15 People The Kardashians Burned On Their Way To The Top

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15 People The Kardashians Burned On Their Way To The Top

The Kardashian Curse may just be a legend, but it is alive and well. Usually, it’s only the men the sisters have dated who fall victim to the curse. Often these men’s careers and lives flopped soon after breaking it off with a member of the Kardashian clan. Kylie Jenner has named it on Keeping up With the Kardashians, saying that any guy who dates a Kardashian or Jenner girl will have their life go downhill after the fact. However, men just keep crawling out of the woodwork. While their ex-men’s careers have fallen to the ground, the Kardashians have ridden the elevator all the way up to the top.

Kardashian cruelty has affected famous women as well. You must get rid of your competition, right? While the Kardashian curse is associated with professional athletes, there are some big non-athlete names linked to Kardashian feuds. Many doubt the existence of any “curse,” but close friends to those cursed believe the curse affects everyone with whom the Kardashian clan comes into contact. You may believe the Kardashian Curse is just a myth, but this list of stars—and former stars—could convince you otherwise.

15. No love for brother

Via: Betches.com

As the youngest biological Kardashian sibling, Rob Kardashian has had it rough. He thrived for a while on his stints on Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars. He was especially close with big sis, Khloe and her ex-husband Lamar Odom. But after their breakup, things went downhill for Rob.

He did not show up to Kim’s 2014 wedding, he put on a ton of weight and he started fighting with the family on social media. Plus, he has had some troubles with his own relationships.

Rob began dating Blac Chyna sometime around early 2016. There was a lot of backlash from the rest of the Kardashians, but they came to accept the couple eventually. Rob and Chyna quickly became engaged, had a baby girl and then called off the wedding. The proceedings from there have been ugly.

14. Triggered by a break-up

Via: PerezHilton.com

Lamar Odom was 37 when he started dating Khloe Kardashian in 2009. Back then, he was a true baller for the LA Lakers. The couple rushed into marriage within a couple of months. Unfortunately, Khloe filed for divorce in 2013, thus triggering the Kardashian Curse.

Khloe put the divorce on the back burner when Lamar was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in 2015, tanking any hopes for extending his NBA career. In early 2017, Lamar admitted there might be something to the Kardashian Curse. He even said that he and Khloe probably doomed their relationship by calling their fragrance line “Unbreakable.” He also said that being associated with the Kardashians on TV brought him many business opportunities as well as multiple affairs with women he met because of the fame.

13. Kanye’s cursed, too

Via: MarieClaire.com

While Kanye West is technically a member of the Kardashian clan, he too has had some minor burns on their rise to the top. Rapper Akon thinks that everything points to Kanye being cursed.

In late 2016, Kanye had a mental breakdown. Kim had been robbed in Paris a few weeks before, and this also could have added stress. The rapper was also not sleeping and he was working around the clock before the breakdown.

He was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after he began hallucinating and lashing out at paramedics. He was then taken to the UCLA Medical Center. A source close to Kanye believes that the breakdown was triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s death. It took a year for Kanye to return to touring and he has not released an album since.

12. Jailbait justice

Via: Clevver.com

Whether Tyga will admit it or not, his career is forever changed after dating a Kardashian. The couple confirmed their relationship when Kylie was 17, but were rumored to have started dating more than a year before that—which does not look good. Furthermore, when the couple was dating, Tyga’s 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon was repossessed after he missed multiple payments. But this was not the beginning of Tyga’s money problems.

In the past, he faced eviction for not paying rent on his $4.8 million-dollar rental home and he had a tax lien totalling more than $120,000. After Tyga and Kylie broke up and Kylie’s pregnancy was announced (although she hasn’t confirmed it), Tyga Snapchatted something to the point of, “That’s my kid,” but quickly deleted the post. Tyga has not been dating anyone seriously since and his music has been suffering.

11. One goes down, one goes up

Via: Tenor.com

O.J. Simpson has been both helped and hurt by the Kardashian family. While the truth is shaky, Kris claims that O.J.’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, called her and tried to meet with Kris on the day that Nicole died. But Kris was too busy to hang out with Nicole, and took a rain check for the next day.

