20 People Who Don't Know What It Means To Be Chill

It's not like we all come waltzing into the world instinctively knowing how to be chill. It doesn't work like that! It takes years of practice, decades of carefully observing of our wise and uber cool elders. Being chill isn't something that should be gone about all willy-nilly. Coolness necessitates mindfulness. It takes deliberation. The ability to be easygoing in any situation is a skill that requires lots of time and lots of effort.

To achieve a state of constant chill is what we're all striving for. We mean, to be calm, cool and collected at all times is the mark of a James Bond level hardcore boss! Nobody admires the people who wig out over every little thing. Anybody can do that, that's not special. But who doesn't love the suave, smooth hero who stays relaxed under pressure? Who doesn't love the person who can walk away from an explosion in slow motion without even batting an eye? That's the kind of thing we're trying to achieve, and every day our chill improves. Maybe, just maybe, one day we'll be one of the chill greats. But the people in these 20 pictures? They don't even know what it means to be chill.

20 A very hairy berry situation

Children have no sense of proportion, and that's why they need adult supervision. But as tempting as it is to become a helicopter parent in order to protect those rugrats, it's important to remember to let them be kids every now and then, too.

Besides, letting kids make their own decisions sometimes is funny. If we never gave them free rein, then pictures like these probably wouldn't exist, and we don't know about anybody else out there, but personally, we don't want to live in a world without this kind of hilarity. Too bad strawberries don't contain a secret ingredient that makes people chill. Oh, well.

19 Take that, restraining order!

Most people look at a restraining order and they see a limitation, but not this guy. He was able to look past the problem long enough to find a loophole. He opened up that legal document at the mailbox, took one look at it, tore it to pieces right then and there and made a call to a crane rental company.

We don't know what this fella did to get banned from his team's stadium, so we're not about to defend him or anything. But despite his actions, we can't deny that the mans' dedicated. Everybody says they're their teamn's biggest fan, but this guy really might be.

18 Wheee!

It does our heart good to see one stranger helping another, even if by "helping" what we really mean is "giving them an airplane ride on the beach". Leave it to two dads to goof off while their kids blush on the sidelines hoping none of their classmates took a trip to the beach that day.

When two dads get together, nobody's safe from the shenanigans.

It's never a good thing when fathers team up. They combined their humor forces to create a whole new brand of dad humor—but, since these aren't our dads, we can back burner that secondhand embarrassment and laugh this charade off.

17 Little bro ain't takin' no prisoners

Social media is all fun and games until you accidentally let slip that you've signed up for accounts on various sites at a family gathering, and your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents immediately ask you for your information so they can follow you.

If you're lucky, then your relatives will only chime in every so often with some lame comment like, "You are so pretty, honey, your Grandpa Fred and I love you!" But, if you're not so lucky you wind up like this girl, who just wanted to fish for some compliments when her little brother sauntered in and roasted her like a marshmallow.

16 Ah, the '90s, you were such a treasure

Sometimes in moments of quiet reflection, we find that we actually miss the '90s. That's right. We long for the days of plaid miniskirts, vibrantly colored scrunchies used to tie up crimped hair and velvety leisure suits. The '90s were a simpler decade, and if we could turn back time, we would.

But, not gonna lie, the '90s were messed up, yo.

Remember when we wall thought buying stuffed animals was a good investment strategy? Remember when we thought those cute little toys would be our ticket to fame and fortune? No? Well then, take a good look at the picture above. That should refresh your memory.

15 That is diabolical...but we like it

Being a parent is probably the most important job in the world. You've been tasked with training a tiny monster and prepping them for the real world. You've got to take this dimpled, precious little heathen and shape them into a contributing member of society. No pressure.

Moms and dads have got one difficult job, but what they've also got is a special opportunity. Yeah, they have to try to raise a little gremlin, but that gremlin is also gullible and easy to trick. What parent among us could possibly resist their inner urge to trick their spawn, even if their pranks are years to come to fruition?

14 Dude, do you even grip like a gorilla?

Via: ladnow.com

We thought about buying one of those training grippers for ourselves back when we temporarily forgot how to hold things after our toaster oven accident (long story), but when we saw that the advanced training gripper had side effects, such as spontaneously turning into a gorilla, we decided not to buy one.

We want gainz, just not gorilla gainz.

Don't misunderstand us, we want to be buff and fit and all of that jazz, we just don't want to turn into some kind of monkey Animorph in the process. We don't think that's unreasonable. Muscle mass doesn't necessarily have to equal monkey mass.

13 Big. Mistake.

Via: diply.com

When you're on social media telling all of your friends about whatever big events are going down in your life, and you choose to ignore the fact that your mom was there knowing full well that she follows your account, you do so at your own peril.

Moms have got us all thinking that they're cooking baking, prepackaged snacks for sports practice bringing cinnamon rolls who are too pure, too precious for this world. But the truth is if you treat them in a way that they perceive is unjust, then they're not afraid to hit below the belt, whether you're they're own flesh and blood or not.

12 Doggo initiating Canine Stealth Mode

Dogs have so much going on for them. They're cute, they're affectionate and they're loyal to the core. But one thing those four-legged angels aren't is subtle. Fido here might think he's being super chill, but we all know what he's really after.

He just wants the noms.

Poor puppers. Every time they try to play cool, they just end up being even more obvious. But whether our beloved furry besties choose to beg outright or enter Canine Stealth Mode like this guy, it doesn't matter. We'd share our snacks with them anytime. How could we not? We mean, just wook at dat wittlwe face!

