15 People Who Couldn't Dial Back The Comebacks Even If They Tried

With the advent of the internet and social media, people are now free to express their opinions and share their experiences for everyone to feast on. Many think it’s a good thing, and it is, except when we encounter and get our bums kicked by modern savages online. These cold-blooded people are the ones who step in and give a dose of reality to those who need it when no one else is willing. And if you’re an average person, you know getting your savage on is not something that most people can pull off. It requires a mixture of courage, confidence and cleverness. Truth is, some people were born to be savage. Like these 15 people who just couldn’t dial back the savagery even if they tried.

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15 She asked for it

Via: readerscave.com

We often use the power of the internet and social media to get insights and advice on some of the life decisions we are going to make. We share our plans and experiences with our friends, and sometimes even complete strangers give ourselves the validation we are seeking.

This 24-year-old woman perhaps was doing just that.

She shared her plans of undergoing plastic surgery and sought advice on the internet on which part of her face needed work. This idea in itself already seemed problematic—asking people to criticize your face. Unfortunately, yet predictably, instead of getting helpful responses, what she got was a very hot roasting that makes us wonder what horrible thing could she have done to humanity to receive such a savage response.

14 Never mess with someone else’s food

Via: memedroid.com

Sibling rivalries are normal in any household. We tend to bicker with them when they’re around, annoying each other out just like we did as little kids. And it’s no doubt impossible to live with our siblings and not do anything that can cause them to get angry or frustrated with us from time to time. So it’s entirely expected that pranks and little forms of revenge are thrown here and there. Some issues are a bit tolerable, while some are just so unbearable that we need to take action. For this person, perhaps food stealing is where she draws the line, compelling her to carry out this incredibly crafted and brilliantly executed revenge against her sister. Well, that ought to teach her sister a lesson—don't mess with her food.

13 Can’t handle this savagering

Via: upsocl.com

Most little girls’ and even grown women’s dream is to get married—to get proposed to in a grandiose way with a beautiful (and huge) diamond ring; to have a fairy tale wedding and to spend the rest of their lives with our Prince Charming.

So most women, once they find the love of their life, really look forward to the day when they get proposed to, and make their dreams come true.

So perhaps the most savage thing anyone can do to a woman is to get her hopes up only to crush it later on. Sadly for the woman who received this ring box, that’s exactly what happened to her. It makes one wonder what this woman could have done to receive such a cruel prank.

12 Piece of art

Via: pinterest.com

People sometimes do horrible stuff when they’re angry. But it’s understandable—when we’re angry we don’t think straight and we tend to do things we end up regretting. We throw tantrums and we let our bodies do whatever feels right for us to get rid of all the anger. In the case of this father, he was probably in the middle of a heated situation when he decided to let his anger out by punching the wall, leaving a huge hole in it. But a different kind of savagery unexpectedly ensued. For sure, he regrets what he had done—but we’re not sure whether he regrets it because of the gaping hole in the wall he left, or because it gave his daughter an opportunity to mock him.

11 Do-nut be a prick

Via: pinterest.com

Prom season is one of the most nerve-wracking seasons for guys. The first part involves thinking of the person they want to invite to prom and contemplating whether they should act on their desire. Once they’ve decided, the next crucial thing to do is carefully plan a not-so-cringey-yet-sweet prom proposal and execute it perfectly.

Inviting someone to prom is no joke—it can be very tense and scary and it takes a lot of guts for a guy to actually go through with it.

So imagine how broken this guy was after receiving this savage response from a girl he asked. Next time, maybe he should do some more digging and background check so he doesn’t end up getting slapped in the face with reality.

10 Coldhearted

Via: someecards.com

Living alone can get a bit lonely—you have no one to talk to, no one to see at the start and end of the day and no one to complain to about your landlord with as well as problems in your apartment. That said, having roommates isn’t all rainbows and butterflies either. They can also sometimes get on our nerves with the little things they do like leaving a mess in the bathroom or having dirty laundry and dishes lying around. Or it can also go the other way around—we can unintentionally piss them off and have them prepare a perfectly crafted revenge that’s sure to infuriate us, like what this person did for their roomie, which is just pure genius and pure savagery.

9 What goes around comes around

Via: pinterest.com

The internet has become a powerful avenue for people to voice out their opinions publicly. It has given everyone the pseudo-power of becoming critics of anything ranging from food to politics to fashion. A good example is this woman with the handle @PiaSoPetty who posted what can be classified as fat-shaming.

She deemed herself an authority in fashion and modeling and criticized thick women wearing cropped tops, likening them to a cartoon character.

This is one of the things that are currently frowned upon and we believe fat-shaming should never be tolerated. Well, thanks to the equal power vested in us by the Internet, @PiaSoPetty received a very deserving savage response from user @araslanian_ who came up with a witty comment about the former’s eyebrows.

