15 People Who Didn't Even Think Twice About How Wrong They Are

I'm sorry to say, but there are a lot of ignorant people nowadays. Social media is practically littered with hilarious screenshots of people that believe the Earth is flat, or spout some sort of ridiculous pseudoscience about all sorts of things.

Then there are the people out there that are incredibly ignorant and so dumb it makes the rest of the world want to bash their head against the wall, but the worst part of it is that they have NO idea that they’re wrong. Of course, this makes the resulting social media posts that go viral even more hilarious and cringeworthy.

In dire need of a good laugh? Feeling bad about something? One glance at this list of the 15 people that didn’t even think twice about how WRONG they are is a great cure for any bad mood.

15 Carrie Fisher Is Rolling Over In Her Grave

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Somewhere in the Force, I can hear Carrie Fisher screaming at this poor ignorant fool that confused Star Wars and Star Trek. She’d probably be yelling something along the lines of “That’s a move from Star Trek, not Star Wars! We have lightsabers, Jedis, and Wookies!” It’s nice that this lady wanted to participate in Star Wars day on May fourth, but if she wasn’t a diehard nerd, she would’ve been better off looking up information on Google to double check that she didn’t get her franchises mixed up. After all, there’s been endless debates over the years about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better but the one thing that could unite both fans is groaning at this utterly idiotic post on Facebook.

14 The Narcissism Is Strong With Him


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It is amazing that this scrawny little dude thinks that he is the spitting image of Channing Tatum. Just…how? WHY? They look NOTHING alike — they don’t even share the exact same hair color. Maybe in this kid’s dreams he looks like the Magic Mike actor and has ladies his own age screaming at him every time he steps outside because they think he’s Tatum, but I can guarantee that is NOT happening in real life. This little dude is clearly a legend in his own mind and the teenage narcissism is practically rolling off of him in waves. I bet if Channing Tatum himself ever stumbled across this hilarious post while surfing the web, he’d fall over on the ground from laughing hysterical at this dumb teenager.

13 Found The Woman That Napped Through Biology Classes

She is dumb #dumbpeople

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This Twitter post makes me want to bash my head against the wall. First of all, unless this woman had an immaculate conception a la the Virgin Mary in the Christian religion, she is DEFINITELY not a virgin since she was able to get pregnant with her son. It takes two to tango, so her status as a virgin is long gone. Second, did she fail Biology AND Sex Education classes in high school? How does she NOT know that there is no way in hell that someone can be a virgin after they get pregnant? The amount of ignorance regarding human biology in this statement is astounding. Although I do give her credit for wanting to be a good role model for her son.

12 George Washington Is Crying

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I can’t stop laughing over the fact that this dude thought a Bald Eagle was a “weird looking parrot.” How does he not know what the heck a Bald Eagle looks like? The image of the United States’ national bird is pretty much stuffed down our throats since the time we are children. Didn’t the American flag flowing in the wind behind said bird clue him in that this was not Toucan Sam? Plus, doesn’t he know that parrots are usually pretty colorful? Bald Eagles are certainly majestic creatures and I am fond of birds of prey, but let’s be realistic — they aren’t as eye-catching as the tropical parrots. Those birds look like Walt Disney threw up on them while bald eagles are just brown and white.

11 Every Other Driver Is Facepalming


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After seeing this photo and facepalming at this idiot driver, I can now see why so many people in Oregon are mad about having to pump their own gas. They’d probably have to deal with more morons like this dude that CLEARLY don’t know how to work a self-serve gas station and it will hold up the line. I’m honestly shocked that whoever snapped the photo of this guy at the gas station didn’t put down their Smartphone and either yelled at them to get a move on OR ripped the pump out of their hands so they could fill the car’s tank up themselves. I mean, if anything just to get the line moving a heck of a lot faster. Now THAT would’ve made for one hilarious Instagram video!

10 America Is Definitely Falling Behind

This sign right here is why the rest of the world believes all of us Americans to be stupid, uneducated folks that are filled with blind patriotism. It’s one thing to see the good things about one’s country and be proud of them, but good grief, tone down the patriotism a little bit. It’s embarrassing for the rest of us. They also need a freakin’ spell check and a fact checker, too. A country and a nation is pretty much the exact same thing, ya twits. How come no one looked this over before the sign went up? Surely someone had to have the brains to realize that this was wrong. It’s depressing to think that everyone looked this over and thought “Yep, looks good.”

9 Pharaoh Khufu Is Screaming Into The Void

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If you listen closely, you will be able to hear Pharaoh Khufu screeching “No!” from the Duat (the ancient Egyptian afterlife) a la Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: Return of the Sith. How the heck did this guy confuse THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA AND STONEHENGE?

The Great Pyramids are freakin’ ICONIC and pretty much everyone learns about them at some point or another when they are children. I could understand confusing the ancient Egyptian pyramids with some of the pyramids found in Mexico, but Stonehenge isn’t even SHAPED like a pyramid. It’s a freakin' CIRCLE (or was a circle originally). I hope this Cody guy laughed hysterically when he saw this idiotic comment on Facebook and schooled his clueless friend in some ancient history.

