15 People Who Regretted Asking Strangers To Take Their Photo

We’ve all done it. We’re in a special location and we want to document the moment. It’s nice to have a picture of us at the location or a picture of the person we’re with, but it’s even better to have a photo together, right? And people are generally pretty friendly and willing to help so we hand our camera over to a stranger.

We’re so excited to have a picture of everyone in that special place? Later, when we inspect the stranger’s handiwork, we regret what we did. Why did we bother handing the camera over in the first place? It might have been better to take a selfie. At least then we could guarantee that we were the people in the picture and not someone random or a thumb!

15 Close, but not quite the perfect picture

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What a beautiful waterfall! Wouldn’t it be great to have a perfect picture of the two of you by it? Luckily, that stranger wandered by so we were able to get the perfect shot. Just the of them and the waterfall, right? Or not. A little bit of thumb in the picture, too, and the whole thing goes up in flames. You can’t even tell who the second person is, but at least you get to see the waterfall in the background. It was almost the perfect shot, but just enough off that there’s really no point to have taken it in the first place. It’s a wonder that these things happen today. Cameras show what they’ve taken immediately. Wouldn’t everyone have known how this turned out right away?

14 The picture of a lifetime

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Many people have to wait a lifetime to finally get their trip to Paris. When they get there, there’s nothing more important than their pictures in order to prove that they were really there and they saw it all. Of course, the most important item on the list is almost always the Eiffel Tower. They want the picture to be perfect so it only makes sense to have the two traveling buddies in the shot together. With enough tourists around, it’s simply to find someone willing to take a picture. But it’s not simple to find a photographer who knows how to focus a camera. This shot of a lifetime could have been something they would look at and always remember. Now, they wonder if it’s even them in the shot.

13 Cameras can be so complicated

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It can be very intimidating when someone hands you their camera. If you don’t know how it works, you might look rather foolish trying to take a shot. This person has reason to be intimidated because they really don’t know how to work a camera. When in doubt, take a bit more of the background into the shot than necessary. It can always be cropped out later. But some things can’t be added back into a photo when there’s no room for it—like a head, for example. This guy is very lucky to be hanging out with these three lovely ladies. He’s the envy of every man. However, no one has any idea who he is. None of his friends will even believe it was him—and he has no proof, either!

12 The picture no one wants on their camera

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Any time you raise a camera, things can go horribly wrong. You can get a blurry shot of something really cool. You can take an awful selfie. And you can miss the moment altogether. When you hand over your camera to someone else, plenty of things can go wrong as well. You trust strangers more than you should, perhaps, to catch the perfect moment and memory. No one should have trusted this lady, however. Because this is what they got in exchange for their trust. And this is the type of photo that no one really wants—especially of a stranger. The woman would probably be embarrassed to know this is what she took. But perhaps if someone informs her, she won’t be so quick to offer her help next time.

11 The accidental selfie

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No offense to older individuals, but cameras have come a long way. Not only are they small and included in most people’s phones but they can zoom in, include flash, and even change directions. It’s too much for some people to handle. They’re used to the old fashioned cameras that you had to actually take in to the camera shop in order to have film developed. So when this lady offered to take a shot for someone else, she did her best. But in her defense, she’s just not used to a camera that can switch directions. She’d be downright mortified to know this is what the strangers got instead of the shot they wanted, which probably included them instead of her. You can’t teach every older person new tricks!

10 The close up squinty smile of a complete stranger

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If this shot were of someone you knew, it would be bad enough. But because it’s of a complete stranger who was trying to help you out, you regret even asking. Not only did he not capture the moment you requested but he took a picture of himself in all his glory. You can tell he’s trying hard. He’s squinting into the camera to line things up just so. And the look of concentration on his face says it all. But the fact that the camera is pointing backwards is obviously lost on him. It’s not hard to do, but you’d think he would have noticed that his picture showed up as the one taken and not the subject he intended to shoot.

9 Gruesome headless shots are highly popular among strangers

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Either this stranger has a fixation on legs and torsos or they don’t know how to frame a shot very well. It’s nice that this group of gals was all together in one location at the same time in order to take this picture. But next year, none of them are going to remember who all was there based on the legs in this picture. They didn’t necessarily need their feet in the shot, but having their faces in it certainly would have been nice. How soon did they check the camera to see this is what they got? Did they share it on social media first and notice by people’s comments? Tag the stranger who helped next time so they know how bad they are at taking pictures.