8 We feel you, brotha

Via: pinterest.com

We all have this best friend whom we spend a lot of time with. Most often, our best friend is of the same gender (and we are both straight), so there is nothing vague about the relationship. It’s pretty straightforward—no mixed signals and just pure friendship. Some people, however, have a best friend of the opposite gender, and this is where most of the confusion comes in. Sometimes feelings are not aligned, and the truth can blow up in either of their faces in ugly ways. This guy thought he and his friend were dressing up as a married superhero couple and posted about it. But then he received a major burn when his friend responded on social media saying that he was more like a “brotha” to her. Ouch.

7 Classic

Via: whisper.sh

Even though we fight with our family sometimes, we know that we can always rely on them. They are the people we can trust and our relationship with our family members transcends all of life’s difficulties. And aside from our parents and siblings and maybe aunts and uncles, we also have our grandparents whom we cherish a lot. They are sort of like our parents—they cherish and love us, but without the scolding and punishments. However, it turns out they can also be some of the most savage people and take advantage of our weaknesses. This kid’s grandma asked him for what seemed like an innocent and sweet hug. And he gave her one, only to find out later on that she pulled a savage prank on him.

6 BarBYEcue

Via: pinterest.com

Hanging out with our group of friends is something we often look forward to. Despite our differences, we stick with each other and have each other’s back through thick and thin. And one of the beautiful things about friendship is that we can both be kind to each other and also say nasty, blunt things.

This guy, Johnny, was planning a barbecue and invited several of his friends to join in.

Of course, being considerate, he asked everyone in the group whether there were any vegans in there. This probably seemed like a gesture out of kindness and consideration for Sara, who was vegan. However, she probably didn’t expect the savageness that was about to come. But we don’t blame Johnny—it was a barbecue event after all.

5 Wrong math

Via: pinterest.com

Social media gives normal people the ability to share their cool discoveries and realizations for everyone to see. Before the advent of social media, these discoveries and realizations were often kept to ourselves and we could only share them with our closest friends and family. But looking at this guy’s post, perhaps only being able to share things privately isn’t a bad idea after all. This guy, Chemical Brother, excitedly shared his realization about kids born in 2000. However, he got a savage reply from user Anietie who pointed out that perhaps he had been doing white crystals instead of math. Well, given his very relevant Twitter name, we wouldn’t be surprised if that were truly the case. The kids born in 2000 are probably cheering so hard for the savagery.

4 She finds ways

Via: dailylolpics.com

As mentioned earlier, prom season is a very nerve wrecking time and it takes a lot of guts just to ask someone out. Fear of rejection is a real thing that often paralyzes people and prevents them from taking action.

Some people muster the courage to overcome this fear to get to their goals, while some people find ingenious ways to try and avoid rejection altogether.

This guy is more of the latter type, and for his prom invite, he thought he’d leave the girl no choice but to accept his offer. He crafted a heartfelt letter, and only gave the girl two responses to choose from—both of which are a “yes.” Unfortunately for him, the girl he invited was as clever as can be and found the opportunity to say “no.” Pure savagery.

3 What a weighty prank

Via: writical.com

Weight is a very sensitive topic for most people, especially women. A lot of women get heavily affected by these numbers. An increase or a lack of decrease in weight despite their strong efforts to eat well and exercise regularly can be extremely mind-wrecking. Even though weight shouldn’t be the sole determinant of one’s health and fitness as it doesn’t account for muscle mass and bone density, people still use it to measure their progress. Knowing this fact gives other people the power to take advantage of your weakness when your back is turned. This husband decided to play with his wife’s feelings by sabotaging the weighing scale while she was using it. This is a very funny prank but for this lady, it was probably equally savage.

2 Not in heaven

Via: lolsnaps.com

“If you are not prepared to hear the answer or the truth, do not ask.” We often hear this saying from wise people (told in different words). It reminds us to protect ourselves and make sure we only ask the questions we are ready to hear the answers to.

And so we’d expect that big established companies with a long track record would also already have this in mind.

Unfortunately for a pizza chain company, one of their employees made a huge mistake by asking a question they probably thought they had the answer to. Maybe they expected to get a reply that would boost their sales. Unfortunately, they got the complete opposite. A user had the perfect savage response to their question, all in one word.

1 Adding salt to the wound

Via: oddstuffmagazine.com

Getting into an accident and injuring yourself in the process is no easy situation to get into. Aside from the medical bills you have to pay and the pain you have to endure, you also have to deal with the legal implications. You need to hire good lawyers to help you navigate the situation so you can turn it into what’s best for you. Well, what happens when it turns out that the lawyers you should be seeking help from don’t really care about your plight? We don’t know the logic behind this billboard, but it seems it’s wishing poor people who can’t afford a lawyer good luck with their injury. And we’re not sure, but from what we can see, the billboard is even looking down on these people. Just savage.

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