15 People Who Left All Their Hoots To Give At Home

There is no greater feeling then when we finally let go and stop caring. Seriously. Think about all the time and effort you put into making sure you look good or worrying about how others perceive you. Think about how great it would feel to finally not give a damn. From riding around on a wooden horse while someone's wife pulls them, to cooking pancakes in the classroom, to filling up their KFC bucket with soda, these people show us what it's truly like to be themselves by not giving a damn anymore. Why not try it out for yourselves and see how good it really feels? So without further ado, here are 15 people who do not give a single damn about anything, and we're here for it.

15 Please Leave By Nine


Oh man, this sounds like my kind of party! This display of hospitality just screams “I do not give a single damn about anything.” This person clearly doesn’t care that they are hosting a party. And they clearly don’t care that you know how badly they want you to leave. Not only that, but they have a very specific time that they want you to leave by. And that’s nine o’clock. Look, sure it might seem rude to hang this sign up, but you have to ask yourselves if someone has the brass to do this, do you really think they care about your opinion? Of course not. I can only imagine that the second the clock hits nine, all of the food and drinks will immediately start being put away. What are the guests going to do about it? Leave?

14 Yay Or Neigh


Why do people hate the idea of getting older? Getting older is great. And the great thing about getting older is that the older you get, the more you stop caring about things. How awesome is that? That means you could be like this next couple and have your spouse drive their scooter while you ride on a wooden horse behind them! Who wouldn’t want to reach that point of not giving a damn? I can only dream of not caring that much. And just look how proudly that older gentlemen carries his whip. Who is that whip even for? Is it to whip the horse? Is it for his wife? Is it to whip people who walk by? Does it even matter? Not at all.

13 Sofa King


This next picture isn’t just great. This next picture is sofa king great! (Sorry, I’ve been wanting to use that for a long time.) This guy literally doesn’t give a damn about anything. Anybody who sits in a chair in the back of a truck is alright in my book. But doesn’t this guy seem a little too relaxed in that chair? Just look at his body language and how his legs are crossed like that. It’s almost as if he is about to say, “may I help you?” I think it can do us all some good to aspire to reach this level of aloofness. Also, you have to figure that this guy gets his picture taken like this constantly. And do you think he cares that you tweet or Instagram a pic of him? Come on.

12 Pancakes 101


I’ve seen a lot of things done in a classroom before, but making pancakes is definitely a first. I guess that’s what happens when you stop caring; you start making pancakes in class. Have I ever showed up to class hungry because I was running late and had to skip breakfast? Of course. But that doesn’t mean that I packed up a hot plate and some pancake batter. I would just pick up an energy bar or something. I would have been way too nervous to try cooking breakfast in front of everyone. This guy, however, clearly has no such fear. The only thing that I see wrong with this picture is that there is no syrup bottle in sight. And what’s the point of pancakes without syrup?

11 A Cup For Water


Wow! Where do I even begin with this next one? First of all, this guy clearly didn’t pay for a soda since he is using his own KFC bucket. This, of course, leads me to my next question. Is this guy even at a KFC? And if he is at a KFC, did he even bother to wash the bucket so there are no bits of chicken still left in it? And this next part is really the most important part. If this guy is not at KFC, did he seriously bring his own bucket with him to fill up on soda? I don’t think it's possible to care less than this guy does. I can’t even imagine what he brings with him to the movies.

10 Shot Through The Heart


If you have ever wanted to see the face of someone who does not give a single damn about anything, just take a look at this next guy’s face. This guy has a giant bow sticking out of his shoulder, yet he still has a “what’s good?” look on his face. Is he even smiling?! If any of you think that this is no big deal, I would be happy to shoot a bow and arrow at you and see if you have the same attitude that this guy has. And for all we know, this guy’s kid could have been aiming for an apple on his head but ended up getting him in the shoulder. And just when I thought this guy couldn’t give any less of a damn.

9 Cry Baby


If you have ever rode the subway in New York City, you know that you come across the strangest things imaginable. And there have been none stranger than this next person. Please try and comprehend what exactly this girl is doing. She is slicing onions on a wooden cutting board… while riding the damn subway! If you forget about how weird it is to be doing this in this situation, a subway is the worst place to cutting anything because of how shaky the ride is. But back to how socially awkward this is. Even the guy next to her can’t believe what she’s doing. Heck, I still can’t believe it. If you think about it, this is pretty clever on her part because no one will ever bother you on the subway if you’re doing this.