8 This could be almost anyone

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Isn’t it nice when you’re having a meal with your significant other, perhaps on an anniversary or another special occasion, and someone offers to take your picture? It will be a great way to remember the day so you can show off how nice you look and how the table was set. The only problem was the stranger taking the shot was in a hurry, or perhaps they were nervous. They moved the camera so much while taking the picture that the result is a shot so blurry it could be just about anyone. We’re pretty sure there’s a man and a woman in the picture and they look to be seated at a table, but that’s about all we can tell from this awful picture.

7 When the scenery is too beautiful to notice the other subjects

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We understand that this piece of architecture is beautiful. In fact, it’s so beautiful that it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. It would be especially so in person. We’re conceding to all that. However, this couple wanted to be able to look at it with them in front of it once they got home from vacation. And now they can’t. They can only see a portion of their heads to enjoy the fact that they once stood in a location this astounding. All thanks to the stranger who couldn’t keep their own eyes off the sight behind them long enough to frame the shot to include them in it a bit more. The good news is, they got plenty of the cathedral.

6 Some strangers get fancy, whether they mean to or not

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It’s the first day of a weeklong guy’s only vacation and it’s great to document the trip by asking a stranger to take a group photo—and then including her on the photo. Some people are so inept with cameras that they get to hitting buttons and doing things there’s no way they meant to do. This would be a great joke had she intended to replace her head for one of the guy’s faces. But since she’s a stranger and has no idea what she’s doing with the camera, it ended up a disastrous picture that they’d really rather not have. They will have to do another shot somewhere else and take their chances on another stranger because this one didn’t work out very well.

5 Conquer the ocean—then find someone who can conquer the camera

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When you’re training for a huge athletic event and you finally conquer the ocean swim portion, you want to document the moment. You’d think if you are able to get through the ocean, you can do just about anything. But the one thing this man can’t do is find a stranger who knows how to handle a camera. When you swim the ocean and want a picture, it’s nice to have your whole body in the picture. The ocean is lovely, but it pretty much looks the same all the way across so it’s okay to cut a little of the ocean out and enjoy more of the guy who swam it, right? Now he has to make the swim again to get another chance at this shot.

4 Panoramic disasters abound

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Sometimes, there are scenic views so lovely that you can’t get enough of it. You want to take a panoramic shot in order to document the entire view. This, however, is not one of those times. And the camera is still in the panoramic mode so the shot the stranger was trying to take got a little bit out of whack. It’s okay, we’re pretty sure one girl prefers to have her head in her hand and the other likes it when her feet leave her body. They didn’t get what they wanted from this picture. In fact, they got way more than they bargained for. While it’s good to be careful about talking to strangers, this hilarious shot was worth it for some good laughs.

3 I'm down here

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This is a gorgeous view, isn’t it? But can’t you tell that the sky is blue all the way up and over the picture? So what’s the point of including so much of it and so little of the main subject of the photo? They’re lucky their arms are in the shot, we guess, but since you can’t see their face, we have no idea who is in the picture or what they are actually doing. It might be hard to tear their eyes from the view, but when a stranger offers to take a picture of someone in front of said view, it’s important for that person to actually be in the picture. Otherwise, what’s the point? They could have nearly taken this shot themselves, minus the arms.

2 Not one, but many bad pictures

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You can never be too careful with someone else’s camera. You never know what kind of picture you’re going to get. And since most cameras no longer have film, you’re not wasting anything by taking multiples. In fact, it’s a good idea to take several shots so they can delete the ones where someone’s eyes are closed or someone’s smile isn’t quite there. It was nice of this man to try, however all he did was take multiple shots—of himself. And, we’re sorry sir, but none of them are keepers. You can’t see his eyes or smile in any of them. Plus, he’s a stranger so who really wants these pictures in the first place. There goes that moment, down the tubes. But at least they have these to remember him by.

1 Are they really at the Statue of Liberty?

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Ah yes, their first visit to New York. They want to see it all and do as much as possible, but first, they must stop by the Statue of Liberty to take pictures. It’s nice of that stranger to offer to get them both in the shot. And by golly, they’re both in the shot, so that’s a start. But why do they want a picture of themselves next to a steel fence? That’s not really very New York, is it? The iconic statue is nowhere in sight. We have to assume it’s above them, but no one else who sees the picture will ever know. Thank you, stranger—for nothing! They probably have dozens of pictures of themselves like this, but none with the statue they came to see.

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