15 People Who Have Seen *Much* Better Days

We all have our bad days. But not all bad days, however, are equal. Some bad days are just okay, while others are so bad that there’s not a single silver lining in their dark and cloudy skies. Then, there’s that strange kind of bad day. The kind that is undoubtedly unfortunate, yet in some strange way, is pretty funny. It’s as if fate pulled a prank on us, but we decided to just laugh along with it instead of letting it affect us. It’s an uncanny combination of bad luck, funny coincidence and timing, and the ability to see the humor even in situations that are completely against our favor. These 15 people’s day couldn’t get any worse, but they decided to share it so everyone else could laugh about it.

15 A strained morning

Via: diply.com

Kids of all ages love to eat cereal in the morning. Aside from cereal being a tasty and not totally unhealthy breakfast option, it is also a great way to make people who don't drink the milk, which builds healthy bones and teeth, consume it. But what about those who just want plain old cereal without the milk? Well, they can just grab a bunch straight from the bag and eat it as if they’re popcorn. Unfortunately, that’d be a poser move, so you might as well eat some other sweet and crunchy snacks. So for those who want plain cereal but want to pretend you’re doing it right, do what this guy did wrong: use a strainer as a bowl. One man’s bad day is another man’s creative eating style.

14 iFaked

Via: thebuzztube.com

We’re not trying to say that there are lots of knockoffs in China, it’s just that, well, there really are lots of knock-offs in China. Knock-off clothes, food and of course, knock-off phones, which China is most famous for, other than its booming industry and beautiful cityscapes. So when you’re in China and some random guy walks up to you and offers you an iPhone, don’t buy it, even for a fraction of the price. You wouldn’t do it if you were in another country, so why do it in a foreign country? Once again, we’re not implying anything. And so you won’t regret anything, think of it this way: Apple is an oppressive capitalist company—your money’s better spent on a knock-off from a fake communist country.

13 Close, but no cigar

Via: twitter.com

People misread and mishear things all the time. Not a lot of people, however, turn in a report on a completely different topic just because they got it wrong. Just imagine spending a good amount of time and effort on something that will get a zero just because of a very simple mistake.

But to be fair, the words “euthanasia” and “youth in Asia” sound pretty similar.

Seriously, what a missed opportunity—this is solid dark humor meme potential. And if there’s any consolation to this, it’s that the kid learned about culture instead of the harsh realities of life that lead people to seek medically assisted suicide. You didn’t make the grade but at least you didn’t have to feel depressed—a fair trade-off.

12 Need coffee?

Via: diply.com

A lot of people in the workforce and the academe need coffee first thing in the morning in order to function; that’s just how dependent we’ve become on caffeine. It’s almost an addiction at this point, and only a few people seem to acknowledge this, so thank God we have this picture, which sums up a lot of coffee-related struggles of a lot of people, or even of society as a whole. Surely, the person that put the cup upside-down was still groggy because they hadn’t had their caffeine fix yet. Conversely, the reason why they hadn’t had their caffeine fix yet was because they were so groggy that they put the cup upside-down. Guess you need caffeine to get caffeine. We’ve come full circle.

11 Worms starve too

Via: pinterest.com

It's very important for parents to teach their kids the many benefits of a balanced diet. But life isn’t easy—parents all over the world struggle to convince their children to eat vegetables. And unfortunately for this particular parent, there had to be a worm in the vegetable they were convincing their daughter to eat.

Well, good ma’am/sir, don’t despair, because you can actually use the worm to your advantage.

Next time it happens, why not tell your kid that she shouldn’t be picky and just be thankful she has food on the table, while the poor worm, which is hungry and alone, has to eat someone else’s food just to survive? Guilt-tripping is an age-old tactic. With this, your kid will have enough fiber intake, vitamins and other nutrients.

10 Not your usual kitchen mishap

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Regardless of whether this person who shared this photo gets miraculously absolved of their sin of kitchen desecration or rightfully never does, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we, as well as anyone else seeing this, get to the bottom of how in the name of all things good this happened. How did that lid fly off to the ceiling? How the hell did that stove collapse? Did this wannabe chef try to cook an unnamed new element which bends or even breaks the laws of physics when applied with heat and pressure? There are just so many questions that we, irrelevant internet onlookers, demand an answer to. For all we know, this culinary disaster is actually a scientific breakthrough hidden in plain sight.

9 Stuck in the moment

Via: myfunnypalace.com

How did the head of that poor kid, who’s probably in pain, get stuck in those window grills? Well, common sense would dictate that the kid probably just playfully slid up the grill and then got himself stuck.

But if you’re attentive to details, you’d realize that the poor boy is stuck because his dad put him there as a joke, and that the rescuers think it’s a funny one.

Seriously, just look at his dad’s mischievous smile, and the rescuers don’t seem too bothered about the situation. Don’t take our word for it, though. We could be wrong, and this might be another classic case of internet overreaction due to reading too much into what’s supposed to be a lighthearted picture of an unfortunate incident.

