15 People Who Made Social Media Fails

Remember that whatever we post on social media lasts forever. It won't matter if we delete because someone took a screenshot. We should just assume that someone has a copy of what we typed because they do, and it will come back to haunt us in the future. There is no such things as true privacy online. Someone is ALWAYS watching, so we should be mindful of the information and opinions that we post on the web.

Now these 15 people either did not know they were being ignorant or they didn't care. They posted their thoughts online for everyone to read, and they lived to have regrets over their foolishness. Some of them might still be clueless about their social media mistakes and have not learned from them. Their lives will be forever ruined.

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15 Perhaps she meant "cologne"

Via: ebaumsworld.com

For some reason, a lot of people mix up the words "colon" and "cologne." Do a quick search on Twitter, and we find hundreds of posts from people praising the smell of "colon" that their boyfriend wears. Well, we want to set the record straight. The word "colon" refers to the intestines. This is where human waste ends up before it's pushed out of us and into the toilet.

Generally, we don't want to have a colon spray ANYTHING on us. It would be unsanitary and quite stinky. We want to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she meant "cologne," which is a body fragrance spray. Maybe he wears Axe or something. It's not the best men's cologne, of course, but it's inexpensive and common.

14 The plane threat

Via: bbc.co.uk

Sarah made a HUGE mistake. She thought it would be funny to make a joke about being part of a terrorist organization to an airline. Basically, we should never, ever, ever do such a thing. All threats have to be taken seriously because for every prank threat, there will eventually be a real one. This girl tried to apologize but still got arrested.

Once they decided that she was not going to harm the plane, they let her go.

But we hope that she learned her lesson and won't ever make a fake threat again. Sarah probably thought it would be funny or that no one would notice her tweet. But she was very wrong about that. It's their job to stay on top of threats and stop bad things from happening. Fake threats can have serious consequences, too.

13 Hired, then fired

Via: buzzfeed.com

If an employer follows us on social media, we should make it a rule to not comment about them online. But maybe this employer was just doing one of those social media checks and came across her profile. Now she was hired, then fired. Her new boss saw her tweet and was like, "Nope." She clearly did not want to work there, so he did want her to report to work.

Most of us have made the mistake of mentioning our jobs online before, but some people don't get discovered like this. And the ones that do often face the same consequences and get fired for their comments. The job might not have even been that bad. But now she is unemployed again and has to start the job search over. Job searching is not really fun.

12 The sun *is* a star, dude

Via: pinterest.com

Matthew doesn't realize that the sun is a STAR that we refer to as the SUN. The sun is a specific star. He also doesn't realize that tomatoes meets the scientific definition of a fruit. Tomatoes are a specific type of fruit. So, Matthew is the one who is "dumb" by his own defintion.

He's so ignorant of his ignorance that it actually hurts.

Maybe his life won't be immediately ruined by this, but we can see how his inability to think critically can cause long-term problems. There just isn't much going on in his head. He considers himself to be really intelligent and probably feels superior to other people; yet he is unable to understand that the sun is a star and how that works. Matthew needs some serious tutoring. But we doubt he would ever understand.

11 The forgotten boyfriend

Via: lifebuzz.com

Kayleigh must not see her boyfriend Luke that often. It almost sounds like they don't talk often enough if she was able to forget that she was dating him. Luke will see this and not be happy. And she comes across as a heartless and forgetful you-know-what. How is it possible to forget that she had a boyfriend? That means that the relationship is practically nonexistent. And she was called out for her social media mistake, too.

Her guy friends were quite confused about the whole thing, and we don't blame them. She either cares about Luke or she doesn't. We think that she does not. So, she is definitely going to end up bored and single soon enough. At this point, we think she is not even ready to be in a relationship.

10 Stolen debit card numbers

Via: reddit.com

She made it so easy for people to steal her identity and use her debit card. By posting her full card online with the security code from the back, people were able to use her card to buy things. Her entire account was drained because she was foolish enough to post a photo of her card. There's another photo floating around in which the same girl posted her replacement card as soon as she got it.

Then her money was stolen again! She was not able to see how this was happening and kept on doing it.

Don't post social security numbers, credit card or debit card numbers or anything important like that online. ANYWHERE. Social media is the worst place to post it as well. That's where identity thieves go to look for information on getting into our accounts.

9 So hard to be humble

Via: lifebuzz.com

Word sometimes makes mistakes. It generally checks for spelling, not grammar or proper word usage. She spelled "your" the right way, but she used the wrong one. She should have used "you're," the contraction for "you are." And she is completely wrong to say that it was all about the tense. Nope, that's wrong too. This is about correct word usage. "There," "their" and "they're" all sound alike but are different things. The tense of a word refers to whether it is past, present or future, but it's all for the same word.

This person does not understand the difference and will not be corrected. No one can explain this to them because they believe that they are right. This person believes that they are essentially perfect and unable to make mistakes.

