15 Parents Who Were Savage AF

Most parents have the patience of a saint, and somehow manage to keep calm even though their toddler is driving them up a wall or their teenager stormed up the stairs in a huff after an argument. They patiently listen to their children's woes, spend hours trying to convince their two-year-old to go to bed and calmly watch children's shows with their little one all day.

However, there are some parents are brutally honest, and often so blunt that it hurts. Whether or not you're a parent, everyone will get a good laugh at our list of 15 parents who were utterly savage to their poor kids.

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15 Nobody Likes A Whiner

One of the worsts parts about being a parent is having to listen to your child whine over the tiniest thing. Whether it’s ripped jeans, a broken toy, or the fact that they came down with strep throat and feel horrible, whining is a time-honored tradition for kids. I know that as a child, I whined to my parents about stuff that looking back, was pretty insignificant.

Most parents just grin and bear it, but not this dad. He gives ZERO f***s and doesn’t mind if society would be horrified at him telling his child how it is. After all, nobody likes whining, and the sooner his child understands that, the better. Okay sure, his words are harsh, but don’t worry—eventually the kid will grow up, be able to sign up for social media accounts, and will be able to whine and vent on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr just like everyone else.

14 Take Some Pedialyte And Call Me In The Morning

Every parent knows the sheer horror of listening to the sound of children scurrying to the bathroom and then hearing them start vomiting due to a stomach bug. It is even worse when a child stops into their parents’ room BEFORE they run to the bathroom and announce that they don’t feel well and might puke their guts up. Most parents just sigh and get up, knowing that they are going to have to bust out the bleach and Lysol after their child is done throwing up. Not SmallwoodParson—she has ZERO sympathy for her child after they woke her up in the middle of the night, especially when she’s still groggy from the two Benadryl tablets she took earlier. Even though her words are harsh, it is good practice for her child to figure out how to clean up after themselves and learn how to take care of themselves when they’re sick—after all, their mother can’t take them to the doctor’s office when they are 30!

13 Never, EVER Tell Your Mom That Her Car Isn't "Cool"

Most parents will just roll their eyes or ignore their child when they make a snarky remark about how “uncool” their car is, or how stupid their outfit looks. If the child is REALLY mouthy, they might give them a warning or have them do extra chores. But PamHasACoolVan had a savage takedown of her child after they dissed the minivan. Instead of laughing off her son Thomas’s nasty remark, she grounded him from Pokémon GO. Now that is cold—not only will Thomas not be able to run around outside trying to catch Pokémon with his friends and duking it out with other users in local gyms, but if he wants to go anywhere, he’ll probably have to have his mother drive him in the so-called “uncool” minivan. Thomas is probably going to shrivel up from the embarrassment and rage about the fact he was grounded from playing Pokémon GO, but hey, at least he learned never to insult his parents’ car!

12  This Child Will Never Diss Someone Again

It may be harsh, but I don’t blame Isaiasa117 for cackling at the mother’s comment. Most parents would either force their child to apologize to the worker they so rudely mouthed off to, or would revoke certain privileges like cell phone access, Internet, television, etc. when they got home. But not the mother Isaiasa117 encountered—that woman was NOT happy with her daughter’s nonsense and bluntly told her that she needs to stop talking shit. After all, given the fact that Isaiasa117 referenced a blizzard, it sounds as if she works at a local Dairy Queen, so it is no wonder that the mother told her daughter off. People who work in places like fast food and retail have to work long hours and deal with demanding customers—the last thing they need is to deal with a snotty child on top of all the rest of their stress. Maybe the mother will even go one step further and force her child to work part time in fast food when she’s of age, so she will understand why it’s not nice to be obnoxious to the person behind the counter.

11 It's Never To Early To Learn To Cook

OOO, CAN WE SAY BURN?! WHY YES, YES WE CAN! BusyMomDiary1 may have been a tad bit harsh with her hungry son, but who can blame her? Being a parent is absolutely exhausting most of the time—there’s driving your child to and from school, making their lunch, packing said lunch in a lunchbox, helping them with homework, etc. It’s not easy, and there are some days where things are SO hectic, that you can’t help but indulge yourself with a small nap. That’s not TOO much to ask, is it?

