15 Passive-Aggressive Notes From Coworkers That Will Make You Laugh

Working in an office environment is often a frustrating and thankless job. Not only do you have to answer to superiors, but there are also coworkers, many of whom you will probably not really get along with. There are those who might steal your lunch. There are those who take more smoke breaks than there are hours in the day. There are those who make snarky comments behind your back. There are those who just seem completely clueless about what they need to do. But because the office environment is so tricky, workers must learn to get along attempt niceties, even when they don't want to. That's where passive-aggressive notes come in. We searched the web for some of the funniest to share with you.

15 Dwight knows best

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It's funny how management thinks that it's in touch with its workforce, especially in office environments, when it's probably not anywhere near being in touch with what its employees think, feel and do. But management often tries, offering up cute little passive-aggressive notes like this one. Wait! Don't throw that thing away! Ask yourself: is it recyclable? And if it is, can't you just take the ten steps down the hallway to put it where it goes? We love the response to this, though, because this is one of those occasions where Dwight Schrute speaks for us all: correction, it's not 10 steps. It's actually 26 steps away. Stop lying to us, management. Because we know better. This is what happens when you leave such notes for employees.

14 Smells like ketchup

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The one thing about this note that we like is that the person who wrote it actually admitted that they were, in fact, passive-aggressive, at least in leaving this up for coworkers. But here's the deal, why not just leave your name instead? Let people know that you're the person who's tired of the office always smelling like ketchup. Not that there's anything wrong with the smell of ketchup. In fact, it seems like some office workers like that smell, so much so that they keep an extra packet of the condiment around so that they can use it to reply to passive-aggressive notes people leave in the office for them. Again, these kind of notes always seem to warrant a snarky response.

13 Weird trend

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If there is anything worthy of fighting over in the office, it's lunch. Why is that? Because when it comes to leaving your lunch in the fridge, it becomes a hot commodity: one of those things that your coworkers will fight over and steal when you're not looking.

And let's face it, even putting your name on your lunch is not going to stop a hungry thief. It never fails: someone's lunch always goes missing in the fridge.

Worse, though, are those people who don't leave their name on their lunch and then the food ends up going bad in the fridge and no one knows who to blame. This passive-aggressive note seeks to solve both problems, but it is way too passive-aggressive for its own good.

12 Ransom note

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Someone lost something valuable here. Someone's precious green plate went missing from the office and the owner is desperate to find it. It's like a valuable jewel, something they would really like back, thank you very much. So here's a passive-aggressive note requesting that it get returned. But then there's the reply (because, as we previously said, one just has to reply to such notes). The reply is a ransom note for said blue plate, threatening action against it if demands aren't met. But as is the case when people start leaving notes for each other in the office, rather than have actual in-person conversation, the notes begin to pile up. Someone left a note on the ransom note, wondering about the font used on the ransom note.

11 When you love doing other people's dishes

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This passive-aggressive note is from a coworker who has had enough of washing other people's dishes. The sarcasm behind the words written here just seethes off of the page and will shame those people that it's targeting: "the people who leave their dishes in the sink."

We get it: no one likes to clean up after their coworkers.

But at the same time, leaving behind a note like this will probably make more coworkers want to leave dirty dishes in the sink. Because that's the kind of passive-aggressive sarcasm that demands a reply that's in complete contrast to what the note requests. As a matter of fact, other coworkers might think, we really are more important than you, so wash our dishes, you plebe.

10 Worried kitten

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Passive-aggressive notes are bad on their own. No one really likes them, even when they're funny because, well, they're usually not really funny, at least never in the way originally intended. And those notes that try for cute? Those are even worse, as shown here by this note that includes a reference to a cuddly kitten.

As if somehow this kitten worrying about a Tupperware dish will really shame the person who took it into turning themselves in?

We're honestly surprised there isn't a response to the note with a photo of the kitten inside the Tupperware dish (missed opportunity there, if you ask us). Anyway, this person can eat chips, because honestly, no one will really care about it or the worried kitten. Sorry, not sorry.

9 Things we need

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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of passive-aggressive is this: "being, marked by, or displaying behavior characterized by the expression of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in an unassertive passive way." So we give you exhibit A, this note that should probably have its own picture in the dictionary next to the definition of that phrase. This is classic passive-aggressive behavior begging employees to clean up after themselves. But in typical fashion, someone decided to leave another note under that note. Because they also need milk in the office. And so the passive-aggressive note becomes nothing more than a thing that coworkers will laugh about. That's why these sort of notes never actually work. Because they only make employees roll their eyes.