Perhaps if Kris spent time with Nicole, she would have been with Kris instead of being the target of a killer. There’s also a strange story about Robert Kardashian Sr. trying to stop O.J. from killing himself in Kim’s bedroom. It is also believed that Kris Jenner cheated on her then-fiancé, Cesar Sanudo with O.J. Either way, ending up with prison time could be part of the curse. We won’t even get you started on the suspected rumor that O.J. is really Khloe Kardashian’s father.

10. Spotlight too bright?

Via: BuzzFeed.com

Scott Disick is the baby daddy of Kourtney’s three kids. Iconic for his salty comments on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott did not thrive in the limelight. In the past, Kourtney caught Scott cheating multiple times. While out partying, Scott shoved a $100 bill down a waiter’s throat.

After being confronted by Kourtney about smoking pot in front of their son, Scott punched a mirror and severely damaged his hand. In 2014, he started taking pills, checked himself into a hospital for psychiatric supervision and cheated on Kourtney with his ex. Even after breaking up with Kourtney in 2015, he was still a big presence in the family. In 2016, Scott went to a psychic who told him that he was cursed. Gasp! Shocker! We don’t foresee anything positive headed Scott’s way in the immediate future. Not as long as he’s linked to this uber-famous family, anyway.

9. Not friendly with the family

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When Rob Kardashian started dating Blac Chyna, his family did not approve. Before she started dating Rob, Chyna was tight with Kim K. Chyna’s ex is Tyga, with whom she has a son. Kim stopped hanging out with Chyna when Tyga began dating her little sis, Kylie Jenner.

When Chyna started dating Rob, she flashed a big rock, and the family was even less pleased. Later, Rob announced that he wanted to keep his relationship with Chyna out of the limelight, away from his family.

The couple announced their reconciliation with the Kardashians, their engagement and Chyna’s pregnancy a few months later. Unfortunately, the pair hit some bumps in the road and broke off their engagement. Now, Chyna is suing Rob and the entire Kardashian family for ruining her reality TV career. Slut-shaming and counter-lawsuits have been issued by Kylie and Rob.

8. Baller no longer

Via: Giphy.com

Now, Kris Humphries’s basketball claim to fame has been overshadowed by his famous 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian. The couple began dating in October 2010. At the time, Humphries was playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

In May of 2011, they were engaged, and they were married on August 20, 2011. Their wedding was aired as a two-part special on E! in October of 2011. On October 31, 2011, Kim filed for divorce. Several sources believe that the wedding was a publicity stunt to promote the Kardashian family brand.

The couple’s divorce was not finalized until June of 2013. Since then, Humphries’s basketball career has been fading fast as he has gone from the Brooklyn Nets, to the Celtics, to the Wizards, to the Suns, to the Hawks, to the 76ers. Then, he was cut by the 76ers in October 2017. Ouch!

7. Sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now

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Arguably, Taylor Swift has still had a lot of success since the beginning of her feud with the Kardashians. It all began in 2009. At the VMAs, Kanye grabbed the mic from Taylor’s hands during her acceptance speech. There were a few years of tension, but it seemed to all end in 2015 when Taylor presented an award to Kanye at the VMAs.

Kanye sent Taylor flowers as a sign of gratitude, but a few months later, things went south. In the lyrics to his song “Famous,” Kanye claimed that he made Taylor Swift, well, famous. He also said that he talked to Taylor about it beforehand and she approved. Taylor, on the other hand, said Kanye never talked to her. Kim stood by her husband and released video proof that Taylor actually did have a conversation with Kanye about the song.

After being outed, Taylor took a break from the spotlight and returned with a totally new persona and sound. We doubt her record sales will really suffer, but she did lose a lot of trust with some of her fans.

6. What’s actually accurate?

Via: Alloy.com

Jon Hamm has even had some blowback from the Kardashians. In 2012, Hamm referred to Kim when talking about cult-like reality celebrities, saying that they are “f*cking idiots.” Kim responded saying that his comments were careless. Hamm responded to that saying that his comments were accurate. He also asserted that watching them is like watching a car crash.

Kim took to Twitter and said she respects Hamm, even though he called her stupid. Hamm did not respond to Kim’s final post. However, he later made a comment about Kardashians and sex tapes and that he does not want to be a cheap, Hollywood sex symbol. He also referenced the 1983 film, WarGames, saying that he does not want to argue with the Kardashians. Sounds like he’s afraid of the curse.

