15 People Who Need Family Therapy After Their Parents' Trolling

What makes for a good parent? The question haunts new parents and old. Anyone who's worried about the way that they raise a person is almost always going to keep worrying. From babyhood to toddler terrors to young adult issues, there's always more things to worry about. Changes are an inevitable part of growth, and when they're a parent dedicated to the healthy growth of their child…well, the changes can be a little overwhelming. Nerve-wracking, even.

Who's to say what's the proper way to raise someone? So much of what makes for a “proper” way of raising a kid is up to the kid. One child might be a total terror during teething, while another is totally calm about it. Parenting has more theories about it than anything else, which means there's many different examples of parenting. This article focuses on the parents who troll their kids beyond recognition; these are the kids who might need therapy because of their parents trolling.

These kids need to be tougher than nails to put up with the trolling their parents put them through. And the best part? It's all recorded on social media. We get to witness these moments of parenting brilliance firsthand. While we're sure that they think they're in the right, here, we might not recommend putting anyone's own kids through the same treatment. Too much trolling can breed a bitter kid.

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15 Looks like they're going nowhere fast

This kid is going nowhere fast, all due to the dad-brand hilarity of this troll situation. Not only did Dad probably get a huge kick out of that situation, but he also no doubt had been waiting to use that joke for months. Dads have a huge amount of patience when it comes to trolling their kids. Dads have been known to wait for years just to have success in one joke situation. They’re unashamed of their puns and they’re unapologetic when it comes to the caliber of joke they tell. Silly humor, physical humor, puns…dads will tell them all.

They don’t discriminate between types of humor or the type of joke. All they care about is if it’ll get a groan and a sigh from their darling child. Oftentimes it does, which only feeds their ridiculous desire to keep being “funny." Sometimes they actually are funny, like in this situation. We’re guessing that this dad planted that fake drawer in his desk months ago and was just waiting for the right opportunity to trick someone into opening it. Not only did this kid get trolled, we’re assuming they probably never got their gas money either. While we do feel bad for them, we’re more stoked that this dad pulled off such a flawless example of trolling.

14 Mom jokes are always a "Weiner"

Mom jokes are a distinct difference from Dad jokes, but they’re also good. Mom jokes are usually a little more risque, with an emphasis placed less on the humor of the joke, but more on the amount of teasing Mom can get out of the joke. Not only do Moms manage to hit the nail on the head in terms of truth, but they also have just the right amount of viciousness to get a really good teasing happening. They have an uncanny ability to know exactly what will make their kids a little bit insecure, while also feeling like the thing they’re insecure about is no big deal.

There’s something about a Mom’s ability to get under their kid's skin which gets a unique result. Not only are we then able to figure out exactly why Mom is teasing us, but we’re also able to feel OK about it. Most people have embarrassing things about themselves which they try to keep private. When a Mom breaks that silence, it makes it okay to speak about it. Whether or not this is a unique skill that only Moms have is unknown; we’ve witnessed the same phenomenon in best friends, too. Either way, it’s the type of thing that’s even better when it’s paired with a bad pun, like this one is!

13 Parents with Facebook are a dangerous thing

We think you’d be hardpressed to find a more blatantly vicious Facebook status than this one. Not only do we have a genuinely sweet status update regarding her parents’ wedding anniversary but we’ve also got a critical spelling mistake that ruined the sentiment for everyone. While you wouldn’t think that you could mess up any words in that status, somebody did. And she’ll be relentlessly teased about it for the rest of her life.

No doubt she’s going to have to deal with years of therapy to cope with the stress of ever spelling anything wrong again.

While it seems like a simple enough mistake to fix (do you think she’s heard of the edit button?) it looks like she’s just going to live with the mistake. No doubt getting called out by her dad was bad enough. Living with the shame of misspelling “parents” would be but a brief candle held to the blinding shame of living with the deletion of the whole well-wishing sentiment. She’s only got so much she can handle in terms of shame from her parents. We think that she’s probably better off just leaving it and not saying anything; don’t feed into that kind of trolling or you’ll only make it worse. It seems like she’s taking that advice to heart, which we respect.

