15 People Who Are Having A Day They Can't Wait To Forget

Imagine waking up and stubbing your toe within two minutes of getting out of bed which causes you to scream and cuss because it hurts so much. Then imagine after getting washed up and dressed, you discovered that your coffee maker no longer worked. You ended up even more angry screaming out every profane word that you can think of.

You accept that your morning has gone off to bad start as you are still feeling that pain on that poor toe of yours, and you are exhausted because you have no coffee in you. But you are ready to head off to work because you have bills to pay. As soon as you go into your car, you then find out that your car battery has died after putting the key into the ignition. The day has officially been ruined, and that is most definitely a day you would rather forget.

That said, you will about to be commiserating with 15 others who also have been through days that they would like to forget as well.

15 A really unfair vending machine

vending machine
Via: reddit.com

One of the worst things that can happen to you is if you are looking forward to having that snack from the vending machine and it gets stuck after you insert your coins! When you watch that snack that you have been craving fall, but not to the area of the vending machine where it is accessible to you, it's a distressing moment.

Not only are you not going to be able to eat that snack that you have been looking forward to enjoying, but your hard-earned money has also been eaten up by that evil machine!

All you want to do is shake it and beat it up in that instant, and then there is that risk it can fall on you and crush you — which would, of course, worsen your day.

This poor Reddit user had this very thing happen to him and the picture here shows that.

14 This seller is going to have trouble selling this house that is snowed in

snowed in
Via: reddit.com

Anyone who puts their home on the market wants to achieve one thing, and one thing only. That is to sell their house, hopefully for a decent price so that they can purchase their new home. That said, whenever there is a showing, the house must look at its best. Therefore, the seller does everything to make sure the house looks perfect on the inside and on the outside — if possible.

Sometimes on a really rainy or snowy day, it is hard to improve the house on the outside whenever there is a scheduled showing. Potential buyers would certainly understand that. However, not whenever it comes to an avalanche ruining the outside of the home like this one shown here.

Once any potential buyer sees that, the first thing they will do is run and look elsewhere. You can't help but feel sympathetic towards this seller.

13 Sending someone pics of balanced cups is an odd thing to do

balanced cups
Via:  instagram.com

If you take a good look at these pictures shown of those perfectly balanced cups, Norm Kelly has a point! They are most definitely one of the anxiety-inducing pictures to look at. Especially the picture of the glass cup sitting at the edge of the table on the far right.

The beige coffee mug that is right at the end of that table on the bottom right is even worse to look at.

However, if you have been having a rough day as it is and someone sends you a picture of those unrealistically balanced cups—then your day is just about over. You may as well shut your phone off right away after looking at that picture and then call it a day, and pray for a much better one tomorrow—where no one is going to be cruel enough to send you distressing images.

12 Let's hope he at least stays afloat...

The first question you have to ask here is how in the heck did Dinesh get into that kind of situation? Another question to ask is how will he possibly stay afloat? Because this is an incredibly unique and distressing situation—to put it lightly.

Based on the texts, it seems like Dinesh is not only lost but seems to be completely unaware of what happened. Maybe he is in denial because who can accept the fact that you had gotten lost to the point ofdriving right into a body of water? That is not just frightening but incredibly mortifying.

Let's hope and pray that Dinesh was rescued before the current took him to somewhere even more frightening and unknown! Oh boy, poor Dinesh. This is probably one of the worst days or even the worst day he can ever remember.

11 A construction project gone amuck

backhoe falling off
Via: reddit.com

Anyone who works in construction would probably feel a sense of dread by looking at this picture. However, not nearly as much as those workers who were experiencing this situation at the time.

This backhoe that they obviously needed to use in order to dig up the ground which is part of any kind of construction project was about to be ruined, which would have not only wasted their time and a heck of a lot of money but would have delayed things quite a bit.

How in the world could they explain that they had to delay the project because of the fact that they failed to secure that backhoe?

Let's just hope that someone found a way to save the day and prevented that disaster from happening, but it is unlikely. Who is really strong enough to prevent a backhoe from falling other than the Incredible Hulk?

10 Coffee is good but not on the pants...

coffee on pants
Via: msn.com

The first thing to do in the morning is get your cup of joe so you can start your day. The truth is, without it, functioning is just not an option for many people! Coffee is truly the juice that brings you life and can help you tackle any punch that comes your way. However, one thing that is not acceptable is if the first challenge that the day brings is that your cup of joe spilled on your pants!

Well, this is exactly what happened to FOX & Friends correspondent and former Comcast SportsNet host Jillian Mele one day. To make matters worse, those pants she was wearing was white and you could see every drop of that spill. Thankfully, she had an extra skirt at the office. But spilling your cup of joe on those lovely pants will put anyone in a bad mood!

9 Pity the owner of this puppy that got into the pillow fight

puppy destroys pillow
Via: msn.com

Whenever you leave your pooch alone in the house, you are taking a huge gamble unless your dog is used to being left alone at home and is trustworthy. However, many times whenever you leave your dog alone in the house, Fido could have an accident while you are gone, and you may not even discover it until you step on something that did not have the same kind of texture as your floor—and found that you had stepped into a deposit that your dog had left which horrified you!

