15 People Who Made The Gym Their Personal Trolling Ground

When you ask someone if they enjoy working out, you’re usually given a multitude of answers. There are some people who absolutely love going to the gym. In fact, they love it so much, they post it about incessantly all over their social media accounts.

But, there are others who aren’t nearly as spirited when it comes to working on their fitness. These people usually treat the gym like a big joke, taking exasperated selfies and posting them online for them and all their friends to laugh at.

When it comes to who you’d rather sit down and have a drink with, you have to admit the latter group described above seems like it’d be a lot more fun. So, we thought we’d honor these destroyers of gym rats and shout out fifteen people who made the gym their personal trolling ground.

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15 Just Be Ugly!

It should come as no surprise that gyms are just as aware of people’s aversion to them as the rest of us are. Unless you’re really into it, there’s really nothing that fun about running on a treadmill or repeatedly lifting and setting down heavy objects.

So, gyms thought they would take the funny approach and incorporate some humor in their marketing materials to hopefully convert all those gym haters to the dark side.

Now, some gyms do a great job at this and really are able to draw in more people that would normally swear off the gym. But, as you can see above, there are also some gyms out there that should have taken a much more delicate approach when it came time to put together their signage.

14 Gym Cards Are Handy

Most gyms these days will give you either a key fob, or a special gym card, to gain access to all those weights you’re about to lift and all that running you’re about to do.

Having either a card or a fob hanging off your keys every day gives you that, “look at me, I belong to a gym, I must be really cool,” kind of feeling and also acts as a constant reminder that you need to grab your shoes and gym bag before you leave for work.

It’s a pretty smart idea when you think about it. However, for all of those, “you will never catch me in a gym” people out there, a gym card is merely something else for them to slice their Twinkies up with when they have their keesters parked on the couch.

13 What Are You Looking At?


People who hate gyms hate them for myriad reasons. They’re either too lazy to go to the gym, the gym isn’t in a convenient spot for them to go to before or after work, they can’t afford a membership, or they’re just happy spending all their free time eating junk and lounging around.

Those reasons barely scratch the surface though, because another thing people hate about the gym is that it’s all such a racket. You have to pay for not only your membership, but also your gym clothes, your supplements, and special headphones that prevent people from talking to you while you’re trying to do you.

Add all of that together and all of a sudden you’re spending your mortgage payment to do all of the things you hated doing in high school gym class.

12 Sir, Can You Not?

One of the worst parts about going to the gym are all the different, awful characters that you have to be around.

First off, there are all of those incredibly buff dudes that could honestly stand to take a day off; there are the people who can’t help but come up and talk to you while you’re clearly busy; and there are the people who can’t for the life of them let you work in on a machine that they’re using.

For someone who wasn’t really into the whole working out thing in the first place, having to be around these people (looking at you guys who can’t help but grunt while they’re lifting) can make you never want to work out again.

11 That's Our Kind Of Gym

You’ve probably seen it a million times: all of your fitness friends snapping photos of their uber healthy meals and uploading them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and really anywhere else they can get a few likes.

Look, we get it, you guys hate carbs. You really don’t need to beat us over the head with it.

Even worse yet though is when these same health freaks post a picture of their #CheatDay breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to rub in all of our faces.

It must be nice to be able to shamelessly eat several slices of pizza. Unlike you guys, not all of us have washboard abs and pecs to fall back on. You might have a six pack, and can probably stand to eat unhealthy every now and again.

But, the rest of us are rocking a keg and are keeping those beers nice and cold with all of our insulation.

10 Do You Know That Guy?

Remember all of those characters at the gym that we mentioned before? Well, when we came up with that list, we forgot to include this guy; whoever he is.

It’s one thing to go to the gym and snap pics of people doing their workouts wrong, gazing douchily at themselves in the mirror, and awkwardly gawking at fellow gym patrons. It’s another thing to dress up as the cloud from Mario Kart and cheer people on as they go around the track over and over.

We aren’t sure if you can really consider this guy a troll, or if he’s just off his meds. But, what we do know is that he seems to be making the miserable experience that is going to the gym that much more enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

9 Flex Your Grammar Muscles

So, we don’t like to be the ones to judge. But, if you knew any jocks in high school, or even have some Crossfit friends, you may have noticed that there is a bit of a correlation between huge muscles and terrible grammar.

This isn’t always the case, but, let’s face it, people call those muscle-bound jerks, “meatheads,” for a reason.

We aren’t sure exactly when the meathead trend really took off. But, we do know that these kinds of people should probably practice their breathing exercises a little bit more to avoid crushing literally every brain cell in their heads.

Because, when you think about it, even though your brain isn’t technically a muscle, it’s the one thing in your body that you should be working out the most.

