15 People Who Took Unusual Artistic Liberties In Their Fashion Choices

At times, fashion is incredibly ridiculous. We've already seen so many strange fashion trends that it seems that nothing can surprise us anymore. However, there are people who create some items and trends that continue to amaze us. When I think I've seen everything, suddenly boots combined with pants come to be. And what about duvet ponchos, helicopter hairdos, and cowboy sandals? It's impossible to look at these items without questioning if fashion can be restored.

Check out the list of the strangest fashion items captured on camera in ordinary life, as well as on the catwalk. They showed us a lot of things that are weird in their own ways, but these people have at least one thing in common: they should all be arrested for hurting our eyes with their "fashion"!

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15 Wanna Buy The 'Poots'?

Via: Imgur

What do you get when you combine pants and boots? That's right, you'll get poots! It's a brand new fashion item that will completely blow your mind. And since it's new to the streets, what are the chances that you'd buy this one of a kind look?

If you do, keep in mind of one very important thing. If you wear these "poots" and visit your friend after a long and exhausting day, you can't just kick those shoes off, put your feet up, and relax a little bit. You can't take those puppies off without taking off your pants with 'em! You'll have to either remain with your shoes on and tolerate the pain in your feet, or you'll need to take off both pants and shoes. Because, um, you know — it's a single item!

Do you still want to wear these fashionable poots? If you ask me, I don't!

14 Why, Fashion, Why?

Via: BoredPanda

I think I get the idea behind these pants. They're made for those who want to make cleaning easier for themselves. You just go down on all fours and crawl on the floor. This way, all the dust and dirt will get to these strange nets on the knees, and the room will become clean!

Or did fashion designers have something different in mind?

Maybe they wanted to show how mustaches would look if they grew on a person's knees, instead of their face? Or, perhaps, the designer made classic skinny jeans, but then left them in their home office along with some lace and glue. Later, their 5-year-old child came and decided it was a good thing to play with. And when the designer saw the result, they thought, "Gosh, it is a masterpiece!"

13 Very Deep Into Purple

Via: Fanphobia

What can I say? This woman seems to like the color purple very much! She's got a purple sweater, a purple lacy thing tied around her waist, and her purse also has purple elements. Even her hair is purple! Isn't it too much, though? Even if your favorite color is purple.

Another clothing item this woman wears that deserves additional attention is her boots. Personally, I don't even think that "boots" is a proper word for her kind of footwear. It's some brand of very tall and fluffy Uggs that came unexpectedly into our world. It's something that needs to be forbidden to wear all over the world. I mean, if this woman had some other kind of footwear, even her entire purple outfit wouldn't look as ridiculous. As long as she's in Walmart, I really hope she bought other boots and threw these away.

12 He Shouldn't Take Off His Leather Jacket

Via: BoredPanda

What's the point of this red thing? I mean, it looks nice as long as this guy is wearing a jacket on top of it. But as soon as he takes it off, he turns out to be wearing something extremely cringeworthy. TBH, it looks more like a baby bib — not something a grown adult would own. But just in case anyone is unfamiliar, this little red shirt is called a dickey. It's a kind of false shirt that was invented in order to make laundry easier. You know, it's easier to wash and starch this little piece clothing than a whole shirt or turtleneck. But most people considered it bad taste (which is actually true), so dickeys didn't get much popularity. And I'm glad they didn't. I mean, just see how it looks; it's in terribly bad taste and those who wear it are fashion criminals.

11 Ice Cream Hair, Anyone?

Via: CollegeHumor

I'll be honest with you: this is one of the weirdest and most ridiculous hairdos I've ever seen. These bright colors and shapes of the buns that look like ice cream cones... Ugh... Maybe the day before this photo was taken, this girl was at a children's birthday party, where she took part in some kind of play or activity? It's also possible that she just likes ice cream very much. Or, perhaps, she's into creative hairdos. Either way, she's rockin' this look because she wants to.

Of course, there is nothing bad about being creative and standing out against the crowd. But everything has a limit. I mean, this hairstyle looks like she came here from the Hunger Games universe. It's just way too much. If maybe the colors weren't so vibrant, it would look much better.

10 Where Did She Come From?

Via: Pinterest

It seems to me like she is the friend of the woman we saw in the previous entry. She also looks like she either came from a children's party, or she belongs in the Hunger Games universe.

Regardless the reason of this woman's ensemble, it's evident that this woman is in the wrong era. She belongs elsewhere — maybe in the land of Mary Poppins. Or, perhaps, she just doesn't own a mirror? I mean, can you imagine yourself going shopping wearing an outfit like this one? How can a sane person even think about wearing a dress this dated out in public, without being semi-embarrassed?

But let's see the silver lining in this situation. Maybe, this woman met a little girl in the shop, who thought that she was a fairy or a princess. If that happened, then this woman made the girl's day!

9 Woman From The Early 2000s

Via: FashionLady

Remember the early 2000s, when low rise jeans and lower back tattoos were trendy? Thank God that fashion time has left the building, and now we don't see a lot of it in the streets. But sometimes, small glimpses from this fashion era come back and make us cringe all over again.

Take a look at this woman. I mean, what was she thinking when she was putting on these jeans? Did she even look in the mirror? It doesn't matter if your 90 lbs or 500 lbs, low rise jeans look great on no human. This trend just needs to go away completely, and those who keep on following it need to have these disastrous pants confiscated and get some punishment from fashion police. And, perhaps, they also need a new pair of jeans.