However, sometimes being sleepy can lead to absolutely hilarious and incredibly blunt replies to children. BusyMomDiary1 might not have meant to be so brutally honest with her son, but hey, at least her son will get a head start on learning how to cook so they won’t starve to death when they are in college or living on their own.

10 Don't Expect Any Comfort If You Have Nightmares

There are some parents out there who are kind and compassionate. They will soothe their child over every single scrape and fall. They will also move over and make room on the bed if their child has a nightmare or gets scared from a thunderstorm and is so shaken up that they can’t sleep. Even if they are internally irritated, they will never, ever show their children that they are frustrated.

LeighShaver1 is CLEARLY not like that. There is no pity for their child, and even though they are nervous because of the rain storm, she savagely shut down their request to sleep in their parents’ room. Although I won’t lie, the line about “it’s rain, not the apocalypse” is quite possibly one of the funniest things to ever be tweeted. Quick, someone find a sitcom writer, because that line absolutely NEEDS to be included on a television show about a dysfunctional family.

9 Life Lessons Are Harsh

I won’t lie, I laughed hysterically at how S4Sleeba joked about teaching his son important life lessons about taxes and illustrated it by eating most of his ice cream. It’s harsh, but I won’t lie, it is on point. Plus, while the poor child might have been thinking “Uhhh, Dad? I have NO CLUE WTF you’re going on about, can you PLEASE stop eating my damn ice cream? I don’t like sharing,” at least it helps that he’s only one years old and it will be a miracle if he even remembers what his father did when he’s older. Although given how snarky his father is, I would NOT be shocked if he teased his son mercilessly about how he illustrated how taxes work by chowing down on all his ice cream when he’s older. After all, what sarcastic father wouldn’t take advantage of that memory in order to tease his son?

8 This Teenager Is Definitely Going To Develop A Complex

Every parent will tell you that raising teenagers is a huge pain in the a** at times. Thanks to the oh-so-fun stages of puberty, and teens being hyperaware of all of the peer pressure to “fit in,” teens are VERY VERY sensitive about how they look and what they wear. Goodness forbid they think they look “weird,” then they act like the Apocalypse has arrived. I remember being 14 and thinking that a few pimples that appeared on my chin was the END OF THE WORLD. Of course it wasn’t, but to me as a teenager, it was definitely a major cause for concern.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Dark Eldar Kristi’s son is starting to feel the peer pressure to “look cool” and fit it. Some parents would’ve just mentally laughed and reassured their son, but Dark Eldar Kristi just cackled at his “too spherical” comment. At least he’s getting practice in learning how to handle snarky, brutally honest replies!

7 This Kid Is Going To Be Terrified Of Their Siblings

Most little children go through a stage where they are absolutely convinced that a ghost is haunting their closer or that a scary monster lives under their bed. Many parents have soothed their fears by patiently explaining to their children that no, monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural creepy-crawlies don’t exist. If the problem persists, sometimes they will buy a night-light to help their children feel secure. Not RealOrInsane. When her youngest child asked her if she believed in monsters, she flat out told the kid that their two teenaged siblings ARE monsters, which I’m sure blew that poor kid’s mind. Now that child is probably going to be terrified that the two older siblings are going to shed their human skin in the middle of the night and will turn into gruesome monsters who enjoy terrorizing human children. This poor kid is going to need YEARS of therapy after that comment!

6 Nooo, Not The Internet!

Having to break up what appears (and often sounds like) World War III is every parent’s nightmare. After all, who REALLY wants to have to deal with screeching, crying and bickering siblings? It is enough to give you a migraine that lasts for DAYS. However, most parents will either raise their voices and tell the warring siblings to go to their rooms and maybe revoke access to their computers until everything cools down. TakeCourageMom decided on a more savage course of action: she unplugged the Internet in order to get her warring children to calm down and stop fighting over petty, trivial matters. Her plan worked—instead of the siblings bickering and taking jabs at one another, they are now united in their hatred towards TakeCourageMom because she just HAS to be the WORST mother ever after she decided to revoke Internet privileges as punishment. Now all she’ll need is a pair of ear plugs to drown out their whining about the unplugged Internet until she decides they’ve had enough and plugs the modem back in.

