15 People Who Are Done Beyond Words

Life is full of ups, but for every up, there's a down. Some people will tell you that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. That you should "just learn to enjoy the ride". But you know, even when you do enjoy the ride, you can still get fed up with it at times. Life's an emotional roller coaster that lasts 80-some-odd years. We think we're all allowed to get a little short on patience every once in a while.

Optimists probably do have the right idea, if we're being honest. But not everyone is equipped with the mental stamina required to maintain that level of Polly Anna-ish cheer. Sometimes you just can't take it anymore, that's why these 15 people who are done beyond words are so darn relatable.

15 #RelationshipGoals

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This dad disdainfully taking pictures of his wife making snow angels in the carpet looks like that one guy in the crowd when a fight breaks out who tries to pretend he's above it all and like he's not interested, but still wants to get some good pictures to show the squad later on.

Our favorite couple trope is when one person in the relationship is a complete stick in the mud, but they're so devoted to the other person and their cinnamon roll-y sweet antics, they're willing to be roped into doing things they would otherwise deem ridiculous just to see them smile. Sure, this dad is done beyond words, but his wife is happy, so that's all that really matters. Oh, our heart is melting with adorable squee!

14 The LOTR fandom is basically a religion at this point, anyway

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Imagine being a Burger King toy and winding up in a family's nativity scene. That's about as high as you can go in life.

So when Legolas joined the Fellowship of the Ring, was that before or after the birth of Christ? When did he stop answering the question "Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?" with "The Uruks turn northeast—they’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!" and when did he start answering it with, "A star, a star, shining in the night. With a tail as as big as a kite, with a tail as big as a kite"? This is important stuff, people. You can treat it like a joke if you want, but as LOTR fans and history buffs, we'd like to know how one historical event relates to another.

13 Laughing for six minutes is the only appropriate response to looking at this painting

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Ah, so we see that the famous "y tho" meme baby has got a cousin. And it would appear that good looks run in the family. Blue eyes, a buzz cut and a face the size and shape of the moon? Ugh! We just hope he's single!

Kids are nature's B.S.-detectors. If you ask for a child's opinion, you're going to get the short, sweet and to the point version of what you probably don't want to hear. The self-proclaimed art aficionados who frequent this museum can call this work of art a masterpiece all they want, but that doesn't negate the fact that a small child saw it for exactly what it is, and laughed at it for a full six minutes as a result.

12 Hang in there, buddy, we've all been there

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School and doneness go hand in hand, and we have to say, we ship it. Not so much because they're so great as a pair, but it's more like they're both just so horrible, we want them to hook up simply because of that. We dislike them both so much, it's only right that they go together.

Even the people who enjoy school have to admit that it gets a little boring sometimes. Plus, it's not like you have to deal with just one tedious class, it's a whole bunch of tedious classes, and you still have to do homework for these tedious classes on top of that! All of the mind-numbing boredom gets to be too much sometimes, so we don't blame this student for getting a little distracted.

11 That's not the same dog. That can't be the same dog

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This mom is chaotic evil. We do not have room in our lives for anybody who's going to take our perfectly good things—whether it's our dog or our clothes or our job—and ruin it just to see what we'll do in response. Besides, we do a good enough job of screwing up our own lives, thank you very much, we don't need you waltzing in here doubling up the damages.

There's no undoing this. Guess this dog's owner better grab the beige bath mats out of the restroom and use some duct tape to create a makeshift full-body doggie toupée for him. It won't look like his real fur, but it'll look enough like his real fur to deter you from remembering what he looks like without his real fur.

10 They have to throw out their whole house now

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In a few seconds, we're going to remember what it was like back in the second grade, when we threw up all over ourselves and cried after our teacher made us watch a documentary about bacteria. It's probably going to be every bit as awful as it was back then, TBH.

You know what this means, right? It means that right now, as we speak, there could be enough ants to repopulate the planet living in your ceiling, ready to fall on you as soon as you step in the shower. If it happened to this person, it can happen to any of us. Keep that in mind the next time you foolishly try to bathe, and try not to let the bitter anguish consume your soul.

9 Oh, Chick-fil-A makes shoes now?

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We have a feeling the woman who thought this Chick-fil-A employee worked at the shoe store is also the kind of person who asks to see the manager. She's probably got one of those haircuts, too. We don't even have to describe it, you already know the one we're talking about.

Some retail customers have a sixth sense for finding employees, since they have so much experience demanding to speak with the management, but when it comes to discerning which employees work at which businesses, they fall short. One glance would've told this woman she was barking up the wrong tree, but she couldn't be bothered with that. So now, this guy has to be even more done than he already was for the whole rest of the day.