8 Don’t let the door hit you

Via: viralitytoday.com

We’ve all walked straight into the glass door at least one point in our lives, and we’re not saying this just to make us feel better about ourselves. It’s not our fault, as we’ve all experienced feeling so excited about getting out of a particular establishment that we failed to notice there was actually a door and bumped into it on our way out. Besides, it can’t be that bad. There are more embarrassing things that can happen to anyone in public, like spilling your milkshake because you hit a glass door, as well as having a photograph of you spilling your milkshake because you hit a glass door, and having that photograph be uploaded online. Yes, we’re not alone, and someone had it much, much worse.

7 One bad swing

Via: dailymail.co.uk

One of the most common door-related problems people have is getting locked out. And as if it isn’t bad enough that you’re not able to get in your own house or room, sometimes the key is so close to the door, making the feeling of being locked out even more frustrating.

Heck, in this particular case, the key is literally just behind the door.

But as nosy internet interlopers, we can’t help but wonder how in the hell the lanyard was caught on the knob while they were swinging the door shut. We also can’t help but assume that this particular “oh crap” moment, the very few split seconds when the lanyard swung as the door closed, was one of the longest split seconds of their life.

6 Just European city things

Via: evergreenfacts.com

One indicator of whether a city is progressive and has good urban planning or not is if you can ride a bike in it as a main mode of transportation. It’s safe to say that many cities in Western Europe are progressive and have good urban planning. Plus, their streets are clean, and the architectural designs of their old and new structures are beautiful. All these make the cities in the continent some of the best in the world. No wonder they’re flocked by tourists. And it’s all reflected in this photograph. Just look at that happy tourist in front of that beautiful structure, and accidentally yet forever immortalized in the shot is that biker, free to ride around the city and hit lampposts with his face as he pleases.

5 An accidental haircut

Via: imgur.com

That must’ve been a close shave for the lady who almost got eaten by the office shredder. In fact, just looking at it makes us want to pull our hair out. Anyway, enough bad puns; what happened in the first place? Did some girl get a little bit too close for comfort and get caught in the machine? Did two employees, in true office-setting soap opera fashion, have a fight and end up trying to rip each other to shreds? Well, regardless of what happened, the lady that almost had a Final Destination-like encounter is definitely thankful that she didn’t, and that rather than needing medical attention, she needed to seek an emergency hair makeover instead. But with that much hair lost, what can the stylist still do?

4 Desert snack

Via: taringa.net

Camels, like all hoofed animals, are herbivorous. That means they only eat plants. However, this photo of a tourist’s head being eaten by this lovely desert animal proves that some camels go beyond their usual diet and become touristheadswhiletakingphotovores.

It’s not a very Latin scientific term, and we just made it up when we saw the photo, but it’s very self-explanatory.

There are lots of possible reasons why this particular camel evolved and adopted this particular diet, but the likeliest one would be that it’s grown tired of being treated like a spectacle, and it’s in that very moment that he decided to eat tourist heads. Well, yeah, the tourist had a bad day, but our humped friend over here had a bad life, so give him a break.

3 The scale of the damages

Via: blazepress.com

To whoever broke the weighing scale simply by using it, don’t think it’s your fault. It’s not your weight. And whatever your weight may be, it’s not your fault—both the broken scale and your weight. Eating, sleeping and all sorts of activities that contribute to your weight just happen to be very appealing hobbies. Yes, they’re hobbies and worthwhile ones at that so it’s all good; you’re spending your time wisely. And if you want, instead of being embarrassed, you can turn this situation around. Rather than feeling guilty for something you didn’t do, you can go hysterical and say that because of their substandard equipment, you now feel heavy, ashamed and offended, and that you’ll sue them for the emotional distress they’ve caused.

2 Expectation > reality

Via: imgur.com

If you watch American teenybopper movies, a sub-genre that perfectly reflects real American high school life, you’ll know that prom is more important than having good grades, graduating and getting into a good college.

After all, you’ll be buried in debt after graduating because you’ll be spending money you don’t have once you’re in a higher level of education, while one night of fun only costs a dress worth a hundred bucks, or sometimes even less.

But unfortunately for this high school girl, the most defining night of her life is ruined because the dress she ordered online is far from how it’s advertised, just like prom itself. She might as well go to prom in a shirt and jeans like Cady Heron from Mean Girls.

1 Can’t have your cake, period

Via: imgur.com

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to,” said the '60s pop song “It’s My Party”. For the situation in this picture, however, crying isn’t a strong enough reaction. It never is when you drop a cake—even the store-bought pre-made ones—on the floor, as losing a cake to an accident—or any way for that matter—is enough to make anyone feel despair. Then again, with that kind of look on the woman’s face, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she probably bought the cake to forget on her birthday the fact that her problems have piled on top of one another like, well, cake layers. But then, for the icing on top, it unfortunately became a sweet and sticky floor mat.

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