15 People Who Are A Few Cards Short Of A Full Deck

I’ve seen some totally brilliant and utterly creative people. One photojournalist I follow on Facebook has taken some captivating photos that help bring awareness to important issues, while my favorite author constantly regales her fans with fascinating tidbits about her upcoming book.

Amongst all these shining stars in the sky are people that are so dumb it boggles the mind. From Twitter users that CLEARLY slept through most of their high school career to people that don’t know the difference between a carved stone sculpture and natural erosion, the amount of stupid people out there in the world is either giggle or tear inducing.

Need a good chuckle? The following 15 people that are too dumb for words will make everyone laugh until they fall over and are out of breath.

15 He Needs A Refund From The Tattoo Artist

Via: Imgur

Oh honey, I think you need to get a refund from your tattoo artist because I’m 90% sure that they were trolling you. Those two puzzle pieces wouldn't fit together if they were real so either the artist was trying to pull a fast one OR there was a serious miscommunication.

Not that I have any idea as to WHY this dude would even want such a random tattoo. What is the symbolism of puzzle pieces that don’t fit together? That’s seriously the dumbest tattoo idea I have ever heard of. I think the tattoo artist had the right idea in changing it, even if the design is a bit hideous. Then again, they were probably sick of dealing with this fool and purposely made it bad so he’d get off their backs.

14 Oh Look, We Found Out Who Didn't Take Biology

Via: Imgur

This post would make every single biologist weep for the future of humanity because this twit can’t tell the difference between mammals and reptiles. Did she sleep all through biology class back when she was in high school? That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why she thinks a CUTE FUZZY SQUIRREL is a REPTILE.

Too bad no-one commented and made a snarky remark about how reptiles usually have SCALES instead of fur. I also wish one of this chick’s friends would enroll her in a remedial biology class because one of these days, her stupidity is going to get herself killed. She seems like the type that would go up to a venomous snake and try to pet it because she mistakenly believed it was someone’s pet.

13 This Is Why Aliens Won't Talk To Us

Via: Imgur

Somewhere, the aliens that are monitoring Earth and trying to decipher if humans are ready for extraterrestrial contact must be facepalming SO HARD right now. The conversation would go something like this: “Bob, take a look at this post on Facebook. I can’t BELIEVE how stupid the Earthlings are." “Oh man Debra, I had no idea that they were so dumb. I don’t think they’re ready for us to pop in and be all ‘Greetings friends, we come in peace!”

Aside from the aliens thinking this chick is stupid, I can only imagine what the security guards at the store and the other shoppers thought. Didn’t anyone tell her that she could walk down the escalator? Then again, I get the vibe that she’d be the type to throw a big fit if someone tried to point out the truth. Ignorance is bliss!

12 Talk About A Brain Glitch

Via: Imgur

Did this Facebook users have a brain fart when they posted this photo? How on Earth did they NOT realize that the term “sunrise” is used for the MORNING and “sunset” is used for the EVENING? Seriously, one of their friends or relatives needs to give them a dictionary ASAP. I don’t care if it isn’t their birthday or Christmas just yet, they need one so they won’t make an utter fool out of themselves on social media ASAP.

It’s a shame their sarcastic friends dropped the ball. This Facebook post would have been even MORE hilarious if one of them took a screencap of the definition of “sunset” and posted it as a reply. C’mon my dudes, bring the rest of the world some laughs by trolling this poor fool!

11 Their English Teacher Is Cringing So Hard

Via: Imgur

My inner editor started to weep at this post and wanted to reach for a stiff drink in order to wipe out the memory of seeing such an idiotic comment. Look, I get not everyone has perfect spelling but for the love of all things holy, USE SPELL CHECK. Pretty much every Smartphone and computer nowadays has one and there’s no excuse to NOT know how to spell words anymore.

Besides, didn’t this Jace person look at their comment and realize “Oh wait, I’m wrong. The word ‘purple’ does have an 'e' at the end and this wouldn’t apply to the game.” But I guess editing is too difficult for them and now everyone on their Facebook friends list knows that performing a spell check is NOT their forte.

10 Every Hair Stylist In The World Is Cackling At This Tweet

Via: Imgur

This post HAD to have been before Facebook changed their layout and implemented more options for reacting to posts aside from a simple “like” with a blue thumbs up because I’m pretty sure all of this chick’s friends would’ve put the “laughing” emoji as a reaction to her idiotic statement. I know I would’ve burst out laughing from the amount of fail in this post.

It's too bad her hair stylist probably didn’t see this Facebook post either because she likely would’ve needed CPR from laughing too hard at this woman’s stupidity. The misspelling of the world “cut” is bad enough, but the butchering of the “past tense” as “past tents” is just too much to bear. I want to toss an English tutor at this chick because she needs one — badly!

9 Clearly, She Took A Nap When Covering The Reproductive System In School

Via: Imgur

Everyone with half of a brain stared at this tweet and tilted their head just like an inquisitive puppy that just heard a weird noise. What I want to know is if this chick failed the section in biology when the teacher covered both the male and female reproductive systems. It is TERRIFYING that this woman doesn’t know that a female child is known as a “daughter.”

Surely her parents called her their daughter at some point in her life, right? It boggles the mind how she didn’t put two and two together. Shouldn’t that have been something that was covered way back in kindergarten? With any luck, she won’t reproduce and have children of her own until she brushes up on basic human biology and actually buys a dictionary so that she can look up the definition of the word “daughter.”