8 The Church Of Sweat

Human beings really are fascinating creatures. We all act like we are these intrepid, heroic world travelers. But, in reality, we are all just a bunch of followers, mimicking all of the actions of our peers and doing our best to pretend that we are unique, free spirits.

It sounds a little dismal, but, it’s really just human nature. We are pack animals, so, we tend to group together every chance we get. It’s super dorky, but, it’s a defense mechanism instilled in us from cavepeople days to keep us safe.

For all of the lone wolves out there, this part of human nature is a real bummer. But, no matter what they do, even if they’re just praying in a yoga room, they can guarantee some lemming-like people are going to come in and start copying every move they make.

7 This Scale Is Having a Rough Day

We aren’t sure why, but, at some point in history, people started being really self conscious about their weight. Surely, the media and all of those glossy magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store with models and movie stars all over them are at least partly to blame.

But, even though people these days are becoming increasingly aware of how much photoshop is required to hide all of the blemishes and imperfections on those magazine covers, they still get so weird when asked, “hey, how much do you weigh?”

We get that it isn’t exactly couth to ask what kind of poundage a person is packing around. But, we would honestly rather share that number than have to deal with whatever it is that the scale pictured above is dishing out.

6 Stop Staring At Yourself

No matter what gym you go to, something that you see a lot of are groups of people shamelessly staring at their rippling muscles in the mirror. The first time you see it is pretty unbelievable. Are grown people really vain enough to gawk at their own bodies in the mirror in front of an entire gym full of people?

Well, the answer to that question is yes, and people are extremely guilty of doing it each and every time they catch their reflection while they’re at the gym.

We get it, the body looking back at them is one that they spent hours and hours sculpting and shaping through a series of really difficult workouts. We just wish that they could save the vanity for when they get back home. 

5 Sippin' On Gym and Juice

Have you ever been insanely hungover and attempted to go to the gym to work it off? If you have, then you know that you’re lucky to be alive and that everyone at the gym that day is lucky you didn’t spew the night before all over them.

Making it through a workout is hard enough without having to nurse a hangover. But, for some people, a little bit of liquid courage can help them take their workouts to the next level and start packing on some serious gains.

Now, we definitely don’t recommend consuming alcohol at the gym you go to. In fact, we are pretty sure it’s totally against the rules. But, somehow this lady managed to sneak a bottle past security and get a bit of a buzz going while she was getting fit.

4 It's Not That Kind of Gym, Fellas

The Pokemon Go trend came and went way faster than anyone would have ever expected. It really felt like one second people were donned in full Pokemon trainer outfits and running around town scooping up Charmanders and Squirtles and really having a lot of fun with it in the process.

But, a few months later, all of the sudden Pokemon Go was that ghost town that nobody wanted to be caught dead in.

There are still some faithfuls out there, rolling around town and pretending to throw Pokeballs at little animated creatures. But, they are few and far between.

And then there are the true die hards that still rock the goofy outfits and even go to actual gyms just so they can try and catch ‘em all.

3 You'll Be Outta Here in a Week

For die hard fitness freaks, the beginning of the year is a real pain in the butt. Day in and day out these hard-bodied animals are crushing it at the gym and further sculpting their already insane physiques.

They have the dedication of a Rocky Balboa with the ferocity of a Terminator and will stop at nothing to get those gains.

But, as soon as New Year’s Eve is over, the gyms that they often frequent are all of a sudden full of, “resolutioners,” that swore this year would be the one that they finally get in shape.

It really is kind of sad when you think about. But, unfortunately, the dreams of a, "resolutioner," aren't the kinds of dreams that come to fruition all that often.

Better luck next year!

2 That's Our Kind of Gym II

Joining a gym can be a pretty overwhelming, not to mention really intimidating, experience for a lot of people, especially if they’re not already in peak physical condition.

As soon as you walk in to start the membership paperwork, you’re met with a guy or a gal at the front desk that is way too attractive to be working at the front desk of a gym. They’re super polite because they want your money, but, you know they’re quietly judging you as you fill out your forms.

All you want to do is just run and hide from all of the junior high gym class flashbacks that you’re having, but you can’t. You know you need to tough it out in the name of getting in killer shape.

But, if you do decide to turn your tail and run, at least Nap Fitness is open 24/7.

1 What An Idiot

So, for this last entry, we wanted to highlight one of the most often seen characters at the gym. These poor saps have the best of intentions. They’re just there like the rest of us trying to shed some pounds and gain some extra self confidence and self esteem.

However, in doing so, they’re doing each and every workout incorrectly and are moments away at all times from really hurting themselves.

Bless their little hearts, of course. They can just be really painful to watch sometimes, especially if they’re trying to lift a considerable amount of weight.

To anyone who sees these people at the gym: please lend them a helping hand. They’re doing their best, they were just never shown the proper way to do things.

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