12 It's easy to confuse the public TMI button with the personal message button...

Poor Ryan. Not only is he having to deal with teaching his dad how to use Facebook but he’s also having to deal with the public shame of talking about his private habits. Personal time is important for people, though for some bodies it’s harder to keep under wraps. Some folks can’t help but make a bit of a mess, which means you’re going to have to hide some of the evidence. For a young person who’s just blossomed into this new phase, that can be really hard to figure out.

While the internet is awesome, you can’t really Google anything when your hands are sticky (which is really when you need the help most). Trial and error is the only way to do it, and this solidly falls on the error side. Not only is this kid having to figure everything out for himself, he doesn’t even get the bonding moment of sitting down and having a chat with his dad. While we’re not saying everybody needs it, it sounds like a private chat might have been better than a public message. This shame is almost too much to handle for us, so we can only imagine how mortified Ryan feels right now.

11 Mom takes embarrassing to a whole new level

First off, let us just congratulate the kid in this scenario. He’s dealing with his friends being gross and awkward, and he’s managing well. He not only diffused the situation from turning into a long series of “your mom” jokes but he also managed to send them a subtle message about how his mom is probably going to read this status…and soon. While we can’t help but think that it would have been easier to just delete these comments, we sure are glad that they left them up for this.

Not only do we get to see a kid thoroughly diffuse a situation in which people are degrading his mom, but we also get to see mom bite back!

Mom’s definitely more vicious than we would be here, openly talking about the fact that these kids are indeed going to have to deal with her. This hilarious situation makes us happy, as it’s truly a kid/parent team that’s putting bullies in their place! Or, on the other hand, maybe Mom just wants to get in on the action. We don’t know. We’re guessing that she was likely being sarcastic, which would make sense. She could also have been trying to one-up her kid’s friends, proving that she’s the ultimate jokester. Whatever it is, we’re very glad we got to see this super troll.

10 It's a bittersweet feeling knowing you set yourself up...

The only thing that makes us frustrated about this status is the fact that we never actually find out what the punchline to the joke is. We just want to know what’s worse than a worm! Is that really too much to ask? Looks like Mom wasn’t wanting to wait too long to get the answer either. She jumped in right away with a response, that then grew a little hostile very quickly. She gave an answer to the joke, but her son was quickly there with a snappy response. This snappy response made it hard to hold her tongue, as Mom then responded with an absolutely vicious response. Talk about tearing someone down!

She seems like she’s spent far too long resenting the fact that her kid has red hair. Or maybe she was waiting for the perfect point to publicly shame her child. Either way, that’s some hardcore trolling. This woman has got the art of trolling down to a science, which is great for us…but not so great for her red headed child. Why is this such a sore spot for so many? Why do people feel they can make fun of redheads? You’d think that redheads had enough representation out there by now to show that we aren’t evil or bad. Maybe Mom just needed something to make fun of her kid for, and this was an easy target. We don’t blame her.

9 Dad's getting a little too real with this comment

Dad has taken it too far this time. While some of these other messages and Facebook posts are eager, genuine and more teasing than they are mean, this is one of the statuses that’s really got a bite to it. Your family is supposed to support you. They’re supposed to love you for who you are, and know that if you want to change your body they should support you. Not to mention the fact that any judgment surrounding how your body looks as it changes shouldn’t be commented on. It can be a delicate subject for some, especially when there are hormonal changes.

This woman clearly was getting larger, but for good reason: She’s pregnant!

She’s going to have a baby, which means it’s only natural to put on a little extra weight. Anybody whom she’d told about the little baby coming was probably very supportive; people tend to love small, adorable things and babies fit the bill perfectly. In her dad’s case, however, he seemed to miss (or didn’t take seriously) the fact that his daughter is pregnant. She’s got a bun in the oven, while he thought she had just eaten too many buns. Dough analogies aside, there seemed to be some judgment on Dad’s end that just rose up out of him. Hopefully he didn’t actually mean the fact that he thought she was just getting fat; if so, he might not be getting to talk to his daughter OR granddaughter anytime soon!

