15 People Who Are Handling Their Breakups With "Grace"

Breakups are hard to handle no matter how justified they are. Both parties often feel heartbroken, may have some regrets and may be tempted to try again in the near future. Inevitably, some people wind up doing immature things to soothe their broken hearts.

To be fair, there are some immature things that fall within the normal range. After all, we're only human in the end. Here are some examples of people who are handling their breakups with "grace."

In other words, this select group of people are handling their heartbreak in a way we felt deserved to be shared on the internet. Where some people may choose to completely ghost their exes, these people either took pettiness to the next level. Other responded with such sarcasm that we're wondering how these individuals fell in love, to begin with.

15 The woman who photoshopped her ex with Zac Efron

Via DailyMail

Baylee Woodward spent a year traveling with her ex and, poof! Just like that, the relationship ended. Naturally, she had a lot of wonderful pictures from their time together. Keeping these photos unaltered would have meant that her ex defined these moments for the rest of her life.

Woodward shunned the idea that her ex would forever be a part of these memories. In order to remove the stain of her broken heart, she decided to use technology to alter her memories a bit. This allowed her to keep her pictures forever. Plus, literally erasing her ex's face from those pictures was therapeutic! Or so we imagine.

She probably knew her friends would get a kick out of her genius idea. What Woodward may not have expected was that these pictures would go viral and make the world laugh. Woodward also received many positive comments, and people around the world supported her quest to heal her broken heart.

Instead of being sarcastic about this, we have to commend Woodward for coming up with this awesome idea. Older adults are probably jealous that Photoshop wasn't around back in their day so that they could've done the same thing. If there's one person who handled her breakup with "grace" and hilarity, it's Baylee Woodward!

14 The woman who changed all her Instagram captions

There are many messed up things that can end a relationship. Infidelity is definitely right up there with those deal-breakers. Getting over something like this takes time, strength and courage.

Of course, things get complicated thanks to social media. Many exes today have to find creative ways to get over their past relationships. One Instagram user took to changing her captions in order to show people her ex's true colors. She somehow tracked all of his actions and had no qualms about revealing them to the world. Despite the fact that some may have felt sympathy for her ex, others on social media also showed her some support.

We can only say that dealing with this issue must have been hard for this woman, but she found a way to make others laugh while getting others on her side. As it turns out, she isn't the first person to attempt such a stunt. She may not be the last, but she's handling her breakup with a level of pettiness that others totally live for. But hey, she did nothing wrong throughout the course of the relationship. This event only reminds us all to be honest, lest our petty exes air our dirty laundry out. Ouch!

13 The couple that literally divided their collection of Beanie Babies

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In the '90s, Beanie Babies were a popular collectible toy. It was thought that they'd increase in value over the years. Many took these predictions seriously and refused to play with them just in case. Most people probably collected Beanie Babies for themselves. Why share something so adorable with someone else, right? Well, it turns out that one couple in the '90s collected them together. When they got a divorce, they couldn't figure out what to do about their shared Beanie Baby collection.

They split their assets after their divorce and were forced to count them out in front of a judge and an audience.

At the time, the collection was worth between $2,500 and $5,000 dollars. If you look closely at the picture, you can see a lawyer shuffling papers during this division of assets. Plus, you can tell, but those are a lot of Beanie Babies for an adult couple. According to reports, the first Beanie Baby to get sorted was Maple the Bear. Funnily enough, it's now worth a whopping $7.37. We're hoping that they were able to settle other relationship woes in healthier ways. You know, with actual grace. In the meantime, we can reminisce about the types of things we used to consider valuable back then.

12 The person who tried to get out of this one

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Some surprises are only revealed after a relationship ends. As adults, we must learn to deal with these events as they come. It's natural not to want to speak to our exes when a relationship is over. Of course, there are some life events that must be shared with exes at any cost. Pregnancy is obviously one of said events.

Thanks to screenshots and social media, those of us who surf the internet are bombarded with strange or funny exchanges between exes. Whether or not this person was trying to be funny, this is not the way to answer such a text!

Not everyone receives life-changing news with maturity. This guy certainly didn't. Things would've probably gone better for this individual if they had spelled everything correctly. The woman who is pregnant seems like she might be better off without this guy, though. She wouldn't be the only one who receives this type of answer after news of a pregnancy after a break-up.

The screenshot we've got here shows us a few things. First of all, if you're going to try to seem like an auto text, then make sure that you spell everything correctly. Finally, make sure that you say something more mature just in case someone decides to keep a record of it.

11 The person who sent this status update on their ex's stuff

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People have different opinions about what to do with the gifts you've received from ex after things end. Some people leave things at their ex's house such as sweaters, shoes, a toothbrush, and a variety of other small items. Some people decide not to take their things back while others want them back right away. The urge to get rid of someone's things when they're no longer part of our lives is understandable. Though these exchanges can get awkward, most people take part in them with a pinch of decency. Sorting through these feelings is a complicated matter.