8 Walk This Way


Are you kidding me? Are any of you really surprised that this lady would be doing this? Just one look and you can tell that this lady doesn’t give a single damn about anything. Also, this lady clearly sees that someone is taking a picture of all of this. But do you think that she gives a damn? Heck no. If anything, this will only make her go slower. Just look at how she is standing there. She knows she’s blocking everyone from walking by and if I were to guess, she’s quite proud of it. Her right arm is extended all the way out, which means that she could have easily stood close to the rail. And instead of putting her bag in front of her, she has it to the left of her which blocks people even more. This was all carefully planned.

7 Swinger


Who says babies have to give a damn about things? This next one sure doesn’t. If it wasn’t already obvious enough by the big red fire truck and the black fumes of smoke in the background, a nearby house is engulfed in a fire. This would normally scare a child, right? Most of the time, yes. But this isn’t like those other times because this kid isn’t like the rest. This kid is happily swinging on their swing set while the noise from the fire truck blares and the smoke rises. I wish I was as calm and carefree under dangerous situations as this kid is. If this kid’s house were ever to catch fire, their first instinct wouldn’t be to call for help, it would probably be to chill on the swing and make s’mores.

6 Breakfast Buffet


It would appear that this next person’s father really has his priorities in order. Remember when everyone in the state of Hawaii got an alert about an inbound ballistic missile? And how they were advised to seek immediate shelter? And how it turned out to all be a mistake? Pretty scary stuff, right? Well, this next person’s father was in Hawaii when this happened. They were getting breakfast and instead of seeking shelter, they decided to use this as an opportunity to have the buffet all to themselves. That is crazy! The people of Hawaii didn’t know that it was a mistake yet. Do you have any idea how much this guy doesn’t give a damn? If that were me, I would have been out of there so fast, it would have made your head spin.

5 Breezy


If this next guy standing on top of a subway grate, with his shirt open, air blowing up his pants, and thigh high black socks doesn’t scream “I don’t give a damn about anything,” then I don’t know what does. If that whole ensemble doesn’t do it for you, then just look at his body language and face. That is the look of a man who couldn’t care less. In fact, I’m sure he couldn’t even care about caring less. That’s how little he cares. And let’s go back to those socks for just a second. If this man is so warm, as evidence by his need for that breeze, then why wear such high socks? And why black ones? Maybe it's because he just doesn’t give a damn?

4 Whatever


You see, the thing about college professors is that when it comes to their students asking them for extensions on their work, extra credit, or rescheduling an exam, they have heard just about every excuse in the book. And no, I’m not talking about “my dog ate my homework.” (Has that ever actually been used?) Anyway, this next student asked if they could reschedule their final. Did they offer an excuse? No. So it’ll probably never work, right? Wrong. That’s because this professor doesn’t give a damn about anything anymore. Their response was just about the greatest thing imaginable. If only I was as lucky enough to have a professor answer my important questions with “whatever.” This professor must have a great score on ratemyprofessors.com

3 Gym And Juice


This is it folks. This right here is what she should all strive to be like when we get to be that age. We should all be lucky enough to go the gym and sit on one of the leg machines while we sip a delicious drink. I don’t think you all fully grasp the awesomeness of this woman. She knows that she isn’t there to work out. She’s there to watch people and to make them jealous. Don’t you think that everybody else there would rather be drinking something than breaking their back to lift some weights? Of course. But this woman doesn’t give a damn what you’re doing or what you’d rather be doing. She only cares about enjoying herself. And that’s what she’s doing.

2 Top Down


I’m not going to lie, at first glance, I didn’t see what the big deal was. And then it hit me. Like a bunch of snow to the face, it hit me. This person is driving around in the heavy snowfall, in their convertible, with the top down! Now, first things first. Did this person intentionally put the top down, knowing full well that it was snowing, and the water could destroy the interior of the car? Or was this person’s convertible top broken and they had no choice but to drive with the top down? I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter. Either way, this person had somewhere to be and they were going to get there with the top down. And you have to respect them for that.

1 Soul Man


There are just so many questions with this next picture that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess we should start at the bottom (get it?). I would love to know the story as to how this person ended up with their shoe a couple of inches up their leg. But more importantly, this person clearly doesn’t give a damn, because if they did, they probably would have thrown the shoe out by now. And it’s not like their shoe broke and they are trying to fool people. The shoe is clearly busted. So then why do this? Why wear your shoe in this manner? I don’t know, and your guess is as good as mine. I guess once you stop giving a damn, you can pretty much get away with anything.

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