15 People Who Believe Dating Has Been Changed By Millennials

Dating has definitely never been simple. From figuring out if your crush likes you back, to what to do on a first or second date, to how you even get into a serious relationship, there are so many aspects that are super confusing. Those among us who have found love and have partners to share our lives with are definitely pretty lucky. The rest of us who are still single and dating have had our fair share of bad dates and weird moments. Sometimes, it seems like dating only gets stranger and stranger. It's kind of like we're all starring in our own personal versions of Alice In Wonderland and we're falling down the rabbit hole with every bad date that we go on.

There are a lot of people who think that Millennial dating is the worst and that this generation has ruined everything that was ever good about the search for a partner. And I found a lot of Whisper confessions that talk about this fascinating and important subject. See for yourself.

15 Looking For Love


Is it even possible to date without texting these days? Between making plans and regular chatting (not to mention all the emojis that we send to each other), texting and dating totally seem to go hand in hand.

This person confessed on Whisper that they think that dating is the worst thanks to both Generation Y's dating habits and also the fact that everyone is so obsessed with texting. Their comment about no one being interested in really getting to know someone is also pretty fair. I can see that happening. We've all probably had the horrible experience of putting our best foot forward on a first date and telling our date all about ourselves only to have them stare at us blankly and refuse to participate in the conversation.

14 Ghosting Sucks


Ghosting and Millennials seem to go together like peanut butter and jam... except there's nothing good about it. 

Ghosting someone is an awful thing to do. There's just no question. Sure, we've most likely all ghosted someone out of necessity. Maybe we told a date that we didn't feel a romantic connection and weren't going to see them again, and they refused to respect that and kept contacting us. Ghosting makes sense in that kind of scenario. But most of the time, being ghosted sucks, and it would be nice to just be told that we're not someone's type or that they just want to be friends (if they actually mean it, that is). A lot of people would agree with this Whisper confession that Millennials have ruined dating with all the ghosting.

13 '90s Nostalgia


Dating like the '90s sounds like the best idea ever, especially since the '90s was the greatest decade ever. Millennials go crazy at any mention of the '90s (and Netflix even just released a coming-of-age teen show, Everything Sucks, for that target audience).

If dating like it's the 1990s again literally means chatting with someone that you're into, sign me up. I seriously think that Millennials need to figure this out and do that. Otherwise, we're never going to find love. It's totally fine to use dating apps if that's what you want to do or whatever your reasons are, and it's not like those are going away anytime soon. But it also seems like talking to a guy or girl that we like when we see them IRL is a good idea. That's the way that a lot of couples have met and it worked for them.

12 What's A Date?


Our generation really has no clue what a "date" is, which is why this Whisper confession is so completely spot-on.

If any of us have told our friends or family that we're "just hanging out" with someone, we've probably gotten some flak for that and some blank stares. Our moms have probably been all, "Is this person your boyfriend or girlfriend? What are you actually saying?" And our only response is usually just to shrug because, well, Millennials are super vague about dating. We don't know if we're on a date or just hanging out. We really have no idea. We could always ask the person, but since we're scared to be rejected by them, we're not really going to do that. This is just one reason that dating as a Millennial is so rough.

11 Swipe Left


There are some people who swear by online dating and enjoy meeting people this way. There are couples who have fallen madly, truly, and deeply in love by using a dating app. And then there are the rest of us who would prefer to date the old-school way and meet people through work, friends, at a party, in a coffee shop, in a bar — literally anywhere but online.

This Whisper confession proves that when Millennials date online, they tend to only want something casual and don't want to "label" it (aka: they don't want to call the person that they're seeing their girlfriend or boyfriend). Some people do see others as "disposable" and they feel like there's always another person to date. No, thank you. What happened to dating one person and seeing if you even like them?!

10 Serial Dating


This Whisper confession brings up another big issue with the way that this generation dates; it's this mentality that it's not necessary or possible to date one person for a long time.

There's a massive relationship/commitment phobia going on and it doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. And that's really a shame for anyone who is a Millennial and wants to find true love. It sucks to think that finding love isn't possible anymore, and that really doesn't seem to be the case, but at the same time it's difficult not to get down about the state of dating today. We've all had the same experience as this Whisper person: meeting someone cool, chatting, thinking that things are going well and that there's some promise or potential, and then it goes nowhere. Ugh.

9 Not That Trendy


From breadcrumbing to stashing to cuffing season, from Netflix and chill to good old ghosting, it seems like every day, there's a new Millennial dating trend. And every trend sounds like a horrible thing... because, well, it is.