Or your pooch could have done something even worse!

What if you came home to find that your dog had a fight with a pillow from your sofa and completely destroyed it by finding the stuffing everywhere and the ruined fabric? Unfortunately, someone was unfortunate enough to be in that kind of situation! Now that is a terrible day!

8 This Kindle owner makes a wet discovery

destroyed kindle
Via: msn.com

Whenever your smartphone falls into the toilet, that in itself is quite anxiety-inducing. Most people have experienced that at some point in their lives. However, what if you ended up leaving it somewhere and had forgotten where you had left it—which in itself is scary, but what if you had left it outdoors somewhere on a day when it rained?

This individual had an experience similar to that, however, instead of leaving his smartphone in the rain, he left his Kindle outdoors where it was rained on—and probably destroyed. It is easy to imagine the kind of emotions that he was going through after making such a horrific discovery. He probably cried and called himself an idiot over and over again. It is safe to say that he had a bad day after making such an awful and wet discovery.

7 A Lamborgini's owner who just had his dreams crushed...

destroyed Lamborgini
Via: msn.com

Imagine saving plenty of money so you could be able to afford a prized possession and only find that you would be able to enjoy it temporarily. Nothing is more painful than that! If the thought of that alone hurts, then imagine a proud owner of a Lamborgini made a horrific discovery of that prized possession being crushed by a giant rifle on a cold winter day!

That actually really did happen as you can see in this picture right here.

You can't help but feel so sorry for the poor guy or gal that experienced something so traumatic. When you see pictures like this, it is easy to put yourself in that poor individual's shoes because it is a reminder that anything so precious really can be taken away in a heartbeat.

6 A tattoo artist that did not use spell check and should have...

just brethe
Via: msn.com

The lesson for anyone who is interested in getting a tattoo is that not only should you make sure the tattoo artist is reputable, but you want to make sure that they also know how to spell. Especially if you plan on having a very simple word tattooed on your body.

Why go through such pain if the tattoo artist cannot spell simple words like breathe? This poor individual who obviously is into New Age healing techniques like meditation intended to have an outline of someone meditating with the word breathe inside. However, the artist made a big boo-boo and ended up tattooing ‘brethe’ instead. It is probably quite likely that this individual wasn't so calm like they usually preach after making such an awful discovery.

5 He dropped it and this is what happened...

Imagine yourself working so hard to create a beautiful sculpture and then after admiring your work of art for some time, you accidentally drop it. That would be such a heart-wrenching experience.

This scenario really did happen to a Twitter user who tweeted about the unfortunate event.

He had worked endlessly on a perfect sculpture with clay, and then in just a matter of moments, it was dropped and crushed in no time. He took the before and after pictures of his work of art that had been destroyed. He really put his heart and soul into this piece as you can see how perfect it is until it was dropped and was no longer a perfect piece of art. His heart was likely crushed along with his masterpiece.

4 Talk about being snowed in..

You really have to agree that whenever you take a good look at this picture, it makes you feel quite claustrophobic. That is because the poor people who live in this house are literally trapped by snow. If you live in an area where you get bad winters, or if you live somewhere in the mountains, you would not expect to face something like this on a bad snow day, ever.

In fact, unless you live in Antarctica, the odds of being snowed in like this is against you. However, a freak avalanche or a storm that brought in boatloads of snow was obviously responsible for this horrific event, and it is unknown where this house is located—and it probably is not in Antarctica. Let's just hope that these people who live there had plenty of food stocked because no one was going to be going anywhere.

3 So close but not a winner...

If you play the lottery daily, or even if you just play once in a Blue Moon, seeing a sight like this would make you lose your mind. Imagine your lotto numbers being literally one number off of the winning numbers. Not just one number being off but all of them. Nothing is more hurtful than that.

We hope that after this individual checked the winning numbers and saw this, they were  able to let off some steam in a constructive way.

Because most people would be tempted to punch the wall or something, which could have worsened their day even more if they injured their fists and put a hole in the wall. That would also cost them money that they could have won if they had the winning ticket instead of the one that was so close in such a cruel way.

2 When you forget to roll up your car windows during winter...

car in snowstorm
Via: reddit.com

Everyone must always pay attention to what the weather reporters say about the upcoming forecast in order to make preparations if there is bad weather on the horizon. For instance, if a major snowstorm or if there is freezing rain in the forecast, no one should really be going anywhere and take the opportunity to stock up on food and other supplies for those days when they will be stuck inside.

Some people may be smart and prepare themselves for bad weather.

And there are others who take a chance on leaving their homes no matter what the weather is like, and some of these people may even forget to roll up their car windows during a snowstorm

1 Now this is just too much for anyone to bear

This has got to be the worst day of anyone's life, ever. This particular incident was found through National Geographic's Instagram feed. A master's student at Brigham Young University was studying black bears. Apparently, he went into the den armed with a short aluminum pole attached to a tranquilizer dart which he probably thought was enough to keep him protected.

Little did he know, the den was just as big as the bear. The only option to escape was to do a really quick 50-foot backward crawl. If anyone could deal with those bears, luckily it was the Master's students who are studying them!

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