8 Want A Hug?

Via: Twitter

Is it just me, or does this jacket look extremely creepy? I mean, there are four pairs of hands that either want to hug this guy, pray for him, or strangle him. It's ultra confusing

Okay, all creepy stuff aside. Let's think that all these hands just want to hug the guy. Does this jacket look more appealing to you in this case? Because for me, it doesn't. It looks more like something for those who have no-one in their lives to give a real hug to, which seems pretty sad. They're wearing unconditional hugs for a reason.

Oh and one more question: Does one need to tie these hands together when they put on this jacket, and then have to pull them apart when they take it off? How convenient is it?

7 Helicopter Hair

Via: Twitter

It's another weird hairdo, and it's even more cringeworthy than the one that looked like ice cream cones. At least, the ice cream one was creative and kinda silly. This one is just straight up ridiculous.

I wonder what this girl was thinking about when she asked her hairdresser to fix her up one of these styles. Did she ask for something that would lift her to the skies? If she did, her hairdresser did their best! But, maybe, they understood her request a little too literally.

On the other hand, the girl looks happy. So it makes me think that a helicopter on her head was something she actually wanted. Whatever makes a person happy is fine, but I still wish I didn't see this terrible hairdo, because now I don't think I can forget it ever in my life.

6 Cage-Like Denim Jacket

Via: BoredPanda

Do I understand so little about fashion, or does it really look like a denim jacket that was eaten by a moth? I mean, what's the point in making a jacket like this? A jacket is supposed to keep you warm, but how can something keep you warm if it only has sleeves? Of course, I don't know — maybe it's made for those people who only need to keep their arms and upper back warm. Or for those whose back gets sweaty easily.

But if you happen to like this strange jacket, keep in mind that you don't have to buy it. Just get your old jacket, a pair of scissors, and you'll make this fashionable item by yourself. If you don't believe me, go ahead and try. The result might be better than you expect. (Hopefully better than this one.)

5 Dude, You've Got Something On Your Head

Via: FunnyPica

I hope you're ready for another failed hairdo. This time, we can see it on the head of a man and can't help but notice that it looks like a huge... you know what I mean. I wonder if it's something the guy really had in mind, or instead he wanted some kind of layered hairdo, but he turned out to have too short hair to make it look good. Who knows... There are people who are crazy enough to want to have something that resembles feces on their heads. But most people would rather shave their hair off completely (and that's what this guy should do).

The only thing I know for sure is that either this guy, or his hairdresser (or both), deserves a punishment from the fashion police.

4 Cousin It Caught On Camera In Walmart

Via: viralizandonanet

If you feel bad and don't know how to cheer yourself up, there is something you can always do. Go to Walmart and look at the people who shop there. I'm telling you, your mood will get better very quickly. And you will completely forget about all your worries, especially if you meet Cousin It from the Addams Family shopping in one of the aisles.

Of course I know that it's not Cousin It (well, most likely, it's not), but I don't know any other reasons this person would want this look. Is it their real hair? Or is it some kind of a wig they forgot to take off? Did they think it was a good idea to wear it? And, gosh, I'd like to see the face of this person to know how this fashion criminal actually looks like.

3 Strangest Jumpsuit Ever

Via: Pinterest

Was it supposed to be a jumpsuit? If it was, it's the worst jumpsuit I've ever seen. In fact, it looks more like over-sized jeans made for a very, very tall person. Maybe they were drawn from old jeans that belonged to Rubeus Hagrid?

The craziest thing is that not only did some fashion designer come up with such a ridiculous clothing item, but there are also people who are prepared to purchase it and to actually wear it. I mean, they can wear it in the streets... where people can see them. And later these people might have bad dreams about a small person wearing strange over-sized jeans who will follow them and want to put them into their huge pocket... Quite a good idea for a new horror, isn't it?

2 Duvet Poncho To Keep Yourself In Bed

Via: Mashable

Most of us often feel like we don't want to leave our beds in the morning. So fashion designers came up with a solution to this issue. What if... you can wear your bed during the day? Will it become easier to get up when wearing this?

To be honest, I don't think so. I think whoever wears this duvet poncho will feel strange, because people will stare at them with misunderstanding. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that being different to others is a bad thing. But there are two kinds of different: status quo and the out of the ordinary. This duvet poncho is obviously the latter. Don't you agree?

Actually, I'd wear something like this only for Halloween. Or maybe on Mondays. Nobody likes Mondays.

1 Cowboy Sandals That Freak Texans Out

Via: BoredPanda

"We already have cowboy boots and sandals. Why not combine them?" - some crazy fashion designer thought to themselves one day while getting inspiration from a Western.

What transpired was the ugliest piece of footwear I've ever seen. If people from Texas see this dreadful footwear, they'll scream with disgust. They don't only look ridiculous, they are also completely useless!

Let's remember one important thing. Cowboy boots were made with an intention to protect cowboys from a number of dangers, such as encountering a rattle snake or having a horse step on their foot. I know those factors aren't that common for those who wear cowboy boots, but still... Who'd wear cowboy sandals? Is it for those who just can't stop wearing something cowboy-related, even if it's hot outside?

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