5. Rapper? Or very amateur porn star?

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Who is Ray J is the question. Honestly, Ray J is most famous for his 2003-2009 relationship with Kim Kardashian and the sex tape that subsequently made Kim famous. However, he has other accomplishments.

First, Ray J is little brother to Brandy, the famous singer and actress. He is also Snoop Dogg’s cousin. After a brief acting career, he began releasing music, starting with the album “Everything You Want.”

One song he recorded with his sister was a top 10 hit in Europe. But, Ray J never really entered the mainstream until 2007 when his 2003 sex tape with Kim was leaked. Kim gained the most from the sex tape’s release—including a $5 million settlement and a jump-started career. While Ray J has moved on—he’s married and has a show on VH1—his career never took off like Kim’s did.

4. Who cheated?

Via: PerezHilton.com

Amber Rose and Kanye West began dating in 2008 and their relationship ended in 2010. After the breakup—when Kanye started dating Kim K—Amber accused Kim of being a homewrecker. Allegedly, while Kim was dating Reggie Bush, she was texting and sending pictures to Kanye.

After these accusations, Kanye released the song “Cold” in which he talks about how he approves of Amber’s new relationship with Wiz Khalifa. Kanye also put Amber on blast after she made a comment about Tyga dating Kim’s sister, Kylie.

Amber and Wiz got married and had a son together, but broke up soon after. Kanye commented on their relationship further, pitying Wiz for now having to be tied to Amber for 18 years. However, as of 2016, Kim and Amber have bonded over their naked selfies and are speaking out for feminism together. Oooookay then.

3. Daddy issues

Via: Metro.com

Even before Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, she was not keeping up with the Kardashians. Her marriage with Kris was terrible and eventually ended in divorce. In Caitlyn’s memoir, she reveals that Kris knew about Caitlyn’s sexuality when they first got together.

However, Kris has said that Caitlyn’s whole portrayal of her is a lie. Because of this incident, Kim no longer talks to Caitlyn and tensions with the rest of the family are high. The Kardashians reportedly also are keeping Caitlyn out of their latest Keeping Up with the Kardashians deal, which she’s very angry about.

None of the Kardashians feel sorry for Caitlyn—especially Kris. Kim has also been known to make comments about how Caitlyn had three families and messed them all up for herself. Sorry, Cait. She’s got you on that one.

2. Kim K vs. queen Bey

Via: Alloy.com

Kim K has apparently been snubbed by Beyoncé one too many times. After years of trying to keep up with the Carters, Kim has decided just to keep up with the Kardashians. An inside source says that Kim wants revenge and that she is ready to fight dirty.

Part of the problem is that there is a feud between the two divas’ husbands—Kanye released a song called “Kill Jay Z” and Jay dissed Kanye’s mental health on his 4:44 album. But the real issue is that the Carters did not show up to Kim and Kanye’s wedding back in 2014, although Queen Bey did wish them well on Instagram. The fact that Kanye says Blue Ivy’s never even met his children apparently didn’t make things any better for the future of their relationships.

We doubt the Kardashian Curse will touch the Carters. The only ones who may end up cursed at the end of this would be Kim and Kanye.

1. At each other’s throats

Via: BuzzFeed.com

The biggest victims of the Kardashian Curse may be the Kardashians themselves. The siblings are constantly arguing and dissing each other, as seen on their show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Kendall feuded with Rob for regifting an iPad she gave him to his then-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

At one point, Kim lied to Kourtney so that Kim could throw North’s first birthday party at Kourtney’s house, when Kourt was out of town. The sisters fought about that, but eventually made up. Kim felt betrayed when Kourtney did not want to be featured in her mobile game, and Kim lashed out saying that she was responsible for Kourtney’s success.

Kim also hired a detective to monitor Scott Disick when he was dating Kourtney. Then, Kourt retaliated by throwing all of Kim’s designer clothes into their driveway. But, while the family may fight regularly, they always seem to pull it together—for each other anyway. The moral of the story? You’ll be okay, if you’re a Kardashian.

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