15 People Confess The Most Ridiculous Thing Their Ex Did After Breaking Up

Falling in love is a magical experience. Everyone can agree that there are few things in life better than the first three months into a new exciting romantic relationship. Waking up every morning feels like a musical where people break into song with strangers. It feels like springtime all the time. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. We feel invincible and ready to take on anything because we destined to be together and ours is a love that could rival all the iconic love stories of literature. That is until the honeymoon phase is over and we see our significant other without rose-colored glasses and realize we’ve been dating an insane person. We’re not alone, here are 15 confessions about crazy exes:

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15 Two for one

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Break-ups are tough. Even the ones that end amicably can take its toll on a person. Spending years with a person and connecting on the deepest level you’ve ever done with another human being only to have all that emotional investment feel like it’s all been for nothing is stressful. That's why a lot of these relationships keep rekindling. People think breaking up is a waste of the years they spent together, despite knowing that it will never work. For those who are strong enough to take a stand and be firm with their decision to break up, note that some exes may not take too kindly to that decision. Like this guy’s ex, who slept with his father when she couldn’t get him back. Close enough.

14 Nailed it

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Another favorite outlet scorned exes access is the destruction of private property. Destroying something their ex gave them or something the ex loves must be cathartic to these people. We sometimes see it on TV and in the movies: a person going through a break-up starts a little fire and drops each picture they have of their ex into it. The ex-girlfriend in this confession, though, opted for a bigger splash and decided to hammer nails into this poor person’s car tires. Petty revenge done right, although not necessarily a good thing to do. Car tires aren’t cheap, so she probably thought it was the best thing to do to anger her ex. Welp, it did just that, but we hope she at least paid for the damages.

13 Return policy

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When one person in the relationship is a dog person and actually has a dog, there’s a chance that the other party who’s not a dog person may take advantage of the dog person’s love for their dog and use their dog against them. Only a truly despicable person can have the audacity to involve pets in a break-up. It is a vile and evil tactic that only heartless individuals can pull off. Like the ex-boyfriend in this confession who tried to give the confessor’s dog away to the shelter knowing it would break her heart. Thankfully, she was able to get her dog back after all the douchebaggery that her ex did. There are so many other ways to vent your anger. Leave the pets out of it.

12 Killer ex

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Love can make people do the craziest things. Especially during the tense first couple of weeks following a particularly bad break-up. Sadly, physical altercations between ex-lovers are common. Heightened emotions like anger can elicit the worst behaviors, especially from very passionate people. Like this guy in the confession who tried to kill his ex in a car crash. The intensity of this guy’s negative emotions must’ve been so great that he considered literally murdering his ex just because he got dumped. If he had succeeded, the life sentence he was gonna live through in prison would never have been enough to make up for such a crime. Only after being almost run over by her ex-boyfriend did this confessor realize she was letting him ruin her life.

11 Gone baby gone

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Having children severely complicates the situation. Not only do you both have to settle your issues as a couple, but you also need to discuss how to continue existing in each other’s lives because you will always be a part of it simply because you have a child together. Matters are made even more complicated when one person in the relationship is not suitable to become a parent. Like in this confession where a man shares that his ex-girlfriend kidnapped their 3-week-old daughter. Fortunately, the man got the baby back. He then expounds on all the emotions he felt, such as wanting to punch her in the face. His admirable self-control is rather impressive. And while we don’t ever condone violence, we’d understand if he couldn’t restrain himself.

10 I car about you

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Murder (or the attempt to) seems to be common among scorned exes. The desire to inflict physical harm and pain is something some people who’ve had their hearts broken have. Maybe they don’t know how to channel the anger they feel other than wanting to destroy objects or even the person who broke up with them. Like this person’s ex who actually tried to run them over with a car. The mind space a person has to be in to disregard the consequences of murder that involve a possible life sentence in jail and ruining their lives in the process is baffling. An impulsive decision that could very well dictate the rest of your life is something you shouldn’t make. Sleep on it and take a couple deep breaths.

9 First love woes

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Young love is pure and beautiful. Sadly, it almost never works out past middle school or high school. People grow up and grow apart and normally one person in the relationship is more invested in it than the other. Parents also tend to frown upon their kid’s relationships, especially if they’re particularly young. Take this young lady who at 14 years old had a boyfriend who was 19. Apparently her parents disapproved of the relationship which she seems to have had taken to better than her boyfriend. When she tried to break up with him, not only did he try to get her to stay by threatening to kill himself but he also carved her name in his arm. Hopefully he didn't have any scars from this incident and got the mental help he needed.

