These 15 People Should Have Stayed Home

We have a lot of people living and breathing on this Earth — billions, in fact. So it’s always surprising to me when I meet people who have the same common interests as me or dislike the same things I dislike. It’s astounding, really.

One of the things that many of us have in common is that we all enjoy the comfort of our own homes. Well, once we’re over a certain age, that is. When we were kids, the last place we wanted to be was at home, stuck inside with our parents. But now that most of us are on our own in college or in the real world — home is where the heart is. Home is where the Wifi automatically connects. Home is where our body shape is imprinted in our bed.

And these next 15 people? They definitely don’t wanna leave home.

15 He Deserves Not To Leave The House

Collin Walker has to be a lawyer when he grows up. Not only is he convincing in this letter to his parents, but he’s straight up lying to them; pretending to be someone else.

Honestly, if he had typed this letter up, using the school logo in the header, this might have worked out. But, then again, if school was closed for a week — without notice or reason, I highly doubt the Walkers wouldn’t look into this. Nevertheless, the most amazing part out of the whole letter is “I am the teacher!!” As if we already didn’t get that meme after reading “From Mrs. Teague.”

Sorry, Collin. I know how badly you want to stay at home and play video games, but you’re gonna have to think a little outside of the box next time for this to work.

14 She'll Never Do This Again

This girl isn’t just another version of myself — she is the icon of every single person who left their house when they didn’t want to. She was probably forced to go out with her friends and decided she’d have a few drinks before sneaking out of the bar without anyone noticing. But in that time before her first beer, and sneaking out of the bar, she was surrounded by a group of moronic men dabbing for a photo.

I think her face explains it all.

Not only is she embarrassed for this group of men, but she would literally rather be in her bed with a clean face than watching this whole thing go down in front of her. *Sigh* Poor thing — there’s no way she’ll let this happen again.

13 This Dog Is Sick Of Their Owner Leaving The House

This dog knows what’s up. He probably doesn’t enjoy staying home when his owners leave the house, but he knows staying home can be 10x more exciting when someone else is home with him. So what does he do? He tries out his best exaggerated cough, and somehow convinces his owner to stay home with him.

It appears this pup deserves an Oscar, because his fake cough worked, and he got exactly what he wanted.

While staying home from work isn’t always the easiest of tasks (what with assignments, meetings, and deadlines to accomplish), this man did, all for the love he had for his dog. However, all that love probably faded once the vet told him his dog was nothing but a fraud. If he didn't have to leave home so much, this would have never happened. 

12 Canceled Plans Are The Best Plans

Can spirit animals be people? Because I think Larry David just became mine.

He makes such valid points. There are so many times many of us don’t want to leave our house and go to the gym, a meeting, some lame bridal-shower, etc… We probably come up with five realistic excuses for us not to leave the house, but we know canceling can leave many people angry. So when the roles are reversed, and someone cancels on us, it’s time to celebrate! That’s money we just saved! That’s a bra that doesn’t need to go on! That’s a hours worth of small-talk we don’t need to produce! Canceled plans are the best kinds of plans. And while some people may judge Larry David (and us) for being too excited to spend a night in, other agree more than disagree. So it all works out.

11 Eh, I'll Jog On A Better Day

Exercising is one of those things people either LOVE to do or completely dislike doing. I feel like you have to start exercising at a young age, so that it sort of starts to feel like a routine. Working out will just come naturally the older you get. But if your childhood consisted of little to no little-league sports, then the chances are you probably dislike exercising more than the next person. And that’s okay — it really is.

However, our minds are a powerful thing, and if we can convince ourselves not to do something, then we’re not gonna do it.

Case and point: this scenario above. Even on the most beautiful of days, a run sounds like a good idea, but do you know what’s even a better idea? NOT GOING RUNNING AND STAYING AT HOME.

10 I'm Too Old For This

You know what, I never really thought to answer someone’s Halloween question like this, but come October, I think I will.

I’m almost 30, and people still ask me “What are you doing for Halloween night!?” Well, for starters, if Halloween isn’t on a Friday or Saturday, I’m not going anywhere. I have work to do, shows to watch, and kids in costumes to toss candy at. I’m not gonna go and get dressed up like a dog with a crop-top on just to say I went out for Halloween.

Maybe I’d care in middle school, but at this age? I’ve been to Halloween parties, and I’m not missing out on much. I’m too old for that kinda thing. And to be honest, I’d literally rather drink wine on my porch, ranking kids’ Halloween costumes more than anything.

9 My Resume

Anna Kendrick is life. Life is Anna Kendrick.

She can do no wrong in my eyes. Like Jennifer Lawrence and Chrissy Teigen, Kendrick is just as real, honest, and open. Even though she’s loaded, famous, and filled with talent, she still seems humble and gets starstruck by the celebrities around her. She’s the best.

After seeing her interview on Anderson Live, Anna made me love her more after describing her reasons for not being a negative story in the tabloids. “I like sweatpants and staying home.”

Same, Anna, Same.

Truthfully, when you’re Anna Kendrick and have all that Hollywood money, she probably has a super nice home. So why would she want to leave that house anyway? There’s absolutely no point — she probably has everything she needs and more that mansion of hers.

8 Answer Me Or It's Not Happening

I never really thought about this before, but this man makes an excellent point. Why should we go and pick someone up if they don’t have the decency in replying to us?