To be fair, everyone has lost their composure over a breakup.

As normal as this can be, some exes exhibit a loss of composure that is above average. This person not only got rid of her ex's stuff, she texted him a literal burn. Some people really can't fix the issues that were wrong in their relationships, and it's clear in their communications after they're no longer together. Though people eventually get over things like this, texts like this remind us all to be careful who we date. Things may start out nicely, but sometimes we only know a person's true colors after a relationship is done for.

10 The person who blamed her boyfriend for her late paper

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Okay, it's one thing to troll your ex after a breakup. They are, after all, the reason why you're feeling the way that you are. Have people ever sent strange emails to their exes? Yes. They've also left voice mails or maybe did some social media stalking.

Many of us probably sympathize with this particular college student. It's true that recently being dumped can leave you in a vulnerable position and cause you to lose focus. A sudden breakup not only messes up your day, it can mess with your head for weeks or even months.

In such moments of distress, people may act strangely to ordinary stimuli. This college student can relate. Now, trolling an ex is sort of acceptable in these circumstances. Trolling a teacher in this manner is a cause for laughs.

Though the email isn't exactly what a college professor may expect from a student, at least it makes a good case for her. Anyone can understand her predicament. Some college professors may dock points for lateness, but we're actually rooting for this student and hoping her professor at least got a laugh out of receiving this email. We give this student kudos for being funny, honest, and keeping things appropriate.

9 This ex was tired of being manipulated

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Some people react to their exes in a petty manner for no reason. Others may have bitten their lips too many times throughout the course of their relationship and feel emboldened as soon as things are over. There are also people who need time and space to reflect on their former relationships with clarity. It's hard to tell which is the case with the person who received this "I miss you" message from their ex. Maybe this person truly suffered at the hands of the person who now misses them. They might just need some time and space.

But not to worry, because this person was ready to let their ex know that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

In a way, it's refreshing to know that not everyone gets possessive of their exes. This person clearly wants their ex to find someone right away. Anything not to deal with these pesky texts, eh? Regardless of how things ended with this couple, you can tell that at least one of them wants to argue with facts. This person took the time to find out exactly how many people there are on this planet. This screen shot lets us know that arguing with the person in blue must have been tough!

8 That time someone replaced her ex with a tree

Via Instagram

It's clear that people with Photoshop skills are capable of coming up with some hilarious reactions to a recent breakup. Some people even go viral after replacing their exes with pictures of Beyoncé (this is a great idea, by the way).

This Photoshop user had a more original idea. We support this because she looks great in the picture and we can understand that she wants to preserve at least that part of this memory. Plus, using a tree to replace her ex shows originality. The tree totally blends in with the background while allowing her to keep this picture.

People may love to gripe about millennials, but those who do are probably jealous that they have access to technology that literally allows them to "forget" their exes. You can bet that people from previous generations are jealous that they had to use an X-Acto knife and glue stick in order to achieve less passable results.

Getting your heart broken is tough, so it makes sense that people would do whatever it takes to cut an ex out of their lives in order to heal. This reaction isn't just funny, it's also pretty classy considering some of the horror stories people have about exes. We're wondering what other things people will use on Photoshop next.

7 The person who kept it short and sweet

The sarcastic conditions behind almost every breakup means that we get some leeway in how we react. Breaking up is hard to do and there may be collateral damage to take care of because of some wounded egos. As a result, some people give their exes too much time to mess with their heads. Others can make them go away with only three words. This person's reaction shows us we don't need a long speech in order to make our point. If we look at this situation objectively, the point of breaking up with someone is to end up with someone who is totally different.

Changes like this allow individuals to get to know themselves and avoid being with the type of person that makes them miserable.

Kudos to this person who didn't flinch when the time came to make a decision on what to type. Ghosting would have been the easy route. This person took the challenge and showed us all how to react when we receive unwanted contact from someone we no longer want to be intimate with. It may be tempting to say something that will drive our exes up the wall. This person shows us that keeping it short and sweet can also reap rewards.

6 Someone whose auto response truly delivered a scathing blow

Via Ranker

It's true that some people don't know what they have until it's gone. Whoever sent this guy a text must have thought that he would be waiting forever. Even the loneliest person will eventually get over someone else, though. It's tough, but we all have to get over the pain of watching love not come to us when we want it.

There's also an assumption that only women have a tough time after a breakup, but let's not forget that men definitely have feelings, too. They can get hurt and feel a need to be vulnerable about their struggles.

This guy went through a tough grievance period thanks to his broken heart. Not only that, he was totally ready for what to do if his ex ever tried to contact him again. It seems like he's in a better place, but most of us who've had our hearts broken can relate to what he's describing.