8 Full circle

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Another method people use to recover from a break-up—though unhealthy and never recommended by love experts—is to numb the pain through meaningless hook-ups. This is made easier nowadays by apps like Tinder and Bumble. People believe that they can temporarily forget about their sorrows if they have a warm body to lie next to every single night despite still thinking about their ex 24/7. The worse route to take in this instance is what this guy’s ex-girlfriend did which was to seduce this guy’s friends and try to sleep with every one of them just to make him jealous. With this kind of behavior we can all agree that breaking up with her was the right decision in the first place. He obviously deserves better.

7 Roleplay

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Lying to your significant other or ex is not healthy, but it is pretty common. Some people will lie to get what they want, and if what they want is for their significant other to stay with them despite the numerous problems in their relationship they will do it with no remorse. Such as this woman’s ex-boyfriend who lied to her about having cancer to get her to sleep with him. Sadly, his lie became a reality and he actually did get cancer and now the woman doesn’t know how to feel about the situation. How he manipulated her in the first place is reason enough for her to hate this guy and cease all ties, but she’s worried about what people will say if she does.

6 Crazy catfish

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Moving on from a bad break-up takes a lot of time and self-reflection. It is especially hard for the person who got dumped. They are the ones who feel cheated and blindsided because they thought that they were still in a functioning relationship. They don’t understand why they’re being kicked to the curb. They go through extreme lengths and try all kinds of schemes to get their ex to take back the break-up and get back together. Like this guy’s ex-girlfriend who tried to catfish him on Facebook using two different accounts on the same day. She’s sliding into his DMs pretending to be someone else probably because she’s been blocked everywhere else. Now this guy is going to be suspicious of every single DM he’s going to get.

5 Inconvenient truth

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Exes can easily go from pining to straight up stalking. Since exes have been with their ex-significant other for a long time they are aware of the person’s everyday schedule so they know where he or she is most of the time. They can use this knowledge to do what they feel they need to in order to convince the other person to get back together with them. Like the ex of this woman who has been parking his car a little too close to her car so she’ll need to interact with him to get her car out of the parking lot. She either has to talk to him or be forced to get to the driver’s seat by climbing through the window of the passenger seat. It’s petty and extremely annoying.

4 Email warfare

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There are people who just can’t let things go. They even persuade their current significant other to join them in messing with their ex. But the fact that your new significant other is willing to attack the person who broke up with you is proof enough that this new relationship is not going to work at all. Here we have a woman who’s blocked her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend on all social media. Yet despite all the measure she’s taken to avoid any and all drama from the two of them, they still figured out a way to mess with her. They gave her email address to their friends and asked them to mess with her for them. The bitterness is very real and present.

3 You are the father!

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Much like the guy who lied about having cancer to get his ex-girlfriend to sleep with him again, here we have a guy whose ex-girlfriend lied to him about being pregnant just so he’d stay with her. Using something as major as a pregnancy to guilt someone into staying in a problematic relationship is a favorite tactic of the clingiest of exes. They think that this lie will work for some reason but they clearly have never thought this through because even if they say they are pregnant and the guy believes it, months into the fake pregnancy the guy will notice that the belly is still flat as a board. It’s never going to work. They’re just giving the guy more proof that dumping them was the best decision.

2 Stalker moves

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A person can become the best private investigator after a break-up. Especially when they have friends who are quick to report to them—in very detailed descriptions—any activity their ex has had on social media as well as any girl the ex is making a move on. Another way for scorned exes who have been blocked on all social media to track their ex’s online activity is by creating social media accounts using a fake name and photos and adding their ex on all of them. If the ex hasn’t become paranoid enough to not accept a stranger’s friend request then it just might work, but if he’s become wary of any request from strangers then bitter people who got dumped might need to just let it go.

1 Bumper cart

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Another addition to the list of entries involving scorned exes who attempted to murder the person who dumped them in the most uncreative ways, here we have a person whose ex tried to run them over with a golf cart. A golf cart of all things. Imagine going about your day in the golf course enjoying the sun and fun conversations with friends and suddenly you hear one friend yell, “Look out,” and you turn around to see a golf cart just barreling towards you in the fastest possible speed a golf cart can go. Fortunately, you’re able to dodge it but then you make eye contact with the driver—and it’s your ex with unbridled rage spilling from their eyes. Once again, your bitter has successfully ruined your day.

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