8 When your parents make fun of all your Instagram-famous selfies

If you thought you looked cute and fashionable with your perfect selfie angle and cute, hand-covered, shy smile, think again. Nobody wants to look at those people who think they’re all that, when they’re really just copying all those popular Tumblr poses. Instagram has made it remarkably easy to become Instagram famous, which can be good and bad. While it allows you to connect with likeminded people, it also means that you’re at the mercy of all the popular trends. You see them pop up on your feed all the time, and it makes for a pretty gross situation if you try to copy them. We hate to say it, but those people have professional lighting and stylists. Our PJs are not the same level of fashionable as theirs are.

But that’s okay! Mom and dad are here to save the day by pointing out how ridiculous you look. They’ll do whatever it takes to troll you by making fun of your selfies. Whether that means going out and buying a hat and sunglasses or taking some awkward poses doesn’t matter; this mom and dad are here to troll their kid, and we love it. This type of trolling is also creative, which we appreciate. Keep raising the bar of trolling, parents!

7 This burn was way too easy

This classic comment has us rolling our eyes. C’mon, parents! You need to get better at trolling your kids on Facebook. The old jokes that sting face-to-face aren’t quite as effective on the internet. We’ve seen jokes like this time and time again, which still hurt a lot in person, but aren’t so bad when you’re looking at it from the perspective of a Facebook comment. There’s so many reasons why you shouldn’t want to laugh at this comment, but there’s even more reasons to let out a giggle.

Not only is this generic-joke funny, but it’s also funny-because-it’s-true funny.

It’s also funny in the way that this person got a comment immediately calling them worse than their brother. It’s all around just a classically funny situation, which makes us think that there’s a lot more that could be done to make this troll even funnier. Maybe the younger brother could have chimed in with a comment, or maybe the parents could have talked about all the improvements they made with version 2.0. Whatever it is, we just think that they could have trolled harder. After all, it’s not about how mean you are… It’s about how creatively you can make your kids cry.

6 Mom and Dad? More like king and queen of backhanded compliments

Where do we start with this one? First, we hate the fact that this is a handwritten card. Not only does that mean that they actually took the time and the effort to write it out, it also means that they had to think carefully about what they’re saying before they said it. Facebook posts are a little more forgivable. When it’s so easy to just click a button and put any thought out into the world, there can be some issues that come along with that. That’s no surprise, though! People are mean on the internet all the time. But in person? In a card? People are seldom mean there. Second, the fact that this is supposed to be congratulating her on her wedding dress. None of this card says “you’re beautiful.” The only thing this card says is to buy some scales, which does not make for a good compliment.

Nothing about this dress is positive and, when you get right down to it, the parents probably aren’t very nice either. After all, you need to make sure that your kid feels special and loved sometimes. While we’re sure that these parents do love them, it can be hard to tell when there’s super-vicious intent behind something or not.

5 Mom's gone mad with the power of slang! 

There’s nothing more annoying than people who overuse the word “bruh.” A common bro slang term, it’s a pet name that’s often used amongst friend groups, typically male-to-male. It’s kind of like the sarcastic younger brother of the bromance vernacular. “You going out, bruh?” “You want to order pizza, bruh?” “You get your taxes done, bruh?” Are common uses of the word bro, but you can also just as easily use “bruh.” In North America, people have taken this weird sounding bromantic word and turned it into a point of annoyance. More sarcastic than meaningful, it’s a lot of fun to say, since people usually put on a sarcastic or over the top tone of voice to say it with. It’s also incredibly easy to overuse, as we’ve seen here.

This mom is trolling her kid through overusing the word “bruh”. No doubt her kid was the one who showed this word to her initially, which makes mom using it to troll the kid even better.

There’s regret, annoyance and (hopefully) a clean room all presented in the span of a few text messages. People love to use this word to bother others, and we’re not really sure why. Maybe it evokes frat bros living it up. Whatever the reason, “bruh” has been taken in and turned into ammo for moms everywhere who want to troll their kids by over-using hip lingo.