Let this be a lesson to those of who think that their exes will always be waiting for them. The truth is that a healthy individual will eventually get over you. Otherwise, they'd be creepy. It's a free country and you can text them, but you might not be happy with the response.

5 The woman who asked the internet to Photoshop her ex out of pictures

Via Insider

It's one thing for people to Photoshop their exes out of their old pictures. (Since we've shared so many incidents like this, it's only fair that we let you know that Adobe even created a tutorial for this). Meet the woman who took this to another level. When Kirsten Kidd found out that her boyfriend was unfaithful, she took some serious action. As an avid traveler, she posted about her boyfriend on a Facebook group for women who enjoy globetrotting. She not only expressed herself, she also asked if members wouldn't mind photoshopping him out of her pictures.

Not only did Kidd find the support she needed, she even got some hilarious photoshopped pictures back.

Though this is only one example, several women replaced him with emojis, pictures of food, and pictures of other celebrities. Despite the unfortunate circumstances around their breakup, Kidd and the women who supported her with this small favor give us a little more faith in humanity. Everyone has had their heart broken. Kidd proved that those who are willing to be vulnerable can make new sympathetic friends wherever we go. Plus, we'll all have the hilarious pictures as a reminder that we can laugh even during tough circumstances.

4 Not even in your dreams, buddy!

Whenever a relationship ends, one of the people involved may try to get back with the other. This ex may not understand that things are truly over. Perhaps the person who dumped said person wasn't clear enough. When one person truly wants to end the relationship they might not even bother asking if it's possible to remain friends.

Despite all the boundaries that are put in place, some people may never understand. Such people will send messages such as this attempt to let their ex know that it's not over for them. Thankfully, this message is a bit sweet, but that doesn't mean that their ex wants to receive it.

Sending such messages to someone may result in a welcome response. After all, there are people who later realize that breaking up wasn't a good idea. That's not what happened here though. The first message this person received was friendly enough. The last line lets the sender know that they should stop trying.

If there's one thing we need to know about the English language is that there's no shortage of ways it can let us break each other's hearts. Judging by this text, the sender decided it's best not to respond. We agree.

3 The ex who hid a turkey in his car

Via reddit

A Reddit thread asked people to admit when they were the "crazy ex" and people actually came through and admitted when they were that person. They also admitted whether or not they fit this stereotype, or whether or not they felt that they were misunderstood. People actually admitted to being unreasonable after a breakup while others tried to justify their actions. Some of the stories sounded outrageous, but others showed us that people can get pretty creative in how they react to their breakups.

This person received a lot of admiration for the legal, but genius way in how they got back at an ex that they felt did them wrong.

Was this the most mature way to get back at this ex? Probably not! However, it was original and a way to get back at this person without sending a text, leaving something on social media (except this admission) or without getting into too much trouble. Many of us have learned to expect texts, nasty looks or getting cropped out of photos on social media. But none of us would ever expect an entire raw turkey to be stuffed into our car. Now we know that there's absolutely nothing we can't expect if we hurt someone's feelings.

2 The person who really cared about their dental health

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Some exes keep things that belonged to their former significant other. This is because retrieving items feels awkward after you've decided that the relationship is over. We can agree that things such as a sweater or t-shirt are probably fair game. Such often-meaningless items are cheap to replace, and we may have even forgotten they're in our home.

Things get tricky when it comes to removing more expensive items you've left behind at your ex's apartment. Trying to get these things back makes perfect sense, especially if they're expensive to replace or important to you in some way. That's why we totally understand that this person needed to get their expensive toothbrush back.

In this example, we can see that both people who are texting have point. No one has any business trying to get you to talk about your breakup if it happened seven months ago. That ex is right about that. However, it's important to have teeth that are in good health. That's why we totally get that this person is trying to get their Sonicare back. You could be talking about almost any expensive electronic item and many would probably agree that they should get it back. Here are two exes who need to understand each other a bit more.

1 This person was unfaithful

Via me.me

Here is someone who may have taken things a bit too far. So far, in fact, that we're kind of hoping that this Twitter post isn't true. It's one thing to Photoshop a tree into old pictures or to ask the internet for help removing a former S.O. from your photographs. But this?! Asking someone to put your name on their body before dumping them is actually the opposite of graceful behavior. It goes without saying that many tattoo artists refuse to tattoo names of boyfriends or girlfriends onto people just in case something like this happens.

The tattoo incident is obviously something that was premeditated during the relationship as a way to get back at the boyfriend.

Tweeting it to the world like this shows that this person knows how to hit someone where it counts the most. It's true that they dealt with an issue that required drastic action. Obviously, two can be drastic when it comes to making sure they're treated the way they deserve. Hey, infidelity is never good, but this reaction shows that people are capable of creative ways to get revenge if they've been wronged. Thanks to the internet, we now have something else to be paranoid about when it comes to exes. i think the lesson here is to just not be unfaithful to someone! Just don't do it!

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