8 So Gross, Y'All

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I’m utterly grossed out by the fact that these two young ladies took selfies with RECTAL THERMOMETERS in their mouths. I know there is a good chance that they were brand new, but the mere thought of it makes me ill. I’m also baffled by the fact that these two ladies are taking a health science class and had no idea that they were using thermometers solely used for butts. If they are studying to be nurses or doctors, then I feel terribly sorry for their future patients. They are DOOMED if these two lassies don’t start taking their studies seriously and learning the difference between the types of thermometers. That’s not going to fly  in a professional setting and could potentially get their patients sick — especially if they don’t clean them or throw them away like they should.

7 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Side-Eying So Hard

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This turtle’s fantastic side-eye pretty much sums up the world’s reaction to the comment. I mean really — it’s not THAT difficult to tell the difference between a turtle and a bird. I know that some birds (like the Red-Tailed Hawks that live in the park near where I live) are brown and white or other drab colors, but for the love of all things holy, BIRDS HAVE FEATHERS. TURTLES HAVE SCALY SKIN. It’s really not that difficult to tell the difference between scales and feathers. It’s a good thing this little turtle can’t read or speak English, otherwise he might dress up as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and chase him around with a sword screeching “I’m a turtle, you dolt! Not a freakin’ bird! And I'm not fat either!”

6 Quick, Someone Start Commenting In French  

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The fact that someone thought the structure in the back of the photo was the Eiffel Tower and that these ladies were posing in Paris, France made me laugh like a possessed lunatic. Have they never seen up close and personal photos of the Eiffel Tower? It’s located in the middle of a CITY and it looks nothing like this field that they are standing in. A quick Google search would tell them this. If I was one of the women in this photo, and I knew how to speak French, I would start writing comments in French just to troll the person that thought we were frolicking around in France. That would be one hell of a hilarious prank! Plus, the Eiffel Tower is much larger, thicker, and more beautiful than that structure of thin metal.

5 That Dog Needs To Shed Some Pounds

Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt, my dude. I hate to break it to him, but that dog is DEFINITELY overweight and since she appears to be a senior, he should take her in for a veterinary exam instead of trying to make excuses on social media. She definitely needs to be on a diet and he has to increase the amount of exercise that he gives her. Take it from someone that has seen it firsthand, he REALLY doesn’t want to have to deal with hip dysplasia because it can be utterly heartbreaking. Now is not the time to make jokes on Instagram, he REALLY needs to haul a** to the vet and start taking this poor old girl out for longer walks.

4 Those Are Not VHS Tapes, Pal

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Dear @RandallRainey, take it from an older Millennial that grew up in the ‘90s and rented VHS tapes from Blockbuster like they were candy, those are NOT VHS tapes. I don’t even think they MAKE them anymore since everything is all DVD (but even that’s slowly becoming obsolete), Blu-Ray, or online. So why the heck would Walmart of all places even be selling them? Who the heck would buy them? I don’t think VCR players are even MADE anymore since the technology is basically nonexistent these days. I swear, some people have ZERO critical thinking skills and it makes me want to weep for the planet’s future. @RandallRainey must have been mortified when he realized that no, Walmart WASN’T selling VHS tapes and that those were books instead.

3 Please Get This Person A Subscription To Animal Planet

Oh man, someone REALLY needs to be given a subscription to the Animal Planet for their birthday. If the turtle was wandering around their property and they have a lake there, then it is HIGHLY likely that it originally came from there. Besides, tortoises usually have heavier shells than their turtle cousins, so if this WAS a tortoise, they likely wouldn’t have been easy to pick up and toss in the water. I also think that they would’ve mentioned if it drowned or started flailing once it hit the water so don’t worry Crocodile Dundee, this little turtle is probably JUST fine. He’s probably grateful that a human helped him find his way back home and is currently doing backflips in the water at this moment.

2 Someone's A Bit Too Into Being Hygienic

I’m all for washing one’s hands with soap and water after using the restroom, but I don’t think a HAND BAR OF SOAP is a good replacement for the liquid soap that many people use in the dispensers. For one thing, not all of the hand bar soaps have antibacterial properties whereas the soap from the soap dispensers in public restrooms is pretty damn good at killing germs. NOT ALL SOAP IS CREATED EQUAL, PEOPLE. I would LOVE to have seen the manager’s expression when they saw this. If an employee did it, I have a feeling that they would get written up and judged for this mistake. If a customer did this, they’ll probably start cursing the idiot out for making their job 10 times harder.

1 Mother Nature Is Cackling Right Now

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Listen closely friends, because you’ll hear the sound of Mother Nature laughing her a** off at this woman in line at Costco. How did she not realize that the tree was dying from the moment it was cut down and she brought it home to decorate for Christmas? Real trees only last for so long; if you want one that looks brand spanking new and will last for ages, go out and buy a fake tree. They’re really not THAT expensive and most of the time, no one will notice that it’s made out of plastic.

That being said, I’m sitting her with my mouth wide open in shock that she thought she could return a dead Christmas tree. There’s no way in hell that would work and I’d hate to have to be the poor employee that would be forced to break the news that her return policy is all wrong because we all KNOW she’s probably the type of customer that would pitch a fit until she got her way.

Sources: Imgur, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr

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