5  Sassy Replies Are Sassy

When dealing with toddlers who often mess up the rules of English grammar, most parents either laugh it off or gently give them a quick English lesson, if they are not tired or are in a rush to get somewhere. However, that is NOT QueenofMyCastl1—she gets snarky when she’s tired. Her three-year-old is going on about gum, and in typical toddler fashion, goofs up in terms of grammar. Most parents would either ignore it or laugh it off, but she lets her snarky side out when she responded to her kid. Instead of explaining to her child how to use proper grammar, QueenofMyCastl1 sasses her toddler by imitating them. It is probably a good thing that the toddler won’t likely remember their mother’s savage takedown of their poor grammar when they are older, although I wouldn’t be surprised if QueenofMyCastl1 still teases them about the “chewing gum incident” when they are older—especially if their future significant other is over!

4 No One Wants To Hear Your Problems

Parents are forced to listen to their children whine, complain, and ramble on and on and on about their day for YEARS. It’s endearing when their children are small, but becomes less so when they are older—especially when dealing with whiny teenagers. Still, despite their internal frustration at having to listen to their children yak on about their day and list every tiny detail, most parents grin and bear it. Not Serenaten’s father. He bluntly told her that she only has five minutes to give him a synopsis about her day—any longer and he just doesn’t want to hear it. Not that I can blame him, really. Humans have a short attention span, and after all the years of listening to his daughter ramble for hours about her day, I can completely understand why Serenaten’s dad just wants his daughter to make her synopsis of her day quick and snappy.

3 Even His Mother Is Appalled By His Lack Of Fashion Sense

Most parents try to avoid dressing their children in fashion faux pas, especially given the fact that kids can be incredibly cruel to one another and bullying is a huge concern right now. There’s also a huge amount of peer pressure with kids to look “cool” and “fit in” at school. Instead of gently telling her son that wearing socks with sandals is a HUGE fashion no-no, DallasLouie bluntly asks how the heck her son has NOT gotten beaten up for his sh*tty, sh*tty fashion sense (or lack thereof). It’s harsh, but true: kids bully each other for almost anything nowadays, and it wouldn’t be surprising if someone her son’s age started mocking the sandals and socks combo he was wearing. I just can’t believe that her son would even WANT to wear sandals with socks—isn’t that uncomfortable? Why he can’t just wear sandals like everyone else is something I’ll never understand.

2 They Have To Learn How To Survive Any Kind Of Weather

Participating in recreational activities such as baseball, football, basketball or even soccer is a time-honored activity for many families, especially those who have sons. Sure, most kids aren’t thrilled about getting up at the crack of dawn and having to play sports in inclement weather, but most parents are pretty supportive and some will even bribe them with getting a favorite treat afterwards. Not FunnyIsFamily—she has NO qualms about showing NO mercy to her poor, shivering kids. Instead of telling them that they can stop for hot chocolate or something along those lines after playing soccer in cold weather, FunnyIsFamily merely yells at her kids to “toughen up.” Now THAT is harsh, but it does make some sort of sense: it’s not always going to be warm and sunny during a soccer game, so her kids might as well get used to playing in all kinds of weather now.

1 Kids Usually Make The Volume At Restaurants Increase

Any parent will tell you that going out to eat at a restaurant with children is sure to be a noisy affair, especially if they are very young. With babies and toddlers, you never know what is going to make them start crying at a drop of a hat and with older children and teenagers, sometimes they STILL haven’t figured out volume control, so going out to eat for dinner is always an interesting affair. Generally, the majority of parents will simply remind their older kids to lower their voices when they’re at the restaurant, and will take their younger children outside if they start crying or throwing a temper tantrum. Not LurkAtHomeMom—she made a hilariously snarky reply when her six-year-old-daughter (loudly) asked why the restaurant they were at was so damn NOISY. That’s cold, LurkAtHomeMom, but too funny. I nearly spit out my coffee laughing when I read THAT reply.

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