8 They deserved it, TBH

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Oh, we see how it is. Cyclists ignore street laws, even though they're supposed to observe them like everybody else out on the roadway, but when it comes to parking, suddenly they wanna act like they're driving cars again? Okay, sure. You go ahead and stick your bike in the parking spot meant for a car, just don't be surprised when a driver who's spent the last few decades of their life being done comes along and shows you what's up.

Never mind that you can clearly see a metal pole in the bottom left, which would've been ideal for this person to chain their bike to, they chose to steal a big honking spot meant for a car. S'far as we can tell, they had this comin'.

7 His face says it all

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Sometimes, "done" can be a good thing. It's not always a feeling of fed-upness, "done" can also be the sensation that you get when an unbelievably ridiculous notion becomes reality—like when this guy ran into some confusion with the cake decorator at Walmart and wound up with a "Happy Birthday Steve!' cake, made especially for his brother-in-law...whose name is Nick.

"Done" can be a positive thing, especially when cake is involved. In fact, ten out of ten us's agree that if you're going to be in a situation where you know you're going to feel done (the good kind or the bad kind), you should have cake on hand. With odds that good, you can't afford not to have cake with you all the time.

6 The struggle is real when you're an artist

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If we sculpted this masterpiece, we'd go into a mental tailspin if we dropped it. We'd still be crying in bed over a pint of half-eaten cookie dough ice cream. Could you blame us?

It's amazing how long it takes to construct something compared to how long it takes to tear it down. You could spend years working on a project, and destroy it completely in a matter of minutes. Maybe that's why so many people have destructive tendencies—because of the instant gratification. Huh. Well, anyway, when you make something, especially a piece of art, you're not only putting your time and effort into it, you're putting your heart and soul into it, too. So for an accident like this to happen. It's like a knife in the heart.

5 *Gives Doug the stink eye*

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Consarnit, Doug, what did you do this time? We can't have nothin' nice because of you! These people can't even get a proper "NO TRESPASSING" sign, and it's all your fault (in a way we haven't worked out yet)!

Love the penmanship here. It's like the person who spray-painted this warning to Doug said to themselves, "I want him to know that I hate his guts and that he's not welcome in my home, but just because I want to be crystal clear with my threat, that doesn't mean I can't make it look pretty. I mean, this is going to be on the side of my house, for gosh sake's! I want it to look nice! Better curve the tail in the "g" in "Doug". There. Perfect."

4 A misguided hater creates a once in a lifetime opportunity

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Would this busybody and everyone else on social media who thinks it's their mission in life to call out everybody who says something they don't agree with because they don't know how to take a joke just calm down? We'd appreciate it if you self-appointed censors would stop telling us all what we're horrible for saying, and consider this very important point: we don't care. We know that's hard for you to hear, but it's true.

Not sure who this woman thinks she is that she can go around patrolling people on social media, but she messed with the wrong person this time. She's the butt of a joke she doesn't even know about, and she did it all to herself 'cause she couldn't let well enough alone.

3 If ever there was a time to scream a string of obscenities, it's now

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When pictures make you feel like you have to remove your glasses, sigh heavily and rub the bridge of your nose, like you're a dad, trying to get some work done in your home office, and your kids just walked in to tell you they got their baseball stuck in the gutter for the fifth time this morning, you know you're gonna have a bad time.

This did not have to happen. If the person who decided to put this cake in that box thinks we're just gonna forgive and forget about this mistake, they're sorely mistaken. Sure, you could still scrape the frosting off the lid, but that's not the point. The appearance of the cake is ruined, and nobody should be subjected to this culinary horror.

2 Truly, a "cat"tastrophe

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Oh, we could've told this homeowner that was never going to work. Honestly, what were they thinking? Did they truly believe that they could get Japanese shoji doors, and that their cats would just be cool about it? Shoji doors are made from paper! Surely you know how cats treat toilet paper and paper towels, right? They destroy them! What made this person think the cats would respect the unspoken code of "I know this is paper, but it's also a door, so don't destroy it, 'kay?". They must be joking.

Not sure what this homeowner expected to happen, but they're fed up with the feline shenanigans. And yet, as done as they are, their cats are just getting started. You're looking at two very happy kitties right here.

1 He's having the opposite of the time of his life

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This guy's having the opposite of the time of his life, and that has us wondering why there are so many songs about things being great, and not enough songs about things totally sucking. Think about it. "The Time Of My Life", "Celebration", "What A Wonderful World". There are so many optimistic songs for happy-go-lucky people, but the number of tunes available for guys like this, who exist in a perpetual state of intense doneness, is woefully insufficient.

We want some songs for people who refuse to look on the bright side. Hits like "My Antisocial Tendencies Are Destroying My Personal Relationships (But I Don't Know How To Stop It)", "Small Talk Has Assassinated My Will To Live", and, of course, "Please Kill Me", written and performed by this guy.

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