15 People Who Found Puns in Everyday Life

Most people these days have a love/hate relationship with puns. They either see puns and cackle uncontrollably about them, or they roll their eyes at the sight and immediately storm off. The reactions are definitely mixed, but, one thing’s for sure: whether we like it or not, puns are everywhere.

But, even though puns exist all around us, there are still a few that slip past us on a daily basis. For some people, this is a blessing, and for others it’s a curse. So, we thought we would make a list of fifteen people who found puns in their everyday lives.

Whether you like puns are not, there are certainly a few on this list that you can appreciate. So, let’s go ahead and get to it!

15 Thyme's Up

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Most people these days are probably familiar with that, “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme,” song by Simon & Garfunkel. However, most people probably aren’t too familiar with the image you see above. And that’s probably because, well, out of all the puns you’re about to see, it’s one of the most ridiculous.

As you know, puns come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And we would consider this one a super-sized pun just because of how much commitment was required to pull it off.

It’s one thing to waste an entire thing of Thyme, it’s another to do it in a way that’s so unbelievably hilarious. To whoever made this, you are our hero, and with your help, we were able to get this list started off in the best way possible.

14 Booze Light Beer

When it comes to puns, there’s no better place to find them than during Halloween. People everywhere incorporate puns into the costumes they choose with absolutely hilarious results. We will admit that some of these costumes can be kind of stupid, but with just the right amount of cleverness, people are able to pull off some really good ideas.

The two costumes in the photo above, for example, are some of the best we have ever seen. In fact, when it came time to choose entries for this list, we couldn’t decide between the two and ended up including both.

There’s just something about the look on the, “Ginger Bread Man’s,” face that we just couldn’t get enough off. As for, “Booze Light Year,” come on! That guy’s a shoe in at any costume contest he enters.

13 The Darth Vader Button

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Don’t get us wrong, elevators definitely serve their purpose. However, we would be surprised if we were the only people out there who really hated riding in them. Sure, they’re a great alternative to having to bust your hump and take the stairs. But, as a whole, there’s really nothing fun about riding up and down in what's basically an oversized toaster.

And that’s because, throughout history, elevators have been known to get stuck, malfunction, and sometimes trap people for hours and hours on end while they wait for someone to come get them out.

Fortunately, there’s usually a button that you can press for help. But, never have we seen it referred to as a, “Darth Vader button.” Now, that’s just plain hilarious.

12 We Hired a Bounty Hunter

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So, we get that this list is all about puns found in everyday life. But, even though this is clearly a posed picture of a roll of Bounty paper towels and a Boba Fett action figure, we couldn’t help but include it.

Whoever masterminded the photoshoot that produced this marvelous pun must have worked pretty hard to get it framed and lit just right. The photography buffs out there will probably appreciate the artfulness behind this photo, even though it’s totally meant to be a joke.

What we love about this photo even more is the comment someone left in response to it. Like we said earlier, people have really different reactions to puns when they see them. And as you can see, this person doesn’t seem to be too into them.

11 Well Played

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Even without the caption, any Star Wars fan out there should be able to recognize right away the character this little breakfast mashup was meant to emulate. And if you can’t tell, well, we guess you just aren’t cool enough to hangout with us, Star Wars, nerds.

Okay, we are totally kidding, but still! It should be pretty obvious.

We aren’t sure exactly how bored this restaurant patron was of the conversation the people they were out with were having when they made this, but we are thinking it was pretty dull. There’s just no way that every little piece of this Chewbacca-shaped puzzle came out of the kitchen ready to be assembled. This definitely took a little bit of a hands on approach before it truly resembled Han Solo's trusted, wooly sidekick. 

10 It's a Chris Pine

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If you were into Vine at all when it was around a few years ago, then you probably remember the one in which the kid filming the video was asking his friend over and over to guess what kind of tree he had.

In the video, the filmer’s friend really isn’t into the bit. But, alas, he eventually caves under the pressure and asks what kind of tree it is, to which his friend responds, “it’s a Chris Pine,” and focuses the camera on a Christmas Tree with a cutout of Chris Pine’s face on it.

If this doesn’t sound familiar at all, we highly suggest hitting up a Vine compilation on YouTube and feasting your eyes on it. It’s definitely way funnier to watch than it is to read, trust us.

9 Lord Elrond is Not Amused

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In Lord of the Rings, Lord Elrond is one of the most feared and most powerful elves in all of Middle Earth. He’s commanded armies, he’s faced off against some of the most evil baddies in the world, and he’s an all around wise and badass dude.

But, of the many things that Lord Elrond is capable of doing, enjoying a good, old fashioned pun is certainly not one of them, given his reaction to the one in this photo.

If you’re at all familiar with his character in the books and movies, then you probably know he’s not exactly a sappy kind of guy. If he was, he might have appreciated this pun a little bit more. But, when you’re an elf of his stature, there’s probably not a whole lot of time for knee slappers such as this one.