11 Drama Dad is so done

Parenting is tough. Moms and dads do and do for their kids. They put aside their own needs constantly just to make their children happy, and if you don't think that makes them the real MVPs then do us a favor and get the heck out of our face.

It's not unusual for parents to feel that their kids are trying their patience, but sometimes they reach a point where they blow things out of proportion. All that lack of sleep and all that lack of self-care can tip moms and dads into the realm of being a bit melodramatic. Puns are where dads really shine, but they've never been too good at being chill.

10 Making the best out of someone else's bad situation

Alright, forget it. We tried to be fair to kids in that last little blurb about the Drama Dad, but we don't think we can defend those youngsters anymore. Not now that we've seen them be so utterly lacking in chill.

This child may never have chill.

Gee whiz, kid, would you quit jumping on the trampoline that fell on top of your dad long enough to see if he's okay? He might need to go to the E.R. How are you gonna be any help to him when you're bouncing on what may very well be his broken bones? Stop having fun this instant and go get some adult assistance!

9 She set herself up for this

People getting deep on social media is great and all, but it's not nearly as satisfying as watching the snarky people flock to their posts in droves in order to make sassy comments. Philosophy is fine, but if you ask us, sarcasm is better. Maybe you don't believe us. But this post? It proves that.

LOL, see what we did there? But seriously though, these social media peeps have chosen precisely the incorrect outlet to display their inner Aristotle. You want to wax poetic, you save that stuff for your personal diary. If you post those feelings to the internet, then you're just playing with fire.

8 Thanks for your help, Meemaw

Via: heavy.com

Ah, where would we be without our grandmas, eh? Who would cook feasts fit for a king for us when we say we skipped breakfast? Who would give us money when we low-key beg for it, then feign like we have no intention of taking it before shoving it in our wallet?

Whatever pinch we're in, grandmas are always eager to help us out.

Grandmas may not understand technology, but they do know that it's important to their grandkids, and they're always ready to support them in whatever endeavors they pursue. So if Meemaw has to hold ul Cindy's leg for a selfie, then so be it.

7 Watch your mouth

The deep personal stuff people post on social media is just ripe for riffing, but sometimes, we have to admit, they do manage to strike a cord. 'Course, that doesn't mean we're happy about it. Observations like this one may be too true, but they're also unsettling, and nobody likes to have their whole world rocked when they log online.

This mantis/centaur analogist has made a point. Just look at the two pictures they posted and then try to tell us that one doesn't at least resemble the other. But still, just because they're not wrong doesn't mean that they're quite right.

6 Don't you ever do that again

We don't know what has happened to this person, but we're not going to judge them. We all have a past, we've all made mistakes. But the important thing to do when you realize you're on the wrong path is to stop and blaze a new trail to get back to good.

This person's life has gone off the rails.

We're not psychologists, but we're pretty sure that pulling your hamburger bun apart symbolizes a subliminal belief that your whole life is falling apart. This person should use their lunch break to talk to a professional, not to pinch buns—burger buns, that is, don't make it silly.

5 What, you think this is a game?

This girl is making fun of her friend for taking so long getting pictures of his coffee for social media, but honestly, we feel so attacked right now. It's like she aimed this little roast right at us.

She nailed us in the feels with that burn, because when it comes to taking an unnecessarily long time snapping pictures of our food, even though we know literally nobody else is interested, is something we're totally guilty of. Still, 15 minutes? That really is a long time for a coffee photo shoot. Next time he should order iced coffee. Maybe that'll give him some chill.

4 She lost her chill to make room for the holy spirit

This woman did not spend thousands of dollars having her chill surgically and permanently removed so that she would have enough room in her body to receive the holy spirit so she could listen to your sick self cough up a lung in church.


Maybe if you acted right in the house of the Lord, you would have been blessed and you would never have gotten sick at all, did you ever think of that? No, of course not because you were too busy having "pneumonia". That's okay, keep coughing. Just remember Jesus—and this lady—sees everything you do, so you better act right, ya hear?!

3 He might have taken things too far

Sometimes we worry that we take things too far, like that time we bought two packages of toilet paper instead of one because we didn't know if we had enough at home, or that time we changed our fish's name from Fin to Gill so we could make a What About Bob? reference.

But the next time we feel like we've crossed a line we'll just remember the guy in this picture. Brother, what are you doing? By the time you finally win that Xbox One you're after, you will have spent so much money on junk food and soda that you would have been better off buying one yourself in the first place.

2 A very meme-y Christmas

We've all got one. An evil Kermit, AKA a wicked inner voice that tells us to do the thing even though our goody-two-shoes inner voice tells us that we shouldn't do the thing, but the wicked inner voice is so convincing, we just can't resist!

He didn't want to do it. He tried to resist.

But in the end, this guy was no match for the persuasive devil on his left shoulder. Four hours and one hand cramp so serious he might have to see a doctor about it later, and this guy had one memtastic Christmas card on his hands. He may not have chill, but we have to say, we like his style.

1 That's not odd

Being chill isn't just super cool, it's also a useful life skill. Who doesn't want to look and feel self-assured at all times? That's about as cool as it gets. But maybe there is something even cooler than being cool. And, no, we're not trying to make an OutKast reference, that was just a happy accident.

This creepy creeper of a guy has taught us a lesson. Being chill is awesome, but what's even better is knowing when to be chill, and knowing when to turn it off so you can freak people out. Thank you, haircut prankster guy. In being not so chill, you've proven that you're the chillest of them all.

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