There are even a few different kinds of ghosting: breadcrumbing means leading someone on and randomly texting them or liking their social media posts. Stashing means having someone on the backburner to date but ignores them — and that just says absolutely everything that we need to know about Millennial dating. It's not cool, but it's not like we have any other ideas, right? This just seems to be the norm. All we can do is refuse to accept this and treat people the way that we want to be treated, which is friendly and polite.

8 Single And Confused


Those of us who are single can all relate to this Whisper confession for sure. Who doesn't feel like they're simply sitting back and observing the mating rituals of this generation, wondering what's going on?

It seems impossible to find love these days, and if you're single, you probably look at your friends who have found someone and shake your heads, confused, wondering how they possibly did that. It's annoying for sure. Once you think that you've figured something out, you see another dating trend rearing its ugly head and wonder if you have to worry about that, too. It's enough to drive anyone nuts... and if you feel like you're going crazy, you're not alone there. It would most likely be stranger if you felt sane about the whole thing.

7 The Thrill Of The Chase (Or Not)


This is a pretty hilarious way of putting it, and it's totally spot on. Being a Millennial and dating other Millennials is absolutely like chasing someone who is going way too fast and who is never, ever going to want to be with you.

Okay, maybe this is a bit harsh... We can most likely all agree that we want to believe that it's still possible to find true love and start a relationship with someone amazing. That's what we all deserve. But if we've having a rough time in the dating trenches as a part of this generation, then at least we can take some comfort in knowing that we're not alone and that others are feeling the same things. We should just tell ourselves that it's all part of the process and that our person is out there.

6 Blame It On The Girls


This guy found one way to cope with the way that Millennials have messed up dating: dating women who aren't Millennials at all.

Hmmm. While this seems like one way to solve the problem, is it really doing anything at all? Sure, he saved himself the frustration and wasted time of dating girls who apparently weren't that into him or who weren't treating him properly. And no one deserves to go through that. But dating is still an annoying experience for the rest of us, so this was just kind of a personal decision that made his love life better but that was it. Okay, maybe we can't exactly expect one guy to fix the whole Millennial dating problem. That's not exactly fair. But we can dream.

5 Are We Dating Or What?!


The process of dating is supposed to be fairly simple: you like someone, they like you, you go on a few dates, you tell each other how you feel, you say that you want to be in a relationship, and then, well, you are. Sure, there's a lot of awkward moments and sweaty palms and text messages to your BFFs in between, but that's generally how it goes.

With Millennials, the process is not so simple at all, and it sometimes feels like you're being crazy when you assume that you're actually dating someone. If you bring it up, they tell you to chill out and just see where things go. It's a total fear of commitment that many people would agree is getting really old.

4 The Art Of The First Date


In a perfect scenario, a first date would be a magical thing. It would include dinner or drinks, maybe a movie, a walk in the park, or something specific to our interests that made us swoon. Our date would sweep us off our feet and be so romantic that we wouldn't be able to believe it. We would text our friends after and say that we felt like we were in a movie.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and neither is dating as a Millennial. Instead, we wonder why people think that a first date involves grabbing a drink and being ignored by the other person because they're on their phone the entire time. We can probably all relate to this Whisper confession way too much.

3 The Dating Game


People have been talking about "the dating game" for a while now. We mostly think that men love to play games and that they love the thrill of the chase. They enjoy chasing a beautiful person, making them fall for him, and then they want to find someone else. Or they wait three days to call someone back for a second date. Sure, women play games too, like when they pretend to be busy when they're really not, all because they don't want the object of their affection to think that they have no life.

Millennials probably play dating games best of all and sometimes, it really does feel like this Whisper confession is correct: the best thing to do is not date at all. Sigh.

2 Really Ridiculous


Have you had the experience of going on a first date, having fun, feeling like you're getting to know the person sitting across from you, and then never hearing from them again? Maybe you get brave and ask them out a second time and they say yes, but then they cancel and that's it. Or you go on the second date but nothing happens after that. Or maybe you just straight-up get ignored.

You've gone through this because we all have, and every time, it hurts and it sucks. But like this Whisper confession says, no one seems to want to have real, honest conversations with each other, and dating is always simply a surface level thing. It's frustrating for anyone who wants to find something real. 

1 Casual Dating Or Bust


Sometimes when people are single, it's because they actually choose to be that way. Anyone who has tried their hand at online dating knows that's 100% true. Think about all the people who are online dating and who claim to want to find love... but they go on first date after first date and nothing ever goes anywhere.

These people might claim that they're just not meeting the right people on those apps or websites, but really, that would mean that they're so picky that no one is good enough. It seems like people honestly would rather say that they want a partner but when it comes down to it, they want to remain single. Yup, that's definitely depressing. Dating as a Millennial is pretty much the worst.

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