's room into the dog's new haven. Damn, this dad is good at Photoshop!

10 The parents who played this cruel trick

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Alright, we've gotta admit, this one's a little messed up. You don't mess with chocolate. You don't set someone up for that kind of disappointment. That being said, this is a pretty epic troll. We can only imagine the reasoning behind it. Maybe these parents couldn't keep their hands off their kids' Halloween stash and this is the adult equivalent of stealing vodka from the liquor cabinet and evening out the bottle with water. Or maybe they were binge-watching prank videos on YouTube and had to see if they could pull one of their own off. Orrr, maybe their kids were simply eating way too much candy and this was the only way they could think to stop them. Whatever the reason is, we wish we coulda been there to see this poor child's face.

9 The parents who set up this gem of a photo


The great thing about trolling kids is that they're usually too naive and innocent to know what the heck is going on. And it gets even better when you're trolling your own kids because they (usually) have 100 percent trust in you. Fools. We imagine this photo went down something like this. "Are you hungry, honey? Do you want a banana? Here's a banana. But WAIT, don't eat it yet, haha. Go sit over there, darling, we want to take a photo of you. Yes, right on top of those pumpkins there. Oh, you look adorable! Now, smile big for the camera. Yes, yes, perfect, muahahaha. Post it on Facebook, post it on Facebook." Yeah, this little girl probably had no idea what was happening but goodness knows she will one day.

8 The dad who made this brilliant blanket

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Being a dad is hard, especially if you have a daughter. You have to watch her go from a little angel whose only interaction with the male race is a Ken doll to a full-blown hormonal teenager with way too many males around her. Yeah, it can get pretty rough. Some dads are fully accepting of this transition and do little to stop the process. Others may not be totally comfortable with it, but suck it up and realize that this is all a part of raising a girl. And then there are a few out there who will meddle into their daughter's life how ever way they can. Take this dad who made a blanket that will like make a few of his daughter's suitors uncomfortable. Hey, gotta do what ya gotta do.

7 The dad who took this breakfast request very literally

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? They're like little parrots, repeating all of the terrible stuff they hear around them. Sometimes, they say a curse word without even realizing it and sometimes they say something they overheard when you were watching Game of Thrones. Most of the time though, children make simple speech mistakes that parents are able to decipher pretty quickly. No harm, no foul. That is unless, you're a troll-y dad who enjoys taking everything your kids say literally. That means when your kids ask for "little pancakes," you don't ask any secondary questions. Nope, not one. Instead you go ahead and assume that your kids are asking for tiny, miniature pancakes. Yep, that's some of the best trolling we've ever seen, even if his kid kinda missed the joke.

6 The mom who convinced her son to never skip dinner again

When you're a parent, you can often be painted as the villain for making sure your kids are not just happy, but healthy. As nice as it would be to be able to accomplish this task without lying or threatening your kid once, parents know that that's easier said than done. Sometimes, you have to tell your kids that the medicine you're about to shoot down their gullet tastes like candy, that Santa Clause will absolutely know that they did not clean their room, and that touching the stove will turn their hands to stone. It's all a part of parenting. While these exaggerations usually do the trick, every once in a while, you have to bring out the big guns to make a point. You know, like dressing your kid up like a skeleton when he's skipped dinner so that he thinks he starved to death overnight. It's called trolling with a purpose, folks.

5 The parents who made this amazing cake

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Having your significant other or crush over to your house for the first time can be super nerve-wracking, especially if you still live with your parents. You pray that they don't pull out any photos of you taking a bath as a child and hope with all your might that they don't mention the "hilarious" story of when you were six years old and dropped your pants in front of an entire supermarket. You may have even mentioned some of these off-limit topics to your parents to make sure everyone's on the same page. Most parents would take these requests and honor them fully. Some might slip up halfway through the visit, but only out of forgetfulness. And a few troll-y parents out there, would encompass all of the awkwardness that is "meeting the parents" into a glorious cake. Special friend??? THAT'S GOLD.

4 The dad who rocked this look

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Girls do some pretty crazy things for the sake of beauty from gluing fake eyelashes onto our eyes to plucking unwanted hairs from our face one by one. We buy all sorts of products that promise to enhance our appearance, whether that means making our lips plumper or our noses smaller. While many girls can look at a pair of fake eyelashes strewn across a table and not think anything of it, guys are a bit more perplexed by the intricacies of the female get-up. And if there's one type of male that is the most confused by girly habits, it's dads. Not only are they the opposite gender, but they're older and likely haven't kept up with the beauty trends of the last decade. So, what is a troll-y dad to do when they stumble upon some hair extensions? What else? Try them on, snap a couple of selfies, and group text the entire family. Doy.

3 The parents who technically got their daughter what she asked for

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Now we're just guessing here, but we think Little Pancakes Dad from earlier would get along swimmingly with Eye Pad parents over here. They're both saving a little money, having a good laugh, and getting some genuine pleasure from trolling their kids. The best part is, there is an underlying lesson. This is not just some nonsensical troll. Sure, this little girl may be pissed now, but one day she'll be glad that her parents taught her to never trust anyone, always read the fine print, and BE SPECIFIC. Who knows? This experience may even inspire her to become a lawyer! On the other hand, it may just end up being one of the stories she ends up telling her therapist years from now when they ask why she doesn't trust people. Either or.

2 The dad who brilliantly recreated his daughter's photos

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Young people get away with a lot of stuff. They can wear crazy revealing clothes, pose in come hither positions and take photos and of course, post said photos all over the internet. Why? Because they can/ they're young/ their metabolism is still running at full capacity and their ass will never look as good as it does right now. As acceptable as this type of behavior has become in society, there is still one group of people who is genuinely traumatized by all of it: parents.

Imagine the little girl you raised, who used to call your name excitedly from the top of the jungle gym, is now prancing around on a beach in a bathing suit. Yes, she's a woman now who's in control of her own body but damn, this is rough to watch. So, what else is a troll-y dad to do? Sit around and sulk that his daughter isn't five anymore? Of course, not. Recreating the photos is clearly the only solution.

1 The parents who really, really confused their son

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When you're a troll-y person, even the simplest of pranks can have you keeled over laughing. And let's be real, that doesn't change when you become a parent. In fact, the presence of innocent, trustworthy kids probably only intensifies the urge to play pranks. After all, who else could you play pranks on with little to no consequence? Exactly, no one. Not to mention that tricking your kids is probably a waaay more entertaining way to spend Friday night than flipping through Netflix trying to find something to watch. Yep, these parents probably had a grand old time camping out in their room, listening to their confused son wander around the house, and flipping the WIFI switch on and off until they were crying from laughter. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life, y'know?

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