8 Stay in school, peeps

Via: pinterest.com

Oh, dear, where should we start? It would take too much time to comb through this post and point out all of his social media mistakes, but the main one is that he used the word "ounce" when he meant "once." Look, we know that school can seem so boring and unimportant. But education really does matter.

We don't expect that most people want to become computer scientists and learn advance math or delve into classic literature, but we would all benefit from knowing the basics.

This person quit school without knowing the foundational things we need to know in this society. Everyone's lives would be better for it. Stay in school and get those basics down! Then if you want to do college or a job-specific training program, that's great.

7 Yeah, she's failing at this homeschooling thing

Via: imgur.com

Homeschooling can be really great for children if the parents have the time, educational background and resources to teach them. But we don't think that this person has the foundational basis for teaching school to her son. She gives them spelling words when she can barely spell herself.

If she isn't using a prepared curriculum, there's a good chance that she is giving her kids the WRONG spelling of words.

She is using her own lack of knowledge to teach her sons. She could be teaching them all types of incorrect stuff in math, social studies, geography and history as well. Her kids are going to graduate from home school and have no idea how to function in the real world. Maybe it's time that they went to public school at this point.

6 That's not how these tests work

Via: ebaumsworld.com

The word "positive" usually means something good. But it means something bad when it refers to disease testing. She did not understand that and assumed that a positive HIV result meant that she did not have HIV. Her life is going to be complicated now, and she has no idea. We hope that her doctor will explain things to her before it's too late. She will go around sleeping with people and spreading HIV without knowing what she is doing.

Social media mistakes like this could cost lives. This is more than just a post because she is telling everyone what she believes. Unfortunately for all involved, she is very wrong about everything. Being HIV-positive is no longer the death sentence it used to be, but treatment can be very expensive.

5 The password thief

Via: boredpanda.com

Rob was slick. He tricked people into giving him their passwords. The three people who actually shared their passwords made a huge social media mistake. Most people use the same password for all of their accounts, so now Rob and other hackers have access to the passwords that these folks use on their accounts.

Did Jeremy, Heather and Sandi update their passwords after this mistake or just leave them as they were?

It would be an even bigger mistake if they did not change their passwords right away and protect their accounts. Rob probably already knows their email accounts if they are friends on Facebook. They were unable to see through his trick, and his friend Liesl helped it along. Be careful online, folks!

4 What she doesn't know

Via: lifebuzz.com

Let's take this one step at a time. We can assume that she had her son the usual way, which means that she has been intimate with a man before and gotten pregnant. The concept of "virgin" refers to the construct of purity and the absence of carnal experience. Tara is NOT a virgin by that definition. So, Tara thinks that she can't get it on with anyone if she wants to set a good example for her son.

She can date other people if she wants, and it's good that she doesn't intend to bring man after man home with her every night. It's not safe for her son or healthy for her current situation. But if she met someone and wanted to do it, she could use protection and be fine. She's an adult. Intimacy with another person is not vile or impure as long as everyone is able to consent and is into it.

3 Put it into historical context

Via: boredpanda.com

Marilyn Monroe lived from 1926 until 1962. Cell phones didn't come onto the scene until around the 1980s but were not a regular thing until the late 1990s and early 2000s. Texting was not very common until the 2000s, so there is NO WAY that this quote is an actual Marilyn Monroe quote. She probably saw the wrong quote online attributed to Marilyn Monroe and assumed it was accurate.

People should consider history before making comments like this.

Her friends tried to explain it for her, but the last comment summed it up perfectly. We would be very embarrassed for her as well. She does not know what she's talking about most of the time. There's also a good chance that she just didn't know who Marilyn Monroe had been, and that's why she didn't catch the mistake.

2 Open the pizza the right way

Via: reddit.com

This person opened their pizza upside down and texted Domino's Pizza to complain about it. He must have not been paying attention when he opened the pizza box to think that it was only a round piece of bread. But he realized his mistake before it got too out of control. Of course, now his pizza will be ruined.

We hope he didn't plop the pizza onto the table and that it was still inside the box. A dirty pizza would be the worst. And he completely ruined the pizza he ordered, which is just as bad. At least he corrected his mistake before someone from his pizza place got into trouble with corporate. Be careful with pizza, and be careful about posting complaints online when it was our own mistake in the first place.

1 Sure, it's just "allergies"

Via: lifebuzz.com

Devin tried to sneak one past the Stereosonic band by asking about sniffer dogs. We doubt his friend his actually allergic to dogs. He wanted to know because they wanted to smuggle in some illegal recreational substances to make the concert a little more wild. Devin probably thinks that the band doesn't have a clue about what he's really asking.

Now there's a social media record, so the police and their sniffer dogs will know who to look for at the festival.

His photo seems very prominent on his Facebook account. The police would definitely be able to recognize him from that alone. And thanks to facial recognition, cameras at the festival could identify him as well. Devin and his friend better be careful about what they're doing.

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