If I’m already on the fence of leaving my house, but I decide to go out anyways and pick you up, and you don’t reply… I might as well not even go. Who knows why they didn’t even answer me to begin with. Maybe they thought they didn’t need to reply, but guess what? They absolutely do. Because what if they fell asleep in between their last text and waiting for me to get them? In this case, them falling asleep would be heaven sent — because I don’t wanna leave my house either. But at the same time, I’d LOVE to know if they were sleeping so I didn’t have to physically LEAVE my house to wait in the car.


7 Third Wheelin'

Everyone in the world knows that Jay-Z and Beyonce are married. However, everyone also knows that Jake Gyllenhaal is an absolute beautiful man, who could possibly can any woman he wants. And if we’re going off of body language here, all arrows point to Jake and Beyonce digging each other, while Jay-Z just wishes he was home.

On one point, he’s probably glad he’s there to break up the love fest between Jake and his wife.

But on the other hand, he looks like he’d rather be watching this basketball game at home on his flatscreen.

Everything from his dead-set eyes, to his open mouth, to his hands clasped together is making it seem like he wants to leave at half-time. He looks like he’s five minutes away from falling asleep or peacing out.

6 I'm Just Gonna Stay Here

You guys…. Not only did this girl pass out on her floor, but she did it wearing a shirt that says “I love cookies.” How much cuter can this scene possibly get? One can only dream that she overate some cookies and fell asleep in a fulfilling food-coma. One can only hope.

This meme does raise a good point though. Most of us love staying at home, but sometimes we get bored. There’s only so much we can do before deciding to do the same old thing all over again. Most of us even get so bored, that we do nothing but eat. And then we feel even worse.

This is why everyone who decides to stay home needs a game plan. Maybe do a little home DIY project, do laundry, play a drinking game with yourself — make a plan and you won’t end up like this sweet girl.

5 Alarms Are The Worst

Rob Delaney is a comedian, so it’s no surprise that this tweet will make many people laugh. And he’s right, an alarm going off does seem like the worst moment of our lives. Especially in the morning. But truth be told, it’s not my morning alarm that annoys TF out of me. After a while our bodies become accustomed to waking up that early and it becomes easier and easier. What annoys me more is my nap alarm clock. And yes, I set an alarm when I nap.

I don’t nap often, but when I do, I go hard.

I can’t just take a nap and tell myself to wake up in 20 minutes. Nah, I’ll wake up two hours later and NEVER be able to fall asleep that night. The whole point of taking naps is to feel recharged, to take a break… So when an annoying alarm disrupts that… Oh boy, watch out.

4 Just Leave Me Alone

First of all, let’s give a big round of applause for those who have been friends from childhood into adulthood where drinking is now legal. Those are strong bonds that, at this point, will probably never be broken.

But now let’s focus on the realness of this moment.

When we were kids, hanging out with our friends was all we wanted to do. As a young girl, my friends and I would play “house,” play with dolls, run around outside pretending to be Pocahontas, play sports — we did it all. We were quite active kids. But today as an adult? Eh, I’m over it. Nowadays, I try thinking of ways to get out of things instead of spending time with actual human beings. Do I regret it” Nah, only when I get caught.

3 Ariana Grande's Biggest Regret

This picture of Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner hit the web a few years ago and people couldn’t stop making memes out of it. Not only are these three beautiful women very memeable, but Ariana is the epitome of a meme in this moment.

Just look at her. You can almost see her envisioning her bed through those cold eyes. Look at those eyelids! They’re practically closing on her.

While Kendall and Kylie look carefree and, well, drunk, Ariana seems like she wants nothing more than to let her ponytail down and to wash off her makeup. I mean, is there anything better than falling asleep barefaced and clean? Personally, no, there is not.

Ariana, I know you’re a popular gal, but if you wanna stay home and rest, baby girl you do that.

2 K, Well She's Not Movin'

When I was in college, I wanted nothing more than a Siberian Husky. I thought they were so beautiful. I never knew anyone that had huskies, I literally only had the chance to pet a few at the park or at a shelter. So I didn’t know much about the breed. However, when I graduated, my family decided to get their own husky. And let me tell you… they are A LOT to handle.

Not only are they incredibly smart, but they’re also incredibly stubborn. They’re gonna do what wanna do, with or without you.

And yes, that’s problematic for every owner. Not to mention they’re FULL of energy all the time. So seeing this image is a real game-changer for me. MAYBE if I buy my mom’s dog her own princess bed, she’ll want to stay at home and relax with us, instead of pulling our feet out of our shoes on our walks!

1 Just Stay In Bed, Bud

This person (I have NO idea if they’re a man or a woman) is a national treasure. They had things to do, places to go, and people to see. But they NEEDED people to know that they’d rather be elsewhere…

They’d rather be in bed. So what did they do? They brought their bed comforter WITH them on their travels.

I’m getting the hunch that it was cold this night, which is why they’re wearing the comforter like a jacket (or a sleeping bag, if I’m being real), but who’s to say that they didn’t wear this comforter out at the restaurant, the club, or the shopping mall they were going to? Who knows?

I know there are a lot of heavy-duty winter coats out there, but sometimes a bed comforter can make things way more cozier.

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