4 You know they're serious when they take away the WiFi!

Mom only gets mad when things aren’t clean. If that’s the whole chore list, those kids are lucky! We need to clean an entire apartment once a week, while still managing to do dishes and catch up on all the glorious perks of WiFi. For people who have just moved, getting WiFi into the house can be a big incentive. Any time you’re without WiFi it can get seriously bad. Frustration, shaking, throwing the phone at the wall…too many of us are just a little bit addicted to gaming. But, This is a positivity of gaming; there’s always another incentive. Sometimes the incentive is the game itself. This is why these kids really, really need the WiFi password.

Obviously, they’ve discovered something very interesting online and need the WiFi to be able to access it! This is a cruel trick played by Mom, who’s eager to show you what you should be doing (rather than doing anything you want to do). That being said, the vacuuming does need to happen, and the dog needs to be walked. That’s not a long list of chores, which means they should have no probably knocking things off that list. At least, that’s what we’d hope. There’s probably a tantrum or two to be thrown first. That’s a productive use of time, and a fair response to parental trolling… Right?

3 She chose "thug life" while her parents chose REAL LIFE

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to be tough and your parents spill the beans about all your little fears? No matter if you’re 6 years old or 16, parents divulging your deepest secrets online is rough. All you want to do is get through that awkward teenage phase of your life, and your parents are just spilling and spilling all your secrets. The next thing you know, your friends are teasing you about showering alone and being afraid of the dark. On the brightside, at least you know they’re not really your friends if they’re making fun of you like that.

Anybody who teases you and makes you feel ashamed about all your inner secrets doesn’t deserve to be your friend. Unless, they’re your… parent? This is a tricky emotional situation to navigate.

You never know what’s going to happen, but we’re guessing you probably didn’t think that you were going to have to decide whether or not you and your parents can still be friends. They make fun of you just like your not-friends do, but they’re doing it… Out of love? We just have so many questions about this trolling situation. There’s no way that this was accidental trolling either. These two set out to cause some trolling havoc, which we can respect a little. Next time, though, they might need to think about their friendship with their kid if they’re going to troll this hard again.

2 This is just one of the risks of having your Dad on social media

This status was just asking for a parental troll, and that’s what they got! Not only did they happen to have their dad friended on Facebook, but they forgot to block him from the status that was sure to garner a dad-joke level of response. This kid just wanted the answer to a simple question. In the same way that the kids this child has on Facebook is playing along, giving out wholesome answers to the Facebook status question, there’s one that just doesn’t quite fit the tone of the reminiscing status.

This dad is playing hardball with the memories, dropping the seed of him dropping his seed into the kid’s mother…well, we don’t need to continue. It’s easy to see where the trolling comes from, and it’s easy to see the response. There’s no doubt about it: the trolling gets worse the more genuine the status is. In the same way that “farents” get a lot of troll backlash, it’s looking like this one is suffering the same fate. That’s nothing to be ashamed of! Dad jokes are great, which you would know if you’ve ever experienced one. This joke is less great, but it’s still included in our list because it’s a great example of uncalled-for trolling.

1 But remember: they'll always love you, because you're their baby

This adorable moment finishes off our list, which shows just how much we should love our parents. This looks to be a case of accidental trolling; that is, where your parents troll you without knowing, and without really meaning to. Let's break down why this trolling looks to be accidental. First off, there's a few comments in the photo, which means Mom wasn't the first one to see the selfie. When parents want to troll you, then jump at the opportunity right away. They don't wait until you and your friends are having a grand time before interrupting. If they do wait, it's usually to comment on something you and your friends are talking about. This mother did neither of those things.

We believe she was accidentally trolling due to her sheer excitement about spotting Mr. Pigums.

It takes a brave person to display their sleepy stuffed animal proudly in a photo. While he probably didn't mean to put Pigums on display, we're sure that he's regretting not checking his background more carefully. It moments like this that make us love the internet, and prove that your parents always troll out of love. Not for malicious reasons.

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