8 Taken literally

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Yes, office bathrooms can sometimes get a little scary. Who knows what employees get up to in there? And sometimes, employees just aren't very neat or clean. Sometimes they forget to flush (especially if there is a manager breathing down their neck because they dare take a bathroom break). So, obviously, employees need a passive-aggressive note to remind them to flush the toilet when they are done.

Or as this note says, they're encouraged to check if they flushed the toilet.

Well, it looks like this note worked, because everyone who flushed left a check mark behind on the note as a response. Again, these notes are usually things employees laugh at, but then again, how can you make sure that everyone does something as simple as flush a toilet?

7 This note needed some editing

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This is a note by someone who obviously has a desk near the kitchen, or at least near the microwave at work. And, apparently, the beeping of the microwave is driving them absolutely bonkers. They must sit there every day and listen to nothing but the beeping and how can they ever get any work done like that? So this person took action: they left a passive-aggressive note asking people not to walk away when they're using the microwave. But we think that this is possibly a place of business where writers and editors work, too, because someone marked up the note, pointing out grammatical errors, misspellings and redundant statements. That's what happens when you leave behind a note, folks. It happens every single time. Way to go, Carolyn.

6 But when will it get fixed?

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Sometimes, a note is the only way to let everyone know that something in the office doesn't work. So instead of listening to dozens of employees asking about why the sink faucet doesn't work, someone left a sign on it explaining that it got turned off until it could get fixed. There's just one thing, though.

It seems that this is a case of a faucet not getting fixed for a very long time (which is often common in the workplace).

And it seems that another employee just wants to know when it might work again, or in this case, when it will get turned back on "due to fixage." One passive-aggressive note, obviously, deserves another. It's likely, though, that this faucet is still not working somewhere in the world.

5 Not Debbie's

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We love these notes that someone left in the office fridge. It seems that the people in the office have a problem with someone in particular, Debbie, who keeps stealing food. Apparently, everyone knows that Debbie just can't keep her hands off of their salads, sandwiches and leftovers from home. So someone decided to send Debbie a bit of a message, basically labeling every last item of food in the fridge as not hers. Wow. It seems like the office doesn't want Debbie to eat and poor Debbie might now have to start bringing in her own food. The horror! The shame! But as these little post-it notes, say, none of this is Debbie's. Sorry, Debbie, when it comes to lunch, you're on your own.

4 Jammin' printer

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Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows the frustration of dealing with the office printer. Printers rarely work the way they're supposed to. They always require a little finesse and a lot of patience, things that office workers rarely have an abundance of, especially if they're on a deadline to get things printed out.

Someone, though, decided to at least leave a note on the printer that explained the situation.

This printer is jammed, or actually, it's "jammin'." And so they have dubbed the printer with a new name: Bob Marley. And the printer now, basically, has its own reggae song because it is "jammin'" all the time. We love the sense of humor shown here, because at least those who visit the printer can smile in their frustration.

3 Out of order forever

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Sometimes, technology is the spawn of Satan. It never works when we need it to, and it's even worse when we need it to give us money so that we can buy lunch, pay our bills or just have some cash in our pockets for emergency. Take this poor ATM, for example. It has an "out of order" sign on it. That's not unusual: bank machines go down often. But this bank machine has been down for a long time, or at least that's the suggestion of the other sign left on it. This sign suggests that the ATM has won a Guinness world record for being down for the longest time of any ATM ever. That's what happens with notes, remember? Other notes will always appear.

2 This office is too sarcastic

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Have you ever worked somewhere with people who use sarcasm for everything? This is, apparently, one of those work environments, where everyone and everything has a lot of sarcasm. It seems that someone noticed and decided to make a sarcastic remark about the fact that there have been zero days since someone in the office was last sarcastic.

What's even funnier is that one of the sarcastic coworkers scribbled their own little note on that note: "nice spelling" because the first note misspelled sarcasm.

Wow. That's a whole lot of sarcasm to deal with. We also like the little note underneath it, which also seems rather sarcastic, "technical difficulties: please stand by." We can't even handle this office: the snark is strong with them. Also, we kind of want to work there.

1 OCD passive-aggressive

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It's not just the office refrigerator that is often the source of tension in the work environment. Almost everything in the kitchen stresses people out. That includes the microwave, which is often something that coworkers often fight about. We sort of get why someone would complain about it beeping all the time or if someone complained that it was dirty because no one cleans it. But this is something that really makes us laugh: someone with OCD left a note on the microwave about people who leave minutes on the timer. Just wow. That's just a little nuts, but, as is always the case, someone else decided to leave a note on the note: there's medication for that. This is both a little scary and funny, all at the same time.

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