15 People Of IKEA Who Made Us Say, "IKEAn't Take It Anymore"

Scandinavians love IKEA (trust me, I’m marrying one), but they aren’t the only people who think this is the best store to have ever been created. People from all over the world purchase the cheap and cheerful furniture which they can assemble in their own home, and then curse loudly about it and wish they had never bought it in the first place, until the next time.

But visiting IKEA with the intention to buy things is not the only reason people make trips to the furniture giant. It turns out some people love the stores because they find it’s the best spot for a romantic date. Others even enjoy a sneaky adventure to try out the beds, after hours. A lot of really weird things happen in IKEA, things that are both eye-rolling and wonderful, and below are 15 of those very things.

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15 It’s The Perfect Place For A Wedding, Apparently

Via The Independent

Apparently, some people think there’s no difference between walking down a shopping aisle, and the aisle at your wedding, so, why not just combine them? At least that was the thinking behind an Irish groom’s decision to get hitched in a Dublin IKEA. Well, actually, he reportedly picked this place to get married because it’s the shop where he often fights with his bride, and he wanted to change the experience into something more positive. Makes sense?

This odd venue was chosen by the groom as part of the reality TV show, Don’t Tell The Bride. But can you imagine this poor woman’s horror turning up to a furniture store for her big day, when she had probably pictured herself getting married in a castle? At least the groom knows she really loves him, because she went through with the marriage.

14 Some People Really Love Testing Out Those Beds

Via Buzzfeed

Get your mind out of the gutters, I'm not talking about people engaging in any inappropriate activities, rather I'm focusing on this elderly couple who decided they would combine extreme comfort and cheap food during their outing to an IKEA store.

We all know the importance of having a good bed, and a bed is required to fulfill a lot of different needs, including being comfortable enough to enjoy having a meal in. This couple clearly felt this was a priority, and so when they got their food they didn’t head over to the tables and chairs like everyone else, they went to the one place they eat all their meals.

The only comment I have about this picture is why has no employee stepped in to stop them? Have they seen this so often that it’s now just a regular part of their day?

13 It’s Also A Great Place For A Family Outing

Via Layan Lu Bro

The pro about IKEA is that the stores are usually air-conditioned, meaning that even on the hottest of days it’s not that bad to wander around the aisles. But, this has also proven to be a bit of a problem for the company’s branches in China, because according to reports, during a summer heatwave in 2015, the employees had a really tough time getting families to stop coming through their doors just to lay on their beds.

We have all spotted a person testing out an IKEA bed or sofa before, but really, these people took it to the extreme. On a side note: At least the kid was polite enough not to put his shoes on the bed, his mamma must be so proud.

12 You Find Really Unique Headgear While Browsing The Aisles

Via 9Gag

Look, IKEA is not the most fascinating store you’ll ever visit, but for some reason, people really have a lot of fun in it. Whether that’s laughing at the name’s of the products because they sound funny in English, or finding new ways to entertain themselves with common household items. Take this guy for example, who thought that he could find a fantastic use for those dish scrubbers by wearing them on his shiny bald head.

The result is hilarious, and of all the pictures of odd things I’ve seen happen in the Swedish furniture giant, I’d have to say this is my favorite. And it must be a lot of other people’s favorite too because it’s racked up a heck of a lot of comments and likes after being posted on 9GAG.

11 But There's Disappointment When The Hot Dogs Are Not Massive

Via MemeCenter

The great thing about IKEA is it offers everything; from beds and sofas, to kitchen utensils, stationery, and even gigantic hot dogs.

The store is clearly proud of their food, and they wanted to let customers know they could sink their teeth into this massive beef hot dog, there is just one problem, it’s not as big as the poster. I know, imagine the disappointment when you get to the cafeteria only to be handed a normal-sized hotdog instead of one that is close to the same size as your sofa? Unacceptable.

We all know this is IKEA’s attempt at humor (and mine at mocking it), and it’s a strangely wonderful way to get people to drool over their super cheap, and average tasting hot dogs.

10 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Can Be Found In IKEA Stores

Via 9Gag

Game of Thrones is one of those franchises that has swept the globe, and even IKEA has been affected. But is this all that surprising? I mean, what better way to spend your Saturday than by creating a Game of Thrones’ inspired chair, and it turns out all you need is a rug and a few coat hangers?!

It’s not entirely clear whether this creation was made by someone who worked in IKEA, or if some dedicated customer with a heck of a lot of time on their hands—and a sign in their handbag—walked into their local IKEA store and started getting creative. Regardless of how it came about, it’s pure brilliance. I hope to see a lot more of these creations in the near future.

9 Some People Figure They Can Buy The Store Display

Via 9GAG

The concept of IKEA is to walk around the store and check out the displays, then you end up buying the pieces in a big box and get your tools out at home and start assembling. However, it seems that not everyone gets the concept of IKEA. Either that, or they are really awful with a hammer and nails. So instead, they’re going to steal the floor display.

This woman, bless her heart, said to hell with assembling her own furniture and snatched the already assembled piece instead. Can you imagine her disappointment when she ends up at the till and they inform her that there is no way she’s going to be able to buy this? Even more hilarious is how this woman thinks she will be able to fit that massive piece of furniture into her car!