8 He's Bread, Jim

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When we first saw this photo, we weren’t sure what to make of it. We scrolled past it and figured it’d be just another goofy, bread-based pun. But, holy cow, were we wrong. Which goes to show you that you really shouldn’t judge a pun by its cover. Or is it don’t judge a book by its cover? Either way, don’t judge, okay?

So, as you can see, there’s a whole heck of a lot to unpack in this photo. We’ll be honest and say we haven’t seen this many puns in one picture in a really, really long time.

As if a “Defibrillator Toaster” wasn’t funny enough already, the OP on this thread was able to come up with a whole melodrama to go along with it.

7 MadEGGascar

Fried eggs, despite how hard you try, take all kinds of shapes and sizes as you’re making them. This can be both a good and bad thing, but, for most people, it can make this mainstay breakfast item a real pain in the behind to prepare.

Some people seem to really have a knack for it. But, the rest of us unfortunately struggle and secretly hope that everyone’s cool with scrambled eggs when it comes time to make breakfast.

But, of the many shapes and sizes that fried eggs come in, the one in this photo is one of the most impressive. It’s not every day you see food that’s shaped exactly like one of the largest continents on the planet. And it’s even more rare that you see it paired with one of the greatest puns that the world has ever seen. 

6 Get That Camera Out Of My Face

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Corgis are some of the cutest dogs to have ever existed on the planet ever. Their adorable, stumpy legs and their cartoonish faces are enough to bring tears to your eyes. And it’s these kinds of quirks and attributes that have made them one of the most searched for dog breeds on both the internet and social media. 

Think about it: how often is it that you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, and you see a video about Corgis? If it’s not something you’ve ever paid much attention to, we assure you, it’s way more often than you’d think.

This breed didn’t waste any time becoming an internet sensation. But, unfortunately, with fame comes ego, and the Corgi in this picture is absolutely flexing theirs.

5 Cool Whiskers

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In this world, there are dog people, and there are cat people. Both kinds of people have their own merits and their own ways of life, and it’s important that we respect their lifestyles for what they are.

There will always be quite a bit of a disagreement between these two groups. But, one thing we feel like they can agree on is that cats tend to be a little moodier than dogs.

Some cat fans out there would say otherwise, but, for the most part, cats do tend to keep to themselves more than dogs and don’t really need snuggles and affection the way a dog does. Which is fine! That’s totally fine. We promise.

However, it’s worth taking note of the look on this cat’s face...whether you’re a cat person or dog person, if there’s a cat looking at you like this, run.

4 Treeson

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So, do you remember earlier when we said that sometimes puns are really, really stupid? Well, when we said that, we were mostly referring to the pun pictured above.

As stupid as it is though, we can’t help but feel like there are a lot of questions left unanswered by this picture. For instance, what is the actual purpose of that fence? Why is it being used to secure that tree? Also, why is there a gate to get into where the tree is being held? Where do we go when we die?

We may never know the answers to any of these questions, but we do know that “treeson” being the reason for this tree’s imprisonment is downright idiotic. But, like with all punners out there, hats off to you for being creative.

3 Concrete Evidence

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Relationships are really hard. Even the greatest relationships in history needed a lot of tender, loving care and effort in order to be successful. Although romantic comedies tell us all otherwise, it takes a lot more than coffee shop meetups and romantic walks through Central Park to make it work with your significant other.

This difficulty can do really crazy things to people. The pressure to maintain a relationship can you make you an insane person if you don’t have an outlet for your emotions or are unable to communicate properly with who you’re engaged with.

We think whoever the husband is that did this to his wife’s car is probably one of those kinds of people who doesn't have a good outlet for his emotions and also can't communicate properly with his spouse. Or maybe he just didn't try hard enough.

2 Seriously?

Making a first impression can be really difficult, especially on Tinder. As if matching with people wasn’t hard enough already, having to then strike up a conversation with them can be downright painful.

You really need finesse in order to get Tinder to work for you, and there are many people out there who don’t have any semblance of it whatsoever. Which is fine, Tinder definitely isn’t for everyone, even though it seems like everyone uses it these days.

What we love about this exchange between Delaney and her potential, new lover is just how much finesse that they had. Not only did they unleash this amazing pun, they also did it in a way that will help their new bae remember them for years to come.

1 Sit Down

Throughout this list, we have shown you quite a few really great puns. We have also shown you quite a few super cheesy puns. They’re both great in their own way, but, we thought ending our list with this particular image was the way to go since it captures so well everyone’s love/hate relationships with puns.

We can’t decide if cooking hot dogs over hot lava is genius or really, really dumb. On one hand, the heat pouring out of the liquid, hot magma probably cooks the dogs really well. But, on the other hand, it has to be pretty dangerous to get close enough to lava to cook food with it.

Either way, the, “I lava good bbq,” pun is just cheesy enough to make you either LOL or simply shut your laptop and go to bed.

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