15 People Who Were Fired For The Most Hilarious Reasons

When someone gets fired from their job, it's (usually) not a positive or funny situation to go through. There might be a mix of emotions depending on how the person was fired, but usually, the person in question is never ready to lose their job. At the same time, there's hopefully, a good reason why.

There are also bogus reasons why people get fired from their job. Sometimes the reasons don't seem legal, but apparently, their bosses got away with it. Sometimes the reasons are so ridiculous that they literally become laughable.

Some of the stories below make sense and it's easy to see why they were in hot water, but other reasons were so stupid that we can't believe they actually happened.

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15 Amateur M.C.

Via: breakingcnn.com

When someone is trying to make it to the big leagues and is trying their hardest to get their name out there, they'll do practically anything to get there. When musicians in particular are starting out on the bottom, they'll try to get their mixed-tapes, CD's or demos to anyone and everyone that will listen; including the people at their current job. From a personal perspective, we totally get it but it would probably get a little annoying at times. This guy specifically didn't care who listened to his tape, as long as his McDonald's customers had a chance to.

We're not really sure this is grounds for being fired but putting a mixtape into a child's meal isn't really sanitary or necessary. There were definitely other ways he could have went about this but apparently, this was a great idea to him.

14 User discretion is advised

Via: mensxp.com

It's never fun getting sick and it seems like when we do, it's the most inconvenient time in our lives. So when most of us to catch a bug, we speed to our nearest drugstore for remedies to get rid of this illness as soon as possible. The number one rule that a person probably should know is that they need to be careful in knowing what they are taking and how much.

This poor person was probably so busy at work while they were sick that they didn't realize what they were doing. While being sick is the pits, imagine being fired just for trying to get better at the same time. To look on the bright side, at least this person learned a valuable lesson: daytime and nighttime are very different things.

13 The complacent one

Via: mashable.com

When we think of ritzy hotels or restaurants, we also think of the security it must take to make sure everything runs smoothly. There are powerful people going in and out after all and one of the things they rely on is being safe. So when this person claims they got fired for merely yawning on the job, we're not sure how to react to it. On one hand, this person must've been yawning every few minutes to be noticed and second, can anyone really control a yawn? Maybe a coffee or two would have prevented this, but in no way is it a good reason to fire someone.

The Ritz Carlton would seem like a place that would set their standards high, including their pick in employees and unfortunately, it probably didn't really matter to them. Overall, this is a comical reason to fire someone and we bet this person had a hard time telling their next employer this with a straight face.

12 Paranoid boss

Via: mashable.com

It's never a good situation when someone's boss is paranoid. Paranoid about finances, how well their employees are doing or having the idea that their employees are out to get them. We hope this isn't a normal occurrence in a job setting, but at this particular CVS, the wrong movement or mistake could result in your last day of work forever. Obviously no one would drop something on their superior just because they're out to get them.

Unfortunately for this person, the boss had the final say about the situation and the only thing we have to say is it's probably for the best this person dropped that box of crackers. We're not out to get anyone here, but why is someone of that age in authority in the first place?

11 Risky business

Via: aintviral.com

At this point, most of us probably don't even think twice about going to the bathroom at work. It's a given that our workday is flexible enough that we are able to use the restroom when we need to. Some workplaces make it easier to do so while higher-paced jobs such as a restaurant job may not be so easy. Overall, everyone is aware that it's their right to use a bathroom and that's that. There must be something else going on in this situation because no one gets canned just for using the restroom for a bit longer to get the job done.

Maybe a suspicious look or a comment about it would suffice, but to get fired over relieving yourself? That's just bonkers. Like many of these situations, it's probably for the best they don't have to go back.

10 It's all in the basics

Via: dailymail.co.uk

When searching for a job, we've all seen the over-the-top qualifications some companies look for. We wonder how anyone could get all of these items under their belt in a lifetime, but that argument is for another day. The argument here is that this person wasn't proficient enough in a skill that their boss thought they needed to do well. Apparently for this particular boss, having top-notch stapling skills is a must and the person above wasn't on their A-game when they got fired.

This cannot be a liable reason when it comes to someone getting fired. It's like this person's boss was fishing for anything to fire them and they didn't do a very good job in finding one that actually makes sense.

9 Hopefully it was a good game

Via: dailymail.co.uk

This situation is the stuff of nightmares. Making an excuse not to go to work is super common, but most of the time the plan is more thought out. This situation is actually one of the few on this list that kind of make sense when it comes to reasons for firing someone, but it's still kind of lame. This person just wanted to see their favorite basketball team in the flesh and their day job got in the way of doing so. So instead of confessing to their boss the real reason why they wouldn't be at work, they played sick and got caught in the worst way.

This person must've been too "sick" to realize that they could potentially be on live television for everyone to see, including their boss. While funny, this one is just a case of bad, bad luck.

