15 People On Snapchat Who Absolutely Did Not Get The Reply They Wanted

Before posting on social media became as ordinary as enjoying our morning cup of coffee, we could do embarrassing things and no one would really know about it... unless we fell down some stairs or got picked last in gym class. But now that people post about their every minute online, we share all kinds of things that we previously would have kept private.

Snapchat is one social media platform where people post things that they probably shouldn't. Are they looking for attention? Or for someone to say that they can totally relate to them? We're not sure... but here are 15 people on Snapchat who absolutely didn't get the reply that they wanted. From jokes that fall completely flat to someone having a bad day, these snaps make us feel incredibly awkward.

15 This Is... Strange And Self-Deprecating

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There are a few things wrong with this Snapchat: on the one hand, the girl is insulting herself, and on the other hand, she seems to be saying that looking "nerdy" is a problem.

Shout-out to nerds everywhere because, actually, being dorky and caring about something is the coolest thing ever.

14 Just Drink Your Coffee, No Need To Snapchat It

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Coffee is a beautiful, wonderful thing. But do we need people to Snapchat when they're drinking it?

Sorry, but probably not... which is why this is another person who posted to Snapchat and definitely didn't get the reply that they wanted. At least make a joke if you're going to post something like this?!

13 It's Like A Bad Dad Joke

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Some dad jokes are awesome, but for the most part, this is a genre of comedy that is super tough to pull off. No offense to this guy, who clearly was trying really hard to be hilarious, but this doesn't work that well.

There was definitely a funnier joke to be made about this case, right?

12 This Is Just Super Awkward

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We've all logged onto social media and seen someone complaining about having a tough day or saying something super vague about their life. Since they're not spilling any details, we can't really say anything back.

That's what this Snacphat feels like. What is she talking about? Why is she crying? If something was really wrong, shouldn't she have kept it more private and talked to a friend?

11 Why Isn't This Snapchatter Paying Attention In Class?!

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Sadly, people still think that skipping school is a cool thing to do, but it's pretty immature and silly. You're just going to get in trouble and you're missing out on an education, which is an awesome thing.

This person literally pretended that they were in class but put a balloon in there instead. Were they looking to brag on Snapchat? Why not just go to class?

10 We've All Been There, But Let's Not Post It

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Everyone has had a rough morning after the night before and has been this person. Everyone needs fast food, junk food, or comfort food. It's just a fact.

But... did this guy really need to broadcast it on Snapchat? Why not just take a nap (or eat that burger)? That seems like a much better idea.

9 Your Dad Shouldn't Snapchat...

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It's definitely not fair to say that our parents don't get social media, including Snapchat, but it's probably true that they enjoy photo-sharing platforms more than this one in particular.

Snapchat is more of a thing for younger generations, and this girl proved that when she shared this Snap of her dad using her phone.

8 This Snapchat Doesn't Bring All The Boys To The Yard

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There are silly jokes, and then there's something like this joke, where this girl is using popular song lyrics to make a post on Snapchat.

The truth is that no one really enjoys that song or the message behind it, so it's not really the best thing to post... or the funniest.

7 Well, At Least Someone's A Worst Cook Than You...

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We have some questions about this Snapchat, like why is there what seems to be tons of neon green paint in someone's oven?

And if that isn't paint, then what it is? Do we even want to know? Maybe we don't, which is totally fine... but then don't share it on social media and make us all super curious...

6 An Embarrassing Moment, That's For Sure

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Picnics are often one of those things that are better in theory. You get some snacks, pack them up, and head to a park on a beautiful day. But this poor girl literally dropped all her hot dogs (and they fell out of the case, which is even worse) and now she's lying on the floor, laughing at what went wrong.

We feel bad that her picnic was ruined before it even started... but maybe keep this to yourself?! It's such an awkward Snap...

5 Okay, Let's Pretend We Didn't See This Joke

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Maybe we should extend the whole dad joke thing to "lame parent jokes?" All joking aside, this post is a bit strange and it doesn't seem important enough to share on Snapchat.

Honestly, this is a really cute suitcase... and if the person shared it on Snapchat without making this statement, it would have worked a lot better.

4 #FirstWorldProblems

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This is another Snapchat where the poster probably didn't get the reply that they wanted. Okay, they absolutely didn't, because is this really a problem?

Honestly, you should be so lucky to have a bad day where you can't open your can of soda. You can literally buy more soda... so let's leave this off Snapchat.

3 This Just Isn't Funny

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Are "fish eyes" supposed to be something that we know about? Is this guy being self-deprecating? Is this insulting in some way?

We're not really sure, but we're sure that this wasn't the best thing to post on Snapchat. We bet that he could have come up with something much more interesting and entertaining.

2 We Saw That Joke Coming From A Mile Away

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Let's just agree on this: we're pretty tired of jokes about how psychics should have guessed that something was about to occur. It's honestly one of the oldest things in the world to say, and it's not funny.

So we're going to have to say that this was another Snapchat that didn't get the reply that the person was hoping for.

1 Just... No

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This is not only not funny, but would someone actually eat this? Why wouldn't you get an actual fish taco if you wanted to eat that?

Goldfish are super cute, but they shouldn't be part of this joke. Because no one should ever joke about the delicious things that are fish tacos. And now we need some.

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