8 This Couple Have Claimed It’s A Really Fun Spot For A Date Night

Via Daily Mail

Personally, I don’t understand how anyone can find walking the aisles of a store romantic. But some people, like this couple from St Louis, Missouri, claim that they go to IKEA to sit on the uncomfortable chairs and enjoy a date night (when they can’t find a babysitter). Side note: at least it’s free, even if it the strangest thing you’re going to hear all week.

According to Daily Mail, these lovebirds like nothing better than a trip to the massive furniture store because they enjoying playing in the different rooms and stopping off for something to eat. Apparently, they even had a family photo shoot session with one of their photographer friends because they have so much “fun” while there. Um, I think I’ll stick to the spa weekends, fancy dinners and movies, but hey, that’s just me.

7 IKEA Makes For A Fantastic Tinder Profile Shot

Via EliteDaily

You have to hand it to these guys. They are really creative because it takes a true genius to think of visiting IKEA for a really great dating profile picture. Wait… what?!

Back in 2015, a group of male friends made headlines after they decided to pose for photos in an IKEA store. One of them decided to share their handiwork online and mentioned how they had taken photos for their Tinder profiles in various poses (like this one, which shows him hard at work). The idea is definitely different, but it’s also hilarious, and it seems like a lot of women appreciated their fun-loving approach to dating because Kevin Rouston let Elite Daily know he and his friends received countless messages from women after their photos went viral.

6 When You Are Forced To Remind People About The Real Toilets

Via MemeCenter

At this point on this list, this photo is hardly that shocking because it seems while at IKEA, people really take liberties they wouldn’t take in an average furniture store. Why else would you have to tell people not to use the display toilet?

The management of these stores has seen countless weird things happen (some funny, others just plain annoying and gross) and because of their experiences, they were forced to inform people that they shouldn't use their display bathrooms. The hilarious thing about this sign is that unless a mistake happened in one of these loos before, it's unlikely there would be a sign about it. And can you just imagine the horror on an employee's face when they discover that little extra?

5 Who Cares If You Can’t Transport Your Purchase, You'll Find A Way


It seems there are people in this world who really have a tough time understanding the concept of IKEA, and they don’t realize that if you’re buying a really big package you still need to find a way to get it home. If you plan on going to a furniture store and buying a lot of stuff, then it’s probably best to a) either rent a truck or ask a friend for some help, or b) pay the extra money and get the items delivered to your home.

Some people would prefer a headache and stress of trying to work out how this oversized item will fit into a tiny car though, because what the heck was going through this woman’s mind when she thought she could fit this in the boot of her car? If only we could see the end result of how this dilemma turned out because I have a feeling that it would have been very, very funny.

4 It's A Company That Has Their Employees Backs

When it’s your first day on the job, or you’re not going to be around for too long so the company doesn’t train you as well, there is a lot of stress, especially when it’s a customer service-orientated job. But IKEA has their employees backs, sometimes quite literally, because they have created shirts like this to let customers know it’s best to direct any hard questions they may have to a more seasoned employee.

IKEA may be responsible for countless disagreements in couples, over which bed they should buy or which color towels go well with their decor, but it’s also a company that has proven time and time again they have a great sense of humor. And trying to get people to leave their temporary employees alone is hilarious and brilliant.

3 They Have A Legit Issue With People Wanting Sleepovers

Via The Mirror

The problem with having beds and sofas in a store is that people are going to try them out. That’s all good and well if they’re trying them out for a few minutes with the intention of buying the product, or just having a two-minute breather because shopping is hard work, but because people can be super weird, this is not always the case. Apparently, IKEA has a serious problem with teenagers creeping into their stores and trying to have an uninvited sleepover.

This absurd story was reported by The Mirror, who revealed that in 2016, IKEA revealed it had experienced 10 incidents around the world involving people who slept over in one of their furniture stores. These cases included two Swedish teenage girls who hid in a wardrobe for three hours until the store closed and then enjoyed having the place to themselves. Who thinks of these things?!

2 The Trolleys Are Designed With Exceptional Comfort In Mind

Via Huffington Post

I can totally relate to this picture because this is often how I feel on shopping trips when all I want to do is go home, lay on my bed, read a book, and then drink too much coffee. I don’t know whether this adorable little girl just had enough of the entire shopping trip (and considering she’s already lost a shoe, it certainly makes it look that way) or if the furniture giant’s trolleys are just incredibly comfortable and a great place to fall asleep.

Let this be a warning to all parents: you may love IKEA, but for your kids, it can be an incredibly boring and exhausting outing. A trip to the toy store will be sure to revive them afterward though.

1 It’s Shockingly The Go-To Dating Spot For Elderly Singles

What is so shocking about this photo? Well, nothing at first glance. What is really interesting is the story behind it, and according to reports, IKEA is not just a place you go shopping, it’s also a dating spot. According to The Independent, a store in Shanghai has even had to ban a matchmaking group because too many elderly singles were using its cafeteria as a place to meet up and enjoy blind dates every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

The store has reportedly been forced to implement a policy which states that unless a person is eating they cannot use the cafeteria, this came about after countless customers were left without any place to sit. No word on where the singles will meet next, but it’s sort of hilarious that people think a furniture store is the right place to find love, isn’t it?

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