8 They call it like they see it

Via: buzzfeed.com

We've all had bad days at work where we feel like a black cloud is following us wherever we go. Everyone annoys us, including the sound of a certain co-workers voice. The right thing to do would be to vent about it to a trusted co-worker or friend, but this person couldn't quite hold their annoyance in anymore. We have to admit, their use of foul language is pretty clever considering where they work and we're not sure if the McB*tch was mad because it was so clever or if they really are kind of a snot.

We probably wouldn't recommend calling a co-worker any type of name other than their own, but this one was too good to pass up and we think maybe this person should have gotten a warning.

7 Being "that guy"

Via: antiviral.com

A lame or dirty joke might be funny the first or second time around, but when it's said consistently, something has got to give. We all know that one person that thinks they're hilarious and decide to continue telling jokes and laughing at themselves. In reality, people don't necessarily see them in that same light and may take action in preventing any future torture. In this person's defense, it's kind of a funny line, but we can see how some people would take offense to it, especially at a sperm bank.

People that frequent this type of establishment probably want to be as discreet as possible and avoid any conversation if possible. Then there's this person saying this line every other second and frankly, we aren't really shocked they got fired.

6 It's just ice cream

Via: buzzfeed.com

OK, we aren't going to go back on our word and say that stealing other people's food at work is an acceptable thing to do. It's rude, it's wrong and it's kind of weird. But unless their name is on it, the whole situation could be a misunderstanding. In this case though, we're thinking the person that was fired knew exactly what they were doing and by the looks of it, would've done it again. Ice cream is a magical food item that everyone likes and it's hard to say no to it if it's sitting right there.

But the whole getting fired act wasn't necessary and maybe just a passive-aggressive note or email would've done the trick. It looks like the fired employee got the last laugh or lick and apparently, has no remorse.

5 Sugar addict

Via: mashable.com

Imagine working at a bakery. Now imagine all of the fresh-baked goods that would be around, but not being able to eat them. Frankly, that's just the downfall of working at a bakery and your self-control level would have to be super strong. But having a job is more important than indulging once and a while...or is it? In this situation, donuts are definitely more important and we can kind of understand why. It seems like a pretty innocent situation and maybe the boss wouldn't be super pleased to find this out; but being fired over a box of donuts? Yikes, that's rough.

We see the reasoning behind this person being fired because it technically is stealing. On the bright side, at least this person came out of this situation with a good story.

4 Superfan

Via: dailymail.com

We've always wondered what it would be like to rub shoulders with Hollywood celebs. We imagine what we'd say, what we'd do and if we'd remain cool in front of our idols. So if a celeb happens to stroll into someone's workplace, it would be hard to contain the excitement we would all feel. Spotting a celeb at a trendy restaurant is super common and for this person, it was their lucky day when Zac Efron strolled into their workplace. Apparently, they got super excited when they saw the handsome actor and decided to do something that's probably frowned upon. We don't think firing them was a good idea and in reality, it was kind of an overkill to punish someone like that.

While this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we wonder if this person thinks this was a good idea now.

3 Egos need to be put in their place

Via: mashable.com

Besides having a food thief in the office, there's always someone that thinks they know more than they do. Or, they think they're above everyone else when they really should come back down to reality. Most of the time, we just roll our eyes and withstand it but there are other times where we want to put that person in their place. Now, we know if we did that, there'd be consequences so we keep our mouths shut; but it seems like the person above couldn't deal with it anymore. We commend them for saying what everyone in the room was thinking, but we don't think firing that person was really necessary.

Word vomit happens and that guy probably deserved it, but hey, at least this person doesn't have to deal with this know-it-all anymore.

2 Not a joking matter

Via: dailymail.co.uk

By now we all have a feeling that the baristas at Starbucks are out to get us or are really bad spellers. It's still a mystery as to which one it is, but nevertheless, something is going on. More times than not, our names are butchered and we really wonder if the baristas think it's funny. It's definitely not something someone should be super angry about because in the end, the caffeine fix is all that really matters. But in the case above, this person messed with the wrong person. This girl had, had enough and took it all the way up the chain of command and formally made a complaint.

Sure this person probably shouldn't have drawn a picture of a male's lower region, but it definitely isn't something a person should be fired over.

1 The food bandit

Via: mashable.com

If anyone has ever worked in an office-setting, they will know the clear pros and cons of doing so. Examples are: loud co-workers, dull cubicles and that one person that seems to think they have full access to everyone's food. We're not sure why there's always one person that does this, but it happens and the food stealer doesn't think anyone knows it's them. What's even worse is when they know everyone knows, but they still do it. While we are a little bitter about people like this, we don't think it's a good reason for someone to get fired.

Maybe a warning or two would suffice beforehand, but the person above is well-aware that the old "budget cut" excuse isn't the reason why. Maybe it'll teach them a lesson to bring their own food once and a while.

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