8 The Scorpion King Is Going To Smack You With His Claws

Via: Imgur

This tweet is so stupid that Dwayne Johnson is going to create a costume based on his previous role of the Scorpion King and smack @ChiefPeekaboo upside the head with fake claws. It never occurred to this person that maybe The Rock wasn't a man's actual first name?

Was this guy asleep for most of Johnson’s wrestling career? How did someone NOT realize that the professional wrestler known as the Rock’s real name WAS Dwayne Johnson, only dropping the nickname when he wanted to be taken seriously as a professional actor in Hollywood? C’mon dude, use Google. A simple search would’ve revealed the truth before you stupidly decided to post such a cringeworthy status for all of the world to see on a very public social media website.

7 This Is A Great Way To Get A Corneal Ulcer, My Dudes

Via: Instagram

Dennys, this advertisement is NOT a good look (no pun intended). Not only would dipping one’s contact lenses into boiling hot coffee likely make them dissolve or burn the heck out of the wearer if they managed to actually put them in their eyes, but it is also a FANTASTIC way to get a corneal ulcer.

Take it from me — corneal ulcers are NOT FUN. I got one recently after I foolishly decided to wear my extended-use contacts a little longer than two weeks and it hurt like the fury of 1,000 blazing suns. I also can’t wear extended-use lenses and I’m stuck in glasses for the time being. Dennys, you might want to rethink your advertisements so you don’t get sued out the wazoo all because some idiot got a corneal ulcer after dunking their contacts into coffee.

6 Found The Person That Failed Geography

Via: Imgur

As amusing as this photo is, it looks like we found the Tumblr user that got an F in geography class back in the day. That is the ONLY explanation I can come up with as to why she thinks “Africa” and “South Africa” are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINENTS.

Maybe they were two different land masses back when ye olde dinosaurs ruled the Earth and Pangaea was a thing, but NOW SOUTH AFRICA IS PART OF THE CONTINENT NAMED AFRICA, YOU BLUBBERING NITWIT. May the universe have mercy on your poor, confused brain because the Internet certainly won’t. I won’t lie, I wouldn’t be shocked if this chick got anonymous asks on Tumblr making fun of her geography fail for WEEKS after she posted this.

5 Steve Jobs' Ghost Is Crying

Via: Imgur

The spirit of Steve Jobs is staring at this guy and his ruined iPhone in abject horror. If you listen closely, you can hear ole’ Steve screaming at him for being such a nitwit. “Good grief, you don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! Didn’t your parents ever teach you common sense? This is why I created the Genius Bar at Apple — so that way, if any customers needed one of my products repaired, they could go in and GET IT FIXED. You’re too stupid to own an iPhone, please switch to an Android. Let THEM deal with your idiocy.”

The fact that this dude decided to “charge” his phone by putting it in a microwave instead of simply plugging it in with the REAL charger or taking it to the Genius Bar to see if there’s anything wrong is astounding. Congratulations dude, you’ve won the award for Dumbest Person on the Internet.

4 Doctors Everywhere Are Cackling

Via: Pinterest

Somewhere, a doctor is looking at this idiotic post and laughing so hard that their pets are starting to wonder if they’re going to have to perform CPR or dial 911 for them.

Didn’t this woman realize that what she was using was a THERMOMETER, because you have to stick it under your tongue rather than urinate on a stick? Okay sure, pregnancy tests can be a little tricky and awkward to use, but surely she must have heard all the jokes about “peeing on a stick”? They are practically a staple in every chick- flick in creation, so unless she’s been living under a rock, I don’t understand how she mixed the two items up. Besides, hasn’t she used a thermometer before? How did she not recognize it? This woman needs to learn the difference between a thermometer and a pregnancy test ASAP.

3 George Washington Weeps For The Future Of Humanity

Via: Pinterest

George Washington’s ghost is weeping for the future of humanity while Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln console him. “Aw c’mon George, this has to be a joke, no one can be THAT dumb.” “No, no, no, Teddy, you don’t understand — this guy honestly believed that Mount Rushmore was naturally created instead of being carved by sculptures.”

I’m pretty sure this guy slept through geology classes in high school because anyone with half a brain would have realized that there is NO WAY that natural erosion would have been able to sculpt the cliffs into perfect likenesses of past presidents. Has he not seen photos of the Great Sphinx in Egypt? It's pretty easy to tell what nooks and crannies were made by erosion and what was actually a hand-carved sculpture.

2 Obvious Photoshop Is Obvious

Via: Pinterest

Oh sweet summer child, you REALLY need to have more computer-savvy friends sit down with you sometime soon and teach you how to spot real photos from what are obviously fake images that were touched up using Photoshop.

It’s appalling that this naïve chick really thought that the image on the right was Earth, even though you can STILL see the iconic craters of the moon. I applaud her for being worried about climate change but sweetie, the photo on the right is of the wrong planet. Has she never been to a planetarium or seen photos of the moon? I don’t recall having spent THAT much time on astronomy in high school, but the picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon was in my history textbook.

1 Thieves Are Cheering This Lady On

Via: Imgur

I’d be willing to bet that credit card thieves everywhere threw a party when they saw this tweet. They were probably congratulating themselves on finding such a naïve target and likely went to work immediately using her fancy-schmancy new credit card.

This poor fool probably woke up the next morning and discovered to her horror that her credit card has been used—and not by her. It sucks that people probably stole her identity, but she WAS the one that was stupid enough to post a picture of her credit card for all the world to see on Twitter. Perhaps this incident will teach her a much-needed lesson: don’t ever take photos of credit cards and post them to social media. Even if she blurred it, there is probably some folks out there that could figure out a way to undo it and get all of her information to use for some nefarious purpose.

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